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Dallas Mavericks at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

Miami HEAT Dallas Mavericks Preview

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Posted Today, 12:22 AM

so see ya later peoples


I hope not 3BB. It's a shame that this idiot flaps his mouth all over the forum with his mindless drivel. Ruins any chance for coherent dialogue.

#382 Eddie4


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Posted Today, 01:23 AM

Chalmers 3-11

Granger 0-6

S. Williams 1-6

N. Cole 1-10

TJ 2-6

Add it up = 7/38 shots. That is 18% shooting.

Bosh sucked tonight, but to blame it all on BOsh is just ignorant. Wade has been at 17PPG on 42% shooting this month, he would not have won this game either if guys shot this way. But yea, blame one guy when the whole team missed everything lol.

Now add all those contracts up compared to the 1 it's expected of them, they don't get paid the big bucks to be leaders or superstars

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Posted Today, 04:22 AM

or 2014 finals too.


The announcers on ESPN kept saying, "Why is Whiteside not playing??!?!?!"

I mean guys were just missing shots, but Whiteside could have rebounded many of them and putbacks or 2nd chances and we coulda passed it in to him for dunks and lil hooks and be in the game.

I don't understand it at all and neither did they. We must move on though and hope the coaches and players improve for next time lol.

Because he is a POS of a coach that's why! He never coached High School or College ball got a gift for the job and doesn't know how to adjust or rotate. When Whitside was in we was up16, when he took him out we got killed and then Spo refuses to him back in LOL!

Thank You Lakers-Keep your Kobe

#384 Tim&ZO


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Posted Today, 05:30 AM

This was the 4th Q.

Whiteside started the 3rd and played most of it. We can't play him the entire quarter and have him gassed in the 4th - So he left at the 3 min mark of the 3rd. it was stil a 9 pt game at that point.

Mavs narrowed the deficit and made it a 7 pt game w/ Whiteside still in....in other words Dallas were surging & coming for us & the Whiteside effect was a not much a factor in deterring or preventing a come back. Is it the Coach's fault that we allowed the Mavs to even the ball game in 3 mins to end the 3rd?

To star the 4th Chandler was not in, Instead it was Aminu-Charlie/Dirk. So very likely we would put Whiteside in, especially since he just played a big bulk of the 3Q - where i assume was the quarter we were expecting to either balloon the lead, maintain the lead or at the very least keep the lead all together.

Now when Mavs started to increase the lead it was all jump shots and 3's - specifically from Dirk and Charlie who whent nuts w/ the 3ball and we couldn't answer w/ any shots of our own - we missed every shot. Mavs did not get their first pts inside until about the 7 min mark in the 4th. Chandler was still not on at that point. We didn't score in 8 mins at that point of the game and Mavs had most their points from outside the paint.

So now you have people say why no Whiteside???....well, why no damn points from anybody in a damn Heat uniform?? The game was still at reach & if we had scored at least half of our attempts we still would have had a ball game. As it were, we didn't score until the 6 min mark.

Mavs then put in Chandler at around the 6 min mark But Whiteside had already been inserted about 2 mins prior. We obviously put him in earlier as the Mavs were increasing their lead. But as stated most their points came from outside the paint via J's and 3balls.

Furthermore, as the commentators stated the lack of talent was an issue - there's no go to guy in that situation to help the team when they really needed it. Hubie mentioned how when your star players are out the team puts in alot of extra energy trying to fill that void.....so when it comes down to defending the lead players put in so much energy they become gassed.

So again you could easily say that the coach is to blame for not letting Whiteside in but then totally dismiss and fail to acknowledge the entire situation and put things into context of what was really happening out there on the floor.

Im guessing your're agreeing with me? Since Villa and Nowitski were in, the both would have pulled Whiteside far away from the basket and since he is not gifted enough in the post to make them pay consistantly, not a bad move for Carlisle. Imagine Whiteside guarding Nowitski or Villa at the three point line. Since we did not have scoring and Bosh was shiting on his face, it just looked realyy bad especially when our great guards were protecting the ball soooooo well. A possible solution was to insert Whiteside and have himsag off iminu, o think spo tried that for a while but it was too late. We didn't have the scoring or the rebounding and that took a toll on our D.

#385 Miami Heat Fan 4 Life

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Posted Today, 07:45 AM

Starting two pg's is a joke Spo needs to stop doing this. Norris Cole needs to stop shooting the ball lol 1-10 shooting, Granger 0-6 shooting, 0 points in 16 minutes SMH. Mario with another stinker 3-11 shooting and 5 to's. The positive side is Whiteside who had a great performance with 7-11 shooting, 16 points and 24 rebounds and Ennis off the bench who played 32 minutes which is good amount of playing time and well it payed off cause he had 6-12 shooting, 3-5 3pm-a, 15 points and 4 reb.

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Posted Today, 08:03 AM

all people will stop hating the master until he won a ring after LeUser era.


All you guys should appreciate the small ball team in last 4 years and 4 straight finals appearances.


We're again all witnessed the 100% healthy Heat boys next season. 61 - 21 baby!

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