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  1. I don't follow that logic or understand why this is even a topic of contention in the NBA. In any other professional league its just common sense. You try to limit pitch counts in baseball, take players out of football games when you have an insurmountable lead, rest your stars when playing against a lower league in euro football. There's just too much evidence showing that its not a linear relationship between court time and the probability of injury.
  2. Jordan was a freak of nature. Popovich started doing this because he saw evidence that the 1000+ minutes these guys smack their knees and ankles into the hardwood every season takes a toll. His goal is to win a championship. Granted him resting them for strategic games was probably more just him having fun with the commissioner and he was rightfully levied a pretty hefty fine for that one.
  3. Out of the top three Boston has got to be the best matchup for the Heat. Whiteside can have his way with anyone they throw at him and Dragic/Waiters don't have to worry all that much about anyone meeting them at the rim. Wouldn't bet on them to win but it would be a good show...
  4. I guess it depends on how you define a superstar but if you're talking multiple all pros and top 50 type player then its more like 5% of top 5 picks. He had 14% for the first overall pick, which is probably right.
  5. I love Beverley but hes not exactly an elite point. Neither are Tony Parker or George Hill. Hill is a prime example of what you can hope TJ will become....not a great creator but a good defender, shooter, and an efficient scorer. And I do see better passing from TJ. Hes probably always going to be limited as a ball handler but as long as he has that quick first step he can get by people. The next step is learning how to set up his teammates once hes broken past the first layer of defense, and I don't think that's an attribute that's impossible to learn.
  6. I think 8-6 would get the Heat in the 8th slot. Odds are the 8th seed will be right around .500.
  7. Regardless of what you think of him you can't deny that hes a lot better today than he was a year ago. The hope is that he continues that upward trajectory and by the time Dragic is starting to fade TJ is coming into his own at the point. You never know what 50 mil guaranteed is going to do but it hasn't stopped him from hustling around yet.
  8. Ellington, Waiters, and JJ have all come out and said that they put more effort into getting in shape this offseason than they had in a while. Dragic obviously did as well simply by playing ball overseas. No doubt that's part of it, but this team was losing a lot of games while those guys were in better condition than they are now. I see a bunch of guys that have a lot of faith in each other and the sets their running. Other than Waiters there's no player that holds the ball and gets tempted into going one on one. They just keep up the relentless drive and kick game until the shots start falling.
  9. Kinda think buying into the whole "team thing" was the key to this turnaround. The amazing thing to me is that Spoelstra got them to listen even when they were losing. The mantra they've been preaching to Whiteside for a while now is that its not all about him and his stats. He can impact the game on the defense end even if he doesn't end up with the block or the rebound. Setting a hard screen may just be as effective as grabbing an offensive board. He still chases meaningless rebounds and blocks but you can see that some of it is getting through to him.
  10. I'm sure Riley signed him to that contract with the idea that he would become the starting point guard in a few years. Not sure that's going to happen but noone is interested in paying a scrappy undersized shooting guard 18 mil.
  11. I think the issue is with the salary potentially coming back on the books if some other team deems him physically fit to play. If they knew one way or another I would expect him to be long gone.
  12. George, Drummond, Giannis, Butler......when they get on the court with the Heat they should be the best player out there. That hasn't always been the case but we all know what they're capable of. I think the Heat will end up making it to the 7th or 8th seed as long as the core group can stay healthy. They're playing better than any team in the east. Still I can't discount the possibility that the Bucks, Pistons, Bulls, or Pacers start to get things together and go on a run. I see four teams all whose ceiling is higher than this Heat squad.
  13. Still going to be a tough road. The Bulls still have some fight in them and might decide the best way to get back at their coach and front office is to win a few games. The Bucks/Pistons/Pacers all have better players even if the roster as a whole doesn't match up.
  14. Hes a 22 yr old junior. If he thinks he can get drafted hes coming out. I like his game but it overlaps in a lot of ways with Winslow. And with White showing promise as a 3 and D player at small forward I don't think another little big guy is going to be high on the priority list.
  15. How much can Johnson demand on the open market? I think hes going to be in a very similar situation to where McRoberts found himself after the 2 year run he had in Charlotte. Obviously the going rate for a solid role player has skyrocketed since then but I don't see anyone breaking the bank for the man. Waiters is a little different because of his youth, and we've seen plenty of instances where teams have paid out ridiculous contracts to players they perceive as potential up and coming stars.