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  1. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    I thought they were better than a .500 team as well. But I also think its hard to call them a great disappointment. If you factored in Waiters being worthless prior to injury and then out for the season and Whiteside/Winslow missing 20+ games getting 40-45 wins sounds about right.
  2. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    A loss to a team like the Kings is always a tough pill to swallow. Even if the playoff spot is looking more secure by the day that shouldn't be deemed acceptable. I wouldn't say he or many of the optimistic fans (myself included) bought into the 30-11 team. Most rational people could see that the team wasn't that good and even with Waiters healthy and playing at that level they weren't going to win 70%+ of their games. I think most of us were hoping for a better than .500 team.....pretty much what this team has been most of the season. As far as blowing it up....that was probably never an option either last off-season or at the deadline. There's so little to gain in the short term with the draft pick already gone. Are the kids really going to develop that much faster given that extra 5 minutes a game on a crappy team with nothing to play for? The only argument I could make for it is that it would be easier to figure out what position Winslow should play if Dragic and JJ weren't around. Riley dug this hole a long time ago with the Dragic trade and then kept digging when he matched the TJ contract. With the benefit of hindsight you can debate whether those were good moves but it seems like a largely pointless exercise. They are what they are, an average team with a few promising youngsters and a decent chance to upset someone in the first round of the playoffs.
  3. The Official Bam Adebayo Thread

    We see 3-4 flashes of brilliance every game over the course of 15-20 minutes.....just think what the coaches have to endure during a regular practice. He is so unrefined that it will take it a while to all come together, assuming it ever does. I hope they lay out a plan where he has very limited and specific targets for improvement.
  4. Winslows Development

    Iggy could jump out of the building but I never thought he was all that quick. Part of it was his lack of handles but with the ball I always thought his first step was mediocre at best. Justise has quick feet for a guy his size. Other than the potential two way impact they are very different players. I actually hope for more from Winslow. Iguodala certainly had the talent to be a much better player but it wasn't until Golden State that he actually started to improve the lot of his team and teammates.
  5. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    I'm not quite sure what the answer is with JJ but I am pretty sure that the answer does not involve Whiteside. The only way I've seen that duo thrive is with JJ at the point, and this team has a couple better options there. When hes played in the starting lineup with Dragic and Whiteside hes been reduced to a screen setter and set shooter. Its the never ending quandary of who fits best as the starting 4. Olynyk struck out, Winslow can only handle it when the matchup is right and Mickey and Jones were mediocre at best. I'm almost in agreement with the start Babbitt crowd but its real tough when you've got three guys who are all better all round players deserving minutes.
  6. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Its going to be a fascinating stretch run. Wins and losses almost don't matter since the top 8 is pretty much set and I'm not so sure that the 6th seed is any better than the 8th. Moving up to the 3-5 range would be great but when you compare schedules its not all that likely. Spo still has to figure out what his rotation his now that he has 12 legit NBA players that could all make a case for court time. I have no clue what it should be. All I know is that JJ needs to be freed from Whiteside, Olynyk needs to be on the court as much as possible, and the less this team relies on Wade the better.
  7. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    I've never heard any mention of it in the rumor mill but Indy has got to be a place he at least considers if winning is the primary objective. Collison, Oladipo, James, and Turner create a formidable core. They've got a bunch of bigs that can shoot, a point guard that doesn't need the ball and an all pro sidekick.
  8. Potential playoff matchups

    I wouldn't pick the Heat over anyone as the 6/7/8 seed. I don't think the Raptors or Celtics are as good as their records would indicate but they're still better than the Heat. Heat vs Cavs would be great whatever round it was in. Just give me 6 reasonably close games and I'd be happy.
  9. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Him pairing with Whiteside hasn't worked and I don't think you're going to see much of it anymore. Whether you want to call him the 4 or 5 it seems pretty clear that the team is better off when he plays with a more mobile frontcourt partner.....on this team either Adebayo, JJ, or Winslow. Most of the time hes going to be defending the opposing 5 in those cases so you'd probably call him the center.
  10. Potential playoff matchups

    The Celtics have been almost as bad as the Heat on the offensive end even with Kyrie. That team doesn't have the look of one that is going to put together a deep playoff run. The offense struggles in the half court and most games they already play to their defensive potential. Other than the Bucks all the Eastern playoffs teams look better than the Heat now. Hopefully that changes over the next few weeks. I'd pay good money to see Wade lead the Heat over the Cavs in the playoffs, even if it was only one game.
  11. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    That is the justification and its fine but when the ball falls into your hands you take that one extra step out of bounds and hand it back to the guard. You don't drop the ball and head up the court forcing your teammate to call someone back. Its ridiculous.
  12. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    For the most part it doesn't matter but a guy like Dragic can get 2-3 cheap baskets catching a defense napping if they don't get back. Its just such a stupid thing to be principled about and you can see his teammates get visibly annoyed when everyone else is hustling down the floor and the ball handler is looking around for someone to hand it to him. I'm sure he got it from watching Shaq. It was annoying enough with Shaq but at least his teammates knew how important it was to have him at full strength in the 4th and those teams played at a snails pace anyways. This stuff seems trivial but it matters more than you would think......on any sports team. You've got to be really good in order for your teammates to let you get away with thinking your bigger than the team.
  13. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    There are some battles you fight and some you don't, and it seems like the whole Whiteside inbounding the ball is one the team has given up on. Every once in a while you catch Dragic giving him an exasperated glance and you know someone desperately wants to tell the manchild to grow up.
  14. Winslows Development

    I didn't see him in high school but did at Duke and was never a big time dunker there. He was the same player he is now in the sense that if you gave him a clear run to the basket he'd dunk but for the most part he was a below the rim finisher. I've never seen this elite athleticism and have a hard time believing this is something hes hiding because of some mental block. I certainly don't want this construed as me saying hes a poor athlete. Hes just not in that category of "above the rim" players. Put him next to TJ, Adebayo, Jones, or Mickey and its pretty clear hes not on that level.
  15. Winslows Development

    The man just doesn't have the hops....don't think its any sort of psychological impediment. If he gets a free run to the rim he can throw it down but hes not doing that in traffic. Hes a good athlete.....just not one of those above the rim types. Winslow needs to learn how to use his body to protect the ball and finish below the rim. Hes got a brilliant artist as a teammate in Dragic, and another in Wade for however long he stick around. Those guys seek out contact while Winslow avoids it.