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  1. Let's call you by your salary, shall we? Should be a fun exercise.
  2. Lol at ignoring a four year sample and crying over Chalmers
  3. I'd give it another 10 game sample before diving too much into it. Nonetheless, ranking 31st is not desirable if you preached pace in the off season lol. Maybe the return of Green will see to change that. Don't think we'll rank in the top 15 in pace ever with this roster
  4. Thought he deserved the MVP last season but bringing up Golden State's start and Curry's scoring average this season brings nothing to that discussion and is a moot point. Not sure what you're trying to achieve here. Let's lock it up, gentlemen.
  5. Exceeded my expectations (which weren't that low btw). Very happy that he fell to us at 10th and it should be a fun journey. Hope we lock him up after the 4 years of the rookie contracts. Remember, recent history has showed an interesting pattern in the development of two-way wings. Specifically Kawhi, Butler and George. The defensive ability and athleticism was always there, but the offense lagged behind, which is probably what we all think will apply to Winslow as well. I don't recall the aforementioned players looking this ready and poised defensively from the get go as Winslow has. I would be ecstatic if prime Winslow would be like current Jimmy Butler or better.
  6. As with all teams (especially those featuring new rotations), ANYTHING before December (some might even argue the All-star break) should be taken with a grain of salt. Saw a chart earlier today, can't find it now, but the average offensive rating of all NBA teams (sample size for the last 10 seasons) rises quite a bit after the first 10 games of the season. Which is something that I believe applies to Miami perhaps more than for most teams in the league. I won't express any significant worry on either Dragic or the team itself until January (provided no real development of cohesiveness and offensive efficiency).
  7. You make some valid points but stop hawking the box scores. The potential analysis of that is limited.
  8. More turnovers than assists. Point guard ability. EDIT: "Great" KAT is winning ROY and will be the best player of that draft when it's said and done, barring major injury. I like Grant, should be good for NY down the line.
  9. Finally. Opens up minutes for TJ. Possibly for J-Rich too. It's likely a third team, i.e. Philly or Portland, is involved to take a Memphis player in return. Best scenario imo would be Chalmers packaged with Ennis for Courtney Lee. Great deal for us, unlikely though. Memphis tried to trade for Deng last year, right? Jeff Green, anyone?
  10. Sup peeps. I've started a new fantasy league and just started recruiting on fantasy forums. Thought I'd post here as well. It's a ESPN 12-team H2H each category league. Draft: Snake Date: Sat, Oct 25th, 2015 Time: 5:00 PM ET Payments through LeagueSafe. Full payout - 1st: 230$ 2nd: 100$ 3rd: 30$ Head-to-head each category: Points (PTS) Blocks (BLK) Steals (STL) Assists (AST) Rebounds (REB) Turnovers (TO) Free Throws Made (FTM) Three Pointers Made (3PM) Field Goal Percentage (FG%) Free Throw Percentage (FT%) Further league information and settings can be found here: http://games.espn.go...?leagueId=82031 ​If anyone is interested you can post your email here or PM me it. Note: 30$ fee handled through LeagueSafe. Read more about LeagueSafe and their business idea here: https://www.leaguesafe.com
  11. Oh how the label 'Monster' is over-used today
  12. Poor Pingis Tingis lol
  13. If they manage to avoid meeting Hassan in the Finals that is
  14. Rest in piece Moses! Way too early. Gotta love the Philadelphia-based smooth jazz group Pieces of a Dream and their rendition of Malone's famous fo-fo-fo playoff prediction in 1983, which of course ended in four-five-four games instead. Some of the older people here might remember the legendary Grover Washington, Jr. (also from Philly) and his tribute to Dr. J, a song called "Let It Flow". The Sixers do possess a strong culture and pride and it's kinda sad seeing them on the bottom of the league while being ridiculed by fans and media alike in this new era of basketball.
  15. Each final from '99 to '14 featured either Duncan, Kobe or Wade.