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  1. Don't be so careful criticizing a player, if it was Waiters playing like that people in here would not be as nice as you. J Rich is playing bad, plain and simple. I do believe he will turn it around and hopefully next season he can continue to develop his game but the reality is that in a moment where the team really needs his production, so far he has not answered the call.
  2. Dion Waiters this season has become the kind of player every good team needs. The disrupter on offense that makes everyone around him better. He commands a lot of attention and his drive and kicks make our offense flow much better. Not to mention he spreads the floor with his outside shooting ability. He is also that player that seems to hit that big shot when is needed and the one you give the ball to at the end of games. On D he is pretty solid and will get you rebounds and timely steals and blocks as well. He has become a complete player and his presence with our healthy roster makes the Heat that team that we all have been seeing winning and winning and winning.....
  3. This has been a crazy exciting season. With Waiters, I am not afraid of anyone in the playoffs.
  4. Wow man, this team seems destined to do the impossible. We need Waiters back soon so he can get in a rhythm in case we hold on and make in to the playoffs.
  5. These last 3 games shows how important Waiters is to this team. We can't close a game without him!
  6. We are our worst enemy man. 2 turnovers and an offensive rebound in less than 20 seconds.
  7. Get Dragic. McGruder and Whiteside in there and let's get this win.
  8. And Tyler has been the most disappointing player to me. We need him more than ever with Waiters out and he continues to disappear during must win games for us.
  9. he'll come around sooner or later but so far he has been playing bad basketball on offense
  10. J Rich lost his mojo. Guy can't play for s***
  11. TJ is like part time worker. You can't count on his production most of the times
  12. Good first half. Let's rebound better in the second.