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  1. Should be interesting honestly it could go either way if they lose their in trouble of losing the first seed but if they keep playing The Big Three that might hurt them later on in the playoffs in all honesty I don't think the first seat is not important but hey you never know
  2. Was no going to happen regardless, the goal is to just get in the big dance
  3. Can't believe they blew this lead, absolutely pathetic, bums
  4. yeah I think it wouldn't be in our best interests for them all to play, need at least one to sit
  5. we ain't getting no 5th seed, tho I agree I still want Atlanta to lose cuz it helps us
  6. they lacked off in the 4th and let them back into the game, more wasted energy, hopefully they sit Kyrie Or one of the other big 3
  7. Totally agree dam ***in Shame think If he ain't get hurt we could have possibly gotten as high as 5th, but 💩 ain't go our way, things haven't gone our way in a while, losing LBJ, Bosh getting blood clots in back to back years, Hassan getting hurt in the 2nd round when it looked like we were gonna face the cavs in the ECF, Dwade leaving, Now this SMH ****!
  8. **** outta here F, for failure, what does the future hold, a crap pick which should have been top 5 if we had a brain, yeah we discovered untapped potential in Dion and JJ but now they gonna want to 💰 out, will be difficult to keep both, then even if we do how much potential does this squad has as presently constructed, not good enough to contend, We are totally ***ED
  9. We would be Royaly ***ed
  10. you most likely right but, failing to make the playoffs after everything we had to overcome this season would be an absolute dagger to the heart, considering we would get a trash pick to boot
  11. **** outta here with that, ***in choke job to not make it, which we ain't, what a ***in disaster should have just tanked it SMH
  12. James Johnson
  13. Jrich 20
  14. would not even give a thought about picking him in the top 10, but should he fall in the teens to the early 20's the value there would be tremendous