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    I scoffed at TB's early prediction of 50 wins, HCA in the 1st round, but he was seeing something in this team that others did not and the Heat has been winning like the team he was talking about. He has been brash at times, but I have to give him credit for his insight, no matter how irrational it may have appeared early on. It's good that most of us are really feeling good about this team collectively these days. We need all the good vibes we can get...these remaining games are going to be difficult to get wins, especially without Dion.
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    The thing here is that, with the Heat's roster as presently constructed, they have caught up to how today's NBA game is played: rain threes. Couldn't do it in the past because : 1. the Heat had two or three players on the court who couldn't shoot. Number 1 being Wade, and he was the primary playmaker for the Heat. Remember the stretch, years, when he wouldn't even dare to shoot threes. The Heat was one of the worst 3-pt shooting teams. 2. Goran Dragic wouldn't shoot as many threes, and he had to defer to D-Wade. When D-Wade got the ball, he dribbled too much, pump faked to eternity, then faded away. It slowed down the offense. There's a reason why Pat Riley didn't want to give Wade his money. Now, the Heat are playing to Dragic's strengths and have surrounded him with the pieces that allow him to be himself and play his type of game, which is drive and kick. 3. 3 and D. In the past, especially the last two of years, we didn't have enough of them. Now, we have a bunch of two-way players, including players who have committed to playing defense. You look at each of the Heat's players, and tell me who doesn't play defense and who doesn't shoot threes. Yes, there's defensive lapses at times, but you know they try. They all can shoot threes, except Hassan and Reed, of course. Those guys who can't shoot, including Justise WINS-LOW, aren't playing. He's injured, Heat WINS-HIGH. When it comes to the Heat right now, it's pick-your-poison. The 2015-2016 team was number 27 in 3-pt%. Now, the Heat are at number 13, which puts them a tad bit above average. If the Heat gets a versatile 3 or 4, who can shoot, drive, and defend, they'll be very tough to beat. Get that guy in the next offseason and all of them get to stay healthy, we're gonna be high in the standings and I can say we can get to the ECF. But for now, let's focus on securing our spot in the playoffs. Beat the Wolves.
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    Gotta root to win at this point...it is what it is
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    It's all fun. I enjoy discussing basketball here and reading the various perspectives of posters here. It's a much needed break from the real world. Riley and the front office knows significantly more about basketball than I'll ever now. And the working environment he has helped create, is one that I know many peoples envy. It' s admirable and amazing to see what the organization has done, even if I disagree with the path sometimes. So, he certainly deserves credit, and maybe I should have worded my post better! I was on team "Tank" earlier, but at this point I hope they make the postseason whether they get swept in round 1 or not. They've earned it.
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    Just chiming in here, but I think that's kind of why the Cavs lost. Not enough ball rotation. See the Heat have that "the next man up concept" which doesn't rely on one player to carry the team. And the Cavs are relying on Lebron and Kyrie. Sure they score but if they're the only ones scoring it doesn't always lead to a W in the end. I also think Lebron was trying really hard to carry the team, he ended up taking some bad shots. Just my opinion though, don't come after me.
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    This is a pretty impressive Heat win. Being short players and the Cavs looking for revenge of the game the other night, the Heat step up big time!
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    If we win this game I'm pretty certain that Spo will win Coach of the month for Feb 2017. The Heat would end with a 9-2 record for the month with a win and played some exciting ball along the way 🔥🔥🔥
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    its a good thing the dream is over, we are keeping our Core intact. With Cap Space + a 1st Round draft pick in offseason we will be in much better shape next season, and if we can keep Waiters and Johnson At a decent price we will looking even better. I think theres a good chance waiters and johnson Give riles a Discount. These guys dont wanna bounce around from team to team, they want stability and there finding that with riley and the heat. I just hope Our Draft pick is atleast top 10-12 area. and as for FAs, Gordon Hayward is obviously the target but celtics have a better chance then us. same with the Jazz.
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    Whoever wants melo here, please walk out the door and close it behind u. Do u realize what we'd have to give up to get him? For a guy who is old with no legs, is allergic to defense, a ball hog, and more important a selfish entitled drama queen? The man does not posses the even the right mindset to dawn a heat jersey. He is not worth it. I'd rather get wade back than get melo if we're going for a fading drama queen at a high price tag
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    the blazers are a much better team with this new Center they got, that was evident tonight. just got to give them some credit, they brought it. and damian is legit, but that doesnt discredit what this team has been able to achieve so far. We are in the playoff hunt, one game at a time. and hassan is chasing history. Its going to be a grind, we are shorthanded without waiters. Win next game, and get back on track.
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    http://www.espn.com/espnradio/play?id=18934965 Scroll to the 22-23 minute mark or so. It lasts for ten minutes or so. And both guys have high praise for Miami. And Simmons happens to believe MIA is a threat to CLE if Love isn't healthy, just like @Team Ball I really like the Boston matchup for MIA.
