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    Back-to-back...can't believe it. Thanks to you Toots, MadD, #1 draftppick, DONTRAY, TomOsborn3, SLOVENC and Clintonk2 for your support. We had a poor voter turnout this year, but I feel it was because it's the slowest time of the year on the Inferno. Next year we need to do it during a busy time of the season like April, May or June.
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    Added @carnageta and extended the poll for another two days.
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    Winslow sees the court better than most of his teammates. I would say the basketball IQ is just fine. He forces the issue because the pull up jumper isn't an option. Until that's added to the repertoire hes going to be limited in what he can do.
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    See now I cant complain about this from winslow Good all around game
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    Who knew Winslow was productive when he had the ball in his hands? /sarcasm
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    Full game highlights for those that missed the game.
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    I think the more important comparison is: Justise Winslow; 21mins, 1 point, 2 rebs, 1assists, 1steal, 0/2fga, 1/2ft. (against 2nd unit guys) Josh Richardson; 27mins, 19 points, 2rebs, 4assists, 4steals, 1 block, 7/13fg, 3/4 3pt, 2/2ft. (against starters) So; 1. J-Rich got the same amount of rebounds as a guy touted for his physical profile and athleticism. 2. J-Rich, also someone who people questioned his jumper, has proven he has improved his shot all round, Justise hasn't proved anything in terms of his jumper. 3. J-Rich registered a block and 3 more steals over the defensive stud Winslow who is only known for his defensive ability. 4. J-Rich, who was also thrust into a competition for the starting small forward spot and starting minutes has been playing at %110, giving his all and showing that he wants to be a starter and should be a starter. Winslow, who has previously said he wants this to be his team and wants to be an all star looks passive and looks like he doesn't care about being a starter. J-Rich has earned the starting SF spot in my opinion and Winslow has earned third string SF minutes, he's just lucky he will end up being the backup PF. And its getting really hard to be a Winslow fan at the moment. He better turn it around come the regular season.
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    He's going to be better this year whether people on here like or not.
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    Aahhhh...how sweet it is! Our first game thread of the season. Let the good times roll!
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    Excited to see the development of Rodney Mcgruder. The guy is a scavenger. I'm not expecting big numbers, but a lot of what he does doesn't show up on the box-score. He could turn out to be the ultimate glue guy that every contending team wants to get a hold of.
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    Just let that dawg go and enjoy in the making of new Miami HEAT. It is such a fun to watch this kind of basketball. New Era new Players! Lets go HEAT!!!
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    Congrats to @propheticWrit for winning most knowledgeable and @TRIPLEA2TOOTSIES for best fan...both are very deserving. 👍
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    If the Heat can get off to a good start to the season then they'll have a chance to compete for a top 5 seed. Solid pre-season with no major injuries and we'll be good to go...need to take all that good energy and confidence from the second half of last year and get a good jump on this season. Be nice to get above .500 and stay there the whole season and build a consistent winning attitude.
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    Im keen to see if he can improve on last years numbers and possibly earn an all star nod! Hopefully he continues to age like a fine wine and the best is yet to come!
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    Got some tough match-ups in our first 10 games. We'll see the Spurs, Celtics and Timberwolves at home, followed by the Nuggets, Clippers and Warriors on the road (which is a back-to-back). We better come prepared and play like a cohesive unit. Boston and Minnesota will still be figuring things out during the start of the season so we should be able to win those games. Same old story as always - if we can hit the 3, we can compete with anyone.
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    That's his best asset, as PW said above he sees the court really well and understands the Heat system as well as anybody. Knows everybody's role and where they're supposed to be on the court during plays. Questioning his shooting, aggressiveness at the rim and lately his confidence is one thing, but it will be his high level intelligence and basketball IQ that will get him to overcome these early career weaknesses. JMHO
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    I doubt it...I'll be surprised if he does. Goran doesn't need these two remaining games to be prepared for the opener on the 18th. He's played a lot of intense basketball this summer and all of it was really good. As he said in the interview I posted, it's time to rest, rejuvenate his body, mind and get hungry again for competition.
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    So with pre-season only having 2 games left, what are some things we've learned? McGruder has a much improved 3-point shot. For a guy I thought would get less to little playing time this season... it'll be tough to keep him off the court the way he has played. He's not a superstar in the making, but a perfect compliment guy for pretty much any rotation. Olynyk has shown that he deserves lots of playing time so far. Richardson is playing more like the guy we hoped he would be entering year 2. Winslow has been a disappointment. He's playing way too passive. Looks good in spurts but will have to be better than good in spurts. JJ hasn't been stellar either. Looks like he'll be in for another season of great contribution from the bench... which is ok for a team like this. Whiteside has shown a vastly improved mid-game. Not sure if it's enough to propel him to a 20/10 type player but he'll be close. This team has too many guys that can score that his touches might be limited.
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    Thought maybe someone would like watching this...
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    hopefully these buckets get him some confidence.... he has the talent, its just seems like hes scared to fail.... gotta go for it... n live with the results.
