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    Just to put things into some perspective, tonight's win was the Heat's 12th win of the season...the Heat didn't get their 12th win last year until January 17th.
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    Winslow better hope he never comes across this site
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    Nope...it's a top 7 protected pick homie, which essentially means the Heat won't get to use it. You should've read either my post or Rileysrighthand's post on the previous page with the explanation of the Heat's future draft pick situation.
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    JJ the fan pleaser. Love this...very cool. Made that kid's night.
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    Pistons have lost six games in a row and the Sixers three games in a row and Wizards are 5-5 in their last ten...Heat need to win as many games as possible during this softer stretch of the schedule and hopefully jump those three teams in the standings. They did some good work in Mexico City, now it's time to do more good work in Memphis. Go Heat!
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    Quietly having a pretty darn good season. As @MadD has been saying, it would be good to have him starting at the 4 for some spacing. Sure would help with our 7/11 drive and kick game that was working so well in the past. Good player and ball movement would be nice. I think Winslow would do better coming off the bench at SF too to be honest.
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    Hey Spo hope you look at this and take it seriously. PLAY BAM MORE!!
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    It's games like this that turn me into a Spo-hater. You just can't help but wonder if he has enough set plays in his playbook. All he seems to do is give the ball to somebody and let him do his thang. Bum coach!
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    No more hunger on this team; these guys got their money and have truly regressed. Appalling to watch at times, I'm never comfortable when they've the lead...TEAM HEAT since '88!
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    I’m not watching a player wet behind the ears bro when it comes to Bam. The more Spo plays him the better he gets. I wouldn’t even consider choosing Reed over Bam. Plus, Bam’s upside dwarfs Reed’s.
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    Let's play to win and get back to being even at .500. Tanking is for losers.
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    If we keep it close Dion will bring us home
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    Good watch Prime Wade was one of the best players in NBA history.
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    No reason to not start KO tomorrow night against the Spurs, next to Adebayo. They have a big front court line-up of Aldridge and Gasol. Unless of course we're going to try our luck with Winslow on Pau.. could work but we'll need him to take advantage of the mismatch on the other end.
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    Good read from The Heat Beat. They make a lot of great points. I'll skip the obvious ones like JRich busitng out, as well as Bam's impact, and address the points he made about my boy, Dion Waiters (hopefully without sounding like too much of an apologist). First off, the point he made about Dion "killing" the flow of the offense is a damning accusation (funny there was no footage to support this claim the way there was to support the other points). As if the offense has looked so great when Dion is off the floor. I mentioned yesterday, there are plenty of possessions where everyone acts as if they are scared to take an open shot, then the ball finds Dion with 5 seconds left to shoot. So at that point, he's not looking to make another pass - that's not in his DNA...not with 5 seconds on a shot clock. The point that THB made about his catching the ball and not being quick enough with his decision making is somewhat valid, but I feel like some of that is on Spo - who we know is a big fan of ISO ball. If Spo would pull Dion to the side, and insist that he be quicker with his decision making on the catch, I'd bet money we'd see it. Dion does great things for this team when it comes to getting into the paint, finding open shooters, and of course hitting big shots from time to time, so seeing him constantly have to play the role of scapegoat is sad...especially since he's given this fan base some pretty iconic moments in his short time here. That being said, he absolutely has room to improve. I've been pleading for Dion to be more of a playmaker, and THB sort of agreed. Their suggestion to have Dion initiate more of the drive and kick sequences, is a good idea. When Dion is focused on getting his teammates involved from the start of games, it almost always results in a good night for the offense. I believe it gives his teammates confidence to see him sharing the ball, which shows TRUST. Dion should be averaging at least 5 assists for this team. Bad shooting overall has no doubt hurt this number, but I digress... Anyway good find, OG.
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    But with a technically more stable roster and key resignings, why do we make it so harder on ourselves than we actually supposed to? We're still give away too may bunnies, that we should have won, be it through lack of FOCUS or related.......... Spo and co. SHOULD HAVE KNOWN and been prepared for the scenario, that the opposition will take us more seriously than ever than last season. I have a bad feeling, that IF we mess around again so carelessly like last year, it's gonna be much harder for us that last season to make such an extreme miracle comeback like last year............ Therefore I'm kinda disappointed so far with our progress overall, by our lack of focus, which cost us several games, that we could have won MY PRECIOUS still didn't develop his Assist stats as he was supposed to..... well now he's injured, and it's another catch the new rhtyhm up again and again and again................................. If we wanna make a case for ourselves into a playoff race for 7-6th seed........... WE MUST START A RUN NOOOOOOW ........
