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    No disrespect but I think I just got a headache reading all this. Honestly lol
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    Thank you for putting this together! Once voting is over for every category, I'll reach out to each winner to collect their information and send out a prize of some sort. How many categories do you plan on having?
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    Whiteside being a great host 😂
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    Okaro there for Willie in need...damn good friend.
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    ya, no way in hect would we ever give cleveland whiteside. That would defeat the purpose of even making a trade. Bam doesnt need more minutes, he is fine with the backup Role for now.
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    You can tell they are all bored. Lol
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    Ladies and gentlemen, it may be unusual for you to have this announced by MaxHeat69,....... but thanks to the cooperation with my new best buddies TRIPLEATOOTSIES and SG-THREE, I would like to open up this year’s Heat Forums member Awards 2017, starting off with PART 1 with the Categories: Rookie of the year Funniest Member Most Improved member Period for each thread, as far as I remember was 3 days........ We'll be taking it step by step, like every 3 days 3 new categories, and the MVP for the FINAL DAY Dear well respected Admins and Mods, please feel free to make a conclusion by the deadline. And to everybody else…… your contributions and opinions are more than appreciated…….. Thank you very much......... Fire right away,…….. MaxHeat69 out,………
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    I think what Riley and Andy did this off season to get all these guys signed within the cap space we had was amazing. How can anyone in their right mind think it was a poor job or Riley is failing us in some way. This may not be a championship roster...but Mediocre? Give me a break.
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    So sorry, I first thought this was about being excited about a player and I really don't have "one" that I'm the most excited about. This squad doesn't have a superstar player, so they all have to perform well as a team to be really successful this year. JJ is my favorite player right now, but we all know what he can do. I'm really expecting Whiteside to be better and play like an All Star. I'm also expecting Dragic and Waiters to continue their 7/11 chemistry as well. KO could end up being a steal and Bam could end up being better than Reed. 🙏 If there's one player I'm hoping for to elevate his game the most it's Winslow. I should say elevate his outside shooting. He's our young blue chip draft choice that could make the biggest difference for this team if he starts shooting better and becomes the two way player we want him to be. I'll be pulling hard for him to knock down three point shots more often and improve that elbow jumper he seems to like to shoot a lot...47% FG, 34% 3PT, 75% FT would be nice.
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    The Heat will have a 5th jersey option this season...here's what the throwback "Classic" jersey may look like.
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    Him saying he wont commit is not irrelevant maj. That decrease his value on top of him saying he don't wanna play with kebron. Teams know that and won't overpay or give up equal value. Cavs keeping him for another year will get even less when he will be in his final year?. Nuggets, suns and wolves said they not trading their young players for irving. They gonna end up taking starters and picks but not young players. If they keep him, that team will be pure entertainment
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    Talk about leading by example...UD is the ultimate. This team could end up being the best conditioned team in the league by the time the season starts.
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    Please wake me up when the Kirie drama is over
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    You're aligning yourself with svelte jj??
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    were not trading whiteside.
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    We overpaid when we traded for and resigned him? Dude, who knows what we could have accomplished if Bosh stayed healthy that season. Goran was on the plane to Miami when the news about Bosh broke out. Who knew we were gonna be this terrible at that time? If Bosh had not gotten hurt, who could we possibly have gotten from the two first round picks we traded? And don't tell me you regret losing Norris Cole, Shawne Williams, Danny Granger, and Justin Hamilton for Dragic? Those were/are bums. That was basically nothing when we acquired Dragic as he was coming off an MIP, All-NBA season.
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    Nah, just buggin' you about all your anti-Winslow BS. You should know that by now DP.
