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    Thank you for putting this together! Once voting is over for every category, I'll reach out to each winner to collect their information and send out a prize of some sort. How many categories do you plan on having?
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    Ladies and gentlemen, it may be unusual for you to have this announced by MaxHeat69,....... but thanks to the cooperation with my new best buddies TRIPLEATOOTSIES and SG-THREE, I would like to open up this year’s Heat Forums member Awards 2017, starting off with PART 1 with the Categories: Rookie of the year Funniest Member Most Improved member Period for each thread, as far as I remember was 3 days........ We'll be taking it step by step, like every 3 days 3 new categories, and the MVP for the FINAL DAY Dear well respected Admins and Mods, please feel free to make a conclusion by the deadline. And to everybody else…… your contributions and opinions are more than appreciated…….. Thank you very much......... Fire right away,…….. MaxHeat69 out,………
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    they can try to work out whatever deal they feel is fair, but fact of the matter is, in business if you have a fast depreciating asset that youre needing to unload and all youre getting is nothing but low ball offers that will only get lower before the asset becomes worthless... you consider your offers lol
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    I edited the poll and also added @HeatFanSince97 Because of the changes, I extended voting for another day, so it closes on the 18th at 9:06PM.
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    Homie put Winslow as our 2nd most important player when we went 30-11
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    Sounds good! And I agree with @MadD that it would be cool to add "Most Knowledgeable" and "Best Fan" to the third period/thread.
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    Well, these 5 guys are not newcomers/rookies, that's for sure. MadD 2012 svelte jj 2015 dean456 2010 clarkpetion305 2013 JustiseForHeat 2014
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    They've given out prizes to the winners every year...at least the last two years that I know of. Joe B. does a great job making the Inferno's interface look great and a great place to come and talk about the Heat. You gotta love the Giveaways for signed jerseys and game tickets too. 👍👍
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    Man...where the heck is everybody??
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    Her: "I bet he's thinking about other women." Me: "What if the Heat have to give up Dragic, Winslow and Bam to get Kyrie."
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    I wouldn't worry too much, it appears Riley is not presently talking with Cleveland...here's the latest from Sam Amico... AUGUST 10, 2017 Sam Amico Trade talks centered on Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving have been quieter this week, but general manager Koby Altman and team owner Dan Gilbert remain engaged with at least a handful of teams, opposing executives told Amico Hoops. Seven team executives were interviewed by Amico Hoops over a two-day span and each said they considered the Phoenix Suns to be the frontrunners to land Irving. But each admitted that any number of teams could pull a surprise and pull off a deal for Irving before training camp in late September. “I doubt anyone has made their best offer yet,” said one. “I know we haven’t. … This could end up being a multiple-team deal, too.” No one from the Cavaliers or Suns were among those interviewed. Also, the Cavs are said to not be currently in talks with anyone on Irving’s supposed “wish list,” which includes the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Miami Heat and Minnestoa Timberwolves. Former Cavs GM David Griffin said during an appearance on ESPN’s “The Jump” that the Boston Celtics are also on Irving’s list. The Cavs and Celtics are not presently conducting talks, however. Opposing execs believe the Cavs have at least explored Irving deals with each of the aforementioned teams. However, they have have not come close to the parameters of a trade with any of them. Some opposing GMs are currently on vacation, but even so, remain in contact with Altman and Gilbert, sources said. Irving requested a trade last month and according to sources, the Cavs are as determined as ever to move him. Irving, 25, averaged 25.2 points and 5.8 assists in 72 games last season.
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    No! even if he paid to play. He'd destroy this team.
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    neither was butler tbf...... and all they got for him was maurkinen and the equivalence of a TJ prospect in lavine. I dont think thats whats holding up the trade though, what i believe is that the market has been set after the pg13 and butler trades. For two superstars to go for literally nothing says alot. The cavs will not find this monster deal there looking for, that is reality. They can keep him and have a lockerroom cancer on there hands, thats the likelyhood of where this thing is headed.
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    I can't agree with that and all evidence over the past decade points to the contrary. Pretty much every team that has traded a "star" at his request saw his value diminish as time went on and regretted waiting. And its clearly not so plain and simple. There are plenty of aspects of Kyrie's game that make one pause and think how he makes a team better. This isn't Lebron or Durant or Butler or even George that can step into any rotation and thrive. The longer this drama transpires the more people dig into and expose his weaknesses on the court and question his true value. The selling point now is that he is a young franchise cornerstone that you can build a team around. If he has another season like the last where the team struggles whenever Lebron steps off the court and hes unable to offset that storyline with offseason heroics do people still see him as a centerpiece? We've already seen in this past season with Lillard and Isaiah Thomas. Both extremely talented and arguably more valuable to their team than Irving. And both facing legitimate questions about their ability to lead a contending team.
