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    Yes, I think this is the best option for us, a 7th seed and playing Boston. While the Cavs are struggling, I'd rather take the inexperienced Celtics over James. I also don't see any way we realistically climb to the 5th seed or higher at this point so ruling out any chance of us playing the 76ers, Wizards or Pacers. I do think we would get murdered if we played Toronto in the playoffs. They are a different beast this season. I realize they've managed to choke away the past few post-seasons, but I wouldn't take my chances this year. But holding on to that 7th seed will revolve around us winning all the games "we should win." Which starts with the Knicks.
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    Heat are a playoff team...almost a certainty at this point. They will either be the 7th or 8th seed unless they can put together a significant winning streak. If not they will battle right down to the end with the Milwaukee Bucks. I wouldn't call any loss at this point to be devastating or disgraceful. We have OKC twice, Indy, Cleveland and Toronto left on the schedule. The Heat will lose some of those games. They'll probably drop one or maybe even a couple against the weaker teams too, especially if DWade and Whiteside continue to miss games. I'll be happy if they can be the 7th seed with a first round matchup against Boston. GO HEAT!!
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    all the Ira haters there lol! always represent the 305 since 95!
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    While I don't necessarily like the idea of blaming any one person for a loss, I understand blaming Winslow more than JJ. In retrospect, Winslow's 3 missed layups were all we needed to win this game. Tons of things happen along the way that could've negated those missed layups but the fact is that was 6 points that were kept off of the scoreboard. To not wanna place any blame on a guy that misses 3 point blank layups, and instead try to place blame on a guy that goes 7/11 from the field, for 18 points, with 7 assists, 10 rebounds (4 offensive), and a +20 rating is about as contradictory as it gets! We can't get too caught up trying to protect our favorite players that we ignore the obvious. Winslow had a bad game...it happens. I said a few weeks ago when Winslow started to look like the guy we all hoped he'd be, that a bad game was inevitable, and that we should not panic. By making excuses for him and not holding him accountable, just because he had 6 or 7 straight good games, is the equivalent of coddling a child that deserves reprimanding in my opinion. If we're gonna kill JJ for one TO committed while aggressively trying to make a play, then we definitely have to acknowledge Winslow's errors as well. According to JJ, Winslow's confidence never strayed - so Winslow believers don't need to make excuses for their boy . I wish their would've been some microphones in his face after the game the way there were when he was playing great...would've been nice to hear an honest response from him after a bad game...but I digress. Bottom line, the defense was piss poor and that is why we lost. Making JJ a scapegoat isn't going to change the fact that THIS TEAM blew a great opportunity last night.
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    I'll be at this game tonight in Sacramento with my wife to cheer on our Heat!! 🔥🔥We definitely need this road win 💪🌟💫✨🔥🔥🔥
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    Justise might need to give a course on how to defend on the perimeter...
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    Why? I'm not going to let it go, it just happened bro. The refs really hurt the Heat in overtime no doubt and I'm pissed about it.
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    Why isnt Bam getting minutes?? I mean Spo can't spare at least 10 mins. This is ain't the big 3 era, we're not contending for anything. Bam emergence has been one of the few saving graces for a mostly disappointing season.
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    Burnie taking a moment to enjoy the company of his favorite dancer on his birthday.
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    I think Whiteside held his own tonight. All around better game than Embiid. TJ and Goran got us started and Wade brought us to the promise Land. J-Rich soak up all Dwades knowledge while you can.
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    What the hell is going on around here!?!? lol
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    This will be Window's coming out party. We have waited well over 2 years for this day, but It has finally arrived gentlemen. Today is the day that Justise will be served. Miami - 105 Philly - 93 Winslow 21 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists.
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    Spurs beat the Wizards...here's the updated/current Eastern Conference standings...
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    JAMES "DOUBLE OVERTIME" JOHNSON TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..................................... OMMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................................
