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  1. Thanks MAJ. I was looking that the 6th game in Philly gives you an option to watch online. I guess they'll show it on league pass 😁💪
  2. Just a week away from the first pre season game. It looks like I'll be able to watch it on league pass 😁
  3. The entire team is in top shape. By the end of training camp they'll be in world class shape. The team looks intimidating. Reminds me a little of the Chancey Billups, Ben and Rasheed Wallace Pistons. The difference is that we have a potential indivial killer in Waiters. Hopefully he can breakthrough this season.
  4. I also spect Dion and JJ to have a bigger impact this season. Olynyk and Bam will also make us better and tougher.
  5. Good article, been preaching since the offseason and getting into heated debates that this was a good plan moving forward. I have no doubt the Heat FO knows what they are doing.
  6. Well said amigo. I'm rooting hard for him. To much potential and saviness. High IQ and strong player.
  7. HEAT Exercise Option on Winslow

    No surprises here. That was a no brainer.
  8. Dragić Wins MVP & The Gold

    My confidence for this upcoming season continues to grow and grow. Can't wait to see the headaches Dragic, Waiters, Johnson and Whiteside will cause on the court playing together. If Winslow breaks through on offense, this team would be too good and deep for most of teams in the league to handle.
  9. He has good foot work and range. Won't make the team but good developmental D League prospect.
  10. Heat Forums Member Awards 2017 - Final Round

    I think @carnageta needed to be added to all of those categories. One of the best and smarter posters in here. I also see a lot of good posters that are either new or are just starting to post more. Hope you all stay around during the long season. We need you guys to make our debates more interesting and why not, more intense lol
  11. Dragic looking like he is in the best shape of his life. Hope he has an Allstar year!
  12. I hear you, we'll see what happens but I have confidence the kid will make a significant jump this upcoming season. Stardom? I wouldn't go that far neither, at least not yet.
  13. He was on his way down on that picture 😉
  14. I think he could develop to be better than Danny G and J Rich has some crazy athleticism as well. You can see it with his dunks over people and chase down blocks. His defensive skills are on the Top of the list at his position. A more athletic Avery Bradley is his ceiling I believe.