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  1. The exceptions count against the cap for teams with cap space so the Heat have to renounce their rights to the exceptions prior to signing free agents.
  2. It depends. The Mo Cheeks Sixers were god awful. The Doug Collins Sixers were a fun group to watch. If players don't develop and Riley cannot attract free agents or those he does attract fail to live up to expectations then this team will be rebuilding in three years. You can say the same thing about 28 other teams in the league. Personally as a fan I'd rather they put a good product on the floor during that time than try to fail their way to the top. Mainly because if they threw out what the Lakers or Sixers have been putting on the floor lately I wouldn't watch much basketball anymore. Its just not much fun watching a bunch of poorly coached kids fumble around.
  3. TJ isn't going anywhere.....if he becomes good enough to justify that contract hes going to be more valuable to the Heat than any other team and if not noone will take on those two seasons without sending back a bunch of garbage. Hes in Miami for a minimum of two more years. Riley is behind the times when it comes to his valuation of draft picks but I don't really disagree with his line of thought. As a fan would you really want to sit though what Sixers' fans did to get where they are now when they can legitimately hope that maybe three years from now if everyone can overcome various debilitating injury histories they'll be a good team? Free agency has worked for him and I fully expect him to go that route as long as hes the president of this team. He'll go all in this offseason and if it doesn't work then he'll start maneuvering for 2020. I've stopped even trying to project draft picks......its so pointless. There are so many things that can cause a 20 year old with millions in the bank to go off the rails and not focus on perfecting his craft. Bam has a great name to go along with all the physical tools necessary to succeed in the pros. If everything goes right then a couple of years from now we'll have two young defensive monsters with blossoming offensive games in Winslow and Adebayo. If it all goes wrong we'll be dreaming of spending all that cap space on Anthony Davis......
  4. He does have a nice looking jumper. Its a rather slow release but at his height that shouldn't matter all that much. I only saw a couple Kentucky games and I don't think I ever saw him take a set shot.....most of the times he was trying to do something stupid like pull up off the dribble or drive to the basket. I think most people realize that hes a raw prospect. He was drafted because hes big, quick and can get above the rim with ease. Whether he settles for being Biyombo or turns into Ibaka is up to him.
  5. How did Ainge not pull the trigger on a Butler deal? He could have easily put something together that was better than Dunn and LaVine without even making a dent in his vast treasure trove of future picks. Too much like Presti for me.......gotta be smarter than everyone else and win every trade. Now it looks like he has a team with more players than minutes and noone to trade them for.
  6. I thought Riley would have gone for Jackson, but I know I'm biased to most anything Carolina blue. As far as big men go I can see why Adebayo rated above the likes of the more skilled big men still available. These days its really tough to put a elite defense on the floor without a big man that can switch out on the perimeter. If he can gain the coaches trust I can see him getting immediate court time at center when Whiteside struggles with the matchup. Who knows what he'll be on the offensive end. The jumper looks good but I'm sure hes at least a year away from being a real threat. Its a disappointing draft only because of how tantalizingly close Mitchell and Monk were. I'm thrilled Riley didn't go for someone like Patton or Collins though. I loved watching them both play and hopefully they'll carve out a niche for themselves as pros but the league is no place for plodding big men anymore.
  7. If you're going down the what if route how about Lebron paired with a healthy Embiid for three years? That would have been frightening. In hindsight there's no question that they made the right choice in trading the pick . Whether Love was the right player or not is up for debate. I think they could have flipped him or orchestrated a three team deal to get a couple of players that were better fits. I think the straight up theft of JR Smith and Shumpert had more to do with that title than the Love trade.
  8. Except for the fact that McGruder didn't do the same thing. The team was worse off defensively with him on the floor.....not always his fault since he has no business guarding most small forwards in this league but he still struggled elsewhere as well. McGruder was a below replacement level player in most every aspect of his game. Hes a fun guy to root for and I hope he manages to stick around but he really shouldn't be a starter on a winning team.
  9. The Bulls and Pacers were a few lucky bounces away from the finals. There's something to be said for a few years of continuity in a league where most team flip half their roster every year.
  10. If that's what the Heat end up with after this offseason it will be hard to complain. They're easy to root for and great fun to watch. In theory the Heat could have a 3 year run where they keep the same top 7 guys together. Add in good coaching and some development from the youngsters and you could have team like the Pistons/Pacers/Bulls that contended with the big boys for a few years.
  11. If I were Riley I'd still talk to the man and lay the groundwork for a mid-season trade if he doesn't get his whale (Hayward/Griffin) this offseason. Just like Lebron going to Cleveland I only buy this homecoming story to a certain degree. If Cleveland didn't have Irving and the second pick that homecoming may have been able to wait a few more years. The potential in LA is enticing and I'm sure George is dreaming of what could be but the reality may be very different. If Ingram doesn't take a big step forward and their draft pick stumbles out of the gate the future in LA suddenly looks a lot cloudier. I don't think George is going to a team whose best player is Jordan Clarkson.
  12. I think this Heat team could find minutes for pretty much any player that's projected in that 10-20 range as long as they live up to expectations. Dennis Smith may be a raw as they come but he has skills that none on this team possess. Once Waiters entered the starting lineup the bench was desperately lacking in players that could create off the dribble. To some extent I'd agree when it comes to a point guard or center that can't shoot. There's only a finite amount of time available for those types as long as Dragic and Whiteside are around. Even so, Reed saw plenty of court time last season and if Spoelstra would have happily played a pure point over TJ in a lot of cases. As the others have said, you take the player you think will be the best 3 years from now and let the coach and gm work it out after the fact.
  13. I'm saying that there is no point in looking for a quick fix and the more logical route which I tend to think Cuban will follow is to take the prospect they think will contribute the most 3 years from now, not tomorrow. And I do stay off the the morning at least.
  14. The Mavs are maxed out with a team built around Barnes, Matthews, and Nowitzki. Maybe if everyone stays healthy they can sneak into the playoffs and get Dirk one more shot at the postseason. Even if Seth turns into Steph and they pick the next Brandon Roy they aren't going to beat the Warriors anytime soon.
  15. Contribute to what? Cuban knows its over and I fully expect him to swing for the fences, even if Dirk is planning to stick around for a couple more years. And the way the draft is shaping up it looks like he'll have more than his fair share of high risk prospects to choose from.