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    While I don't necessarily like the idea of blaming any one person for a loss, I understand blaming Winslow more than JJ. In retrospect, Winslow's 3 missed layups were all we needed to win this game. Tons of things happen along the way that could've negated those missed layups but the fact is that was 6 points that were kept off of the scoreboard. To not wanna place any blame on a guy that misses 3 point blank layups, and instead try to place blame on a guy that goes 7/11 from the field, for 18 points, with 7 assists, 10 rebounds (4 offensive), and a +20 rating is about as contradictory as it gets! We can't get too caught up trying to protect our favorite players that we ignore the obvious. Winslow had a bad game...it happens. I said a few weeks ago when Winslow started to look like the guy we all hoped he'd be, that a bad game was inevitable, and that we should not panic. By making excuses for him and not holding him accountable, just because he had 6 or 7 straight good games, is the equivalent of coddling a child that deserves reprimanding in my opinion. If we're gonna kill JJ for one TO committed while aggressively trying to make a play, then we definitely have to acknowledge Winslow's errors as well. According to JJ, Winslow's confidence never strayed - so Winslow believers don't need to make excuses for their boy . I wish their would've been some microphones in his face after the game the way there were when he was playing great...would've been nice to hear an honest response from him after a bad game...but I digress. Bottom line, the defense was piss poor and that is why we lost. Making JJ a scapegoat isn't going to change the fact that THIS TEAM blew a great opportunity last night.
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    I'll be at this game tonight in Sacramento with my wife to cheer on our Heat!! 🔥🔥We definitely need this road win 💪🌟💫✨🔥🔥🔥
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    Justise might need to give a course on how to defend on the perimeter...
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    got some good news for ya five-0... looked at the schedule tonight.. what i saw.... bucks have a really tough schedule. they play 3 Elite teams going forward. while the heat only play 1 and its the struggling cavs at the AA. The schedule totally favors the heat, and to top it off the heat hold the tiebreaker over milwaukee since we swept them in the regular season. The chances of detroit catching the 8th seed are slim to none the way there playing at 6 games behind. Would take a miracle of some sort and charlotte is even further back then detroit. So at this point, you have to assume its a battle between bucks and miami for 7th seed. With us holding the tiebreaker, things dont seem so bad in hindsight... Gettin that 7th seed is crucial. as a team would really get a better chance playing a broken down boston team thats injured, missing GH, and not playing well atm compared to the raps who are healthy and on 10 GM win Streak. If all things play out the way we hope, we could have a nice draw going into the postseason. Hope that clears it up for ya.
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    Really?? Stats can be deceiving? Wow, and here I thought stats never lie. These last 13 games aren't going to be that stressful for me, because the Heat will either be the 7th or 8th seed. The Heat own the tie-breakers with Charlotte, Detroit and Milwaukee. I think Charlotte is just too far back to have any chance whatsoever. Detroit probably is too. The reality with the Pistons is...they would have to win 10 games and the Heat lose 10 games to catch us. That's not impossible, but imo, highly unlikely. As for the Bucks, the Heat will have to play decent basketball to finish ahead of them. As I said before, the Heat have to figure out how they can play Boston in the first round to have a decent chance of winning a playoff series. I won't be surprised if we end up finishing in the 8th seed and have to face Toronto.
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    Hmmm, maybe I'm missing something here. I saw the game and yes we deserved to lose. Bad coaching and terrible execution. All the JJ bashing that game though is kinda confusing. He only had 2 turnovers and damn near a triple double. 18 pts 10 boards, 7 assists 2 steals 1 block and 2 turnovers with 7/11 shooting. Pct wise he shot the best on the team and pretty much equaled ZBO's output. We didn't lose because of his turnover. KO missed a a key FT and Justice got blocked by ZBO in crunch time.He actually made all his FT attempts also. I agree he makes some bone headed turnovers but this whole team does. I think a lot of you are downplaying he usually along with JW and JR guard the other teams toughest players. he doesn't have Lebron type BB IQ and for the money I think that is what everyone is expecting. Other than Wade though who does on this team.
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    @CalHEATFan Nice post. Glad to hear you repped us to the fullest last night ...even though this team didn't deserve your or any of our support last night! I agree with a lot of what you had to say. After taking some time to reflect on last night's game, I can't help but still have a ton of questions about this team and it's ability to play with effort consistently, as well as it's ability to recognize the magnitude of the moment. Before the season, I jumped completely out of the window and predicted that this team could win 54 games lmao! What was I smoking, right? ...But surely there's someone out there who can understand how my expectations were so high. After all, chemistry and the opportunity to come back healthy and motivated were real reasons to be excited about this team's chances...or so I thought. Clearly I misjudged this team's ability to capture that play at the end of last season, and sustain it. Clearly that was asking too much of professionals....that's my bad. But this team's identity is still "supposedly" built upon the foundation of grit and grind. One thing we fans are supposed to be able to count on is effort...so to see a team that's playing for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out desire us, broke my heart last night. I know it's just one game, but who are we as a team if we're gonna be out-hearted by one of the worst teams in the league? The sad part is that we're actually playing for something! This team actually has a reason to wanna practice, and wanna play these games. What an opportunity it is to actually be playing meaningful games at this point in the season - yet our players continue to allow the same old bad habits, and continue play with the same inconsistent effort that left us on the outside looking in last season. I'm tired of hearing the same rhetoric after these horrible losses too. JJ gave a brilliant post game interview last night...too bad we've heard it all before after other terrible losses to teams who are beneath us talent wise and record wise. No more talking...JUST F*CKING GET IT DONE!!! Let's see if we get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde on Friday... Go Heat!
