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  1. At this point the best shot creator the Heat have is Waiters, scary as that may be.
  2. The reality is that noone knows exactly what the risks are. Bosh went out and found a small set of people who had a blood clot at some point in their life and were able to play a sport at a high level without killing themselves in the process. I can go find a few hundred people who are convinced that aromatherapy cured their cancer but if I went and asked for that treatment from a licensed physician they'd refer me to a therapist. I'm not saying hes wrong, but most doctors are going to require more than anecdotal evidence of one patient who hasn't seen the blood clots return.
  3. It sounds to me like he went out and found people willing to tell him what he wanted to hear and go against conventional wisdom. I'm not a huge fan of the medical community in general and I would probably do the same thing in his shoes but that doesn't change the fact that hes going to have the vast majority of doctors telling him hes making a mistake. And the one that prescribes this routine is going to well compensated for that spike in insurance. I'm pretty sure everyone has already decided that hes playing. All I can say is that I sure hope if it happens a third time that he has the sense to walk away.
  4. I'm quite confident that Arison/Riley/Spoelstra came to a definitive conclusion some time ago and communicated it with Bosh. I can't say why they haven't held a press conference to appease the fans but just because they didn't leak it to a beat writer, make a tweet, blog, facebook, instagram or whatever doesn't mean they're taking a "passive aggressive approach" with Bosh. Of course I could be wrong......the point is that neither of us really know. In this era of social media there is this expectation of every celebrity conversation to be made public an instant after conveyance.
  5. As you stated in a previous post....lets be careful about making up stories that aren't there. You're making assumptions based on the limited insight the media members have provided and a few tweets the player and owner have made. None of us know what kind of communication has been made between Bosh and Arison, Riley and Spoelstra. All we are privy to is the fact that Bosh and his wife has expressed a desire to play basketball and everyone in the Heat organization has said almost nothing definitive other than expressing their support.
  6. So the ethical decision now is to let the man with a life threatening medical condition engage in an activity that increases the probability of recurrence? I get the cynical view that has become prevalent amongst the fanbase given the cap implications and all but we're still talking about a person that could have died if they hadn't discovered the root cause the first time around.
  7. In 2011 the Thunder had the most talented team in the NBA. It was painfully obvious how young they were when the Heat beat them but it also revealed just how good they could be when they did the same thing to the Spurs. After losing that title it was hard to imagine how anyone could prevent those guys from winning multiple championships, and yet somehow they pulled it off. There will probably never again be a team that goes to the finals with its top 4 players all 23 and under.
  8. Presti's moves in OKC are dictated by the bottom line. If you look at his trades and drafts he has a fantastic track record but the ownership's mandate of working within a certain budget has ruined that franchise. In order to have a successful front office you need support of ownership, a competent gm, and a quality coach that's able and willing to work with management. I think the Thunder are a perfect example of a franchise handed two superstar players, one by the luck of the lottery and the other by gutsy draft move, and wasting the opportunity given to them.
  9. I would highly recommend becoming a fan of the New Orleans Pelicans. There you will get the chance to follow one of the brightest stars in the game today paired with incompetent ownership.
  10. What I was responding to was your statement that with a prime Shaq it didn't matter who was coaching or in the front office. My only comment is to go watch a prime Shaq in LA before Phil came to town. He was awesome.....the team not so much. There is a long list of franchises that have stumbled into a star and squandered the opportunity. West took a gamble by trading an established player for a kid out of high school and handing out a contract that noone else would. And even after adding Phil and assembling the various supporting casts there was a razor thin margin between trophies and playoff exits. To you Memphis is an exception because they have never held up a championship trophy. To me that franchise has been a success story, at least before new ownership came along and bungled things up. Just because the lottery balls haven't fallen their way or they couldn't knock down a few shots in a playoff series does not make them failures. They built a contending team that lasted a good part of a decade.
  11. I want to see more Greek Freak at point guard.....that was a lot of fun.
  12. Presti has been great in OKC when it comes to drafting and he seems to win every trade he makes. And yet he can't hire a coach and has an owner unwilling to spend. One strong pillar does not make a great front office and it was a miracle that Durant put up with it as long as he did. The Lakers managed to threepeat with Phil Jackson and Jerry West, arguably the best coach and GM in the history of the sport. Along with an owner that let them run the team. They obviously couldn't win with just Shaq or just Kobe.....did you watch those teams? The Clippers are a mess and have been for a while. They were fortunate to be gifted a player by the league who happens to be one of the best point guards of all time and have managed to squander his tenure with a bunch of bad decisions. If I were a fan I would have little faith in current management being able to keep the team afloat after Paul leaves. Market size and tax brackets have to be the two most overstated aspects by fans of free agency and overall team success in general. Especially now, when players see that the most marketable force resides in Cleveland. Atlanta should be the third best basketball market in the country, but until recently that team has been horribly mismanaged. New York and now Brooklyn are a mess with little hope of future revival. Miami, San Antonio, and Memphis are tiny markets by comparison, and have thrived.
  13. Methinks you've been a bit spoiled. Go try and be a Timberwolves' fan for a little while. Its a miserable existence knowing that even when you have a star player that his departure is all but inevitable due to front office incompetence, cheap ownership, or a lousy fan base. The Lakers have a sparkling young roster full of talent and a ridiculous amount of cash flowing into their coffers and the fans are all but assured that the ownership will screw it all up. Meanwhile fans in San Antonio are watching Duncan retire and Parker fade into obscurity and still have complete faith that they'll be contending or on the path to contention every season.
  14. I was referring to '08 and '12. This year's squad wasn't all the great for a bunch of reasons, the main one being that most of the top tier players were either injured or decided not to play. If they had just gotten a couple out of Curry, Davis, Leonard, James, Aldridge, Griffin, Bosh, Westbrook or Harden it might have been a different story. Durant + a bunch of second tier stars just doesn't quite cut it. That being said if they had really been trying of defense they still would have fun to watch.
  15. I'm well aware of who these guys are in the NBA. The point is that those 7 guys don't need 30 touches a night to be world class basketball players and the olympics are the perfect place to showcase that. Obviously this year wasn't a very good example but I think the previous two were. You saw a whole bunch of guys who were all top dogs on their teams find different roles when surrounded by their peers. No, they weren't playing beautiful basketball but they were still able to run roughshod over the world and showcase what make the sport so great.