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  1. Did anyone really expect anything different?
  2. I agree with you MAJ. I would love PG on our team but not on a year rental and at the expense of our future.
  3. Yes. As long as PG is ok with the deal and want's to be here long term. We had to deal with a lot of heart breaks in the past 3 seasons. I know Riley will avoid being reckless and will cover his back better from now on.
  4. If it happens it'll be a big plus for us man. If Winslow develops a consistent long range shot and finish better at the rim next season, this team could be scary good!
  5. I like this lineup only if Winslow can shot a high percentage from 3. You will kill Dragic's and Waiter's strengths without the spacing. There is a reason why Spo started Babbitt over Johnson. We either bring JJ or Winslow of the bench IMO, both starting will kill the flow of the game.
  6. The best thing is for both sides to end this amicably. I would love for CB at some point in the future to be part of the Heat coaching or front office staff. Such a smart guy.
  7. I don't think he wants to leave his new paradise. Wade left to Chicago and ran right back to his home in Miami the moment their season was over.
  8. This is his city now lol
  9. Dam Jus, you are making me re think my picks. If he truly is projected to go in the late 1st or early 2nd round, The Heat needs to figure out a way to draft this guy.
  10. Hey man, dreaming is free and Riley has made some unthinkable stuff happen. I would never rule out the possibilities. Hayward and PG would be an incredible offseason if Riley can pull it off without giving away Whitesde, Dragic and JJ as the article suggests. Hayward taking a 2 year 55 mil sounds ridiculous to me but hey, I won't be mad if Riley can pull a stunt like that lol.
  11. I see possibilities there of good things happening. What if Winslow becomes a star? He is only 20 right? Most likely he'll resign with the Heat (we have his bird rights and can offer him the most), TJ could be even better next season and our 14th pick could be a good player as well. If PG says to Riley, Miami is a place I could see myself in the future, then you go for it, but without guarantees from him, it's just not worth it. If the rumors are true that he wants to play in LA badly, then why even bother?
  12. When I saw Clyde Drexler on that list I was like, please God, we need that kind of luck
  13. Do it , do it, do it.......
  14. Here is a list of players picked 14th in the NBA
  15. Can't wait for this FA period to be over and focus on the season ahead lol