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    "We started winning when Winslow got injured" is nothing but a misconception. Justise got injured at the end of the Celtics game in Boston, on December 30th. That was the last game he played in. Our winning streak didn't start until January 17th - almost 3 weeks after Winslow had stopped playing. There's no reason to believe why he couldn't have been part of the winning that took place. He was an offensive liability, but he only played 18 games all year. JRich was an offensive liability for the final 2 months (minus the last 6 games). The point is, he could have turned it around. The last few games he played in were some of his best performances (think of the Lakers game). Winslow is on a good contract and is only 21, and he hasn't even played 100 games in the league yet. Trading him, unless it's for an all-star in return (PG, Butler, etc) makes very little sense. Like I said in another thread yesterday, we really should be looking to trade TJ if anything.
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    He should rig the lottery to give Miami a top 3 pick. Lets be honest we all know it is rigged. With Cleveland getting 3 #1 overalls in the 4 years after LeBron leaving, the Pelicans getting AD after Stern owed the owner, from Derrick Rose going to his home town with 1% odds and same with LeBron. These players sitting players for no reason is ruining the integrity of the game. I mean what excuse does Brooklyn have? At least Atlanta and Washington were resting for the playoffs. Brooklyn is doing it simply for tanking. The nba regular season is becoming a joke with all this tanking and resting players. Look no further than LeBron not giving a **** about what the standings are. Look no further than the 76ers tanking for like 4 years straight. Thats why despite missing the playoffs I cannot stress enough how proud of this team I am. They easily could have gave up and started tanking/ resting players like most of the NBA but they never stopped fighting. This Heat team had more heart than any of the big 3 teams combined just no where close to the talent. If Silver wants to prove a point then give a break to the team who had every reason to tank but didnt.
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    Don't believe a deal like that exists for McRoberts and Winslow. Until one comes along that makes sense, it's just idle speculation. Plus, I think you are underestimating Winslow's value. Poor shooting overall so far, yes, but it's not something impossible to correct. Had one helluva rookie season, so if you are going to move him, it better be for a very good player. There's a lot of upside with Winslow.
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    Man, give Dion his money already! But seriously, it was a well-written article. It was simple and I could clearly picture what he has gone through. I just hope he gives us a discount. We're on to something big here. We just badly need to be healthy and get one more "the guy." With regard to making him an all-star, I think that would be easy if we're sitting high on the standings. He'd have to perform at a very high level, though.
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    Just in case you forgot what year it is, it's 2017. We haven't had LeBron for three seasons. We made the playoffs last year, with a struggling team that lost arguably its best player at midseason, and suddenly turned it around with an acquisition of another veteran and a complete change in playing style and approach on the fly. Respect to Joe Johnson (love what he's doing for Utah right now), but that signing didn't make us play better. Someone had to coach a team of career ball-dominant players (Wade, Dragic, Johnson) and near or former all-stars (Whiteside, Deng and Amare respectively), dramatic journeymen (Gerald Green), and unproven rookies (Justise Winslow) and make them work. Not only work, but one win away from an ECF appearance... "But that's any coaches job," some might say. Fine, for the sake of that argument, we'll consider that point moot. But I find it funny that you're the one bringing up past seasons in a conversation about Spoelstra's work THIS YEAR...Is your best argument against the present the past. If so, by your "logic," the HEAT aren't a top conditioned team today because once upon a time ten years ago James Posey, Antoine Walker, and Shaq came into a season overweight...I digress. So, let's turn our attention to this season, the one we are talking about in this thread. It's difficult to logically take away that a team of "nobodies" and journeymen and first or second year players suddenly figured out how to win one day. If you want to make that assumption, that's your prerogative. To go back to your (tired) point - this was our third season without James, but we always had Wade. Now, this was our first without Wade, and a complete retooling of the offensive playbook...late into the summer/near the preseason mind you, due to Wade's late announcement of his signing