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    Just to put things into some perspective, tonight's win was the Heat's 12th win of the season...the Heat didn't get their 12th win last year until January 17th.
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    Nope...it's a top 7 protected pick homie, which essentially means the Heat won't get to use it. You should've read either my post or Rileysrighthand's post on the previous page with the explanation of the Heat's future draft pick situation.
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    JJ the fan pleaser. Love this...very cool. Made that kid's night.
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    Pistons have lost six games in a row and the Sixers three games in a row and Wizards are 5-5 in their last ten...Heat need to win as many games as possible during this softer stretch of the schedule and hopefully jump those three teams in the standings. They did some good work in Mexico City, now it's time to do more good work in Memphis. Go Heat!
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    Absolutely Toots! Tonight you have to give Portland credit, they made the plays down the stretch to win the game. They have very good players that can do that.
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    And Spo just made you chew an L with your newly-operated-on gums.
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    It's games like this that turn me into a Spo-hater. You just can't help but wonder if he has enough set plays in his playbook. All he seems to do is give the ball to somebody and let him do his thang. Bum coach!
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    No more hunger on this team; these guys got their money and have truly regressed. Appalling to watch at times, I'm never comfortable when they've the lead...TEAM HEAT since '88!
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    Just finished watching the highlights of Portland's game against Golden State. I think we should expect an extra pissed off Damian Lillard...which may end up being a good thing. If he comes out trying to go for 40, with the way we've been playing defense, I think we could end up forcing Dame to play a bit outside himself...which could lead to some TOs and easy offense. A lot of ifs in that scenario, but hey, it could happen. This team has turned a corner emotionally/mentally. I believe they took a step in terms of toughness during this road trip. It's gonna be interesting to see how we come out in our first game back at the TripleA. We haven't protected our home court at all this season, and tonight would be a good night to draw a line in the sand and really start playing with some pride at home! At least that's what I hope to see from this team tonight, along with solid defense especially on the perimeter (we were much better in Memphis. Best we've been all year in my opinion), ball movement on offense, and that same disposition we saw on Monday. No fear, with a killer instinct. TAKE NO PRISONERS! LETS GO HEAT!
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    I’m not watching a player wet behind the ears bro when it comes to Bam. The more Spo plays him the better he gets. I wouldn’t even consider choosing Reed over Bam. Plus, Bam’s upside dwarfs Reed’s.
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    KO and Bam > Babbitt and Reed. Sorry.
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    Let's play to win and get back to being even at .500. Tanking is for losers.
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    So you're telling me there's a chance this team isn't trash after all....
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    I apologize, it wasn't Ira it was Barry Jackson... I've posted several vids of Winslow shooting after practice and Hassan doing extra work also. Dion and JRich too, not just weight room workouts but shooting extra shots. But, you're right Toots, this team collectively could use as much extra work on shooting as possible...wouldn't hurt to put in some extra work on ball handling too. Gotta stop the TO's or we could be unhappy campers by the end of the season.
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    Heat bench had 51 points tonight and 7 players had double figures scoring too. 👍
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    I keep saying our main problem is coaching. This team can compete.
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    Hopefully you can make it out to a game one of these days, Maj.
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    Okie dokie then. Merry Christmas my friend, and Happy New Year! GO HEAT!
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    Did you see the creepy pic I posted in the Dion Waiters thread? I really don't expect Riley to make a trade in December. Now February could be another matter. Could see a move at the trade deadline. Of course, if the Heat are rockin' and rollin' by then...no moves.
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    Want to see BAM be the primary defender on LeBron the next time they play. Just curious how that will go. He's got the size and quicker than most guys his size.
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    would love Miami to trade Waiters tho. HEAT need a better shooting guard that can really defend and is in shape. imagine Dragic, BOOKER, J-Rich,.. Dang!!! or if McRuder is not injured J-Rich could play 2 guard.
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    Well, you're the Tank Commander. I guess it's all up to you bro. smh
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    Wade has carried the Heat team since time immemorial, as we all know. Even at any cost or amount, washed or not, Spo will ALWAYS rely on him, no matter what. So if he will be payed less , i don't think Wade will again sacrifice his body on the way this team is constructed. There were years wasted in his carreer after 2006. Terrrible injury and support group comprised of of Ricky Davis, Mark Blount etc. My point is, he could have accepted the minimum if ONLY he could be playing with at least a playoff/championship contender. That's why he let is ego aside in Cleveland, cuz he knows he has a strong support group & can win again. I don't think, Wade is selfish. He sacrificed so much. Now that the Heat have already squeezed every energy they could suck out of him, he could have been granted CONSIDERATION. LOL, i don't want to go any further on my Wade tantrum. Just my thoughts.
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    Could be possible, but it's still too early to even be contemplating that kind of outcome. Every time the Heat lose, it seems people go over the deep end around here and start predicting worse case scenarios. lol
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    Learn from this loss and move on. Hopefully Hassan will be back this weekend. Really like Ellington, so glad he's on this team. He's going to make a difference as the season progresses.
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    HEAT made a mistake by prioritizing Whiteside before Wade i think...oh well.
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    The Heat always seem to have a problem with something whether it's missed FT's or TO's or Rebounds or giving up points in the paint, cold shooting, etc, etc. smh
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    Right. We need a chain of defensive stops. We can't be trading baskets with this team.
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    After their horrid starts, JRich and TJ are both beginning to turn the corner. They have shot it well over the past 10 games or so, and have increased their percentages for the year. Consistency is key, so I hope they can keep this up. I still hold out hope that JRich can become our version of Danny Green.
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    Guess I should blow out my girl to top it all off 🤷‍♂️
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    Saturdays showing was great for the jumper and 3-point shooting. Great form on all the shots he took, never seemed in doubt he wouldn't make those. Now the finishing just needs to come back... he showed some good skills with this previously but it's almost as if it's disappeared. Still feel like he is playing scared in the open court, dude just needs to go to the rim without fear and try to dunk. He got blocked from behind by Green because of that mentality, and failed his only shot on Saturday. But it's all just a process. The good is that he has steadily shown improvement, just this season, with his jumper. Let's see how he closes out the year.
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    Good stuff from Justise; Consistency is next. He took shots when appropriate and confidently today.
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    Definitely. He wanted to be in Miami too - the reports indicated so anyways. We could have have gotten both JJ and Gay had we not committed to KO. Olynyk is a nice player but he isn't an optimal fit with how this team is sculpted. Got to believe having Gay would have gone a long ways in providing the punch we need at that forward slot.