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  1. What did you see in Williams that made you think hes a player deserving a spot in the rotation? He got quite a few minutes early in the season and he was bad in every facet of the game. He couldn't hit a jumper, didn't rebound the ball, didn't play defense, didn't pass the ball...... Hes got all the measurables and I was rooting for him to succeed but his short stretch was beyond terrible. The coup de gras was the lack of effort. I think Riley and Spoelstra could have overlooked the awful shooting and inability to move the ball if he just gave a little effort in defending and hitting the glass.
  2. It would be funny if it turns out to be true. I love those trades that were so obviously lopsided when they go down and two years later opinions have shifted 180.
  3. Its not so much what they gave up in the trade but the fact that they have to go all in now in building around these two. There's no guarantee this is going to work and a couple years from now they may be looking back and wondering what may have been. They've got time and arguably two top ten talents. As a fan or coach I'd be scared to an outside observer I'm thrilled to see it all play out.
  4. I'm not convinced this is the right move for the Pelicans but at that price they had to do it. Regardless of what Davis says now, his eyes will start wandering if they can't build a winner in the next couple seasons. I'd still bet on them to miss the playoffs and for Gentry to take the blame. Its going to be tough for him to make this work on the fly.
  5. The Mourning saga was a whole lot uglier that this one. Maybe we didn't have as much facebook and twitter then but that one left a bad taste in the mouths of fans and players alike. I don't think players have any more respect for the Lakers' franchise because of how they bowed down to every demand Kobe made. I think they see a mess of an ownership, a team with no direction, and a whole lot of losing.
  6. There was no chance Waiters was going to take a multi-year deal. They even had to give him the player option just to get him to sign. He knew what he was doing, as did Johnson and Williams. They all could have found multi-years out there if they wanted them, but nowhere near what the average role player was pulling in. They saw guys who put up 12/5 getting 60 mil and bet on themselves. It looks like its worked out for JJ and Waiters....Williams too if he can step up with Love out.
  7. Honestly I think Riley, Spoelstra and the Heat have come out of this one looking pretty good. Just like with Lebron, Dwyane has come to the realization that a coach that holds players accountable is a good thing. A star player that is only interested in running the show may not be interested but if Spoelstra keeps this up there will be an Aldridge out there for the taking.....someone sick of chaos and ill discipline looking for structure. As far as how the departure was handled by Riley......not sure how that was so out of the norm. The man has an ego and doesn't appreciate being crossed. Things didn't go smoothly when 'Zo, Hardaway, Shaq, or Lebron left the team.
  8. I don't expect him to maintain the shooting that hes demonstrated this past month.....I don't think anyone does. I'm looking at the season as a whole, which began in a miserable fashion and has improved over time. Take the Waiters of this season along with all the highs and lows and you have a pretty good starting shooting guard. I didn't come around to Waiters until very recently......I was too tied up in the preconceptions built from his disastrous time in OKC. Once you begin to cast those aside you can see the potential that is there. Hes still prone to take bad shots at times, isn't the greatest passer and struggles to draw fouls but everything is there for him to be an all star shooting guard on the level of Beal. He can get in the paint anytime he wants, create his own shot and defend the position. The rest is just mental hurdles to overcome.
  9. I don't think the numbers are a fluke because they're not all that different from what hes done throughout his career. If you look at this as catch and shoot vs pull-up jumpers you'll see he still doesn't hit a great percentage of his "bad" shots.....pull up jumpers from 20+ ft. He just takes fewer of them. He gets to the rim more and takes more set shots from beyond the arc. Those are the main things that are driving his increase in efficiency, not his mid range shooting percentage. The set shot hit rate may drop off, but at the same time I'd expect him to keep up his improved efficiency around the rim that hes demonstrated as of late.
  10. There are a whole bunch of players that became super stars without being able to shoot the of whom was down in Miami for quite a while. Waiters' shooting numbers this year aren't all that far from his career averages. Inside the arc hes not a very effective scorer, and he hits a very Wade like percentage of his mid range jumpers. His three point percentage may be a bit of an aberration, or may be because hes taking fewer attempts off the dribble and more catch and shoot in Miami. What is clearly not an aberration is his defense and sudden willingness to pass the ball. Neither of those traits existed before Miami. I'm not ready to call Dion a future star but hes fast approaching that same uncomfortable territory the Heat were in with Whiteside. If he keeps this up for the rest of the year you have a 25 year old starting 2 guard producing numbers that put him right below the top echelon of Beal/Thompson/DeRozan. Its going to be really tough to let him walk and get nothing in return.
  11. I remember that article.....pretty clear why Curry is who he is on the court when you read what he does off it. If you look at Whiteside as a third year pro that didn't break out until his second season it all kinda makes sense. I do wonder if the mental aspects of the game will start to sink in before the physical form starts to break down. A lot of pros don't start to embrace these things until year 5 or 6, and I'm not sure the Heat have that kind of time with Whiteside.
  12. I think its fair to say that noone saw that winning streak coming. Not Riley, not the fans or media, not the players themselves. It wasn't too hard to see that this team was better than its record when it was 11-30 and its not to hard to see that they aren't exactly a team you'd expect to win 13 in a row. Still I think both came as a bit of a shock. I'm not sure why your lambasting Riley for acting in a reactionary manner. If the team had continued down the path it was headed early in the season he would have had to consider trading the vets, both out of respect for them and to look towards the future. After the winning streak he has to consider keeping them and even adding to the mix. At the same time its his job to prepare for any contingency, which I'm sure includes winning the title and scoring the #1 overall pick and everything in between. So yes if hes doing his job I would expect him to scout the top prospects along with the lesser known ones, all the while rooting for his guys to win. Despite what some people seem to believe, Riley isn't the coach in Miami anymore. He may sit down and have a few fatherly chats with the players and coaches during the season but he doesn't have a whole lot of impact on where the team is going during the season......unless of course he makes personnel changes. Oh and no team gives a crap about selling seats. Its nice to fill them out so it looks good on your nationally televised games but compared to tv money what they're getting for stadium seats is pocket change.
  13. I have wondered about his lower body strength. Even though he looks jacked whenever he goes against a true big man they don't seem to have much difficult establishing position. Is that effort or just a lack of strength? You see it with a lot of young guys that decide not to pay attention to the training staff......the girls like the abs and biceps but they don't do much good when Drummond backs his rear into you. I think Heat fans just have to accept that they have a 100 million dollar man child. Spoelstra has said before how this is his biggest challenge so far.....the potential reward for both Whiteside and the Heat is huge, but guarantees here.
  14. I'd be more comfortable giving Millsap a 3 year deal than Ibaka. Oddly enough I'd even be more comfortable playing Millsap at the 5 in small ball lineups than Ibaka. He was never as good a defender as people made him out to be and now that it appears hes slowed down a bit and can't quite get up as high hes not a plus player on that end of the court. Millsap on the other hand is, despite being largely grounded and undersized.
  15. Its an odd comparison but I do like it. Everyone raves about his intensity, commitment to defense, and all out effort he gives on every play. He does need to knock down the three to stay on the court but Spoelstra loves guys like him that are able to go out and check a point guard and block out a power forward on the same play.