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    From all of us at the Miami HEAT, thank you for your unwavering support all season long.
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    THANK YOU, Joe B and Majestic for uplifting CULTURE to the boards. Looking forward next season to witness excellence from you guys. LET'S GO HEAT !!!!!!!
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    Yes their coaching is that much more superior...Brad Stevens from a schematics and strategic standpoint is head and shoulders above Spoelstra...but he’s head and shoulders above most NBA coaches, so ...
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    We just need to do better at putting players in position to succeed. We knew JJ was better coming off the bench, yet we continued to start him. We knew Winslow was better with the ball in his hands, yet it took more than half the season to see it consistently. TJ does most of his best working slashing to the rim, yet we tried to make him a spot up shooter... I could go on.
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    All those teams are better than us. They have what we don't have STARS. Name me a heat player better than oladipo(pacers)wall and beal(wizards),lebron(cavs),giannis, and the whole team of Boston. We got embarrassed by 76ers and only wade at 36 stole a freaking game from 76ers. Regular season is nothing compare to playoffs and u saw it. when you have a team that can't score for 5 minutes straight or more on every single game you know you average or below no other way to sugarcoat it. Just ask yourself if any team will die to take any of our players off of our hands other than Winslow, jrich and adebayo?Thank you
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    no problem joe, thanks for giving us a platform to speak on and enjoy!
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    Dragic was partly a huge reason as to why we were even relevant the past few seasons. Dragic played his freaking heart out for Miami.
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    Oh mighty @Joe B. Thanks for your making and maintaining this community entertaining and up to date, as always................ @Majestic Thanks for your concise, detailed, but also sturdy effort to keep the events and games of the Heat and keep the discussions entertaining and with some sense of dark humor at times............. I appreciate your tolerance very much @TRIPLEA2TOOTSIES Thanks for being such a passionate Heat fan guru, man......... it's always fun to read your content...................... @ the rest: Thanks for being such a great community............
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    Shout out to @Joe B., @Coup, and the OG, and anyone who's taken the time to voice their opinion on these forums. I FRICKEN LOVE THIS PLACE! VIVA LA INFERNO!
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    A healthy version of this guy makes us a much better team....... Prove me wrong.
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    Well said OG. True Heat fans like our selves have to find joy in the up and downs as long as our team is playing hard and to win. I know I have been very critical of Spo, it's just the competitive side of me coming out and holding him accountable but in the end I will always support this team no matter what. Thanks for everything you represent and for making the Inferno experience a lot better for all of us. The same with Joe B. We are all smarter fans in here thanks to all the knowledge shared daily in here.
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    We had a good season buddy. These guys gave us their all against a really good team in the playoffs. Looking forward to a healthy Dion and to what Riley has in store for us this off season.
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    He really does look like a young Wade, one with a three point shot. Utah has recovered quite well after losing Haywayrd... assuming they don't they blow this series, I think they have a chance to beat Houston in round 2.
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    celtics were the hottest team in the regular season, even going as far beating the warriors on there streak that Dion and the heat broke. That to me just says something, theres something special about dion man.... I think he is the a vital piece our team, and as they say, an engine cannot start without the right build. So with that said, we put up a valient effort based on heat culture alone, but with A healthy Dion , i think we will go alot further and future may be alot better then we think. I read Dions article posted by toots awhile ago and it was quite a read. Truly believe he is our star. Oh, lets not forget, he also beat Golden state too.... Dion is going to be a great player for us. Next season is going to be special. Winslow improving, Dion healthy, Coach and HW gettin on the same page. ect... i dunno im feeling optimistic all the sudden. lol
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    Why can’t the Heat get guys like Terry Rozier. I feel like the Heat’s scouts/draft guys are trash for real.
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    Y’all sleeping on Hassan. When dude is focused and healthy he’s a beast. Look at game 1 of this years regular season. He put up 26 points and 22 rebounds on Orlando’s Vucevic. Unfortunately Hassan got hurt that game and missed significant time.
