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  1. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    NOBODY said Spo was a bad coach. There were just times when you just need to see something more from him. Questionable player rotation, playcalling or lack thereof in crunch time, not having the voice to rally his team. He's a very good coach; nobody can deny that. He's just not perfect. Everybody has room for improvement.
  2. Wow, with your delusional ideas, you have the audacity to talk smack? Wooow. (1) Jokic, (2) PG, (3) Okafor, and (4) Melo on the Heat? Who between us seems to be playing too much NBA 2K?
  3. Maj, correct. ShaqWade, we all love D-Wade. But the amount (respect in his vocabulary) he was asking for was too much. If he had not had a buyout agreement with the Bulls, no team would have been willing to take his full salary. He's on the Cavs only because they need to pay him only 2.3M. If the Heat had retained D-Wade, who would we have had? Wade, Goran, Whiteside, J-Rich, Justise, and Halsem. Where would that roster have taken us? Still nowhere.
  4. Wade is washed up! If he's not, then he instead of JR should be starting. But no, he knows he's not good enough to start and accepted the fact that he has to come off the bench. He puts up numbers because he's playing with the opposing teams' second units. By washed up, I mean he's no longer the D-Wade he used to be, but he's still a good player. How old are you? Yesterday, you were talking about getting all PG, Jokic, and Jahlil on the Heat.
  5. That would be celebrated if and when they do that on a regular basis, but we know that's not what this team does. We hope it is, but right now, it's not something we can expect from them regularly. What happens is that when they do that, it seems to be an aberration. But do that all the time and go back to the winning habits, then you'll see all praises on this forum, just like how it was when they were winning in the second half of the previous season.
  6. But the thing is, we really do not have much of a choice. Dion's probably our best shotmaker and he is what we have that reacts best to what the defense gives him. The team and the coach just have to make things easier for him through spacing and motion/cuts. It's just that with Dion, at least you know he's gonna try really hard because it's intrinsic to him to attack.
  7. You would think this is something the coach already knows, which we know he knows but doesn't implement it. I think Spo needs an offensive coordinator.
  8. I think this team has to decide among themselves who's going to get the ball in crunch time and ride with him win or lose. But they need to help him make plays through screens and constant motion. If that's Dion, so be it. Look at Portland or Boston, when it's crunch time, they know who's getting the ball. If the Heat can't do that, then they should have readily available plays in our bag. We need to fix our bad habits. But we're just fans. We can't do anything about it. There's Spo for a reason, and I don't think he's doing his job well enough.
  9. Nobody likes Ls, Trips. But more than anybody else, we know what this team's disease in the fourth quarter, especially in crunch time: scoring and defending deficiency syndrome. And then we continue watching, hoping that we are wrong, and then our thoughts get validated. Then the blame game starts, rightfully so because we're watching the game and there are things we're not seeing from the players and the coach.
  10. And Spo just made you chew an L with your newly-operated-on gums.
  11. It's games like this that turn me into a Spo-hater. You just can't help but wonder if he has enough set plays in his playbook. All he seems to do is give the ball to somebody and let him do his thang. Bum coach!
  12. Hmmm... I don't like it. The guy has not done enough to deserve a nickname. But just do you.