with Chicago. We were one win and/or a tiebreaker with that very Chicago team from their slot (This is for free: No thanks to Wade did they make it, either - with a late superb sling of games from Butler while Wade nursed an elbow fracture. Many now would argue that we'd be giving this Celtics team a tougher time than the post-Rondo Chicago Bulls are in this first round series). Ever? Lol. Maybe you weren't a fan BEFORE LeBron James? I recall a few appearances beyond the first round. If you're referring to since Lebron, then you are correct. However, as you mentioned... It's only been three years. You seem to like mentioning Lebron, so would you like to know how many times the Cavaliers made the playoffs or even came moderately close in the four years His Majesty was outside the Cleveland Castle. How are the Knicks doing in recent years? The Timberwolves since Garnett left in 2008? The Lakers the last few sad years of Kobe's career and this first year without him? How about Sacremento and the Kings? We're in way better shape than any of those franchises and much further ahead in our rebuilding process than any of them, hands down. You can attribute that to strictly players if you'd like, but that's not fact - merely your opinion. I would venture to say it has a lot to with top-down, from front office to coaching to players all being involved and committed to high level NBA basketball. We'll get back to the playoffs...we all know that. Ron Rothstein coached the expansion team in its earliest days. So missing the playoffs your first years in the NBA is a no duh. The rest of the head coaches we have had (all what, four of them? I'm going off the top of my head here: Rothstein, Gentry, Stan Van, Riley, Spo...did I miss anyone) in our "lengthy" history don't have longer tenures than Spoelstra. So yes, naturally, because he has coached more seasons he may miss the playoffs more often than others...and also make them. If you can come back with an arguable point, feel free. If not, take that for data, please, until there's more to this tired argument of Spoelstra only looking good because of a player we don't even have anymore. My goodness. And PS - don't play race cards, man. For one, it has nothing to do with anything. Two, it's just asking for trouble.
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    That's not true at all. First, Waiters wasn't an "awful player." He has been a quick-scoring-spark type guy from day 1 in his career, albeit an inconsistent one. He's still that, with a bit of improvement in other areas. Statistically he didn't deviate far from his career numbers, even though it was in fact his best season. As for the Heat signing him, go dig through my old posts back in the offseason. I thought it was a great move. So did most Heat fans, because from the construction of the roster it seemed like we needed a scoring punch and we got Waiters at a low-risk $2M 1 year deal.
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    Disgraceful is the perfect definition to what Brooklyn did. Not saying the Heat should not have taken care of business against the Knicks for example, but there is no honor in what Brooklyn did and a franchise like the Heat will always attract way more players and always be above many other franchises for the simple fact that the respect the entire league has for the heat organization has been earned with every once of sweat dropped on the basketball court. We do not tank and we do not play the game to lose. Leave that to the losers, there is a reason why those franchises can't hold on to most of the players they draft and have a very hard time attracting other players in free agency.
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    Well, only one way to finish this night.... Later, y'all. GO HEAT!
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    The Hawks aren't getting enough cheering from us! Let's go, HAWKS! Let's go, HAWKS! Let's go, HAWKS! Let's go, HAWKS! Let's go, HAWKS! Let's go, HAWKS! Let's go, HAWKS!
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    Yes, Ira makes a valid point too, but I agree with you MadD, I have a feeling something good is about to happen with the Heat's playoff fortunes.
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    This is smart. Athletes should ALWAYS maximize their earnings, especially a guy like Bosh who wasn't raking the shoe and endorsement money LeBron and Wade were.
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    Riley isn't slipping at all. I feel f***ing blessed that we have a guy like Riley that as long as he's in charge, I feel this franchise is headed in the RIGHT direction. We could be a s*** show like the Knicks/Lakers, those franchises are in GREAT HANDS lol they fell hard. HARD and don't reallyyyy be looking to recover strongly. Miami lost The Big 3? We've recovered pretty damn nicely all things considered and have tons of options moving forward. Love my Heat Culture and am terrified of life after Riley. Don't make a bad decision off of gut reactions.
