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  1. Has nothing to do with talent, this is ALL on coaching and stupid play by the max star in Whiteside.
  2. Can’t believe Winslow is not playing the whole game.
  3. At least 10 stupid foul calls in this game.
  4. Someone was at Justise’s offense, saying that this may very well be another indicator on the dissolution as it pertains to Justise spot in the rotation. I’m just pointing out that one key player isn’t on with the scrimmage (Bam), while there’s one who doesn’t get any time at all (UD). To me, this isn’t a valid indicator.
  5. You should actually check out UD...he’s gonna get some play on the floor huh and even Bam is benched lol
  6. atm365

    Buy out candidates

    Joe Johnson out of the running with his plan of signing with the Houston Rockets.