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  1. Hes not an NBA player yet. There are quite a few players on NBA rosters that have no business being on the court but are there to learn and develop into someone that can contribute. Haslem, Beverley, Rasual Butler, Bruce Bowen, Joel Anthony, TJ, Whiteside, etc....
  2. You think someone in their mid-thirties can't run up and down a basketball court for 30 minutes? The explosive movement goes....that quick first step and leaping ability. There are plenty of 40 year old guys out there that could run their 20 year old selves into the ground.
  3. Not sure what kind of quickness you're seeing....Dragic isn't exactly known for relying on his superior athletic ability. Dragic has a game that should age well. Hes a big guard that knows how to use his body and finish around the basket despite playing well below the rim.
  4. You can forget about everything else.....the last point is the only reason the trade would get done. Gay is a rental whose contract comes off the books and if the Dragic/Whiteside combo looks like a complete failure come Christmas Riley may be looking for an early exit.
  5. Johnson is a career 26% 3 pt shooter. Its not unknown for someone to develop an outside shot late in their career but the odds aren't good. Williams is nothing special either but from what I can see his issue is more taking bad shots than missing good ones. As far as Whiteside I'll say I'm hopeful but not overly least not this year. You don't see too many bigs becoming quality defenders until year 4 or 5, and Whiteside is essentially an NBA sophomore.
  6. Whiteside has not shown himself to be disciplined enough for the Heat to field an elite defense while hes on the floor. And both he and Dragic are so much better when they have room to operate. The starting PF needs to be able to hit the three at a respectable rate.
  7. He is fun to watch. I think all that creativity and crazy energy is best suited coming off the bench though. Williams might be so bad defensively that Spoelstra doesn't have a choice but I think he gets the first shot....the corner 3 is looking pretty good for him in the few games I've seen.
  8. There isn't a whole lot of quality depth at the point guard or small forward positions so there should be plenty of minutes to go around. I think we'll be seeing a lot of 3 guard lineups when Winslow and Dragic are on the bench.
  9. I look at the 18 mil years because those are the ones with serious cap implications. The contract doesn't look as bad now as when it was signed because of the potential of Bosh's contract coming off the books but there's still the very real possibility of the Heat being capped out in 2018 with the three highest paid players being Whiteside, Dragic, and TJ. And if Bosh is picked up by some team next season it gets a whole lot worse. If it hadn't been for Brooklyn's offer I think TJ would have signed for around 20-25 mil over 3 years with an option on the third. That's the context I see it in.
  10. One bad deal doesn't justify another. Crabbe and TJ both got those offers because Brooklyn had money to throw around and didn't really care about the future implications. You can easily make the argument that Portland and Miami were both foolish to match but it is understandable how hard it is to give up on a young guy you've developed. Its impossible to know what impact those two years of 18+ mil on the books will have. It could be just a few more million from the pockets of a billionaire or it could be the deal that blocks the Heat from pursuing a max free agent. As far as his skillset I agree with you on the shooting and athleticism but hes going to have a tough time defending. The desire and effort is there but the length is not......just an unfortunate miss in the genetic lottery. In my mind he has to become someone you see as a point guard in order to justify that contract.
  11. I'm a fan of his and am rooting for success here but hes got to get a lot better for that contract to be a bargain for the Heat. It is possible.....he has come a long ways in the past couple seasons and if he continues that upward trajectory who knows where he'll be two years from now. Still, the deal was a risk, and if two years from now Tyler is an undersized combo guard giving you 10 ppg off the bench its going to be cap albatross that's impossible to move.
  12. Reed looks the part but I haven't seen much on the court. By default hes the backup center if Whiteside gets injured but my guess would be that Spoelstra will mostly lean on smaller lineups when Whiteside goes to the bench.
  13. Johnson and Williams have both been pretty good at making the extra pass....wasn't really expecting that. Even Whiteside has gotten in the act a bit. His passes are still pretty clumsy but at least hes trying. The last three years have been painful to watch but what we've seen so far looks promising. Win or lose these guys should put on a show.
  14. I think there will be quite a few more to come. The kid plays defense, moves off the ball, and has really nice shot. Add a couple inches and hes Danny Green.
  15. That shot sure looks nice though.