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    Ellington, Waiters, and JJ have all come out and said that they put more effort into getting in shape this offseason than they had in a while. Dragic obviously did as well simply by playing ball overseas. No doubt that's part of it, but this team was losing a lot of games while those guys were in better condition than they are now. I see a bunch of guys that have a lot of faith in each other and the sets their running. Other than Waiters there's no player that holds the ball and gets tempted into going one on one. They just keep up the relentless drive and kick game until the shots start falling.
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    The games today and Sunday are important. Beat the Raps at home and follow that up with a huge win on the road against the Pacers would give the Heat a 5 game winning streak that would include 2 straights vs the Cavs heading into 5 straight games at home vs very beatable teams. Plus we would pick up games on both the Raps and Pacers. So the possibility of a 10 game streak is there especially given that we can go 11-12 deep in the rotation🔥
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    Pat and Spo are joined at the hip, I think we can all agree on THAT. I'd be willing to wager that the players who were signed in the offseason were all apart of the contingency plan that was in place in the event things went bad (which they did). You're right about the job Spo has done all this year, but I don't think anyone should dismiss the job Pat and Co. did last summer or look at it as them getting lucky. These guys do their research. Spo himself said they had been looking at guys like JJ and Babbitt for years! A lot of things have to go right when you gamble the way the Heat did last offseason, but it paid off...gotta give credit where it's due, bro.
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    Hope JJ has a HUGE game tomorrow night...make Toronto rue the day they let him go.
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    Don't think Dion got this kind of love or respect in Cleveland or OKC.
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    All for dusting the cobwebs off a worthy discussion. However, I still think we need to wait until the season concludes to make any real determinations. Playoffs or not though, they may be worth the keep. But, we also know Waiters to be enigmatic throughout his career so far...so that's why I say "proceed, but with caution." That said, if we maintain the push and feel as if we can replicate this season's resurrected play into next season's consistent play, we may be onto something with what we have. It'd be interesting to see how/if Winslow can fit with this group or not...We've played our best perimeter ball without him. In my opinion, he's trade bait if we can net a real-deal perimeter guy at the SF or a real-deal PF for him + Bosh cash.
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    thing is though, he has been doing this for a long period of time. he is actually improving, not regressing. I been keeping an eye on his stats since for awhile now, his 3 pt percentage has gone from 37%, 38%, and now 39%. He does have a few bad gms here and there, but he comes back strong. ""he wants it"" ... thats the one quote that stands out to me with waiters, hes working hard for what he wants and it working for him so far.
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    Think about this: the Heat 🔥 have beaten the Cavs twice and the Hornets once over the last 3 games with 2 of these games played in playoff type fashion. The win in Cleveland on Monday as well as last nights 7-point win over the Hornets were close battles where the Heat demonstrated they can hold on at the end of a close game and also fight back when down in the 4th. During this come back win last night it was different guys contributing at key moments. First JJ hits back to back 3's early in the 4th. Then Willie Reed had a couple key baskets back to back, then Tyler had a key 3 pointer on a Dragic drive and kick, then Dragic had two difficult layups in the paint and finally Waiters welcomed the Hornets to Waiters island to close out the game. I think why this Heat "Team" is so much fun is that they are a team with everyone contributing on both ends of the court, each man always trying to find the open man and the open man shoots with confidence. I love this Heat style of play much better that at any time during the Big 3 era because none of us nor the opponent knows which key player of 10 is going to get the call in the key moments of a game. Our style is impossible to defend. We are back in the playoff hunt and its an awesome feeling - more to come - Go Heat 🔥🔥🔥🍷🍹🍸
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    i also am one of the people who probably agree we dont have much of a chance against cavs, but i do think its funny to see how many heat fans on here seem to take issue with a few heat fans thinking we do have a chance, whats wrong with saying the heat have a chance? its not out of realm of possibility. when your talking about sports, theres always a chance. Also, not one team in the east has taken the cavs 7 games yet. There is bound to be a team at some point that does it in the east, and thats when they could find themselves in some trouble.
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    my takeaway from this game. -Waiters is ballin, im starting to take back what i said about him being a bad signing. He is looking a player that could develop into something positive for us. I may have jumped the gun with some of stuff i said about him, i am starting to believe in this guy. Happy for um. Hopefully, it keeps up and he continues to improve. -Dragic when we get out to a lead and dragic has some breathing room, this guy catches fire from three. He got a little late flurry there with threes that rly helped close this win out. Credit to him for shooting some impressive numbers. -Wayne the golden Arm was huge this game, he shot with confidence, no hesitation, just let it fly. I think spoelstra has figured out what we have in this player, i noticed spoelstra brought him into the game when Cleveland rested lebron. Allowing the heat to build a quick lead and momentum the moment bron sat out and wayne checked in dropping threes right away. -Whiteside Made some plays that contributed to the win, but can be better then this. He has to choose his shots better, he was 1-7 starting out. but one thing i wish the coaching staff would stay on him about is his lazy defense at the end of quarters, it drove me nuts when he left kyrie get that uncontested layup at the end of half. Staay on Juwan. -Jrich Made some defensive plays, but his rhythym is not there right now. Will be a big Plus for us if shot ever hits strides again. -Mcgruder Hes been great for us, nothing else to be said. No complains on this player, hustler, plays hard, defends, and knocks down shots. A key player for us if we are going to make a run at postseason. Big win for us, hoping our guys get some credit for this win against the champs.
