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  1. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Riley has never been shy about giving a full guarantee and cutting the player loose if he finds someone better. The guaranteed deal gets him into camp but doesn't necessarily mean he makes the final 15. I do think its funny how Riley is stealing everyone Ainge had to cut loose in order to sign Hayward....
  2. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I don't think the money makes any difference. Usually when a team buys a player out they require the player pay them any earnings made in the league for the duration of the original contract. As far as this team this season I don't see a place for him. Waiters signed here to be a starter, and they're not going to bench him for someone 10 yrs his senior. Even if Wade was willing to accept a lesser role off the bench who do you kick to the curb? I know Riley and Spoelstra want to see what they have in TJ, JRich, and Winslow, and that means giving them minutes and opportunities to lead the offense. Things could look completely different a few months from now but I don't see it at the moment.
  3. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    What is he better at? Hes a decent pick and roll player and can take smaller guys in the post. He doesn't play defense, can't take anyone off the dribble anymore, and can't shoot. The Cavs already have Rose who is in a similar place to Wade in his career at this point. If I were Wade I'd take the paycheck and play the year out with the Bulls. At least he'll be able to put up numbers on a lousy team.
  4. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Whatever you want to call him, he seems to think he should be the centerpiece of a team and unless you want him to walk in a couple seasons I think anyone trading for him has to see him in a similar light. The value diminishes because of time (2 yrs is better than 1) and scrutiny. Time is pretty self explanatory. Trade for him now and you get two years to see if he is capable of leading a team, two years of a manageable contract, and one offseason to build a roster before his salary doubles. The increased scrutiny is inevitable now that he has declared his desire to be the leading man, whether hes traded or stays with the Cavs. Every game he goes 8-23, every missed game winner, and every time he slacks off on defense he'll get a barrage of criticism, particularly is James decides hes going to prove something this season. I'm not saying a good GM cares what fans or beat writers think, but they're reacting to the same thing. Every time he fails it raises the question of whether he can be the man on a contending team.
  5. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I can't agree with that and all evidence over the past decade points to the contrary. Pretty much every team that has traded a "star" at his request saw his value diminish as time went on and regretted waiting. And its clearly not so plain and simple. There are plenty of aspects of Kyrie's game that make one pause and think how he makes a team better. This isn't Lebron or Durant or Butler or even George that can step into any rotation and thrive. The longer this drama transpires the more people dig into and expose his weaknesses on the court and question his true value. The selling point now is that he is a young franchise cornerstone that you can build a team around. If he has another season like the last where the team struggles whenever Lebron steps off the court and hes unable to offset that storyline with offseason heroics do people still see him as a centerpiece? We've already seen in this past season with Lillard and Isaiah Thomas. Both extremely talented and arguably more valuable to their team than Irving. And both facing legitimate questions about their ability to lead a contending team.
  6. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I think Kyrie can force the issue if he really feels like it. Its hard to know how much pressure hes putting on the Cavs since hes decided to keep it out of the public eye. You say the Cavs have all the leverage since they have the man under contract, but there's nothing in that contract that says how hard he has to try. He can be a consummate professional or a locker room cancer. The way everyone looks at the numbers these days it doesn't take long for a player's narrative to shift and see his value diminish. If Kyrie pulled a Kobe and went on a year long pout after not being traded I think people would have a very different opinion on his real value. The problem that the owners have created in an effort to curtail their own extravagance is that someone like Kyrie knows hes getting the max regardless of what he does on the court. There's no monetary incentive for him to show up, try on defense, and help the Cavs putting a winning product on the floor. So his personal value never diminishes, while his value to the team lessens with every day he gets closer to the expiration date of that contract and with every lackadaisical performance.
  7. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I don't buy it. The closer you get to training camp the more teams will pull their original offers. The Heat, Celtics, TWolves, Bucks and anyone else looking to win will focus on what they have now. Then you're left with the dregs, and fantasies of landing Porzingis.
  8. K.Os Ceiling with the Heat?

    McGruder is the third most likely loser. I would expect Winslow to take his starting gig and most of his playing time. It will be fascinating to watch how this frontcourt rotation evolves with the additions of Olynyk, Winslow, and Bam. I don't know if he'll ever start but I'd feel comfortable saying that the only big guaranteed to be on the floor in the 4th is JJ. Whether he'll be playing next to Olynyk, Whiteside, Adebayo, or Winslow I can't say.

    And yet here you are trying to convince people that Jordan somehow had an advantage because players were smaller in his era. If Jordan played in this day in age he would have been in a weight room from the age of 15-16. If Lebron had played in Jordan's time there's no way he would have been a 230+ lb monster in high school. Not sure why I replied to this......these arguments are specious to say the least.
  10. The Official Bam Adebayo Thread

    I don't see the two players competing for minutes. Olynyk has the Babbit role and Adebayo has Reed's. The hope is both are more well rounded players but as far as their place in the rotation I think they'll be similar. Olynyk's primary task is to play PF next to Whiteside and Adebayo is the backup center. I'm sure Spoelstra will try Olynyk at the 5 next to JJ and Adebayo at the 4 when the situation calls for it but I don't see either being a regular occurrence.

    Players lift year round.......they didn't in the 80s.
  12. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    What a luxury to have UD on this team. How can you not put in the work at the gym or on the practice court when there's someone like him around?
  13. NBA's Impending Nuclear Winter For FAs

    JJ got three years guaranteed, and that's probably all hes going to get from that contract. Like everyone else, he pretty much has two years guaranteed with the Heat unless something very unexpected happens. To me that was a great deal, both rewarding the player for working his *** off and not overly burdening the team. The TJ contract set the parameters for every move Riley has made since, and definitely has been a limiting factor. It forced Riley to use every penny he had available this offseason and sign every player to 3+ year deals. Fortunately for Riles the players seem to like playing for the Heat and didn't take advantage of the situation. The Olynyk numbers caught me by surprise, but I'm confident they knew what number they had to hit in order to pry him away from Boston. Clearly the intent was to lock up a team for at least a couple seasons. If the kids start to grow into something and this becomes a contender the two years can become 4+. If not start over again....
  14. Tyler Johnson Speaks at HEAT Camp

    Its really hard not to like Tyler. I saw him once at the airport and had to do a double take just because he looks nothing like an NBA player. No flash, no entourage, and aside from the pricey headphones looked like any other college kid. Hopefully it doesn't change with that massive stack of cash coming his way.
  15. NBA's Impending Nuclear Winter For FAs

    It could be. Whatever the case TJ knew pretty early on that he was staying. I guess that may have been Arison immediately stepping in but to me it seemed like there wasn't a whole lot of deliberation. I don't know which contracts you're referring to but in the Heat's case is generally true. That was the general argument made by most of us who were aware of what would happen to the cap when the Dragic contract was signed. Whiteside was signed a year too late but even so its a manageable contract. Time will tell with the three signed this offseason but the only potential problem child I see is the Olynyk deal. With the cap situation over the next three seasons the JJ deal has no real risk. And Waiters would have to regress to his petulant past self in order for his deal to become immovable.