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  2. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Not only that, but Gobert knows his role. He plays the way the team needs him to
  3. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    So where was PRECIOUS today?????..............................
  4. Philadelphia 76ers at Miami HEAT Game 4 Thread and Preview

    Hello amigo , refreshing to have an honest opinion around here like yourself. for the time being. Sorry you had to endure such painful heat basketball this past week, hopefully the arisons want change at some point and we move on from this.
  5. Philadelphia 76ers at Miami HEAT Game 4 Thread and Preview

    its my own opinion, you dont need to agree to it. I am not no fairweather fan, get out of here with that. i will go down with the team to the end , but that dont mean i cant call it like i see it. so you go home with that nonsense.
  6. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Thought about the same, old friend,...................
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  8. Philadelphia 76ers at Miami HEAT Game 4 Thread and Preview

    If the HEAT have Lebron and AD on the team then hecks nah don’t give up lol!!!
  9. 76ers 106 - HEAT 102 Game 4 Recap

  10. Not going to happen. We don't baby Spo in here like others do. Spo is a terrible in game coach.
  11. You go ahead and go home. It ain't over until it's over. Stop putting the blame on the coach. Blame those who miss freethrows and give away the ball. This aint the time to be a fairweather fan.
  12. I liked a @YouTube video God Of War Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 - So the Rage Begins 🔥 (God of War 4)

  13. RT @NBAMemes: 😂😂😂

  14. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    And so it begins. lol
  15. Haven't you heard @SCIENTIST's over, we goin' home.
  16. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    And a bag of Doritos.
  18. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Whiteside , bam , Winslow for kawhai Leonard .. I know this will hurt a ton , but Leonard would help ease the pain of losing bam , and Winslow . Sorry Whiteside , only reason you are even included is for salary cap purposes . I also think that something like this can happen with Whiteside not necessarily going to the spurs . Maybe the heat can include a 3rd team , for example the suns . If they are willing to give some picks , those picks can go to the spurs along with bam and Winslow and the suns can acquire a big to pair along booker .
  19. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Gobert wants to win. Whiteside wants to stat pad.
  20. Philadelphia 76ers at Miami HEAT Game 4 Thread and Preview

    ‘We don’t have the talent imo .. look at all the teams in the playoffs they all have bonafide stars . We just have a bunch of role players and I think spo has gotten the most he can out of these guys , he resurrected careers in Whiteside , waiters , james Johnson , Made role players out of 2nd rounder Richardson and d-leauger Tyler Johnson . But at the end of the day you just can’t put all the blame on him . I’ve questioned his rotations at times and also his benching of Whiteside but it’s clear he knows more than us because all the time he was hiding Whitesides deficiencies because the guy is a bum . If spo was losing a playoff series in the First Round in the big 3 era then I would say he isn’t that great but imo he is not being outcoached . One coach just has a larger arsenal of weapons than the other .
  21. Philadelphia 76ers at Miami HEAT Game 4 Thread and Preview

    I hate the Denver nuggets for trading away their 12th overall to the jazz for peanuts . Donovan Mitchell was the star we needed to start this rebuilt . He will be a star for many years in this league .
  22. Philadelphia 76ers at Miami HEAT Game 4 Thread and Preview

    for me it’s both Whiteside and Spo.....first Whiteside needs to Man up and play because other teams are watching and nobody is gonna wanna put up with his mess. So if they can’t trade him he will be looking at a buyout next year. And his money is gonna get lower from that point on, Now spo come on man you been making the same misket over and over since you first got the job. For me it’s time for the Heat to move on from you …You don’t know how to get the best out of your players don’t know how to use them right. Don’t know when and who to put and at the right time…But I do give you this you are a good defs coach. …But I feel like right now we need an all around coach…but we all know that will never happened cause your Riley son he never had…lol....p.s. …..ever season will go down as the same first round exited with the only different is that Whiteside maybe gone but that coaching problem will always be there no matter who u bring and in and I’ll always be a Heat fan until the wheels fall off.
  23. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    watching this utah-okc game really puts things perspective as to why spo doesnt reward hassan.... Rudy gobert earns it.... the hustle, passing, activity levels is just on another planet compared to what we get. juss had to point that out.
  24. 76ers 106 - HEAT 102 Game 4 Recap

    Yea I know in reality it’s just wishful thinking. I was just kinda hoping our development program could develop one of our young guys ( Winslow, Richardson, Waiters, or Adebayo ) into the type of player that, with the addition of one key piece would keep us from being another mediocre, middle of the pack team the next few years...oh well, on to Tuesday night
  25. Philadelphia 76ers at Miami HEAT Game 4 Thread and Preview

    its a road game. there not going to win by 30 every game. You could see the tide turning towards the end of the 3rd quarter, this team does not have the offensive power to hang with a team like this. At some point, heat fans just have to accept there miles better then us. Even when we play our best game, we still lose. its over
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