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    What's so ironic about this Winslow condemnation is that you two specifically were so excited and openly elated that Winslow fell to #10 and the Heat picked him... Remember? Now after a rookie season where he impressed everyone with everything he did other than inconsistent shooting and 18 injury plagued games this season you two can't criticize him enough. And, here I am trying to point out the kid's exceptional skills and give him a second year to improve the one weakness in his overall game, yet back during that draft I wanted Booker over Winslow (Scar did too)...lol Funny how one rookie season and one season ending injury year can change peoples minds about a OMG OMG WoooHooo future superstar.
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    Won all those games to pick a backup center in the lottery. Bwhahahah. This is so awful.
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    Nah, keep Kyle Lowry's scary a** FAR AWAY from this HEAT team....
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    Dragic is a good PG, but an even better PG when used in the right situation, as was the case with the Heat last season. As long as we commit to a fast-paced style of basketball that prioritizes shooting and off-ball movement, while allowing Dragic to have the ball in his hands, he'll fit right in. George seems very inclined to go to LA so giving up Dragic would be a bad move. If he hadn't been so adamant about becoming a Laker I would obviously approve of trading him. But a PG rental seems like one of those stupid trades a franchise like the Knicks would do. I think the Heat are better than that.
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    Enough with draft john Collins stuff. We can get a john Collins after the draft is over . look at Willie reed and see what I mean
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    Bam probably shoot better than justise
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    I can see the unfair hype coming. Lol but if bam doesn't shoot that well it's cool. I dont expect him to but I do expect him to provide energy, offensive rebounding, dunks, and solid screenwork. Shot and post game can be year 2
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    Riley said he wouldn't pay $3.5 mil for a 51st pick in the 2nd round...he knows he can get undrafted players for a lot less that will end being just as good and maybe even better in the long run. You'll see all these guys in Summer League and a lot of these late 2nd round picks will look lousy or just as lousy as the undrafted guys.
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    Fun fact: Only 2 bench players this season averaged at least 12 points, 3 assists and 3 rebounds per game. Both of those players were members of the Miami Heat (James Johnson and Tyler Johnson). As I mentioned several days ago, the Johnson brothers aren't just great all-around basketball players, but they are also elite defenders as the metrics place them in the top 5 at their respective positions defensively. Lets not forget, TJ hasn't even played over 140 NBA games yet. 19 mill is a fairly high amount but unless we're packaging him away for a star in return - or a high draft pick - he shouldn't be traded. Not yet at least. Tyler has all of the characteristics of a true Heat player. Guys like him don't always come around..
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    Lol what? You're going to try and take credit for 'predicting' Waiters would opt out? Damn, no one ever saw that coming.. what a surprise..
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    i cringe every time i see McRoberts name in the starting line-up :/
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    No need...the Heat already have a janitor at the AAA.
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    I want the Cavs to lose badly, I must admit. But honestly, I am rooting more for the Warriors to become the first 16 -0 undefeated champions in the history of the game. That would be awesome to experience.
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    We need a superstar more than anything else. We cannot be passing on a stud who drops to us just so we can fill a whole (which with JJ and Winslow isn't that big a hole anyway). Plus even if we draft a stretch four, chances are they won't get the time to make an impact unless they show they can defend at a high level. The last few drafts only 1 stretch 4 has really payed off (porzingis) so there seems to be greater risk in picking that position than others. Draft best player available, don't sacrifice for need I say.
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    Oh...well then in that case, its a big for me.
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    Are you serious or sarcastic? I actually know Heat fans who want to retain him. Never liked him before, don't want him now. JJ brings the same skills and he's a better defender while being more assertive on offense. McRoberts' passiveness was so incredibly frustrating to watch
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    Exactly. And it's even better because we actually know his exact age
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    In two months of looking at possible players the Heat would pick at #14 I never once looked at Bam. lol
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    Do we really want smalldridge after that playoff stint? I mean, who leaves the spurs and gets better?
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    #1 on my list, but I wouldn't mind targeting Rudy Gay if we miss out. We're not in a great position to land a top star, but we can make a complete roster. Similar to the Blazers back in 2000-02 when they won 50-55 games with no one averaging over 18ppg. We can build a great defense and a good scoring balance between players as well as depth.
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    Perfect way to get rid of TJ TJ and 14th for 10th or 12th.
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    Trade for luol deng....I know I ain't see that...
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    i completely agree MadD, best case scenario the lakers made a trade for him. A package of Clarkson + a 2018 pick. i just want him out of the east. If cleveland gets him for nothing, i may just lose interest in nba basketball all together. this is bullsht. ppl can say what they want about durant, but he exersized his free agent rights.
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    Hate to say it but if we were to get Hayward and George then thanks for the memories waiters and JJ
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    My dad appreciated this very much.
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    I think Collins could end up being a guy that we grow to love. Good motor, very athletic, and a good finisher around the rim. If he develops any sort of consistency with a jump shot, he could end up being a steal.
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    Been saying it for days and will say it again, Hayward at 30 mil is a mistake. I want him, but at no more than 25, 26 and only if we can keep Waiters as well.
