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  1. They were simply not high on those dudes. See 3.5 million + the salary, that's a lot of money for a rookie project. Maybe they just have better things to spend money on.
  2. I won't be surprised if they had a list of talents that went undrafted, that they could pursue via Gleague. I don't think there's much of a gap between those second rounders and G-Leaguers. Those second rounders are gonna frequent the Gleague anyway.
  3. Knowing how trash Phil is, he would do that trade, LOL. All you need to do is tell him: "Here's McRoberts, a guy that can make a triangle pass." Phil be like, "What the hell's a triangle pass? As long as there is the word triangle, I'm all for it. Done deal."
  4. Well, I'm just looking at the present landscape on the NBA right now and the top teams' bigs (traditional bigs) aren't being paid that much. Their money is on the guards and forwards and modern bigs and rightfully so because the points come from them. I just think we have our funds misallocated right now. Maybe I'm just looking too fast forward into the playoffs. What would we do if Hassan kept getting torched on defense? I know that we need what he brings to the table, but he should have been at the 15 million range. We'll just see what Spo would do with him then. If we face a three-point shooting 5, where's Whiteside gonna be then? Out of the paint. Pick and roll him. Out of the paint. Well, that's pretty much the offensive schemes these days, and he's out of the paint. He stays in the paint then the other teams shoots. He switches to the guards and the guards blow past him. You know, Lowry, IT, John Wall, Kyrie, and Kemba in the East. We all know there are more explosive guards out in the West.
  5. Here's how I see things right now with regard to getting Adebayo. We have one year to see if Adebayo can replace Whiteside in the starting lineup. If he shows flashes of being capable of being a starter, I think we're trading Hassan next offseason. I actually think Hassan has to be traded now for a star or for cap space if there's another player of star caliber who wants to sign with the Heat, because centers like him, a traditional one, is becoming less and less valuable. We put so much on that guy, that when he gets exposed, he would just lose value. But damn, no team might even want to get Whiteside now with his hefty salary.
  6. All it would take is for some stupid *** team to give him the Mozgov-type of deal: big money, real quick.
  7. Yup. Just like when Damian Lillard and the entire Blazers abused his defensive weaknesses.
  8. Yup and Kris Dunn and Markannen?
  9. Since this guy can run with the guards, I guess we'll be playing the second unit at a faster pace and he'll be available for those lobs.
  10. Haha. Or do we? Don't be too sure. The guy seem to have come from where Ibaka was from.
  11. Yes, only in practice, though. LOL
  12. Well, that's one way to look at it. Remember, Winslow was NBA-ready as well. I just feel that we could have done better. But maybe they just saw something we can't see at the moment. Spo has got to put this guy on the J-Rich program, shoot threes all day.
  13. And we all know Justise still can't hit them threes decently.
  14. Dwight Howard hits free throws consistently in practice, but not in the actual game, remember? And that dude said he's working on shooting threes, LOL. Gotta watch more videos of this Adebayo guy.