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    So I'm kinda late to the party regarding all of this Kyrie Talk, but as I was catching up, I came across this post from @Deltasig1218. Thanks for the shout out homie! lol In all seriousness, I've never been called a homer but I suppose I get it. I like to stick up for the team that I cheer for, and at times my better judgement has been clouded by my loyalty for this team...guilty as charged. At the end of the day however, I'd like to think of myself as a fan who roots with his head and not his heart, so of course I'm on board with the idea of Kyrie coming to Miami. GoGo is a great player and is a great fit in Miami, and Winslow's potential still makes him an intriguing player (even 2 years later), but Kyrie is a bona fide star! Some of you guys literally have me laughing out loud...at one turn you'll see a post where someone is suggesting that Miami is no longer able to land the big star. Then you might read something like, "stars don't wanna play with this roster." And we can't forget the fact that Miami doesn't have any assets smh. Then lo and behold, a championship winning superstar PG becomes available (allegedly), and we actually have fans that are making an argument to keep Dragic and Winslow? This is Kyrie f-----g Irving we're talking about! He has his faults like any player, but Kyrie is a high character guy which doesn't get talked about enough in my opinion. His personality makes him a perfect fit in Miami. He's a better PG than Goran is, period. I think Goran would even admit to that. He's 5 years younger, and one of the best scorers in the league. Yes, he's a high volume scorer, but I'd assume Spo would know what to do with a player of Kyrie's caliber. Anyone suggesting that we shouldn't pull the trigger on this deal, especially if all we lose is Dragic, Winslow, and/or TJ or Rich, is crazy AF. That being said, if we don't get him, so be it. This is still a top 4 team in the East.
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    Just get Irving if you can for dragic, TJ, and winslow If not, dragic, TJ as part of pieces in a the team deal If not, oh well
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    If the Heat front office decide they can put a package together that will make Irving a possibility and will be good for the team great. If not. Great. I would assume at least most on the board would feel the FO will do what is best for the team. Miami would actually have to be able to get Cleveland to agree to the move.
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    I'd have to agree with the people who are suggesting that the Miami Heat has a good shot at landing Irving. It's probably a slim chance that Cleveland decides to trade him right away, but the Heat sit among the top of heap when it comes to the Cavaliers 'needs'. With Dragic, you're getting a scoring point guard who shoots a high percentage and makes the right basketball play in the half-court. With TJ and JRich, you're getting a ton of versatility at the guard position - something the Cavaliers desperately needed during the finals. Both of them are two way players who can defend, shoot and score. They would bolster the second unit of the Cavaliers - which again, was a weak link this past season. Give me TJ and JRich over Deron Williams and Iman Shumpert any day of the week. It is certainly a compelling scenario, especially when you add in the fact that Lebron has had a hard-on for Miami bred players since his move to the Cavaliers in 2014. His voice matters the most over there in Ohio - they'll probably try everything in their power to keep him happy, especially with the 2018 free agency fast approaching. Why would this move make sense for Miami? Kyrie is a superstar, and by having a duo of Irving and Whiteside you may be able to lure other stars as well. Cap space - we get rid of TJ's contract, lose Dragic's (who makes roughly the same as Kyrie) and wouldn't have to worry about resigning JRich as he becomes a free agent in 2018. We'd have about 15m+ in cap space heading into the next off-season, which could turn into 25m+ before the trade-deadline if need be. That would allow us to go whale hunting once again, with perhaps more success this time around..
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    I'll take him. The Heat culture can do wonders for him. He is to talented offensively to dismiss.
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    Happy you like it! The company that powers the platform for the forums offered a nice update, so I thought it would be nice to implement.
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    My Lord. Eight days ago when I last signed in the last page of this thread was about a Wade buyout. How is this still the talk?
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    The next McJesus? Guess just your regular shepherd.
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    That's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this signing this morning. Riley missed out on Hayward, maybe he'll get another chance at a star player with Irving.
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    You know what? Last year doesn't have any connection to this at all. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. This is a new season. Everyone starts 0-0. The Heat have nothing to prove about last year. Play ball and you're going to see the Heat destroy teams with their physical style. I'm so tired of hearing this nonsense about last year. The Heat went 30-11 and still had major injuries in the second half. 85 games missed not even counting Bosh and McBob. Most in the league. Totally new team that needed time together. They've had that time and we've seen the results. This "proof" stuff is for writers. Who cares? The proof will be when they crush teams.
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    Sounds good! And I agree with @MadD that it would be cool to add "Most Knowledgeable" and "Best Fan" to the third period/thread.
