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  1. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    I'm at the point where I almost don't give a damn about the remaining games anymore. It's gonna be heartbreak after heartbreak, headache after headache, not being able to capitalize on the games against the supposed-to-be weaker teams. But I'm still confident we're gonna make it to the playoffs; it's just sad if we can't avoid the Raptors in the first round, because, maaan, those Raptors are given good odds to beat the Cavs, so how easily could they take us out? So, I say go get that 7th seed. Predicted an L to the Blazers. The loss to the Kings was not something that didn't cross my mind. And a good number of us here are predicting another L to the Lakers. And it's really not fun predicting these Ls, but you've gotta look at the team, the way they've been playing and the players they're missing, it's really not hard to see the Ls coming. You call that weak; I call it "knowing my team." It's like we're a team capable of having only ONE offensive barrage in the second half. If you're the opposing team, you just need to survive that, which is really not difficult because that barrage is just what it takes for the Heat to tie the game or get a small lead. I'm getting pissed at our bench. The assholes just chuck up threes. They miss the three, then get scored on, miss another three, then get scored on, the next thing you know the team's down 15-18. It felt like only Goran was successful at attacking the basket last night, it almost became a one-man show. If I continue to see the lack of aggression of these guys, I'mma call 'em pussies once again. We rely too much on threes as if we were a good three-point shooting team.
  2. In the offseason, would you guys trade for Wiggins? Looks like he's not gelling with the rest of them and wants his own shine.
  3. No can't do. The Kings' owner thinks he's the next Steph. Kings Owner Reportedly Thinks Buddy Hield Has 'Steph Curry Potential'
  4. JJ's an idiot, giving the Kings extra basket
  5. This is why we badly need D-Wade and Dion, without them and Goran, there's nobody to put inside pressure on the defense.
  6. Well, Let's just say "dark," not "darker," because while LaMelo is half-black, his skintone is very light. LOL
  7. Buddy Hield looks like the black version of LaMelo Ball
  8. Get to the mother***ing rim and try to get a mother***ing foul
  9. These ***ing idiots. Too much outside shooting, no penetration.