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  1. Im pretty excited to see what we can do out there. The team looks very fast and can be a pest for opposing teams day in and day out. I just hope the injury bug doesn't bite us again Willie Reed is one who's really growing on me!!! I love his energy
  2. Given the circumstances, Riley put together a decent group of guys in literally a day. We can fight for a low seed at best but we should be fun and exciting to watch. I like the one year rental deals but hopefully we make up for this debacle of an off season in 2017.
  3. The team store site crashed. i tried to grab a few items. Everything was $13 that was wade related......literally everything
  4. Yo 2 years ago, if anyone would have told me that Lebron would be back in Cleveland, Wade would be a Bull, KD would be in GS and Rose would be in NY, I'll gladly try some of the crack you were smoking. This off season is crazy.
  5. Im eager to hear what the hell Riley has to say.
  6. Might as well do it lol
  7. Go over the cap and pay the tax tf. Do what must be done to get your guy here.
  8. oh and a bunch of y'all dudes in here a really really Brain dead lmao. I almost forgot how retarded people are in here
  9. Arison is worth 7.7 billion dollars and really couldn't offer Wade what he wanted to stay? **** like this curses a franchise for decades. I have the same feeling the majority of you all have. Pissed. I see why these players are loyal to themselves now. These billion buck owners and bat chit GMs have none. Riley really gave the franchise to a guy who's played with us for 17 months vs the man who built the house for 13 years. As trashy as the Lakers are right now, they did the right thing by Kobe. Players with that gift come around once in a life time. See them off for the greatness, cache and MILLIONS they brought in. God damn I'm so pissed. I wish Flash the absolute best. Riley and Micky has my stomach churning
  10. The comments in here made me partially brain dead. It's a ***ing zoo
  11. Broussard says Wade is looking for a 3 year deal. If so, give him 3/60. This is getting out of hand. So many egos it's not even funny
  12. Instead of exacting revenge, you join them? A team that you choked a series lead to? And you have arguably the best but top 2 point guard in the league and league. Yeah the Warriors team is great but I thought KD had more balls than that. This really isn't comparable to bron joint us in 2010. Weak move especially if this is the same guy people deemed "humble" and the same person who frowned upon teaming up in the first place
  13. I don't know. This moves looks weak to me.
  14. I'm so proud of the bounce back season we've had. More than anything, I wanted this team to prove that they aren't a lottery team without Lebron and we've done that. Had we been on the other side of the injury bug, there's no way we don't face the Cavs in ECF. We were one game away from that still despite having a team with rookies and deteriorating players. I'm beyond proud of Wade. Dude showed the world that at 34, he's still got it. Our rookies have so much potential and we finally have a chance to secure a legit, future All Star big man in Whiteside. We have some moves to make and I trust Riley will make them. I love this team above and beyond. We will be ready next year
  15. We didn't lose this series today. We messed up when he didn't steal game 2 and when Spo sat justise the entire game. She should have gone home up 2-0. Spo another season with a talented team and some nice rookies and he's out coached by Casey. Sad. Yeah we had injuries and yeah we did horrible today but looking at the series as a whole, we had chances to end this in 6. Sucks to lose to a team you could have definitely beaten. Now I have to watch these bum *** over rated Raps get their ***** handed to them by Cleveland. Its ma also hard to win games when you're playing 5v8. 38-21FTs is despicable