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    My take is; Look at the way in which he dominated the Lakers that game. He attacked everyone off the dribble and showed very strong floater, running hook and push shot game. In the 3 games so far we have seen none of that aggression on a consistent basis (and that factor is partially on Spo as well). The other point of the Lakers game is the guy rebounded like a mad man, 13 rebounds is fantastic for a SF and so far Justise hasn't done that as aggressively either. I don't expect Justise to average 20, 7 and 3 this year, but he should (with all his talent and physical gifts) be around 12-14ppg, 5-7rebs, 2-4assists, 1 steal and 1 block, just improving slightly on last years numbers. I don't necessarily care about the offensive numbers either, the guy just needs to show that he is playing as hard as he can all the time on both ends of the floor. This should translate into rebounding numbers, defensive numbers and then eventually hopefully the offensive numbers too.
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    We're not supposed to be worried about anything right now..."it's the preseason".
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    And then what? He's gonna magically start being more aggressive? Now is when he's supposed to be finding his rhythm. I'm headed over to the Winslow's Development thread if you wanna talk about this in there.
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    Good on D...not what we want on the offensive side.
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    if his ankle is a problem then he should of had surgery on it alrdy... letting him play on a bad ankle could let the injury grade get even worse... so im taking it as the heat feel like hes healthy and theres no problem. im chalkin up these first few games as rust for dion. he also hasnt played basketball for that long either lets remember, he was sidelines for awhile after his injury.
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    Tony's a punchline at this point. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all but he sucks as a commentator. Anybody who's half-competent would be better.
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    Been giving a lot of thought to changing my handle to UDfor3 lol... I'm glad to see him add that to his game! I knew he had it in him!
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    Seems like Bam is already impressing coaches and teammates...
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    I doubt the contract status had any impact on his decision. If surgery was clearly the better option him avoiding it would have done more to damage his value than him going under the knife. I'm sure the Heat doctors had their own opinions on the matter and made Riley aware of whatever their recommendation was. I've seen my fair share of surgeries with unintended consequences and being an athlete I'm sure hes seen more. Its always scary to see how willing teams, athletes, and everyone else associated with these professions are to go for all these "minor" operations.
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    At least we know the narrative of Wade leaving the Heat because of "money" is completely false. He lost $8 million in the buyout, and even with this contract from the Cavs he would have made more money if he signed the deal that was on the table with Miami last year.
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    I think he's definitely crossed a line though by joining up with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This decision is going to leave a bad taste in many Heat fans mouths. This pretty much cuts the cord with any connection to the Heat organization. He's in bed with the enemy now...no doubt about it. Any kind of return to Miami in the future will be tarnished by this move. Never going to be anywhere near the same ever again. Strange to say the least. This world gets more upside down every day.
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    Im hoping IT has enough respect for Wade to at least give him No3. Other than that it sucks that he'll be in a Cleveland uniform but we should only care for our team anyway.
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    Wade coming back never made any sense for both sides. Personally, I'm completely fine with it. When the Heat and Wade parted ways last year we already committed to going in a different direction.
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    K this is more in tune with what I thought. I've seen Waiters do lots of off-season work that he loves to share on his Instagram, I thought it was a complete non-issue. Not sure why you'd even bring it up. Not sure if this was at myself, but I'm not losing sleep over Wade going to Cleveland. This is possibly his last season and should be able to go where he wants. I don't think Cleveland adding Wade really changes much of their outlook during the regular season. Without him they are looking at a 1-2 seed, with him they are looking at a 1-2 seed. I do see him helping them in the playoffs... it's always great to have guys that have that "clutch" factor, and he still does. But he won't be the reason or a factor when it comes to whether they can compete with Golden State. And ultimately I'm fine with him not being on the Heat. Let's us move on and develop our young guys at the position. If he was on the team there would be less minutes for Tyler Johnson/Richardson/Winslow... and I suspect one of those guys won't be with us after this season.
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    Been awhile I haven't posted a Hassan drawing. Hope he makes the All-Stars this season.
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    Well deserve MVP honors @Majestic. There is not one person in here as dedicated as MAJ and he should get the automatic MVP every year. @TRIPLEA2TOOTSIES you are by far the best Heat fan in here, glad you got recognized for it little homie. For most knowledgeable I had a hard time between @propheticWrit and @carnageta, gave my vote to The Prophet this time around but everytime I see their names pop up on the responses notification, I know that more often than not, some ball wisdom is being posted. Well deserved recognition for all of you 💪
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    The entire team is in top shape. By the end of training camp they'll be in world class shape. The team looks intimidating. Reminds me a little of the Chancey Billups, Ben and Rasheed Wallace Pistons. The difference is that we have a potential indivial killer in Waiters. Hopefully he can breakthrough this season.
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    Good 'ol Barry being the voice of reason amongst the rabble as usual.
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    I think @carnageta needed to be added to all of those categories. One of the best and smarter posters in here. I also see a lot of good posters that are either new or are just starting to post more. Hope you all stay around during the long season. We need you guys to make our debates more interesting and why not, more intense lol