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  2. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    No doubt...the young man is TOXIC!! ☠
  3. @Kiddie_Jones Yea

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  5. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    No its definitely Winslow fault that TJ, JJ, Goran and Hassan numbers and shooting percentages are all down from last year
  6. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Have a great B-Day get back to work and play your a-s-s off for the remainder of the season!!
  7. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    lol...This stuff never gets old for some. That doesn't happen on every offensive possession when Winslow is in the game. Again, Winslow is not the main problem with our offense going stagnant for longish stretches and not the main reason the Heat are losing games lately. There's no doubt he has to start converting his shots at the rim, as for three pointers, I don't think he should start taking 4 or 5 threes a game. Shooting 1 or 2 when he ACTUALLY is open is fine, but he's much more affective as a facilitator and cutting to the basket. I want to see him play like he did in the Orlando game where he scored 16 points on 6-10 shooting, 4-4 from the FT line, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 blk, 1 steal and took a charge. Only 1 TO too. He didn't take a three point shot that night, but that's not why the Heat lost the game. Ellington went 0-8 from downtown, TJ 2-7, Dragic 1-4 and JRich only took one three point shot and missed it. But stuff like that doesn't seem to be much of a concern for some fans on here, just easier to blame Winslow.
  8. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    This ^^^. Been saying the same thing. It's not only about the makes and misses, it goes much more beyond that.
  9. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    The mere fact that he doesn't take the shot does have a negative impact on the game. TJ is shooting 35% from beyond the arc and when he moves the defender sticks to his hip. Winslow is shooting 39% and the defender is 10 ft off. This team can't play 4 on 5.....they're just not good enough. If they're ever going to succeed with Winslow as a role player hes got to be willing to take the three.
  10. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    Miami ain't a team that would (semi-) TANK on purpose,............
  11. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Hm,........ you have a point, we caught opponents by surprise last season, now they are more prepared against us, that's why it's gonna be tougher than last season...........
  12. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    will see what we can do max but its going to be tough. Last season, we had waiters shooting above 40% and closing games out for us... kinda like what you saw in the boston game this season, dion did that for a good portion of those winning streaks. We will have to wait and see what wade/mcgruder can do to energize this group and whether spo is willing to make the nessessary adjustments to get this rolling towardss a postseason spot. We Start against the pelicans on the road... While there down a man now without cousins, they will certainly be a challenging Foe on the road. but we got wade back, these guys are rested. Lets hope for a win friday and get this team back on track.
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  14. RT @Adjetey_fio: God is the greatest

  15. W3LCOM3 HOM3 WAD3 !!!

    It will be just up and down momentum for us with D-Wade.... not any better, not any worse, too.......
  16. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Can we start a second half winning streak BOMB like last season?.....................
  17. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Yeah, well, we probably didn't have the assets, because at that time, Dion was an FA, JJ was an FA, and whatnot. So, uhm, we really don't have draft picks, and we're never gonna tank. I guess all we can do is just make it to at least the second round of the playoffs and have a good shot at landing a franchise changer.
  18. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Top 15 in the NBA defending at least 10 FGA per game.
  19. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    I disagree about his defense, it's been very good the vast majority of the time, plus he takes charges, gets steals and has rebounded really well too. His missed layups and outside shots are so minimal in number, they really haven't had profound negative affects on the outcomes of games. Again, Spo can play or sit Winslow as much as he wants. If he needs a lot of offense, he can keep him out and if he needs some stronger defense he can play him. His development on the offensive side doesn't have to interfere with the Heat getting wins the rest of the season and the playoffs. I expect his minutes to be less depending on the opponent. Be nice though if he could start making his layups more often.
  20. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    lol...all indications point to a situation where we didn't. Riley and Co. were quite thrilled having Winslow fall to 10th.
  21. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    I agree on whiteside, hes a real problem that this coach must figure out fast... but i think winslow inconsistent play have also hurt this team, misses easy layups, his defense has been about as inconsistent as his offensive struggles. We need to address these things, it all matters in closely contested games. Jrich is a good example of what a two way player should play like. Ball out at both ends.
  22. Eat yer strawberries 🍓

  23. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Teams moved up to get mitchell 1 pick ahead of the heat. We could of traded up. Whether we had the assets to do so is another question tho.
  24. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Those problems can be dealt with, but most likely not enough to get us to a contending scenario. But, blowing it all up would most likely be much worse. That's why I used the word quandary to describe the Heat's situation in one of my posts. Riley is definitely riding this roster all the way this season...what he does beyond that is anyone's guess. I worry Pat really has no clear alternatives for the future if this roster fails, at least not at this moment in time. If he did, I would think he would've made a trade at the deadline.

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