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  1. Miami Heat Forum Fantasy League

    4 spots left in a 12-team $50 H2H 9-cat I created. Hosted on ESPN, payments through LeagueSafe. Thought I'd put it out here as well. PM with interest.
  2. Miami Heat Forum Fantasy League

    Used to organise these with Scar. I'm in it if we play for money lol
  3. Rate what the Previous Poster's Listening To

    5/10 - Song was always to cheesy for me Back and here to bless this thread yet again.
  4. The Miami Starting Five for 2017

    This. Just give him the PG/Kawhi treatment in terms of development and don't force the offensive side of the ball. Not saying he'll turn out to be like either player, but a credible starter in a similar mold? For sure. He can be given spot minutes at the 4 in specific match ups, but I agree, focus on the wing in this infant stage of his career.
  5. If this is really the end for Bosh....

    Yeah, no team will every clear him. Obviously for a reason. Which is why his recent comments and behavior made me agitated. Anyways, thanks for everything Champ! It was certainly a lot of fun while it lasted and you made your imprint (no pun intended) on the league and the organization. #HOF
  6. Do You Guys Think Riley's Time Is Up?

    Riley lost LeBron and Wade and "let" them badmouth the Heat, resulting in bad national image. He'll not put up with it anymore. It can't be a question of cap when Bosh is more valuable at his current price than basically anything on the market, assuming that you also manage to convince potential signings. I guess trying to save somebody's life is betrayal and cold business. Baffles me how the Heat organization made out to be the bad guys ever since LeBron (insert snake emoji here) left. I'm glad we can officially turn a page and move on as an organization. Don't get me wrong, I love Bosh and Wade but it's relieving to start anew. Seems as there were too many factors and interests in play for the happy ending. Say, in a vacuum, that this was the price for 2 titles; still worth it.
  7. The $85 Million Dollar Man

    Let's call you by your salary, shall we? Should be a fun exercise.
  8. The $85 Million Dollar Man

    Lol at ignoring a four year sample and crying over Chalmers
  9. What Happened to the Promise of Faster Pace?

    I'd give it another 10 game sample before diving too much into it. Nonetheless, ranking 31st is not desirable if you preached pace in the off season lol. Maybe the return of Green will see to change that. Don't think we'll rank in the top 15 in pace ever with this roster
  10. To those who questioned Curry as MVP

    Thought he deserved the MVP last season but bringing up Golden State's start and Curry's scoring average this season brings nothing to that discussion and is a moot point. Not sure what you're trying to achieve here. Let's lock it up, gentlemen.
  11. The Official Justise Winslow Thread

    Exceeded my expectations (which weren't that low btw). Very happy that he fell to us at 10th and it should be a fun journey. Hope we lock him up after the 4 years of the rookie contracts. Remember, recent history has showed an interesting pattern in the development of two-way wings. Specifically Kawhi, Butler and George. The defensive ability and athleticism was always there, but the offense lagged behind, which is probably what we all think will apply to Winslow as well. I don't recall the aforementioned players looking this ready and poised defensively from the get go as Winslow has. I would be ecstatic if prime Winslow would be like current Jimmy Butler or better.
  12. The $85 Million Dollar Man

    As with all teams (especially those featuring new rotations), ANYTHING before December (some might even argue the All-star break) should be taken with a grain of salt. Saw a chart earlier today, can't find it now, but the average offensive rating of all NBA teams (sample size for the last 10 seasons) rises quite a bit after the first 10 games of the season. Which is something that I believe applies to Miami perhaps more than for most teams in the league. I won't express any significant worry on either Dragic or the team itself until January (provided no real development of cohesiveness and offensive efficiency).
  13. I'm tired!

    You make some valid points but stop hawking the box scores. The potential analysis of that is limited.
  14. Rookies

    More turnovers than assists. Point guard ability. EDIT: "Great" KAT is winning ROY and will be the best player of that draft when it's said and done, barring major injury. I like Grant, should be good for NY down the line.
  15. The GOAT & James Ennis traded to Memphis...

    Finally. Opens up minutes for TJ. Possibly for J-Rich too. It's likely a third team, i.e. Philly or Portland, is involved to take a Memphis player in return. Best scenario imo would be Chalmers packaged with Ennis for Courtney Lee. Great deal for us, unlikely though. Memphis tried to trade for Deng last year, right? Jeff Green, anyone?