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    The Cavaliers fought hard tonight. Got to give them credit, they could have easily rolled over and called it a year after blowing an 8 point lead and falling behind by 17 late in the 2nd quarter. What really did them in was their inability to secure the defensive rebounds, inability to hit free throws and their horrid transition defense. The Warriors were getting open dunks, open layups, and open lanes all night long, very similar to how it was in game 1.
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    It's so funny. We're the same fans who were defending the big 3 Heat tooth and nail. Defending LBJ when people tried to undersell his greatness. And here some are doing the SAME exact thing many hated when Miami formed in 2010. How long are folks going to cry about a decision from a man that doesn't even realize they exist? Revisionist history is funny. I remember the convo in 2010. I remember what Riley thought. I'll just here and appreciate the greatness. This is the greatest team I've ever seen.
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    This was the worst NBA season in a while. Don't want to be biased but imo the highlight of the year in all NBA was the Heat winning streak. Durant cakewalked to a ring with a 73 win championship team. Good for him.
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    Kind of off topic, but I believe it could be argued that the 96-97 Bulls were a more impressive unit (69 wins) than both the 95-96 Bulls (72 wins) and 15-16 GSW (73 wins). I was scavenging around a bit and I made note of some worthy stats to consider.. In 1995-96: - number of 50+ win teams: 7 - number of 50+ win teams in eastern conference: 4 - lowest playoff seed in eastern conference: Miami Heat - 42 wins - average wins: 38.333 - number of 20+ point scorers: 22 In 1996-97: - number of 50+ win teams: 10 - number of 50+ win teams in eastern conference: 6 - lowest playoff seed in eastern conference: Washington Bullets - 44 wins - average wins: 39.6 - number of 20+ point scorers: 25 In 2015-16: - number of 50+ win teams: 6 - number of 50+ win teams in western conference: 4 - lowest playoff seed in western conference: Houston Rockets - 41 wins - average wins: 41 - number of 20+ point scorers: 22 Based off of the statistics, although the Bulls from the 96-97 season only won 69, they appeared to have faced the toughest competition out of all 3. The 6th seed was a 50 win team in the east that year and 8th won 44 - crazy stacked conference.
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    lol...just to break up the monotony of the projected Waiters' deal, I ran into this ad this morning. Pretty funny.
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    I know he'll take a discount but dont low ball him now...that's all I'm saying We already lowballed wade and other players see that
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    I think if you start naming the greatest PG's ever it would be a short list too. Guys who were 17 PER guys that we loved don't fit the description. The truly greats are hard to find at every position with the exception of center really. KD is a unicorn in that he's a revolutionary guy with his ball handling ability at that length. There's been better shooters but not that tall. Better ball handlers. But not that tall. And these are the areas where he's set himself apart from anyone who came before. It was the other areas of the game where he didn't compare to the games most complete players, but we've seen over the years he adds a piece here and there to complete the puzzle. At some point we'll see a guy with his size and stroke, but thicker, who also sees the court like LeBron and rebounds like DeAndre Jordan...
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    Good point about the potential for more W's had Durant not missed a good chunk of time. They did have the highest post-season point diff ever but that could be more of a statement of their competition along the way this year to a degree. And they had the second highest pt diff in regular season history actually at 11.6, second to the 72 win Bulls at just over 12. But the team last year was 3rd best ever at 10.8 or something gaudy as well. So no question they're super a historic group, but 73? And down 1-3 to beat those guys? Can't believe that we'll ever see anything more historic than that... If they comeback after being down 3-0 I agree it's bigger. It may be bigger in general because the Cavs just didn't play very well at any point of the season this year while the Warriors clicked all year. As for the MJ/Bron debate, that won't be settled regardless of what James does. Believe me. No feat is good enough for the critics if a 1-3 comeback versus a 73 win juggernaut isn't. The argument of Greatest will rarely fall in James favor. Social media will see to that...
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    Having this same exact discussion over at another forum. The only difference is, everyone over there is a blatant Lebron hater and a Jordan/Kobe lover, or a blatant Jordan/Kobe hater and Lebron lover. It's funny how you will almost never find people who can just appreciate the greatness of all 3, like the way many do on these forums. Miami bless.
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    Absolutely not. Not if we lose JJ and Dion or both in the process.
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    Josh Mc Roberts is a scrub , he may be able to make a nice pass or put the ball between the legs for a nice dribble on ocassion but this guy has been a total waste of cap space and a roster spot .. the heat have religiously tried trading him the past two seasons and no one wants him .. he is smart for opting in as no other team would probably pay him a third of that six million he will collect .. healthy or not there is very little upside in him coming back . let's just forget all the games he's missed as a heat . in 3 seasons for the heat he has averaged 4.2 , 3.6 , & 4.6 points and never over 3.5 rebounds ... injuries or not when he has played he hasn't been a factor, 3 years older from the day we signed him why should we expect anything better .. before his stint with the heat , he averaged 6 and 8 points for the hornets and magic in his prime years as a starter , before that 2.8 pts with the lakers ... give me James Johnson over him in the starting rotation for sure and a rookie pf/c as the first big off the bench ..