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  1. yall trippin if you think we gonna be bad enough to get a top 5 pick let alone the 1 pick, aint happening
  2. Y'all Fooling Yourselves Thinking Will Be Bad Enough To Get A Top 3 Pick In The Draft.
  3. Got Like 5 Items
  4. Wow, No Words
  5. Gut Wrenching, An Absolute Dagger To The Heart
  6. Warriors, Not Even A Question, Dwade My Dude, But **** The Cavs Could Never Root For *** Ahh Bron
  7. **** Gave Me The Feels I Dunno Man, Can This Really Happen.
  8. Because He Can Make More Money Next Year Opting Out Then Re-up With Them For The Max
  9. I Love Dwade But If He Goes To The Cavs, **** Him And That Trash City And Team, And Will Be Back Eventually Just Gonna Take Time
  10. Bruh Dwade Going To Cavs Would Be Straight ***** ****
  11. Probably Wouldn't Be A Bad Option At This Point
  12. It Ain't All Bout The Money, Dwade Never Used To Make A Big Deal Bout All This
  13. ***ing Diva, She ***ing With Dwade Head
  14. **** Was Hilarious When We Got Him And People Were Saying To Give Him Minutes Lol
  15. I Would Never Root For The Cavs **** That, Let It Be Any Other Team Then Them