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  1. Hayward is going to be a free agent this year. He'll be the first one Riley calls, along with 20 other teams....
  2. A very basic prerequisite to initiating an offensive set is being able to pass the ball. I don't think anyone was under the illusion that Whiteside was capable of that when he was given the deal. I seem to remember a little Spanish fellow that had the ball in his hands quite a bit in Minnesota. They ran some stuff off the elbow with Love but its not like he was Jokic. I always wanted more stuff to be run through Bosh when the big three were together but that was mostly because I thought they needed more options come playoff time when good defensive teams took away the driving lanes from Wade and James. You can make the same argument for Love in Cleveland but the reality is that team is so ridiculously efficient with James running the point that its hard to imagine why they'd want the ball in anyone else's hands. I do want to see Whiteside get more touches in the post, especially when things aren't going well for 7-11. But when everyone was healthy things were going really well for those two more often than not.
  3. In Bosh's case I'd agree but it never made sense for Wade to bolt over a few million. There aren't going to be a lot of teams lining up to pay a 37 year old Wade and he'll end up making less over the three year period than he would have in Miami. And he lost something not so easily measurable in leaving Miami and prematurely passing on the face of the franchise label to Spoelstra. I get why he was frustrated and maybe even felt used by Riley but it was a bad move. I always thought Riley wanted to make one more big splash in free agency and then retire or at least hand over most of the operational duties to Elisburg and Spo. I can see why hes struggling with it knowing that there's no quick route to contending.
  4. He was on a lot of writer's short lists and if the Heat had made the playoffs I think he would have gotten the award. The reward itself is rather silly though. Coaches get votes more based on what a sportswriter thought the talent level and expectations were before the season than what the coach actually did.
  5. Not to sound too crass but Haslem gets what's left over. If Riley has 5 mil in cap space and noone to spend it on I'm sure he'd be happy to give it to UD. But I highly doubt when hes planning out his initial free agent offers Haslem is anywhere in that equation.
  6. I say the future relies on that trio because if this team comes back relatively intact the improvement is going to have to come from them. While Waiters and Whiteside are still relatively young I don't expect to see their game improve by leaps and bounds. Tyler, Justise, and Josh are still so young and raw that its easy to see one or all of them becoming much better players. I've got no clue what the odds of that happening are..... I do think if this team is going to contend in the next few years one of them is going to have to develop into a plus player/borderline all star.
  7. The future still depends on Winslow/TJ/JRich. The only difference now and when we thought this team was going to lose 60 games is that the baseline is a bit higher.
  8. I think the odds are against TJ making it. The reason I have for believing in him is that the odds have always been against him and hes made it this far. Over the past two years hes shown improvement in almost every aspect of his game and I don't have any reason to doubt that he'll continue this upward trajectory. Still a longshot.... Whether Waiters ends up being worth it or not I think what he gets offered by Riley depends more on the available cap space than anything else. Him making 13 mil a year vs 16 probably has very little impact on the future financial flexibility of this team but for whatever reason would be viewed far differently by fans.
  9. I'm a huge fan of TJ. He seems to have a great attitude, plays hard every night, and is just an all round likable character. All I'm saying is that he doesn't have the size to defend NBA wings and if hes going to be a starter in this league its got to be at point. Its not his fault that he became a free agent at just the right time and got an absurd offer from a lousy team that could afford to do so. But from a fans perspective he now has to live up to that deal in order to be considered a success. And I think hes got a long ways to go before he can do that. Dion will be beset with the same burden of expectations if he gets paid what people around here expect him to. I think hes better suited to meet them.
  10. What are the ramifications? Riley needs to do something this offseason. Next year the TJ deal kicks in and depending on what happens with the Bosh contract the Heat will have either very little cap room or none at all. Riles has no incentive to tank next season without a draft pick and every reason to try to build something sustainable around Dragic/Whiteside for the next 3-4 yrs. At the very worst during that stretch we saw a playoff contenting its best being in the east who knows.... Those 30 games ensured that there will be no rebuild.
  11. You think there's a long list of teams lining up to take on a couple years of TJ at 18 mil per? I'm sure the Sixers or some team with plenty of cap room and little prospect of doing anything in the next couple years would take him for nothing but odds are you aren't getting equal value back. This is the offseason that Riley has to toy with the roster and then the Heat are stuck for a couple years with what he has built. There's not going to be much difference in the flexibility he has if its Dion + TJ or just one of them. Riley took a gamble on TJ and now we as fans just have to hope it pans out. If two years from now hes a starting point guard on a playoff team he'll be considered a bargain. Otherwise its a couple years of pain.
  12. All I see when people suggest TJ at the two is Wade's eyes lighting up every time he came down the court and saw who was trying to guard him. The kid needs another 20-30 lbs of muscle mass if he wants to be able to defend the position and you just never know how different athlete's bodies will react to putting on that kind of weight. I know the NBA is going small but TJ at the 2 and McGruder at the 3 were acts of desperation not long term solutions.
  13. I've seen how much athletes that aren't even near his level put into the game so I get why he would do it. Hopefully his stints on tv and his time away have shown him the possibilities of a life after basketball. I want to agree with you about what the final verdict will be but when Riley passed up on the opportunity to release him in March the only conclusion I could come to was that there was reasonable doubt in his mind. If the outcome was certain, why hold onto him? The roster spot does have value and the Heat could have gone out and signed Weber or someone else from the d-league or overseas that they had been keeping an eye on.
  14. I don't think its up to just the league. As long as Bosh is a member of the Miami Heat there is no grey area. The team doctors have stated that hes unfit to play and they've put him on the injured reserve. Its when they release him and he contests that judgement that we enter a grey area, and I don't think its in Riley's best interests to go there until the last possible moment. The worst outcome for the Heat is if Bosh is released and the doctor agreed to by all parties can't reach a definitive conclusion. If that happens before free agency the salary stays on the books and there's no Waiters or JJ.....they'll find their money elsewhere. My guess is that on the first day of free agency we'll hear that the Heat have signed whoever contingent on the impending release of Bosh due to medical complications.
  15. Everything I've heard from Bosh makes me believe that he is convinced that he can manage it, even if it is a life threatening condition. I'm sure hes found a doctor that has told him its possible to go through these treatments and still play ball and I'm equally sure the Heat have found a couple dozen that say he'll still be at risk. If the Heat knew that there was no possibility that he would ever be cleared to play again I agree that they would have released him by now. I think Riley will keep him on until he has everything lined up in free agency with all the verbal agreements done. Then the worst case is that he manages to get reinstated and Arison has to swallow a luxury tax bill for a couple seasons.