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    Thanks Joe. Best fan I am thinking of guys like Toots, Justise, Max and for most knowledgeable guys like Prophetic, Carna, Flash, Switch, Clark. We know MAJ is the MVP by far, but those other type of posters deserve some recognition in here imo
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    +1 Plus Kyrie isnt dumb enough to tank his stock by purposely not playing well, he sees himself as a superstar, his ego wont allow him to tank either.
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    I think Kyrie can force the issue if he really feels like it. Its hard to know how much pressure hes putting on the Cavs since hes decided to keep it out of the public eye. You say the Cavs have all the leverage since they have the man under contract, but there's nothing in that contract that says how hard he has to try. He can be a consummate professional or a locker room cancer. The way everyone looks at the numbers these days it doesn't take long for a player's narrative to shift and see his value diminish. If Kyrie pulled a Kobe and went on a year long pout after not being traded I think people would have a very different opinion on his real value. The problem that the owners have created in an effort to curtail their own extravagance is that someone like Kyrie knows hes getting the max regardless of what he does on the court. There's no monetary incentive for him to show up, try on defense, and help the Cavs putting a winning product on the floor. So his personal value never diminishes, while his value to the team lessens with every day he gets closer to the expiration date of that contract and with every lackadaisical performance.
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    Well okay,.... since it ain't open yet,.... I'll discuss this with my buddy @TRIPLEA2TOOTSIES as always,.... but actually a good idea to put it into the final thread WITH MVP..... it makes sense. Let me get back to this. Technically it shouldn't be an issue.............. Thanks for the spontaneous suggestion anyways. More than appreciated @MadD
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    get your votes in ya''ll... this is a great idea joe B to gives some cool prizes out to winners. Encourages new posters to join in on the conversation year round. Go heat!
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    Hassan is so cool...assisting LeBron James Jr. with his first dunk in public.
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    Even Lebron James Jr. loves playing with Hassan.
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    Probably Shaq toes lol. Olynyk breathhhhh
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    Lmao! Yes! I wife refers to the forum as "my mistress".
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    Dope pic! K.O. killin' em in the Gucci slides lol...Okaro and Briante' - Socks on a yacht?
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    I agree, O.G. The narrative surrounding McBob will always include a bunch of "ifs"... IF he can stay healthy IF he's aggressive offensively IF he can put it all together IF he can get another opportunity Like you said, hopefully he gets a chance to really show what he can do in Dallas playing behind the man who revolutionized the PF position. As for K.O., I really excited to see how he and Hassan mesh defensively. I think they could end up being a very formidable duo.
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    I think Hassan and KO are way beyond that issue by now, they are in the process of building the kind chemistry that will translate well in actual games. It's hard to dislike Hassan Whiteside.
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    He might be dealing with a bout of regret and what might have been. Glad to hear his wife is not filing any charges. He'll feel better once he gets to LA and settles in out there most likely. Good player and I wish him well.
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    I love dion and his swag and all but chill and stop scaring other stars into coming here. No need for u to say heat already have an alpha here
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    The Heat can either play on Christmas day or stay at home with their families. Both are fine options. What matters is winning and the Heat will win more games than any team on that list except GS.
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    The schedule will change as far as televised games..the league slept in Miami last year based on their start but most of the commentators ended up on Heat island by the end of the year. 76ers don't have stars, they have potential and injury..the Knicks are more than likely going to lose Melo..so stars are not the issue.
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    Dang ethan. Was he against trading dragic or what
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    In 2 years, The Bam will be a better player than Blake Griffin. Yeah, I said it!
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    let me score some of those ganja!!! puff puff give.
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    NIce. Take some pics and post in here if you get the chance!! Would love to see it.
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    Bam gets a new cereal too!! If he eats this he'll easily be an All-Star player. 👍💪💪
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    Ahh...to be a kid again. Love this!
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    Only hurdle I see is a rotation with so many worthy players deserving the mins. But I guess thats what preseason is for
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    Coach Spo's shoe game is fire, son! Spo making an impression on some of the NBA's big names...I like it!
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    Didn't feel like digging though the archives, but here's a video for all of the JJ fans!
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