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  1. 2nd best offensive team in the league score only 29 points in the first half.
  2. A player said hell no to Whiteside’s hellacious attempt over a double team 🤣😂
  3. HEAT 103 - Pistons 112 Game Recap

    He thinks it’s “wack” if it doesn’t translate into Ws
  4. HEAT 103 - Pistons 112 Game Recap

    Here’s the thing though, he’s limited to a few touches because he simply doesn’t pass out on double teams so he’s a safety hazard on offense.
  5. HEAT 126 - Suns 115 Game Recap

    Had it since the start of the season
  6. It was the only thing working for a while now. We shouldn’t be able to beat this team so.
  7. Disappointing how he still mentally gets carried away with his play.
  8. Well that’s one of the guys I really wanted to hit some shots against this team. Sack of potatoes out there.
  9. We needed Whiteside tonight, well every night lol. Against this team, he’s a tool you constantly need to utilize but man he looks like a d leaguer out there tonight.
  10. I mean yeah it comes to that point, but we didn’t hit anything before that point.