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    I must confess, that this team is so difficult to love. When they finish the 2nd quarter, I just stop watching. Why is that? This team has no appeal even with Wade in it. Sorry, I tried SO hard since last year to love it. But i trully can't. I'm just a bad Heat fan😣😯😭
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    Hope Winslow doesn't start - let him keep coming off of the bench. If I was Spo I would insert Babbit back at that 4 spot to begin the game, and shift JJ to the 3, leaving TJ and Dragic in the backcourt. Heat 112 Sacramento 94 Winslow with a near triple double, because he reads the forums and knows @CalHEATFan is going to be there tonight.
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    Road Red tonight. @CalHEATFan is out there in Sac to represent. Lets get this W.
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    Instead we pray to basketball god's to lose other team. We should pray our players to find some solution or developed theire skills. Being consistent and productive. They already have the trainings they should show amd use it in the game
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    He's finally starting to use his body and absorb the contact when attacking the paint. If he continues to do that good things are bound to happen. I think the playoffs will be huge for him. Remember PG? His game really took off after the playoff series against us in 2013. Confidence is one hell of a drug..
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    I'll never understand why some of you guys rush at the opportunity to give the Heat an L smh. I get that you don't want to set yourself up for disappointment, but come on man...have a little faith lol
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    ya.... i think hes accomplished enough to be a HOF. people forget bosh was a star also when he played with the big 3, but he was just was overashadowed by wade n bron.
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    HELL, YES!!! 11-time All Star 2-time NBA champ This guy had to sacrifice a lot, including his comfort and personal stats, just for the betterment of the team. He would have been racking up more all stars if not for his medical situation. 1. Look, he's a legit 4 asked to play 5, holding up his own against bigger and stronger centers. 2. He had to develop a new game in order to be effective in his new position. He became a very good shooter, while still having the finesse to play inside offense. 3. Very good defender, perimeter and pick and roll defender.
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    Since the All-Star Break, Justise Winslow ranks 2nd in the NBA in 3FG% (>20 3FGA), 9th in steals, and 7th in plus/minus.
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    The JJ and Dion signings really turned into a dumpster fire. Not quite as bad as Trump/Pence though.
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    Thank goodness for Goran Dragic and KO's three point shooting.
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    J-Rich is playing he’s been shooting here. just had a photo with Jax and Ira lol!
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    D'Aaron practically beat the Heat twice now this season. He's done this to other teams, its what he does. He's uniquely talalented and skilled and not afraid of the BIG moment. None of what Fox did last night to tie the game was luck, that thinking is wrong, its for those who don't understand winning and Championship DNA!! 😠
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    Aaah, nothing feels better than being swept for the season by a bottom feeder team.
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    Ellington to Winslow as they walk off of the court and proceed to the locker room: "don't worry about it, the next is one is the one that counts".
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    Now you're on my page JFH. It's all about catching the Bucks and finishing ahead of them by the end of the regular season. I agree that playing the Celtics is much more appealing than dealing with either the hot Pacers or the East leading Raptors. That 7th seed might end up being the best spot for the Heat to have the best chance of winning a first round series.
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    Last year was a VERY different scenario at this point in the season. The Heat, Chicago, Milwaukee and Indiana were basically all tied in the middle of March. This year the Heat are way ahead of Detroit at this point. Almost impossible to make up 5.5 games with only 14 games left, that's why the Heat have a 99.6% chance of making the playoffs and the Pistons only have a 2.2% chance. And I think those numbers will change a bit after Utah's slaughter of Detroit tonight. Rest easy JFH.
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    I don't think there's much to worry about the Heat securing a playoff spot homie. It's all about moving up the seeding ladder now. ESPN's BPI Playoff Odds...Updated today:
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    Yes, we can't catch Indy imo, so a Philly loss would be more beneficial to the Heat's playoff situation. Heat need to win games starting with the one against Sac tomorrow night.
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    You said if D-Wade doesn't play we'll lose. I don't buy that. Of course a healthy D-Wade makes us a better team, but our defense is what will need to be better in order for us to win that game.
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    we don't need Bam right now he sucks! Spo is an embarrassment to his parents.
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    Spo should get himself ejected so Dan Craig can take over i think he'll do a better job.
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    I think what hurts us tremendously is that more often than not we do not close out qts well . Blazers only had 15 pts in almost 10 mins in the 2nd but manage to score 10 in the last 2 mins and change .. hard to stomach runs like that
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    you want any chance of beating this team, better put a defender on dame.
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    Same here...and I gotta say they were pretty terrible. Nothing like the GoodFellas!
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    Winslow don't start that bro. Everytime u start playing good something hurts
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    Yup. I think CB gets in. Will always wonder how much better the Heat would've been if he was perfectly healthy after that Dragic trade.
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    That's why I posted the pic Toots. Pretty cool.
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    Another great "The Scoop with Coup!"
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    No need, we got Juwan Howard and Udonis Haslem!