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    Five.ohh doesn’t miss much bro, if anything at all. He right again.
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    ESPN game box score stats on LSD again tonight. smh
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    LOL...that post will get a "like" from Toots for sure!! Hope you're right carnageta.
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    We'll beat the Nuggets, Knicks and Pacers. Cavs too. I smell a 4-2 stretch incoming.
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    got some good news for ya five-0... looked at the schedule tonight.. what i saw.... bucks have a really tough schedule. they play 3 Elite teams going forward. while the heat only play 1 and its the struggling cavs at the AA. The schedule totally favors the heat, and to top it off the heat hold the tiebreaker over milwaukee since we swept them in the regular season. The chances of detroit catching the 8th seed are slim to none the way there playing at 6 games behind. Would take a miracle of some sort and charlotte is even further back then detroit. So at this point, you have to assume its a battle between bucks and miami for 7th seed. With us holding the tiebreaker, things dont seem so bad in hindsight... Gettin that 7th seed is crucial. as a team would really get a better chance playing a broken down boston team thats injured, missing GH, and not playing well atm compared to the raps who are healthy and on 10 GM win Streak. If all things play out the way we hope, we could have a nice draw going into the postseason. Hope that clears it up for ya.
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    Really?? Stats can be deceiving? Wow, and here I thought stats never lie. These last 13 games aren't going to be that stressful for me, because the Heat will either be the 7th or 8th seed. The Heat own the tie-breakers with Charlotte, Detroit and Milwaukee. I think Charlotte is just too far back to have any chance whatsoever. Detroit probably is too. The reality with the Pistons is...they would have to win 10 games and the Heat lose 10 games to catch us. That's not impossible, but imo, highly unlikely. As for the Bucks, the Heat will have to play decent basketball to finish ahead of them. As I said before, the Heat have to figure out how they can play Boston in the first round to have a decent chance of winning a playoff series. I won't be surprised if we end up finishing in the 8th seed and have to face Toronto.
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    @CalHEATFan Nice post. Glad to hear you repped us to the fullest last night ...even though this team didn't deserve your or any of our support last night! I agree with a lot of what you had to say. After taking some time to reflect on last night's game, I can't help but still have a ton of questions about this team and it's ability to play with effort consistently, as well as it's ability to recognize the magnitude of the moment. Before the season, I jumped completely out of the window and predicted that this team could win 54 games lmao! What was I smoking, right? ...But surely there's someone out there who can understand how my expectations were so high. After all, chemistry and the opportunity to come back healthy and motivated were real reasons to be excited about this team's chances...or so I thought. Clearly I misjudged this team's ability to capture that play at the end of last season, and sustain it. Clearly that was asking too much of professionals....that's my bad. But this team's identity is still "supposedly" built upon the foundation of grit and grind. One thing we fans are supposed to be able to count on is effort...so to see a team that's playing for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out desire us, broke my heart last night. I know it's just one game, but who are we as a team if we're gonna be out-hearted by one of the worst teams in the league? The sad part is that we're actually playing for something! This team actually has a reason to wanna practice, and wanna play these games. What an opportunity it is to actually be playing meaningful games at this point in the season - yet our players continue to allow the same old bad habits, and continue play with the same inconsistent effort that left us on the outside looking in last season. I'm tired of hearing the same rhetoric after these horrible losses too. JJ gave a brilliant post game interview last night...too bad we've heard it all before after other terrible losses to teams who are beneath us talent wise and record wise. No more talking...JUST F*CKING GET IT DONE!!! Let's see if we get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde on Friday... Go Heat!
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    I must confess, that this team is so difficult to love. When they finish the 2nd quarter, I just stop watching. Why is that? This team has no appeal even with Wade in it. Sorry, I tried SO hard since last year to love it. But i trully can't. I'm just a bad Heat fan😣😯😭
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    Instead we pray to basketball god's to lose other team. We should pray our players to find some solution or developed theire skills. Being consistent and productive. They already have the trainings they should show amd use it in the game
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    Winslow going 1 on 5...I've seen everything now lol
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    ya.... i think hes accomplished enough to be a HOF. people forget bosh was a star also when he played with the big 3, but he was just was overashadowed by wade n bron.