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    They've given out prizes to the winners every year...at least the last two years that I know of. Joe B. does a great job making the Inferno's interface look great and a great place to come and talk about the Heat. You gotta love the Giveaways for signed jerseys and game tickets too. 👍👍
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    It didnt hit me until today that I realized majestic is the biggest winslow homer here.. Ima enjoy myself in the future knowing that lol
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    Kyrie was 22 and was playing on a horrible team with no culture. Dragic was in the prime of his career and playing on a franchise which was known to rejuvenate the mindset and elevate the fitness levels of the respective players on its roster - very similar to Miami. You cannot compare the two. Goran won more games than Anthony Davis in 2014 too. Would you really take him over AD when deciding whom to build around, just because he won more games in the prime years of his career?
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    Sorry Bro but that makes us weaker and Cleveland stronger. Whiteside is 20x better than Thompson
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    Clark, my bad for earlier, jumped the gun and got heated bro, in the end we just want what's best for the home team 👍 no hard feelings brother
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    we can disagree, debate, and all but no personal attacks ya'll.... @clarkpetion305 first off, i agree with u irving is better, always have.... i was just arguing that goran isnt chop liver either. and backed it with stats to prove. Secondly, i also said i would not be upset if this goes down, im fully behind the fo if this is the route they wanna take, although i hope we dont give up all our assets either.... so no need to keep going on with this, it honestly doesnt matter to me.
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    I don't see why he wouldn't, Lebron chose to sign in Miami that wasn't our fault. We gave them decent assets back when Lebron decided to come when we didn't have to. Plus they got Lebron back without giving us anything and Cleveland got their championship which wouldn't of happened if Lebron never signed in Miami. So I don't think he should be as bitter about it as he was back then. Gilbert should be thanking Riley and trade us Kyrie.
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    And DP wanted to trade winslow
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    Sounds like the proud Miami Heat franchise... should tank for 10 years and "trust the process". Cause that's the kind of Front Office I can get behind. One that... in another 10 years, MIGHT POTENTIALLY be worth a 2nd round or ECF contention. All those injuries though, that's looking good because by the time that team even SNIFFS contention those contracts will be up. Hell they already had to trade Noel. And what the fruck is the point of doing any of that... if everyone is going to end up in the same spot? Boston? Great core, plethora of picks... aaaaaand they're not getting past the Cavs. Great moves FO. Great stuff, scared to pull the trigger and ACTUALLY contend, because you might just fall on your face. Houston? Front Office willing to do whatever takes. Harden dropping 30/11/8, let's get CP3! Let's see if we can get Melo! Aaaaaand they're not getting past the Warriors. Bucks? Very fun, interesting product to watch grow, but they're not getting out of the East until LeBron is at least 36. And then again, contracts. T-Wolves? Very fun, interesting product to watch grow, but they're not getting anywhere near the WCF for years. So the entire NBA has a different plan, what route should we take that would be the right one in your eyes?
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    To speak to other happenings in my absence, everyone can breathe easy Udonis is back like we all knew he would be. The Cleveland thing was ********. Willie Reed to LAC doesn't surprise me. Nor does the difference in contract $$ when push comes to shove. Truthfully I never bought into the fact that he was going to command much more. Whenever I did mention throwing him the MLE, it was our MLE which is only 4mil and change, and I liked the guy enough lol. Bummer, but good luck. Rio walking in Memphis after an achilles rupture, good for him. And ya, that's the headlines....Haslem, Reed, and Chalmers. Big whoop.
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    Embarrassing is the perfect way of describing it. Great post btw!
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    thats the case for the entire nba tbh. Golden State dominance isnt going anywhere for awhile. Looking like there FO are willing to pay the luxury tax to keep winning titles. Every team in the nba is stuck for the time being, to beat that juggernaut your going to need another juggernaut and there isnt any team in the nba that comes close to them. Some teams will be fun to watch, like okc and sixers sure, but will not be enough to pose any threat to gsws dominance. The only team everyone thought was capable was lebron Led Cavs.... but even they almost got swept 4-0... if not for league doing lebron a Solid in gm 4 with the 20+ FTs early on they would of been swept. best we can hope for is player progression, team continuity, and building something special with this core for the future. The days of dominating with 1-2 stars are over, you need a dominate all around team now, with tons of depth. Thats what riley is doing i think, trying to catch up to the west dominance thats about to take over the nba. Guys like Fultz, Ball, just wont be enough. Which is why most think Ainge never pulled the trigger on those Butler/pg13 trades. He knows it would not be enough. Teams are now creating something new, something that can topple the Dubs. This era of nba basketball is just on another level.
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