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    30 teams, 29 aiming for one goal. To beat the Warriors.😁
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    Winslow sees the court better than most of his teammates. I would say the basketball IQ is just fine. He forces the issue because the pull up jumper isn't an option. Until that's added to the repertoire hes going to be limited in what he can do.
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    See now I cant complain about this from winslow Good all around game
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    Who knew Winslow was productive when he had the ball in his hands? /sarcasm
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    hey buddy, hope all is well. I agree , it doesnt matter whether he starts or not, all i was implying is that competition within the team is a good thing. Go heat!
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    Toots loves your art work like we all do. We're lucky to have you posting it up....adds such a special touch to the forum. Thank you sir! GO HEAT!
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    Got some tough match-ups in our first 10 games. We'll see the Spurs, Celtics and Timberwolves at home, followed by the Nuggets, Clippers and Warriors on the road (which is a back-to-back). We better come prepared and play like a cohesive unit. Boston and Minnesota will still be figuring things out during the start of the season so we should be able to win those games. Same old story as always - if we can hit the 3, we can compete with anyone.
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    My critizm of Winslow today was unfair, I just looked at the stats and he had a solid all around game including an effective shooting night of 50%. I need to be more patient with the young man and give him some time to keep progressing. my bad!
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    That's his best asset, as PW said above he sees the court really well and understands the Heat system as well as anybody. Knows everybody's role and where they're supposed to be on the court during plays. Questioning his shooting, aggressiveness at the rim and lately his confidence is one thing, but it will be his high level intelligence and basketball IQ that will get him to overcome these early career weaknesses. JMHO
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    Lol...well damn. Harsh much? Seriously tho, this sucks for Rodney. You know dude has worked his a-s-s off to get to where he's at. Get well soon, Rowdy Rod!
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    We looked real good 20. Especially when you consider we didn't have Hassan, Goran, or Dion. Everyone played really well. Winslow 7 pts 7 rebs and 9 assists (if I'm not mistaking) Jordan Mickey was the star of the night! Enjoy the highlights when they get dropped. Max! Hope you're doing better my man.
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    I posted first half highlights on the previous page. (Page 7) Full game highlights will be up soon. Here, I'll post them again so you don't have to go lookin'.
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    Jordan Mickey's a keeper. I jokingly called him Juwan 2.0 when we signed him, but he's more athletic and a much better shooter than I anticipated. Smart player as well. What a find! Miami does it again
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    Yayy and that 3 he shot I don't know who felt better if me or him. I want him to do good so bad
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    Bam was ready tonight...7 points, 2 rebounds in 8 minutes.
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    I doubt it...I'll be surprised if he does. Goran doesn't need these two remaining games to be prepared for the opener on the 18th. He's played a lot of intense basketball this summer and all of it was really good. As he said in the interview I posted, it's time to rest, rejuvenate his body, mind and get hungry again for competition.
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    I'll bite. I don't think Whiteside becomes a 15 board guy, but I do think we seem him break the 20 point mark. I'm basing that on a much improved mid-game I've seen from him. With that, and if he can maintain his free throw percentage near the end of the season, it shouldn't be hard. I think we'll see a similar Waiters to what we saw in the second half of last season. Not sure if that will make him a star or not, but definitely a guy you want on your team. Dragic will make the allstar this season. I see TJ as more of a candidate for 6th man. I think we have seen the peak of JJ's game, which is stellar for a guy off the bench. I don't know if we've seen the best yet from Tyler Johnson. I'm not sure on Jrich at all... I don't see superstar DNA in him. But again we don't need him to play as one. I think Winslow's greatness or lack there of will end up being tied to the play of Waiters/JJ. I see those guys as the main secondary ball handlers to Dragic. if they are dominating, Winslow will see his touches and usage go down as he doesn't have a spot up shot yet. However, if they aren't playing well, I can see Winslow stepping into the JJ type off the bench which will only help develop his game. I'm rooting for him but it's an uphill battle. Olynyk I think is the perfect glue guy for this team. While his 3 point shooting isn't as good as Babbit, he does pretty much everything else better. Being able to play both him and Whiteside on the floor at once is huge for us. Especially when you consider we have guys like JJ and Winslow who are so good defensively they can guard guys at the 1 and 2 spots. It truly gives us the possibility of going 'big' to counter some teams small ball line ups and with great success
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    I'm not gonna put it past this team. I'm not only relying on what the new guys will ultimately bring to this team, I'm also taking into account that this team is very familiar with one another. They love playing for one another and they love playing for this coach (I guess it is a love fest in here ) The key is consistently playing with that winning formula that proved to be pretty successful in the second half of the season. If we can find that 30-11 form sometime in Dec or even late November, we give ourselves a chance to win a lot more games than last season. Think of all the games that we gave away last season. A lot will have to go right, no doubt, but we all know what this team is capable of when they play the right way. We've seen it... Unfortunately for this team, it found this groove too late in the season. This season I expect them to find their stride much sooner than January. KO gives us a better starting lineup, which hopefully means getting off to better starts. Our bench should be one of the best in the league this year. Lots of reasons to be high on this team.
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    im siding with hassan. look, embid game is nice but the dude talks alot of trash. so if hassan sticks up for himself, i dont see a problem with that when the guy runnin his mouth all night. plus, philly going to suck again anyway lol. screw them. #heatnation
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    You're going to trash Hassan and side with Embiid??
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    Come on Hassan, you weren't even in the league by the time your third year came around..
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    lol...he's gone over to the other side. You have a new comrade against Winslow.
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    I agree. There's a lot to like with this team. And a lot to prepare for if you're the opposing team.
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    Philly can score in bunches. This team is going to be for real if they remain healthy.
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    Good judgment,........ this young fella really knows how to pass,.....................
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    Great all round game for him today. Disappointing shooting display again but I will live with that when he is that locked in, aggressive and confident. 7rebs and 9assts is awesome. The 3 he took today he looked as confident as Ive seen him in a while. Hopefully points to things heading in the right direction.
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    Don't forget the part where he was getting out hustled by Kelly Oubre all night long. He had a great overall game despite shooting poorly, so I'll give him credit. The guy can make plays and find the open man. That being said, he's still very raw on the offensive end when it comes to finding his own buckets, and I'm not just talking about the jumper. He needs to elevate higher on his lay-up attempts and learn to use his body (instead of his elbows) as leverage. It's basically his second year so I believe some of it is just pure rust. But for the people saying that all he needs is a better jumper and then he'll be unstoppable offensively, I'd have to strongly disagree with that one.. every aspect of his offensive game needs some tuneup (besides the passing).
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    I had a feeling the starting unit would have trouble scoring due to the lack of playmakers in that lineup. As for Winslow, as long as he's being aggressive...that's the key as far as I'm concerned. He'll never be a 50% shooter from the field, and he'll be even worse from 3 more than likely, but he's a very capable playmaker, and when he's using the pick and roll and getting into the paint, he makes things happen. All about confidence and consistency with Justise.
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    We finally have multiple 3 pt shooters. Glad I'm not deciding on who makes/misses the roster. Tough decision
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    He has to wait till the last 28 seconds of the game to score.
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    our second unit killing theirs. That's the advantage we have over them and other top teams in the East that people fail to see. our second unit is lethal!
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    Full game highlights for those that missed the game.