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HEAT Icon Udonis Haslem Proves Ready To Play Primary Role

Posted by dbarmmer, 08 April 2014 · 1,785 views
rebounds, power forward, center and 7 more...
By Dylan Barmmer

He was born and bred in Miami.

He has worn a HEAT uniform for all 11 of his NBA seasons.

Only Dwyane Wade has appeared in more games in that uniform.

He holds the HEAT franchise record for career rebounds .

He has shone, stood out and even starred at both the power forward and center positions.

But for Udonis Haslem, this season ha...

Veteran Ray Allen Continues To Author An Enduring Legend

Posted by dbarmmer, 04 March 2014 · 1,370 views
shooting, conditioning, guard and 7 more...
By Dylan Barmmer

Every now and then, an athlete comes along who not only amazes with his play, but inspires with his ability to sustain that exceptional level of play for several seasons.

Ray Allen is one such player.

In fact, he might even set the template. Or take it to a whole new level.

Now in the homestretch of his 18th overall NBA season, and h...

Chris Bosh A Portrait In Versatility & Durability

Posted by dbarmmer, 29 December 2013 · 1,280 views
Chris Bosh, 3-pointer, center and 7 more...
By Dylan Barmmer

Chris Bosh has been and done and seen and played a lot during his 11-year NBA career.

There's the 8 All-Star Game appearances. The 5 consecutive seasons averaging at least 22.3 points and 8.7 rebounds per game. The 3 seasons averaging "20 and 10" a game. And the 3 NBA Finals appearances in his first 3 seasons with the HEAT – with each...

Popular Chris Andersen Keeps Coming Up Big Off HEAT Bench

Posted by dbarmmer, 03 December 2013 · 2,767 views
veteran, Chris Andersen and 8 more...
By Dylan Barmmer


Last year, he provided a mid-season jolt   that helped carry the HEAT to a record-setting regular season and a second consecutive NBA Championship.

This season, versatile veteran big man Ch...

Veteran Lewis Making An Impact In Many Areas For HEAT

Posted by dbarmmer, 16 November 2013 · 2,974 views
forward, veteran, versatile and 7 more...
By Dylan Barmmer

Good things can  come to those who wait.

Need further proof? Just look at HEAT forward Rashard Lewis.

A savvy, lengthy, versatile veteran with a knack for draining the 3-point shot, the 34-year-old Lewis came to the HEAT last season  with all kinds of accolades accumulated over 14 NBA seasons.

He had made two NBA All-Star teams. He h...

Chalmers, Cole Delivering 1-2 Point Guard Punch

Posted by dbarmmer, 13 November 2013 · 3,952 views
Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole and 8 more...
By Dylan Barmmer

One is in his sixth NBA season, including his fourth as the full-time starting point guard for the HEAT.

The other just kicked off his third professional season, and has served as the second-team point guard for back-to-back NBA Championship HEAT teams.

The former is an expert at the art of the steal, a consistently lethal long-range...

Beasley Excited About HEAT Homecoming Alongside The Champs

Posted by dbarmmer, 24 October 2013 · 4,671 views
Michael Beasley, HEAT and 7 more...
By Dylan Barmmer  

Homecomings can be a beautiful thing.  

Michael Beasley, the HEAT organization and HEAT fans alike all hope to be celebrating a successful homecoming for the talented young veteran this NBA season.  

If that homecoming party comes on the heels of a joyous Championship celebration alongside the NBA’s reighning back-to-back Champs? Eve...

Andersen Continues To Give HEAT Big Boost Off Bench

Posted by dbarmmer, 05 June 2013 · 3,732 views
Chris Andersen, Miami Heat and 8 more...
By Dylan Barmmer

It seems like Chris Andersen has been a key component in the HEAT's culture of hard work and winning basketball for a long time.

In reality, however, the sinewy, savvy 6-foot-10, 228-pound forward/center has only been with the HEAT since he signed his first 10-day contract with the club on Jan. 20 of this year .

But in those four-and-...

Cole Making & Scoring Points In His Second Postseason Run

Posted by dbarmmer, 17 May 2013 · 2,690 views
Norris Cole, Miami Heat and 8 more...
By Dylan Barmmer

Few people expected this from Norris Cole.

When the HEAT capped their franchise record-setting and NBA-leading 2012-13 regular season by winning 37 of their final 39 games, including 27 straight at one point, Cole's professionalism, passion and play backing up Mario Chalmers  at the point turned heads and opened eyes among HEAT fans wh...

Udonis Haslem Remains Ready To Rock Any Role

Posted by dbarmmer, 03 May 2013 · 1,652 views
Udonis Haslem, veteran, rebounder and 6 more...
By Dylan Barmmer    

When talk turns to the HEAT, it is often LeBron James , Dwyane Wade  or Chris Bosh  – or the talented trio of NBA All-Stars as a collective unit – who serve as the conversation starters and focal points of discussion.    

But if the HEAT had a heartbeat – if you had to pick one player who truly, deeply and naturally personifies not...