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    Some cavs fans thought this was going to be a ""bloodBath"" This was a good win, despite what anyone says. No one expected this.
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    I like your response. There is a reason we play the games. Nothing is written in stone. Some fans act like upsets and the unexpected don't happen in sports. It happens all the time. Even do we are aware that our chances against them does not favor us winning, it doesn't mean we can't hope and believe that it's possible for us to pull it of. The way this team plays, any team should be concerned to face us in the playoffs.
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    Hell yeah, Clark! That's the enthusiasm I wanna see after a win like this. Too many people trying to wear their cool like this wasn't a big win. Screw that lol...I'm all for keeping things in perspective, but this is a good look. Basically a wire to wire win for our boys against the defending Champs...YELL ALL YOU WANT! LETS GO HEAT!!!
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    I'M SOLD!!!! I'M SO FKN SOLD!!!!!! LET'S GO HEAT!!!!!!!! I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO BE SO WRONG!!!! Sorry for yelling!!!!!! LET'S FKN GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yea but you have to give credit to the early run for taking them out of the game. They expended alot of energy early on trying to get back in the game. and it showed later in the game. The heat instilled some great defense , which wore them out. Lebron wasnt even driving to the rim at the end of the game, hes dead tired and wore out, thats heat defense. Credit to the team, they earned this win.
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    Love what we're seeing from Dion so far! Keep it up!
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    Okay, so back on December 9 when the Heat played @ Cavs HC, they were blown out by 30 points. I checked the box score and saw that Waiters, Richardson, Babbitt, and James Johnson didn't play. Now we have all of them, with the addition of Okaro White. I say this will be a very competitive game. I don't think we're gonna get blown out of the building, as the Heat match up well with them man-to-man. I'm excited about this game. I think we have a chance to win. If we play Heat basketball with solid defense, good ball rotation, and decent 3-point shooting.
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    Gonna need you Monday night Ellie making plenty of threes!
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    Yeah, but without LBJ we don't get 2 championships number21. Hate him all you want, but I gotta give him credit where credit is due.
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    Interesting points made in this article as to why the Heat SHOULD NOT try to bring D-Wade back this summer....Good read! http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-heat/fl-sp-hyde-heat-column-03012017-story.html
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    What is that I see......3 assist tonight!!! Now that's what I'm talking about. There's no way he shouldn't be able to find open 3pt shooters when he gets double teamed or just in general. Really hoping to see him improve on this.
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    One thing Waiters could really improve on - free throw shooting. 68% is way too low for a guard of his caliber. That's like worse than Wade.
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    i wish we were...
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    Not trying to single you out, heatchamp, but being a realist doesn't have to stop you from being supportive of this team. Referring to this team as "unknown scrubs" isn't being supportive. Neither is predicting a quick first round exit. How about taking the time to really watch this team, appreciate the players and how hard they work, and genuinely hope for them to do something special come playoff time? It's really not that hard.
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    no more player options for waiters. If we believe hes our star , then we need to lock him for the near future. im talking 4 year Deal, at whatever discounted price we can get him at. Last thing you want, is waiters becoming an all star under us and then somewhere down the line He bolts for another team. Lock it up in offseason. and then we can focus on uprgrading our big weakness at the Four. or even target hayward and let winslow plays under him for a few seasons.
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    As nice as it would've been to upgrade our roster or grab a few picks today, I can understand Rileys thinking. Draft day should be a very exciting day for all of the NBA. I kept thinking that if Bulls and Pacers turned down Celtics in the end that we would swoop in and make a deal for Whiteside but I guess that never materialized. So much for all the months/weeks of "rumors".
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    What do you mean trolling? lol. I don't think getting Melo is a bad idea if it only cost us expiring contracts like Ellington's and McRoberts. Is it realistic? most likely not, but hey, they are desperate after all so it's not impossible. Tomorrow the games begin and I am looking forward to it BTW, when you start watching on league pass, you can switch announcers to home or away, the option is on the screen as a small scroll down arrow, I normally watch it first with our announcers for excitement purposes and then watch the replay with their announcers to listen to their comments about the Heat and our players as well
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    Flash you are obviously a very smart guy and you make very valid points on all your arguments, the reason why I am spending all this energy having this debate with you, it has been fun lol. But we are obviously looking at things differently. We can be here all day debating back and forward . The only thing I can tell you is that I really hope you are wrong and that a few other fans and myself in here are right about the direction of the team and the job Riley is doing. BTW check this article out. Good read: https://theringer.com/miami-heat-3-point-shooting-playoff-push-4d998cf7e540#.oqpx2kxr7