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  1. If you want to tank then you make up mysterious long term injuries for Dragic and Whiteside. I like Winslow and JRich but its hard to say if the team was really that much better with them on the court. Ellington has been playing really well.
  2. Are Winslow and Richardson really hurt or being held out to work on their game?
  3. I don't think they've proven themselves one way or the other. I'd like to see at least a month with all the major pieces healthy and playing together before making any judgement. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see that. If the injury bug continues to strike it will make the decision all that much more difficult. I would expect the Heat would get a heavily protected first rounder for Dragic. And you wouldn't replace him. The starting PG would be TJ, and hes nowhere near ready to be a starting point in this league. That's why you only trade him if you've concluded that a team centered around him and Whiteside isn't going anywhere.
  4. If the team shows it cannot compete, whether that's due to injuries, lack of talent or experience or whatever Dragic goes on the trade block. Its the logical move to make unless for some reason you're convinced that Griffin, Lebron, Curry or Durant are coming to Miami next season. I believe this team can be pretty good if they can get everyone healthy and maintain this level of defensive play. But if I'm wrong and a couple months from now they're still flailing around there's no reason to believe that some mid-level free agent is going to put them over the top next season.
  5. He played well enough and took the opportunities to get to the rim when given. Still noone respects his shot......if hes out there at the three point line his defender doesn't even bother guarding him.
  6. There's no logical reason to even explore a trade with TJ. His value to other teams inevitably drops because of that contract and until he can show some glimpses of living up to those last two years there's no way the Heat would get anywhere near equal value. The Heat have the right approach with him. Hes going to get the majority of his minutes at the point and they're going to try to let him grow into that position. JRich is a wing and should spend his time there.
  7. Sometimes players just have a fluky year where everything works for them. Maybe that was McRoberts in Charlotte. Or maybe the injuries have forced an adjustment that hes struggling to make. Or maybe its just mental......who knows. When Haslem had the first major surgery of his career his jumper completely abandoned him. I never understood why he went from hitting half to a third of his definitely didn't seem to be all because of physical limitations. If McRoberts has gotten to the point where hes too scared to take the shot even when given 10+ ft of space I won't hold out any hope him returning to form anytime soon.
  8. Confidence in his shot maybe....he still throws around some ridiculous passes. The defensive shortcomings were easier to overlook when he could hit the three. Now I just can't see how you can play him if/when this team gets fully healthy. Dragic/Winslow/Whiteside need a shooter at the 4 and as much as I love his passing I'd still prefer to see Winslow as the creator with the second unit.
  9. I don't get playing him at the three but I don't see too many other options at the four. Outside of Johnson do any of the power forwards on this team play defense? If Johnson could keep up his pace from beyond the arc I'd be all for putting him in with the starters but I don't see that continuing over the course of a season.
  10. Not really a fan of what either Williams or McRoberts have done at PF so far this year. McRoberts is such an undisciplined defender that after a while he just gets annoying to watch. I hope he gets knocked out of the rotation when Winslow gets back. The way Williams is playing is giving an open door to Babbitt once Spoelstra finishes with his customary 10-15 game evaluation period.
  11. Without Dragic they can. I'm sure Riley wants to see what this team looks like when whole before making any decisions but this is a good year to tank if he chooses to go that route. Its the first time I can remember in a long while that noone appears to be trying to lose. Dallas will get better as players get healthy. Philly actually looks like an NBA team when Embiid is on the court.....they're still going to lose a lot of games but nothing like the last few seasons. The only teams I see out there that just stink and have no real shot at fixing things in the short term are the Nets, Magic and Suns.
  12. I agree but only if its someone like Davis....a player that looks like a transcendent star entering his prime. Even if there was a Shaq trade possible out there it wouldn't be worth gutting the team for. Certainly not for the type of players that look to be available. Cousins, Lopez, Monroe....or even the Clippers' stars if their team takes a turn for the worse. I think there is a clearer path to that free agent by focusing on the development of the kids and hoping Winslow can start to put everything together in year 3 or 4 and emerge as an all star caliber player.
  13. Just a of the very few players out there that would entice Riley to part ways with the "untouchables." Other than Cousins I don't see any star players out there that could get traded anytime soon, unless you consider Brook Lopez to be a star. No team seems to be motivated to put their centerpiece on the market in order to save cash or clear cap space. And I don't see anyone trying to pull a 'Melo or Shaq and force their way out of town. If OKC struggles and Westbrook doesn't re-up for another season they'll be looking to trade him but that's more than a year from now. Davis has every right to be pissed at the Pelicans but demanding a trade isn't his style.
  14. Its not like the Heat have a whole bunch of assets to play with here. Even if someone like Anthony Davis became available the Heat would have to completely gut the roster to come anywhere close to what New Orleans would ask for. And while I usually believe in the philosophy of doing whatever it takes to get the transcendent star I don't believe a single star player gets you anywhere in the NBA today.
  15. I think Whiteside and Winslow are off limits. JRich is borderline untradeable as well given his contract.