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  1. The cap is going up again and we'll see salaries rise accordingly but we're done with the spike. We're not going to have another offseason where 90% of the teams can create room for a max contract and half the teams need to spend money just to reach the salary floor. I haven't watched much of Williams since he left Arizona so I can't really say what I think hes worth. If I had been watching him I'd probably have a much lower opinion of him as a player but that's the beauty of ignorance. I still remember the athletic forward who looked like he could become the ideal stretch 4, strong enough to bang with the bigs down low and skilled enough to beat them on the perimeter. And if anyone can draw out his inner defensive self its Spoelstra. Two years ago all I knew about Whiteside was that he was an intriguing athlete that I wanted the Heat to draft instead of Pittman who had blown his chance and spent a few years begging for contracts overseas. And a half season of up and down play he was already worth a near max deal. If the Heat had given him a one year deal I think Riley would have offered him 10+ mil a yr that offseason.....and a year later we'd be all thrilled at the bargain contract that he signed.
  2. The money won't be quite so absurd next offseason. The cap is projected to level off and maybe even decline in the subsequent years and the specter of new cba negotiations will be hanging over the league as well. I think GMs will start to be a bit more careful with their dollars. If he plays well enough then Riley has himself another Whiteside decision to make, and I'd much rather it be that than the rather easy Gerald Green decision. The Heat will have cap room and if Williams plays well enough to warrant that raise he'll probably be first in line to get it.
  3. Not sure if you've watched Coach K's Duke teams lately but hes embraced the NBA approach. There's a reason hes competing with Calipari for the top recruiting classes and it doesn't have anything to do with passing and playing team first bball. They have gone after guys who can play off the ball, with Chandler, Love and Iggy in '12 and Jordan, Thompson, Green, and Barnes this year. The star players this year just aren't as good as the banana boat buddies and if they don't try on defense they're vulnerable. I still don't think the talent level is all that close and when they decide to turn it up a notch noone stands a chance. They're all bigger, stronger, faster, and for the most part just better at basketball than their competition.
  4. Hes such a tantalizing prospect because all the tools are there to be a Draymond Green type. And its not as if hes a complete idiot, like some other second pick we're all to familiar with. Of course there aren't too many examples of players suddenly starting to work hard, play defense, and completely change their approach to the game 7 years into their career. No harm in rooting for him to be that 1% though.
  5. What I was referring to was the massive rise in salary cap over a short period of time which allowed a team with two max and two near max players to sign a fifth. The owners wanted a gradual rise and I think when the union looks back even they will grudgingly admit that they were wrong on this one. The players would be better off if they had split that money evenly amongst themselves instead of having someone like Tobias Harris pulling in 17 mil while everyone who signed a 4 yr extension before the rise gets screwed. Silver wants parity, or at least something that resembles it. Super teams sell tickets and draw in tv audiences but there are 28 other teams out there that want to fill seats on the nights when neither Lebron or Curry is coming to town. But everything balances itself out in the end. Iggy and Livingston will probably be headed elsewhere after this season, unless they're motivated to play for the minimum. Maybe the Warriors will be good enough to keep steamrolling people without any depth or a parade of aging ring chasers like the Lakers and Heat did for years. But its not going to be easy.
  6. The Warriors have plenty to worry about next offseason. Durant and Curry are going to be asking for a whole lot of money and its going to be tough to keep all the ancillary parts. I don't think Silver or anyone else is going after them.....he just made the comments to take a shot at the union for letting this cap spike happen. The reality is there is plenty of blame to go around and I don't think anyone is interested in seeing something like this happen again.
  7. Team USA has never been about passing or shooting. They pressure, get turnovers, and get out into the break. The coaches don't have much time to work with these guys so their philosophy has always been to try and coax some passable defense from the team and let the rest come organically.
  8. I would like to see the game, but if you took the 12 best internationals and put them together on a team with a couple weeks of training camp to get to know one another they'd be a lot worse than this US team. The Aussies and Spaniards and Argentinians are a lot of fun to watch because they actually play like a team. Coach K will get these guys to play some defense eventually. Everyone thought that since they weren't quite as talented as teams in the past that they'd try harder but I think that's overlooking just how arrogant these guys are. I think a couple of close calls should be enough to wake them up.
  9. The accusation of not putting forth the effort to stay in shape is bit sacrilegious to a Dragic devotees.
  10. Shooting has very little to do with athletic ability and everything to do with technique and repetition. The various professional leagues overseas are littered with guys who can shoot lights out and barely make it above the rim. Curry became what he is by spending every day in the gym for the last 20 years of his life. Hes not blessed with some unnatural athletic ability that lets his wrist flick a little faster than everyone else's. Not too long ago pretty much every kid coming into a major college program had their shot mechanics broken down and rebuilt. These days kids in high school have shooting coaches. I think most Heat fans would settle for average when it comes to Winslow. 35% from beyond the arc forces people to respect the shot. 40-50% when open in the corner gets people scrambling.
  11. #88
  12. I love the way both Bogut and Nowitzki play....its just that they've both gotten to the point in their careers where they're going to get Duncan treatment. Bogut because everyone is scared the next time his heel hits the court his ankle will blow up and Nowitzki because hes a living fossil by NBA standards. What happens to that defense when Bogut isn't playing? Barnes could easily score 20+ ppg, but hes not going to be efficient in doing so. Hes never shown that he can get to the rim with the ball going against opposing wings. And if you put him at PF he'll just get abused at the other end.
  13. Trade exceptions cannot be combined with salaries.
  14. If everything goes to plan they have a pretty nice starting lineup but the depth is atrocious. And at this point in their careers I don't think you can ask for 30 mpg out of Nowitzki or Bogut. In order for that team to be good they're going to have to get a lot from Powell and Barnes is going to have to become something that hes never shown the desire to be. I've been watching Barnes since he was in high school and have no faith in him taking that next step. Ever since he stepped foot on campus at UNC its been pretty obvious that he needs to put in the work to improve his ball handling and hes never done it. And its not like hes lacked role models or good coaching.
  15. I don't get what Bird is doing, other than signing anyone who is willing to take the money. You can't play Jefferson and Turner together. Thad Young has a very nifty inside game but he doesn't defend and can't shoot so I don't know how you start him with Turner or bring him off the bench with Jefferson. Hill is a better off the ball player and defender than Teague, so I'm not sure how that's an upgrade when you've got to play him next to Ellis and George. And Mahinmi and Hill had actually put together pretty decent seasons. It all looks like a big mess to me. Nate has some work to do.