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  1. Trades & Signings

    Glad somebody gets it
  2. Video Games Thread

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151633690366363&set=vb.221292025304&type=2&theater Not bad 2K.
  3. Video Games Thread

    So uh, you guys want to post what your psn is/is going to be since it's obvious no one is getting the xbox one PSN: dwadefan45 Most of us are getting 2k14 too right?
  4. Video Games Thread

    Only thing I didn't like about the 2k vid was after LeBron's dunk when he yelled they have his mouth opening too big. Dude could fit the basketball in there with ease Edit: On another note, after LeBron starts to pick up the ball after deflecting it, look at Ray Allen 0__0 He looks too real
  5. Video Games Thread

    Beat a team in the "myTeam" mode composed of LeBron, Kobe, Westbrook, and Dwight Howard with my best two players being daniel gibson and mike miller (not to mention that he had miller too). The guy had no clue about basketball since I made him work for every point with my mediocre players lol Any of yall interested in a fantasy basketball league on 2k? PS3
  6. Video Games Thread

    Let me tell you, I played this guy on the "myTeam" mode, he had kyle korver and mike miller (as did I) but he abused the fact that if you have any kind of room you'll make the three. He constantly ran back and forth across the top of the key and I tried to put my hands up (moving the right stick) to lower the fg% of his shot, but when you put your hands up, you move slower laterally. He would have killed me easily if I didnt know about putting your hands. Korver's 3 is 89 0_0. Overall he went 15/40 from three, and I won because I did pick and pop with austin rivers handling the ball and cartier martin popping out to the three. He matched my three with a contested Korver 3 and I finished it with 2 free throws from a blocking foul with .3 seconds left ahahaha..felt so good beating his cheating ***
  7. Video Games Thread

    ^^I'm talking about online. Sliders don't apply. 2k getting on my nerves now! Oh yeah and alley oops are still damn near impossible to stop -__-
  8. Video Games Thread

    I agree. I've found that people don't even use lakers or heat. They use the Thunder because if Harden and Durant even have 1 nanometer of space they'll make the three. Annoying af.
  9. Video Games Thread

  10. Video Games Thread

    Pistons declined my team option. (I only played key games and there were only like 7 per season[played for 2 seasons]) Got to choose between lakers, thunder, kings, sixers, milwaukee, and cleveland (who have chris paul[somehow kept irving] and bosh at the moment ). Picked Thunder! Gonna win it all
  11. Video Games Thread

    It feels great to wreck other people's myplayers tho! Only problems are the ball hogs and the 7 footers so far
  12. Video Games Thread

    I wanted to go there but got selected 9th by the Pistons. Greg Monroe is pretty good at finishing around the rim and gets like 18 a game cuz of my assists. Everyone else sucks and have cost us plenty of games. I want out!! Question though: How tall is your PG? I want to play myplayer blacktop online with u since other people ball hog/don't know what they are doing, and if u havent tried it, try it. It's basically "Crew mode" from 2k11 except its 3 v 3 in a park.
  13. Video Games Thread

    Did I already get your PSN? If not, my psn is "dwadefan45" Add me.
  14. Video Games Thread

    So who's getting 2k13 on ps3?
  15. Video Games Thread

    This And NBA Champion Chris Bosh went down. They better update that ****