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  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    I did some research and Bangkok is consistently #2 worst traffic city in the world. Which city is #1...Mexico City.
  3. Photo Credit: David Sherman The Miami HEAT face the Minnesota Timberwolves Friday night at Target Center. The HEAT fell to the Timberwolves 125-122 in OT in their last meeting on Oct. 30. Tip-off is set for 8:00 PM. Television coverage on FOX Sports Sun begins at 7:30 PM. You can also listen to the action live on 790 The Ticket. Highlights: Oct. 30 – Timberwolves at HEAT March 17 – Timberwolves at HEAT Game Notes: The HEAT have won two of three and are 8-9 on the season. The Timberwolves have dropped two of three and enter the contest at 11-7. Hassan Whiteside leads Miami in rebounds (13.2) and blocks (1.8) per game. Karl-Anthony Towns leads Minnesota in points (20.4), rebounds (11.5) and blocks (1.4) per contest. Efficiencies (Rank): HEAT Offense: 100.5 (26) HEAT Defense: 103.6 (13) Timberwolves Offense: 107.2 (6) Timberwolves Defense: 106.9 (23)
  4. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    I miss Shaq, wade, lebron, morning Haslem, joe dumars, rodman and malone this past games why physical games. Our player still soft they go to gym gain some muscle but the fact is that muscle is to impress girls they not using it to win basketball still too weak. By the way thanks the Lucky bounce shot made by waiters we win the game. But still need to face it's just a lucky bounce
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  6. Celtics 98 - HEAT 104 Game Recap

    I know we've talked about Hassan having to be a leader quite a few times. He really has to be at least a leader if not THE leader. He's getting the most money on the Heat, and as the saying goes, to whom much is given, much is required. He is mainly the anchor of our defense and he has to be the leader on that side. It's not just about blocks but also help defense, and also vocally saying where the others should be/go. On offense, he should lead by example: setting good screens, being at the right place at the right time, etc. Hassan's performance is one of the barometers of this team. He doesn't have to put up monster numbers on the stats box all the time, but the small things he can do for the whole team, when he does them well enough, we win. So, I hope he doesn't pout anymore if he doesn't get what he thinks is enough touches, and just does whatever it takes to win. The same goes for all of them.
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    In Bangkok, where I am residing we have this every day................
  8. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    If we cannot start a REAL winning streak from the Boston win onwards, then it could be misinterpreted,........................ We gotta get a streak now, before it's too late,.......................
  9. The Official Dion Waiters Thread

  10. Celtics 98 - HEAT 104 Game Recap

    He has to boost up his passing skills, 0 Assists in a game is unacceptable by PRECIOUS standards,..................
  11. Celtics 98 - HEAT 104 Game Recap

    And by MaxHeat, too,....................
  12. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    Which better deal was on the table? Getting a likely top 5 pick is just a ridiculous coup. Irving is a really good player players, but he's also not Anthony Davis. You're not getting 2 top 5 picks or a high upside young prospect + a top 5 pick for a guy like Irving who is a second tier Point Guard in the NBA.
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  14. RT @BasicBitching: Great Aunt Fossil ⁃Wigs always just look plopped on ⁃Smells like dish soap ⁃Shakes whether she sits or stands ⁃Has no he…

  15. The Next Day

    When a team comes into your building with 16 wins in a row and leaves with a one-game losing streak, that’s usually something to celebrat View the full article
  16. Celtics 98 - HEAT 104 Game Recap

    "court jester"...... great definition for hassan the player...I think, the "alpha male" role on this team is a torch that now dion carries, before it was goran/dion...dion has to be fed, win or loose, take your chances with him
  17. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    SAS sees the Heat as contenders when all is said and done.
  18. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    SAS sees the Heat as contenders in the end.
  19. Other head coaches in the Popovich.
  20. Celtics 98 - HEAT 104 Game Recap

    Hassan isn't a natural born leader by any means, more the court jester type. Good to see he's tryin' though.
  21. Boston Celtics at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    what do you mean by peers? the asst. coaches in his own team or the coaches facing him? spo has unique reviews from his rivals (specially the great ones). those reviews are earned and they mean appreciation. most of the time, we only appreciate rivals, when they drive you to your best and when we are older. which makes spo a superior commodity for the heat. the thing that bothers me a bit majestic, is that I wish he left caution behind more... be a little more open to try new things...I think that could turn him into a genius coach
  22. Celtics 98 - HEAT 104 Game Recap

    Trying to be more of a leader I suppose
  23. The Official Dion Waiters Thread

    Pic of the Day!
  24. The Official Dion Waiters Thread

    In the Clutch this season... Dion Waiters 5.3 PPG, 70.4 EFG% Kyrie Irving 5.4 PPG, 66.7 EFG%
  25. Using fan opinion's is not the best way to rate coaches or players for that matter. Want a good gauge of a coach's ability to coach? Ask his peers.
  26. RT @JustinVerlander: Happy thanksgiving to everyone from the Verlander family! A LOT to be thankful for this year. 🙏🏻

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