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  1. I don't call those guys point guards either.....yes they play the position but ideally you want the offense running through someone else. Maybe he becomes a star at the next level. I've been wrong plenty of times before with different 19 year kids. Its just to me a top pick needs to have some other-worldly skill that you can see will clearly translate when he goes up against better competition. Wall with that explosive first step, Irving with the handles, even Russell with the vision. It doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be great players but at least you know they're going to be able to play with the big boys. I see the raw athleticism with Smith and the passing ability with Ball. In Fultz I see a player whose game is more refined than most of his counterparts and definitely with a gift for putting the ball in the bucket. He reminds me a lot of a kid who went to Carolina....Joe Forte.
  2. A couple years ago there were videos circulating showing Haslem knocking down threes in practice. I don't doubt if he had stayed healthy that he would have added it to his game.
  3. I keep hearing how great this class is going to be but I just can't see it. Fultz doesn't look like a point guard to me, and he doesn't have that otherworldly athleticism like Westbrook to make it work. Smith has all the physical ability but is so raw that its impossible to tell what he'll be as a pro. If I had a choice I'd go with Ball just because like with Steph Curry you can see an NBA level skill, even if the relative lack of athletic ability and awkward shooting motion is a bit scary.
  4. I wouldn't want to see him playing on this team either. I watched and marveled at Wade for more than a decade but after that year of him loafing around on defense I was sick of it and ready for him to move on. It would be tough to watch that every game from 'Melo. This Heat team may suck but at least they try hard.
  5. What's the point in getting an expiring contract? Riley is going to have a tough enough time spending the money hes got this offseason.
  6. Odds are they offer him the max and he stays in LA. I don't think its a sure thing though, especially if they struggle with Paul out and don't go very far in the playoffs. Eventually someone is going to ask if its worth going deep into the luxury tax to keep this core together if they're always going to be second or third fiddle to the Thunder and Spurs out west. I'm curious to see if any of the owners balk at these new "super-max" deals and start to wonder whether anyone other than James is worth it.
  7. Johnson is a 29 yr old backup playing the best ball of his career while having a clear outlier of a season from beyond the arc. I do like him as a player.....hes one of the few things that makes this Heat team watchable. This team just isn't in the right place to be doling out long term deals to players like him. Hes unlikely to ever reproduce what hes doing right now and by the time this team in competitive again he'll be on the downslope of his career. I think a team like LA would be great for him.
  8. If someone is offering a first rounder you take it and run. JJ is not going to keep on hitting shots at this rate and when he regresses back closer to his career numbers his value will drop.
  9. No chance Boston gives up Crowder. They've got him locked up with one of the most team friendly contracts in the league and hes worth far more to them than Bogut.
  10. Napier is an undersized point who was always a long shot to make it. I don't know if Lebron really did influence the pick but regardless it wasn't an awful choice. Pittman was a worthy gamble. I know a lot of us wanted Whiteside at the time but knowing what we do now he wouldn't have made it past year one in Miami. Pittman had the physical tools to make it but was never able to keep in shape. Beasley was the obvious pick at the time. I think Riley wanted Lopez but if he had made that pick he would have been eviscerated by the fans, media, and his boss. Westbrook was a serious long shot that few thought would ever develop into a point guard and there were plenty of legitimate questions around how Love's below the basket style would translate to the NBA. Beasley had everything necessary physically to be a star.....just couldn't get his head on straight. Noone knows what Winslow will be. I've seen enough of him to be confident he'll have a long career if he can stay healthy. Whether its as a perennial all star or journeyman I haven't a clue. The reality is that Riley hits and misses on about as many draft picks as everyone else. Hes had more success than most in finding gems in the second round and as undrafted free agents, and less success in the latter stages of the first round.
  11. This whole drafting failure narrative gets overblown. Riley has been fast and loose with picks when it comes to trades and rightly so given the odds of finding a starter outside the lottery in the draft are pretty low. When he has had a lottery pick hes taken Butler, Wade, Beasley, and Winslow. One a bust, one a superstar, one an all star, and the jury is still out on the most recent. Its is possible that he did want Bosh instead of Wade, just like he wanted Rose instead of Beasley. And he probably would have taken Gooden over Butler and Okafor over Winslow if given the opportunity just like every other GM in the league. There's a lot of luck necessary to win at this game.
  12. Williams has been shooting so poorly that there is pretty much nothing he brings to the table. Spoelstra has shown a willingness to overlook scoring issues if a player puts for the effort on defense but obviously that's not happening. I do have a soft spot for Ellington because of where he went to school but at this point in his career you pretty much know what he is. I do think hes a better player than McGruder and his work on the defensive end has been a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately neither are the long term answer at shooting guard and both are probably playing for the chance to get another one year deal on some other team next season.
  13. 9 times out of 10 Golden went into a game with more talent on his side and still couldn't figure out how to field a winning team. There aren't many teams out there that have less talent than this Heat squad
  14. I love the way JJ is playing but if someone needed frontcourt depth and came along with an offer I'd dump him without second thought. Hes a 30 yr old backup PF....the fact that hes one of the better players on this roster is more an indication of the lack of quality on this team than to his talent. He would look good on a contending team.
  15. We don't know much, but you can infer some things. I've only known one person who suffered an injury like this and he was very well aware of it when it happened. Unless Winslow has some crazy pain threshold the fact that he went about his business after tearing it tells you something about the severity.