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    This is just simply really good defense...nice work rook!!
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    We lost Babbit and gained Olynek, I'm cool with that. I have been screaming for us to use him the same way as a stretch 4, but no, we got Winslow there instead. Even people who like Winslow don't like him at the 4, literally nobody does. That's on the coaching, so your example strengthens my point. Furthermore, who here is a fan of our rotation anyway? High turnovers are also not a staple of a well coached team. Always coming out flat in the third? Sure these guys are pros, but some blame falls on coaching there too. I feel like Spo has always been Rileys golden boy, so who do we have to hold him accountable?
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    Welcome to the Inferno Kelz, good to have you mate. Very good points you make about Hassan. We sure have discussed them a lot on here. Hoping he gets back asap so he can continue to work on those things. Right now it's the Bam show for a couple weeks. Looking for him to fill in nicely for Hassan and show us just how good he is.
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    Trade Everybody.....fire everybody
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    Dude stay posting that BS. He a bum.
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    Good work Dragon. Led Miami to a perfect 3-0 record for the week, averaging 23.7 points (52.4% FG, 57.9% 3PT FG), 4.3 assists & 3.7 rebounds. He led the team in points and steals twice and in assists and minutes once each. This marks the 3rd time Goran has been named NBA Player of the Week in his career, the first time in the Eastern Conference.
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    I don't compare these two either really al bonDyga, and welcome to the Inferno--- I just wanted to show how perception plays a large role in how we see players--good and bad. Because most of us aren't data driven or big on reading, we rely on the media and peoples opinions to form our own. It's human nature. Especially humans of today with all this social media bombardment. But, if we theoretically snatched each of these players in question up and popped them back down in the other guys era, which would have been more impressive? The super quick, slick passing, poor shooting little guy? Or the super quick, extra explosive, high jumping and poor shooting bigger guy? Rose had a vertical close to Michael Jordans and weighs more than Jordan ever did in his prime despite being 3 inches shorter. Additionally, great point guards are everywhere in the NBA in this era. Guys like Zeke, and Steph Marbury, and AI, Nate Archibald in his early days, and maybe Dave Bing, can look at their style of play as the predecessor to the great point or lead guard play we're seeing today. The guards are doing more than ever and those dudes should be proud that they ushered the style in, while during their times they were often criticized for taking the dynamic scorer route first. To show how perception becomes reality in many cases, I often use this comparison as evidence: Steve Nash is roundly considered one of the greatest guards of All-Time but has faced constant criticism for his defense, or lack thereof. Joe Dumars, who Michael Jordan credited as one of the more difficult guys for him to score on, was roundly considered a strong defensive guard and made the Hall of Fame in some ways due to that perception of being a strong defender, or at the very least a great two-way guard. Two wildly different perceptions... But what does math say? Per 100 Poss Rk Player From To G GS MP FG FGA FG% 3P 3PA 3P% 2P 2PA 2P% FT FTA FT% ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS ORtg DRtg 1 Joe Dumars* 1986 1999 1018 944 35139 8.8 19.1 .460 1.5 3.8 .382 7.3 15.3 .480 5.0 5.9 .843 1.0 2.2 3.2 6.8 1.3 0.1 3.1 2.7 24.0 113 110 2 Steve Nash 1997 2014 1217 1053 38069 8.5 17.2 .490 2.3 5.3 .428 6.2 12.0 .518 4.1 4.5 .904 0.9 4.0 4.9 13.8 1.2 0.1 4.7 2.7 23.3 118 111 Advanced Rk Player From To G MP PER TS% 3PAr FTr ORB% DRB% TRB% AST% STL% BLK% TOV% USG% OWS DWS WS WS/48 OBPM DBPM BPM VORP 1 Joe Dumars* 1986 1999 1018 35139 15.3 .554 .199 .312 2.2 5.0 3.6 20.5 1.3 0.2 12.3 21.1 63.1 23.1 86.2 .118 1.9 -1.7 0.2 19.3 2 Steve Nash 1997 2014 1217 38069 20.0 .605 .306 .262 1.9 8.6 5.4 41.5 1.2 0.2 19.5 21.0 113.7 16.1 129.7 .164 4.0 -2.7 1.3 31.2 We understand the Pistons team makeup was based on tough defense. We understand Phoenix gamestyle was based on offense. So a gap in career win shares in those categories should be there. What's not expected is the individual defensive ratings or real time defensive stats that are so close for guys who have such differing defensive reputations and perceptions. Same Defensive ratings. Same Steals. Same Blocks... What isn't shown above is that Steve had 3 defensive seasons that scored out as strong as Dumars best season, all before he'd played 7 seasons. Dumars had his best individual defensive stats year in his final season at age 35! SO was his great defensive reputation based on perception or reality? Mythology is difficult to see through. And Dumars is a part of the Michael Jordan mythology so we're biased in how we assess him. Thomas as well. After all the guy was killing MJ on a regular back in the day. In one 20 game stretch against each other Thomas won 15 times. And he won 2 rings in 1989 and 1990 at Mikes expense, is how the