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    You got believers in here Dion, some of us from the very beginning. Stay in Miami and become that star we know you can become. All Dion needed was the right organization, if he stays, I predict he will have the best season of his entire career.
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    So Lebron was watching a world series game while receiving a pitch from Riley? That's really unprofessional. Major kudos to Pat for not lashing out like the people over at the Cav's ownership. James is a great player, a legend, a hall of famer, a top 5 of all time and definitely in the GOAT discussion. However, his attitude and acknowledgement towards the Heat ever since he decided to leave has been questionable at best. It's like hes angry at Miami and wants to forget about his years with this organization. Hes been acting like he won all 3 of his rings with Cleveland. Ridiculous. Biggest diva in the league by far.
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    I think resigning Willie Reed is important. He was very effective for us and a solid backup center. The last time we had a solid one-two punch at Center and backup Center was Shaquille O' Neal and Alonzo Mourning. For those of you who haven't been around for every single year in between, one of the constant forum topics since they left was always the Center position, both starter and backup alike. I'm not putting much stake into the draft here. Truthfully, I think we should shop the pick. But if we are going to select, then I'd like to see us find a true PG in it somehow, then move one of the five 2-guards we have on this roster to fill or help fill a position of need at the PF with a NBA-level player that we don't need to wait on.
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    Riley said himself that Spo was down after the last game of that famous road trip before the winning streak started. He told Spo "Coach them up", he did not say to him just forget the season and tank, it's insane beyond imagination to suggest the Heat front office ordered Spo and the players to just tank lol. Why are we even talking about this?
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    Clearly no reason to keep him around any longer. Not a coincidence that we started winning games when he got injured. Package him with McRoberts and get a player + pick(s) in return.
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    It's funny how people interpret things differently when listening to the same thing. lol I don't agree with anything you said in that post JFH20. No offense, but you're paraphrasing at best when you say he said "the team growing "conflicted" with his plans." Your comment about Riley expecting a top 5 pick and now not being able to have it is a setback for Riley is strictly/solely your opinion. He didn't say anything anywhere near something like that imo. This is what he said exactly..."The feeling of a team sorta making itself while you’re trying to make a team uh, sometimes can be a little bit conflicted for me because of what we have to do this summer." To me, he was pleasantly surprised at how this team came together, of the five FA signings he made last summer, those players emerged into players that he can build this team around Goran, Hassan, Winslow, JRich and TJ and how those FA players took advantage of the system and achieved another level of ability. I think he gave as clear an answer about being a contender for a championship with these guys as he could...he said "yes" and with the 14th pick and a possible addition of a veteran good player the goal is to beat the top teams. He doesn't know exactly how this summer is going to go, but it seems he feels pretty strongly that he would like to make a trade for that veteran player and get a good player in the draft, which he commented on that he really likes what will be available between 14 and 20 in the draft...even went so far as to say he felt they players between 14 -20 could end up being better than the players between 7-11. He also said the players in the top 5 will all be PG/SF which he feels the Heat does not need and is glad he won't have to make that decision. Those statements lead me to believe he WILL NOT try to trade up in the draft. I also didn't think he looked down. He was upset about not making the playoffs, naturally, but he seemed very positive about everything else that came out of the 30-11 second half of the season. I'm gonna take this off-season one step at a time and let Riley and his crew evaluate the situation of the draft and free agency and trust they will make some moves to make this team even better than it is already. In my mind, this team will be better at the start of next season...baring any damn injuries that may crop up. I'll bet they won't start 11-30 this time around.
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    Always plenty of haters, but even though Riley isn't perfect, I'd rather have him calling the shots than any other President in the League. I'll roll with the Godfather every time.
