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  1. Each game is important, especially those games where we have an advantage. Tomorrow, Ibaka's out, and we're one or two men down. Still, we gotta get that win. If you look at the standings, there are 5-6 six teams fighting for the 5th to the eighth playoff spots. And our records are just almost the same. Just one or two games behind. The Hornets are on a 3-game winning streak, and those guys are gonna give us or anybody a hard time. At this point, I say our guys just have to wear some sort of protection. Dragic and Tyler's gotta wear face masks, because their faces are some sort of elbow magnets. Those two dudes have probably lost more teeth than all the other NBA players combined. LOL. When Dion comes back, the dude's gotta wear some Kobe high tops and tie like how you would tie combat boots. LOL. We cannot afford to lose anymore from here on out. Whiteside has gotta put on those quarter gloves. Like, how many times is he gonna tear his hand up? (Seriously, I've got too much imagination action going, that up to this point, imagining how he tore up the flesh/skin between fingers still makes me cringe.)
  2. Kings have no chance against the Bucks. The Bucks are 8-2 on their last 10 games, about to be 9-2 in their last 11. Heat, Blazers, Warriors, Spurs, Rockets are all 7-3 in their last 10.
  3. Question, I heard somewhere that if he makes All-NBA, he'd get a ton of money, too much to leave Indiana. Question is, will he make it to any All-NBA? Nevertheless, if that guy really wants to win more than get the max money he can possibly get, one of the best places he can go to is the Miami Heat. We have the roster already setup to surround stars like him, it's just a matter of doing a couple of adjustments. He cannot go to the Lakers, that place is at least a couple of years behind contending. Miami doesn't have that superstar, and looking at the way we've played these last couple of months and our placing on the standing with a bunch of ex-scrubs, it's not hard to see that we're a winning organization. But the Boston Celtics are there too, though. But I think he fits better with Miami. And it's hard to see IT doing what he does deep in the playoffs, he's too small and most likely, he'll be contained.
  4. The universe is helping the Heat. Now, it's the Heat's turn to help themselves.
  5. Haha I didn't see the one-handed part, when I read it last night.
  6. I see. I thought he could tolerate the pain when moving his fingers because I read somewhere that he also played NBA2K after the game, and I kinda connected it with the lifting. Anyway, he said he intends to play, and hopefully, he does. We need every chance to separate from the teams below us.
  7. If that dude can tolerate the pain, lifting weights with stitches in his hand, he's gonna play tomorrow. They should just wrap it right.
  8. We're in too deep in this playoff push. It's too late to call this thing off. As of now, we're two key players down. But we need the victory vs the Raptors. Another time we borrow the lines from Red Tails again: "Nothing’s difficult, everything’s a challenge. Through adversity to the stars. To the last plane, to the last bullet to the last men to the last minute, we fight! We fight! We fight!"
  9. Man, those were real punches. Usually, these NBA guys just pose and won't do anything. These guys really threw it. They had better be suspended. I remember this one time when Norris Cole was ejected for merely doing a fighting pose vs Pendergraph. These guys threw and connected punches. Chris Childs was suspended for two games. I think these two will be suspended for the same amount of games too.
  10. Goddamn, the Blazers caught up, got the lead, and managed to lose the game? Hey, people, don't put the blame on Spo. Whiteside dude could be playing 1 second and he decides to block a shot and hit the bottom of the backboard with his fingers. What else are gonna put on Spo, Ezekiel Elliot pulling down a babe's shirt, exposing her goddamn "mammary glands" in front of the crowd? I bet you suspected Spo for taking those Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey too. LOL
  11. Dammit. We badly need him. No Dion, No Hassan. Here's how I look at it. We need to win the game vs Toronto on Thursday. After that, we can lose on the road. There's a huge chance of them losing those road games anyway. I'm hoping the Heat staff and Hassan can figure out a way to work this out. But man, if Whiteside could pull this off, it would a great NBA heroic story.
  12. Can they do some sort of boxing hand wraps to keep his fingers from moving, Then a little shot there to alleviate the pain or discomfort, and play him limited minutes?
  13. Well they would have to take turns and sacrifice their bodies out there. Who else do we got? It's just him, Reed, UD, and JJ. And those guys are gonna pick and roll to eternity and they will simply have to stop JV.
  14. Damn right. I can see he can easily penetrate up to a little bit past the freethrow line. So, I think it would help a lot if he could develop a running shot, some sort of a tear drop shot. It doesn't always have to be a layup. You just gotta show you can drive to the paint and have the intent of making a shot, so that the opponent does not always expect a kickout. Keep them guessing.
  15. If those Blazers don't want to help the Heat, they've gotta help themselves. They're half a game behind the eighth-seeded Nuggets, over which they own the tiebreaker. So, winning this particular game will put them on the 8th seed.