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    This guy has gotten every opportunity to succed. He is lazy and a big cry baby. He is getting on his own way. Only Hassan can change his current reality. His production or stats have nothing to do with it, it's all mental.
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    Me too HFS. An All-Star player is an All-Star player no matter what team he was on when he was voted to the team. To me that's what this list is all about, players who have never been an All-Star ever, not just when they were with the Heat. Of course, as Toots said, there are no wrong answers...I like that. 👍 👏
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    Not exactly butt kicked it went to 7 games. And I'm thinking it must be pretty hard to make it to the finals with Westbrook playing fools ball in the last two minutes of any game. The real story of GS is they have so many weapons it doesn't make any sense to put it all on one guy.
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    Spot on...I mean it's not like the 29 other teams are going to hold their heads sobbing with a white flag. Agree with everything said only I'm pretty sure Dragic starts for the Cavs. Very good point on the value of switchable defenders.
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    I don't want to be made to sound I am pushing him out the door, he is a fine player who fits nicely into what we have now. He just doesn't have much to offer our future, and it's time we pivot away from trying to win now and more towards the long term. Don't want to move him for peanuts either.
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    How do you consider gogo to have minimal value though? When looking at the numbers, gogo's contract is a bargain for an all-star player, he has more value than anyone else on our roster besides our young guns, whom we want to keep. He would net us the best return and would be a perfect fit for a team in win now mode.
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    Does this matter? Eh, what the hell, I'll post it anyways. lol
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    The next big step for him is working on his handle. His length could make his crossover dribble absolutely lethal...think Jamal Crawford.
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    we get better from dumping whiteside alone. Losing jrich sucks but were getting lilliard back. That would be a great trade for miami, to get a star PG and still keep winslow. Lilliard could attract FAs to miami i think and go from there. I dont see blazers ever trading dame though, the fans would not be happy.
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    Jamal mashburn Udonis Haslem PJ brown Thunder Dan James posey I cant really put winslow or jrich on here yet because i think there more then capable of becoming all stars in the future.
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    👀 Make it next season KAT. lol
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    Credit to HEATSIDE for the idea, but OG and I thought it would make a pretty good thread. Without further ado, who's your favorite Heat players of all-time that were not all-stars with the Heat. Here's mine: JRich Dion Birdman Lamar Odom UD
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    You literally could get him for a bag of chips. He's all tangled up at the moment with Merrill Lynch. Claiming they stole $17.4 million from him.
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    So a Whiteside replacement...interesting. I think Marvin Bagley is the guy in that scenario. Stretch big.
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    its a lebron stan.... they dont give wade no credit.....
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    Wrong. On a juiced up knee wade was one of the reason we beat Indiana or avoid a sweep vs Mavs. Let's not get carried away now homie. Lebron allon doesn't win not a single ring just look at hot sa manhandled up the 2nd time around
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    Jordanism? Never thought about it like that. That is deep, bro. But it's funny because it's true.
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    But I think you got off the point here lol. All I was saying is Dragic still has good value on his contract and that it should be easy to move because teams will be hot to make a play. Not denying the greatness of GS, not at all.
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    Are you talking about the article by Winderman where Chet Kammerer (Heat VP of Player Personnel) said this... "Probably the three areas we focus in on as a staff would be something that gets us in the 20s if we made a trade of some sort. The second would be something which we have looked almost every year, and that is the possibility of coming after a pick in the 30s or late 30s or somewhere in there, where you can purchase a pick. You got to be ready for something in the 30s. And then one we've done almost ever year is trying to pick out the 61st first pick. And everybody laughs at that. But you realize that a lot of times we've been fortunate enough to pick players for our summer-league team that turn around and become players worth our roster."
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    I agree with this in regard to any trade we make...No lateral moves!
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    No way GHGD, I'm not calling "you" crazy, just the idea of Allen not being an All-Star player. My choices really aren't about who the "best" 5 non-AllStar players are, just the ones I liked watching. I would gladly add Allen to my list, but you know now why I didn't. I'm not saying Bird is better than Hassan, I just liked watching him more than I have Whiteside. When Birdman was healthy he got everyone jacked up, including the players.