mythology goes...Mythology is not always reality. We also see in the Nash/Dumars comparison that a career PER of 15 got Dumars in the HOF, while Nash had a career PER of 20 and has people act like he shouldn't get in... So as for Isiah and DRose? I do see Thomas as the GREATER of the two as well, but I'm not positive that he was that much the better overall basketball player. That's why I don't like the term GREAT in regards to basketball players, because with that term, mythology and opinion come into play. Did he win a title? Did he get enough accolades? Who was the best? That's what really matters. Because often times if guys had different team fates their careers could have been perceived totally different. So I rely on math to paint the picture for me... This is an old article written about Derrick that intimates that he's been seeing a professional for his issues for some time. Has some good insight into his past... https://theundefeated.com/features/derrick-rose-nba-new-york-knicks-free-agency/ Depression is real. And I think Derrick has probably shown signs of it for a while. In my mind, that's the likely reason behind this breakdown. The injuries, and money, may have heightened his issues but he probably has been dealing with things in his life for a long time. I think what he's been doing all along is sucking it up and giving it a go, despite being hit with reality every time. His body is broken. And so is his mind. He did see this as a chance to regain that respect and play for something real like you mentioned, but it may not be in the cards. Really more respect to him if he walks away. He'll be leaving close to 100 million dollars on the table in basketball and Adidas monies if he does, which would be hard for any man to turn their backs on. But obviously he's in a unbearably tough place or we wouldn't even be here discussing it. I feel for the brother. I have a sister who deals with depression so I understand it can be lonely for people. The mind is a powerful thing. And difficult to understand but I try to reserve judgment and just attempt to put myself in that persons shoes who thinks the whole world is coming down on them and how horrible that could be. Tough place...
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    @Majestic said it best yesterday, when he said that there was still a "lingering stench" in the air from the Indiana game. But this game provided plenty of Febreeze...lol However, it bears mentioning that Minnesota was short handed last night, and probably missed a few shots that they normally wouldn't miss...especially at home. But our boys came out with a mindset that defense was a priority, and it stayed that way for 48 minutes! The fact that we finally saw this team lock in for an entire game, against a good team, on their home court was pretty impressive. Of course you never want to get too caught up after a good performance, especially with the way we've seen this team flip flop this season, but there's nothing wrong with recognizing the things that went right in a nice win like this one: Consistent effort for 48 minutes - What we've ALL been waiting for. Not sure what helped this team get over the hump mentally, but it was awesome to finally see this team lock in for the entire game. We all know Ellington was amazing, but the bench as a whole was good in my opinion (yes even TJ), especially with the way they kept the clamps down on defense. Switching gears for a sec, I gotta show love to James Johnson. Dude is such a good passer, but an even better teammate. The way he's always looking for the open man is special, but at the same time I think he should stay aggressive looking for his offense. He did get up 8 shots last night (2-8), but going to the hole, he's a problem - as Taj Gibson found out late in the 3rd. He's been taking some criticism, some fair, some not, but on a night like last night where he's racking up assists and playing great defense, he deserves a shout out. Sharing the ball - 19 made 3's and 29 assists. That's Golden State territory. It all comes back to the defense though...get stops, get out in transition, easy passes and easy buckets. We were good in the half court too though. Ball wasn't sticking, guys weren't dribbling themselves into corners, and we were attacking the paint. Hassan's continued growth - Hassan is definitely in the forums lol...his passing has been a huge topic of the discussion over the past few days, more specifically his lack of patience and ability to recognize coverages. So how does he respond? Like this... Like Coup said, simple play, but one that makes a big difference. A play like that gives his teammates confidence in him that he'll make the right play and not always force it up, and it also gives Spo confidence in him to run plays through him more often. There was also a beautiful pick and pop play between Dragic and Whiteside later in the game, which begged the question, at least in my mind, of why don't we see this more often? A case could be made that Hassan's play in that first quarter is what set the tone and got us going. J-Dub does his thing - Winslow reminded folks why he's here last night. Karl Anthony-Towns is regarded by many as the best pound-for-pound big man in the league...and he was held scoreless until late in the 3rd quarter. It was a team effort for sure, but Justise did most of the heavy lifting including starting out on KAT and setting the tone early with his defense. A good case good also be made that Winslow's