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    Richardson got some love from Sportscenter. Go straight to the 01:06 mark.
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    I love seeing the Sixer players b-i-t-c-h-i-n-g and moaning!!
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    Every next one matters! And not just today.
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    Let it go homie... We got a big one that we need to get tonight. That's all that matters.
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    Another good win. I really hope Spo leaves Babbitt on the starting lineup from now on. He gives us something we really need and it's showing. Winslow I am watching you young man, he looks like a complete different player out there. It all started when he desided to leave his doubts oitside and started playing with guts, confidence and passion on both ends of the floor. I am carefully optimistic but I am liking what I am seeing from him. JJ playing with Babbitt in the starting lineup might be the best thing that happened to him, Luke allows him to operate wih space and he doesn't need to force the issue. Dragic, J Rich and Hassan all benefit as well. Babbitt makes this team much better offensively without scoring much himself. I am excited to see what else we got and how strong we can finish the season.
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    Justise Iguodala, why not
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    I respectfully disagree. I saw a lot of us playing defense with our hands instead of moving our feet, and not enough physicality. We played hard, but we tried to go blow for blow instead of digging in and getting 3 stops in a row. We didn't look hungry tonight....well Bam did. Wade did. Winslow did. But the Lakers as a whole looked like a team playing for something. I'd hoped we'd have that look in our eye tonight from more than just 3 of our players. I still feel like this game was more about how good the Lakers are playing. We'll bounce back on Saturday with a more inspiring performance against a team with matchup a little better with.
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    That's what I'm talking about! I don't know how often Zo makes appearances at practice, or how often he actually works with Hassan and Bam like we see here, but I love that we fans get to see that type of interaction happening. I know for me, I sometimes wonder how much they actually work with Hassan in the post. Just watching that short clip, you see how underdeveloped Hassan is with doing something as simple as backing a smaller man down and keeping the dribble alive...he damn near dribbled it off his foot. He'll get better though, but he has to keep getting touches. And he has to keep making the right decisions.
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    i don’t think the deals are that bad , the length Of the deals can be questioned . But I look at some of the highest paid players in the leauge and it makes me feel all that better about our situation . When I look at a guy like Conley earning 28 million and 34 million 2 seasons from now when he has only averaged 20 pts once in his career it makes me feel Dragics contract is a really good one . Give me Dragics 18-19 mill a year over Conleys any day . Al Horford has never averaged more than 18 pts ( only once ) and he’s on the hook for 28 and 30 mill next two years . This is a guy who has averaged a pedestrian 14.5 pts and 7 rebs a game the last 4 years and isn’t really going to get any better . Otto Porter , 28 , 29 , 30 mill next 3 yrs after averaging 13.5 pts last year and 14 this year so far .. I’ll take James Johnson 14-15 mill a year over his too .. you have guys like gallanari and parsons making 20 -25 million a year and they can’t even stay on the court . Ryan Anderson 20 mill next year , biyombo and deng 18 million next year too . My point is our players are in the bottom tier as far as contracts go . There is some hope as far as this team being able to move some contracts because they are not insane as many might think they are
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    going to take alot more then that to land Kawi. you would almost certainly have to offer jrich in any deal as he has the most value imo. . has to be Whiteside + jrich+winslow . I kno alot like Jrich, but your talking about Leonard here. He was suppose to be a serious contender for League MVP this current season. also, hes healthy fellas. The issue in my opinion is that theres tension with the organization over his role with the spurs, dont think there making him the centerpiece of the team like last year. They may feel like hes injury prone and shifting his role as a little. Dont think kawi and his camp took that too well. Build the future around Kawi/Bam..... Nice core to build around.