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  1. James Johnson
  2. Jrich 20
  3. would not even give a thought about picking him in the top 10, but should he fall in the teens to the early 20's the value there would be tremendous
  4. Mario Chalmers and he made 10
  5. yall trippin if you think we gonna be bad enough to get a top 5 pick let alone the 1 pick, aint happening
  6. Y'all Fooling Yourselves Thinking Will Be Bad Enough To Get A Top 3 Pick In The Draft.
  7. Got Like 5 Items
  8. Wow, No Words
  9. Gut Wrenching, An Absolute Dagger To The Heart
  10. Warriors, Not Even A Question, Dwade My Dude, But **** The Cavs Could Never Root For *** Ahh Bron
  11. **** Gave Me The Feels I Dunno Man, Can This Really Happen.
  12. Because He Can Make More Money Next Year Opting Out Then Re-up With Them For The Max
  13. I Love Dwade But If He Goes To The Cavs, **** Him And That Trash City And Team, And Will Be Back Eventually Just Gonna Take Time
  14. Bruh Dwade Going To Cavs Would Be Straight ***** ****
  15. Probably Wouldn't Be A Bad Option At This Point