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  1. He played last season like he has his entire career....he just happened to go into a prolonged shooting slump that highlighted how useless he is in every other aspect of the game when his jumper isn't falling. He doesn't defend, doesn't set up his teammates, doesn't drive to the basket and draw contact.... The man dunk and takes 20+ ft jumpers. I was hopeful for an improved version when he signed in Miami but other than some better effort on the defensive end there wasn't much.
  2. I see enough potential there to think that at least one of them will emerge as a quality NBA player. Williams has barely touched on what hes capable of doing so far in the NBA and hes already a decent rotation player. With any luck Miami will find themselves another Whiteside or Richardson in this crew.
  3. Hes undersized, not all that athletic, and has a slow release. If Ellington ends up being the starter over TJ and JRich that's not a good sign.
  4. If a third party approved by both the league and union clears Bosh to play then he plays. Westbrook will probably be out of the Heat's price range if Presti does give up and shop him around. There are plenty of teams out there with the picks and young assets that Presti loves and some of them would probably hand them over even if Westbrook didn't offer assurances of re-signing. I think the Clippers' roster may be up for grabs though if they struggle in the first half of the season. Paul and Griffin can probably dictate where they're heading and that should take the majority of the league out of the running.
  5. It will be a lot easier to predict a career arc after this season. What vaulted him into the upper echelon of the draft was the ncaa run when he stopped being deferential to Okafor and Jones and became the primary playmaker on that Duke team. Ideally he would have had a couple seasons playing second fiddle to Wade before being asked to take on similar responsibilities at this level but it wasn't meant to be. My guess is that there will be games this year where it gets real ugly but we'll also get a pretty good idea of what hes going to be.
  6. I think the criticism of Dragic has reach the point of hyperbole. There's no need to try and one up yourself. He may not be a player of Wade's caliber but there were several games in the playoffs where he was the best player on the court for either team. Last season was a mess for about 70% of the year before a serendipitous turn of events led to the team making a deeper than expected playoff run. It wasn't much fun to watch.
  7. Dragic showed in Phoenix that if you give him some room to operate he can pull off a decent Nash impersonation. He doesn't have the offensive arsenal or creative genius of Wade but at the same time he also doesn't have some of those flaws that started to stand out more as Wade slowed down and couldn't blow by people anymore. If nothing else it will be fascinating to watch, and hopefully more entertaining than the mess of last season. For the first time in many years its hard to find a single team in the east that is actively looking to tank. I can see things getting ugly quickly in Chicago, NY, and NJ if they don't win early or the injuries start piling up but for the most part everyone wants to win. Riley is definitely right about one thing.....there are going to be a bunch of teams looking to unload contracts when they figure out they can't win with what they have. I can't quite figure out which side the Heat are going to be on.
  8. Nobody is going to argue him being the best player on the court but its hard to ignore the struggles he and Dragic had when trying to play together. Things opened up a bit when JJ came but those early starting lineups of Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh, and Whiteside were brutal. Its not hard for me to see the offense improving even with the talent level dropping off rather significantly.
  9. So your eyes tell the truth and yet the basis of your argument about Whiteside being a good defender is that he had a good defensive of those analytic numbers created by scrubs. You do realize how is defensive rating is also effected by him coming off the bench right? What was his defensive rating when he was playing with Joe Johnson and the starters at the end of the regular season? I think most people who considered Whiteside's defense to be underwhelming formulated that opinion by watching him play, not relying on numbers. He puts up great numbers and most every statistical measure of his play has him as one of the best players in the game. Its only when you watch him play that you realize that those numbers don't really tell the whole story.
  10. Hes definitely got a place on this team. Even if its just as the pest that gets thrown on opposing PGs if Dragic is getting worked over. I sure hope he makes the roster, especially with the current state of it. It still annoys me how Houston reaped all the rewards after the time Miami invested in Beverly.
  11. Its a bit unrealistic to expect them to reach the level JJ/Wade/Deng did after JJ came aboard. In large part because Johnson and Richardson were hitting shots at a pretty insane clip which obviously wasn't going to last forever. But I don't think its unreasonable to expect them to match or surpass the offense the Heat were putting on the floor pre-JJ. Wade/Green/Deng were not producing the most efficient looks at the basket. It will require a very different style of basketball, but I do think they can still be a good team. They're going to need to push the ball at every opportunity to produce easy looks in transition and play defense at a level this town hasn't seen since 2011.
  12. The lasting image of the season is still Goran getting shut down and the Heat struggling with only Wade as a legitimate scoring threat. That's not fair to Dragic since he had plenty of games in the playoffs where he looked like the best player on the court but its hard to forget how it all ended. This is Goran's show now. Hes the only point on this team and they're going to lean heavily on him to create for himself and others. Still in today's NBA you can't have just one creator and if the Heat are going to go anywhere they're going to need Winslow, JRich, TJ, and McRoberts to be able to take advantage of a rotating defense.
  13. I don't know how much that high usage rate was contributing to wins in the regular season. The Heat weren't a better team with Wade on the court last season until that final stretch when things started to come together. There's no question the team is going to have to find someone to take those difficult attempts in the half court when everything else breaks down, and whoever it is won't hold a candle to Wade. But the hope is that this can be balanced a bit by more efficient offense for the other 80% of attempts being taken. Of course any similar win projections have to be assuming a much better defensive effort next season, and I don't think that's being unreasonable. Hopefully with a bit more continuity, youth, and athleticism on the floor Spoelstra can get a few more stops from this crew.
  14. I doubt he gets handed anything. Its going to be a dogfight between TJ, JRich and Ellington. I think he ends up playing more point than shooting guard, especially in lineups where someone else can handle the playmaking.
  15. Its good value for two seasons and then poor value for two. In order to be worth the deal hes going to have to be a solid starter by year 3....not completely out of the question but not all that likely either. They also included trade escalators in the contract which will make it all that much more difficult to include him in any trade with two teams operating above the cap. Its called a poison pill contract for a reason.....its not a good deal for the team.