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    He played 10 minutes lol chill
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    Off-season wish list: 1) Trade Dragic for a pick and an asset, and give Dion Waiters the full-time point guard duties going forward. This has nothing to do with Goran himself - he is an excellent player and played his heart out for the city of Miami. This is about setting up for the future, the right way. 2) Move Hassan Whiteside. He melted in the playoffs and had an incredibly disappointing season. Fresh off of career highs in points (17) and rebounds (14), I was one of the many who believed he was destined for an all-star caliber year. Instead, what we got was a bit of brilliance and a ton of lackluster performances. Mistakes were made, on both sides. I do not believe he has a future in Miami under coach Spo, especially with players such as Kelly Olynyk and Bam Adebayo in the mix. 3) Somehow, someway, get rid of TJ. Probably the biggest elephant in the room. Good luck moving this one.. 4) Given that Dwyane Wade retires, hire him under player development and let him work with JRich and Justise Winslow for the entire summer. 5) Hire Bosh to work with Bam Adebayo. I love you Juwan Howard and Udonis Haslem, but we need some trainers who were once capable of getting buckets in bunches.a Dream starting 5 heading into the 2018/2019 season: Waiters JRich Winslow KO Adebayo Richardson had one heck of a defensive season defending opposing 3's - guys who were bigger, taller and stronger than him. Allow him to move back down to his natural position and I believe he would excel at the defensive-end even more.
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    A + goran dragic - simply phenom the way he played..... put his heart into it... gave us all he had. Guy is a Winner. If he can give us a couple more season of all star level play, will keep up in the midst of things. A- Jrich - While his defense is historic, his inconsistent shooting is still a shaft in his game, two way players must do both and i feel like right now jrich is just a one way elite defensive player. nonetheless, his 7 stls in a playoff game was incredible. B+ - Winslow - showed his improved shooting ability, put it on full display at the AA, and showed his competitive winning heat culture when he met a 7 footer at the rim and stuffed him. Play of the series imo goes to JW. We may not have won the game, but the trails of bloods pouring from winslows face showed this team means business for generations to come. All it takes is a few good moves from andy and pat, we could be right back in this thing featuring JW! B - TJ - scored some, but didnt really impact the game as much as one would expect. B- KO - good player, but im not sure we got the best out of him. B- JJ - think he battles, shows leadership, and gives us some toughness. I like having him on the team. F- Whiteside - i think stephen a smith said it best, disgraceful performance from a max contract player. Shaq was yelling on tnt at the lack of effort from the big man, and why he doesnt call for the ball in the paint. Why he doesnt fight for offensive rebounds? was it a protest against this coach? sure looked liked it to me. Overalll.... very proud of the young players who battled it, and kept us in it. The one vintage Dwade performance that took us back in time will be memorable for a long time. Sometimes we dont know how lucky we are to have landed Dwade. Theres superstars out there that cant get out the 1st round with stacked teams, Dwade got us championships, his Pedigree is rare. Among the greats, Jordans, Kobes, LBJs, his name will be in that category. Was a great season. We were never going to win a title, but we saw the potential of young players under the bright lights. and we can improve upon that next season. Heres to a great offseason. go heat!
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    Nah. Dragic was. He had 1 decent season man when he was focused on his NBAlive stats. My biggest point is, if team mates, coaches and mentors have to constantly motivate you after been overlooked all your career something wrong with whiteside mentally. He should have fire and passion of someone trying to prove to himself he belongs.
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    Proud of my team. Looking forward to next season. Winslow is going to be a stud. Trade Whiteside. Spo get better. Let's go!
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    Maj preparation and having players run through a wall for you by giving you maximum effort and IN GAME coaching are 2 different things. I only criticize his in game coaching and fully believe oir team could have won more games during the regular season and in this series if Spo did a better job coaching during games.
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