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    Photo Credit: Issac Baldizon Take a look back at the eventful 2016-17 HEAT season in the video below. http://www.nba.com/heat/video/2017/04/13/1492108814829-END-OF-SEASON-ROLL-OUT-1366392/
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    we'd have an elite Two way Player to build around.
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    Are we still talking about Melo? I would rather not sign anyone than bringing Melo.
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    I do not know how interesting the playoffs are going to be in the east without the Heat, was looking forward to White Hot Playoffs time...proud of this team and how they turned it around. This is one of my favorite teams..the 2nd half of the season kept you glued to the television..they were a fun team to watch.
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    You're such a dreamer Toots...no way Melo could pull off what JJ did this past season. He doesn't have the discipline. Anthony expects to be treated like a Hall of Famer, expects to be paid max money, expects to get and shoot the ball more than anyone else, expects to be doted over by the fans, the coaches, the players and the organization. Yeah he wants to win, but his way. No way he genuflects to Erik Spoelstra's way of doing things. I'm sure he believes he knows better. I'm sure LeBron has filled his head with all kinds of twisted tales about Spo, Riley and Micky. We'll be better off without him in the long run imo.
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    Trading Winslow for little value makes no sense at this point. We are better off rolling the dice on him and see if he can develop his offense in a year or 2. If we can move him on a sign and trade to get an impact player, then that's another story.
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    The best bet if they want to maintain future cap space is to overpay JJ/Waiters on 1 year deals to entice them to stay and pass on longer term deals They should 100 percent stay away from Melo.
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    Dragic is a good player, top 12 PG. the issue with dragic is he cant be the ""guy"" on any team. He doenst play well under too much pressure. that is why with waiters in the lineup, dragic was playing really well. Waiters get us to these leads, and then the pressure is off, dragic pounces on that. I remember the cleveland game. Waiters, Wayne, destroyed them in the 1st half. we had a nice lead in the 4th. And dragic knocked then like 3 straight triples in a row. His confidence just seems to rise when the heat are playing good its weird. This is why it would be for the heat if they could land a player like Hayward to join. We'd have scoring options from everywhere, would make dragic even better i think.
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    MINOR GAINS? Dude, we got ALL KINDS OF GAINS ALL KIIIIIIINDSSSS Dragic = got all kinds of gains Waiters = got all kinds of gains Whiteside = got all kinds of gains J-Rich = been getting all kinds of gains these past few games James Johnson = got all kinds of MIP gains TJ = got all kinds of gains 3-point shooting with Babbitt, McGruder, Ellington = got all kinds of gains Coaching = got all kinds of gains That's all kinds of gains
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    Yo, if they make it to the top 8, the Celtics are gonna be in trouble.
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    this photo might just encourage Atlanta and Brooklyn to win their games! and can also help the HEAT get high profile free agents to join. regardless of what the result on Wednesday, this HEAT season had been a great story so far. but cherry on the icing if they make top 8 tho! a great ending to the story.
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    This is DWade, according to sources, watching the end of the Heat game.
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    we will give our best effort, and if we dont make it its not end of the world. we get a better draft pick, and look forward to the offseason ect... il still enjoy the playoffs if the bulls make it in rather then us, will get to root for my favorite player Dwade so will still have someone to root for.
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    That knicks loss is going to cost us. Help us Waiters!!! I'm sorry for being a nonbeliever!!! I believe now! Save this season!
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    There goes the 5th seed right out the window...damn!
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    ya, and they just lost to the hawks backups by double digits. welcome to the nba.
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    Great showing in basically a playoff game. Love seeing J-Rich getting into a groove right now. Glad Spo didn't give up on him while he was struggling.
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    Dragon was breathing fire tonight and we need that fire. So we can smolder dinos. I feel like its gonna be last season playoffs allover again round two(ding ding)
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    JRich is getting there... Hopefully yall can get off his back. Guy had like 3, 4 deflections and steals. 14pts in the 1st half.
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    It's not too late to get on the Team Ball train. Spurs East baby!
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