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  1. See what I been saying? Why let TJ go one on one to end a quarter, i could care less if Dion has been strugling, TJ is a horrible one on one player. A coach needs to be able to manage the games properly, Spo is a dumber than ****.
  2. My motivation to post in here during games is very low. I don't believe our team suck, I believe Spo is the dumbest in game coach in the NBA. I saw it during the big 3 era and continue to see it now. He does not use the righ combo of players and is horrible at making the right subs at the right moments. He fails to pit the ball in the right player's hand at the end of quarters and calls no strategic plays what so ever. He fails to take advantage of mistaches as well. He depends too much on supernatural defensive effort all the time and there comes a time that your players just start giving up if you do not put them in the best position to succeed. I honestly hate him with a passion at this point.
  3. Without Hassan, Dion and JJ coming through in crunch time, this game was a for sure loss.
  4. I would rather lose on crunch time with Dion firing with confidence, than lose with J Rich or someone else shocking the game away. I'll take my chances with the confident man.
  5. We just left the window open for a heartbreak loss. They are on fire from 3
  6. Spo made that call do. But he hit 2 big 3's in crunch time. Without those we lose this game for sure. He is not going to hit them all. But he has to shoot it.
  7. If JJ wakes up and plays like this from now on, we'll start winning more games.
  8. Let me guess, our dumb and dumber coach will now look for Waiters to save him after he is cold as *** from sitting in the bench since the middle of third quarter.