tenacity is what got us going. At any rate he was really good when his number was called, and even went 2 for 2 from downtown. The talent is there no question, but it's all about confidence with J-Win. I noticed in the postgame interview that his locker is next to Dion's (I think). Maybe some of that "irrational confidence" of his rubs off on Young Taco. Spo and his rotations - Still not happy that he hasn't worked Bam into the rotation yet, but I'm staying hopeful. Plus it's hard to nit-pick after a nice win like this one. Special shout out to 7/11 - The engine that makes this Heat car go on offense. When they play well, we win. Period. Listening to the team talk after the game, I get the sense that we're focused, and recognize the opportunity we have now to really put some wins together. Dragic hinted that the team already has it's mind on Chicago pointing out that this team can't "relax", and that "even though they don't have a good record, we know they are going to play tough". I thought this was really encouraging to hear. Going forward, I'm hoping that we see more dumping the ball into Hassan. I think it should be the first option in the 4th period when we have a sizeable lead. 3's look awesome going in, but create long rebounds and easy opportunities for the opposition when they don't. Like @carnageta suggested: At least until he shows that he's unable to handle the responsibility. Also still waiting to see Winslow get the playmaking duties that currently belong to TJ and JRich. Although TJ did have a nice behind the back assist to KO for a 3 in the game...lol. Hey, it's something. Speaking of TJ, we have to find a way to get him some easy buckets at the rim. He's chucking up a bunch of spot up 3's and that's not his game in my opinion. He's a slasher first. We've yet to see him explode at the rim for one of his signature dunks that inspired the "Tyler Johnson Will Dunk On You" t-shirt. There should be extra emphasis placed on this next game. I think it'll get his confidence going. All in all, great start to finish win and the best we've looked all year! Let's carry this momentum into Chicago and repeat the same formula of great defense, unselfish offense, and consistent effort. I think we'll all be able to live with the results. GO HEAT!
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    Amazing how much Winslow impacted this game and only played 21 minutes.
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    Don't even care about the outcome. Just show effort all 48 minutes.
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    you are right Elnegron, we don't have a game changer, but we can still get to the playoffs and if lucky win a round. remember blowing things up is not the "riley way" and he has some experience. not a bad GM to have on your side, just saying. a bit old... but still a workaholic and can still pull few trades out of his a** or get lucky goran, whiteside, jj, dion, winslow are "tradeable commodities"... some of the rest can get better... spo is not a super coach but can also get better we will get back on the horse in a few years, the nba is set for now. if you blow everything up, probability says you will be worse off and not better
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    If I know anything from the 20 some years Ive been a Heat fan and following Pat Riley... Trades and or changes are coming.... 7-9 after 16 games is enough... After finishing last year 30-11 and being brought back. Naaahh the group of hungry bulldogs from last year got their money and contracts and theyve lost their poise. Change is coming... I know Riley. This is not OK. If O was him. After this game, Id go right in that locker room and tell these guys that over the next few games, they are playing for their spots on the team. Ridiculous.
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    Shouldn't have been in a big moment to begin with. When you have 20+ point lead, you need to play solid fundamental basketball. When JJ is good, the Heat play that kind of basketball. They win games going away when that happens. Problem so far this season is we haven't made that happen. Disjointed offense all the time letting teams back into games where we had nice leads. ISO ball and hitting big moment shots has its place and Dion can hit those shots, but too often you end up losing relying on those kind of shots too much.
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    As @Majestic said a few days ago, live by the Dion, die by the Dion. If the best we can do in late game situations is a contested step-back three pointer then we are going to be in for an inconsistent ride. I'm glad he hit them tonight, but lets not forget that he didn't on Wednesday, or in Detroit. You can be as confident as you want but the truth is that those shots simply aren't high percentage looks. Set a high screen and attack the rim if they're draped all over you. It's not just on him, it's on our coaches too. Our offense is horrendous at times. Today, we lived by the Dion. Tomorrow, we'll probably die. Lol
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    I think i may have a Bam Adebayo avi change. Hmmm
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    Can't stand listening to Paul Piece speak. He was one heck of a player in his prime, but being an analyst isn't up his alley.. maybe you could take his spot?
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    Wrapping your X-Mas present right now homie!