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  1. I want Hayward to be part of this team. With that said, Utah can give him the most money. According to an article, Utah can offer him-- Nevermind, I'll just paste the excerpt. "According to published reports, one option might be for Hayward to sign a one-year deal to stay in Utah and, if he landed on the All-NBA team next season, he'd be eligible under the new collective bargaining agreement's "Designated Player" allowance to earn approximately $235 million over the next six years by staying in Utah. Or, if he chooses to pass up the "Designated Player" opportunity and signs a multi-year deal after this season, he'd be eligible for a five-year, roughly $180 million deal from the Jazz, while the best contract other teams could offer him would be a four-year deal for $132 million. That fifth year, which would pay him around $41 million guaranteed, would certainly seem to tip the scales in Utah's favor." The 0% state tax in Miami lessens the money he would lose. Still, there's too much money for him to lose. How do you suggest we get around that hurdle? So, say you're Riley and you're talking to Hayward face to face, how would you pitch joining the Heat to him? Are you just gonna focus on the players, culture, and chances or winning, or are you gonna give him another way (if there were one) to cover for the money he would lose?
  2. Whiteside used to get more touches at the beginning of the season, I believe. We paid the guy max money, so the original idea, I believe, was to run the offense through him. CB and Love are not SFs or guards, but in Toronto and Minnesota respectively, the offense ran through them. The ball was in their hands. They played with Lebron/Wade/Kyrie, what happened to them? They became spotup shooters.
  3. Well, I don't see it like that, and that is not always the case. What I meant by playmaker is someone whom you run your offense through or the one who leads the attack. On GS, you run the offense through Steph and KD basically and the rest either spot up or cut to the basket. That's why Steph actually plays better without KD. With KD, Steph's shots and freedom are limited. So, just like when we had LBJ, D-Wade and Bosh and just like Cleveland have LBJ, Kyrie, and Love, at least one has to sacrifice. D-Wade had to sacrifice a bit; CB sacrificed the most. CB actually had to change his game. In Cleveland, Love and Kyrie have to sacrifice, because now, Lebron is the main playmaker. They made JR Smith a spotup shooter too. Just like this season, we took the ball out of Hassan's hands and put it on Dion's and Goran's hands, and they had a better offense. So, you put Dion, Goran, JJ, and JW on the court at the same time, one or two of them would have to step back, and we don't want those who are going to step back to be Dion and Goran because we all know what happens to Goran when you take the ball out of his hands too much. And Dion is Dion; he does what he wants.
  4. 100%. Putting JJ on the starting lineup worked because Dion was out, and McGruder acted as the spotup shooter. Can't have too many players wanting the ball.
  5. I don't see Goran, Dion, JJ, JW, and HW to be a fit. There's just too many playmakers. Who's gonna lead the bench? And with JJ and JW starting, I'm afraid our bench would be too small.
  6. See, that's why we want Winslow to be able to shoot: for versatility on the offense. We all know we were successful because we put the ball on the hands of Goran and Dion. They can create their own shots, and they can shoot. With them on the floor, we have enough dudes who demand the ball. You have to think about Hassan too, and the guy we might possibly get. So, assuming we're adding one star, which is, of course, going to start, there might be no room for Winslow. So, I might rather have Winslow coming off the bench, being the leader of the second unit with Reed, TJ, J-Rich, and possibly Babbitt. There you have three shooters with him. So he can lead the attack and just kick the ball to the shooters or lob it to Reed. But if Winslow's shooting improves greatly (greatly because his shooting % is pretty low), then we're gonna have a problem: a nice problem to have. Whom are you starting, Winslow or JJ? We might be disagreeing with whomever should start, but this is good. If we get a star, our bench is freaking deep. If we don't, then it's still deep, but our success would be contingent on how much Winslow improves. To be honest, I'm still iffy about him, but since we are keeping him, I have no choice but to expect a huge improvement from him.
  7. Man, give Dion his money already! But seriously, it was a well-written article. It was simple and I could clearly picture what he has gone through. I just hope he gives us a discount. We're on to something big here. We just badly need to be healthy and get one more "the guy." With regard to making him an all-star, I think that would be easy if we're sitting high on the standings. He'd have to perform at a very high level, though.
  8. He definitely has to work on his moves. Everything. His jump shot looks good enough to me. But I'm a bit critical of his post moves. Sometimes, he's just off balanced, or simply just too far from the rim. Shaq, as strong as he was, he was one or two dribbles away from the rim and then BAM. Dunk. With Whiteside, we know he's quicker than other centers, but he tends to be off balanced and he should fix that. He should also work on how quickly he releases the ball when getting it off a pass or just coming off the dribble. I've seen him numerous times getting blocked because he was too slow to put it up. I wish he'd workout with Hakeem. Melo, Lebron, Kobe, when those guys post up, they are graceful and fluid with the moves. Whiteside doesn't have to be as fluid as they are, but if he improves a lot there, he's gonna have better moves, and I believe he's gonna save himself from devastating injuries.
  9. It's bad to you because you don't look at the reasons why. So just let me remind you a bit of what has transpired. 2014-2015 - No Lebron. Around the All-Star break, the Heat acquired Dragic. Dragic was on the plane to Miami, we all got the news CB was out for the season with blood clots. D-Wade games played over the season: 62. Whiteside wasn't this Whiteside yet. We had Deng, no Winslow, no J-Rich. TJ was coming off the D-League. 2015-2016 - (not in chronological order) D-Wade played 73 games. Good. Bosh out again since ASB. We acquired Joe Johnson. Whiteside was becoming a beast. Justise was drafted. We had Deng. We got J-Rich. Second round of the playoffs, Heat went to a game 7 against the Raptors. Hassan missed the last 4 games of that series, I believe. Again, they brought the Raptors to a game 7 with us missing Bosh and for 4 games Hassan. Did you watch Riley's press on last week? If Bosh had been there in the playoffs, we would have battled it out against the Cavs. If we had not lost Hassan in that series, we would still have made it to the ECF. But without Hassan and Bosh, what do you expect the Heat to do against a mostly healthy Raptors team? So, since you're judging Spo's performance, why don't look at what he had to work with during these past three seasons and ask if he has had enough, and as we all know here, with all those injuries, he just didn't have enough, especially when it mattered. Was that all Spo's fault? The NBA coaches, players and the media give Spo credit, and you won't. I guess I'll lean towards the assessment of the formerly mentioned people over yours.
  10. We started the season really bad. No question about that. But that was expected. You have to consider that they had a bunch of players coming from other teams and the D-League. Things take time. Chemistry takes time. Improvement takes time. There was a learning curve and they had players that got injured. TJ was injured and ill a number of times; the dude had an oral surgery, was out due to illness, and had shoulder issues. J-Rich was injured. Winslow was out. McRoberts was injured again. Dion had to endure groin injury in the second half of November. He was out the WHOLE December. McGruder was out with injury in December. Ellington had a hamstring injury in December. At one point, we were worried about not having enough players to play a game. So there's that. Also, they had to figure out a system that would work for the Heat and that involved taking the ball out of Whiteside's hands and putting it on Dion's and Goran's. Then JJ started getting better, TJ came back. Whiteside started to accept his new role. Then J-Rich came back. Then you know, Dion. Just look on the bright side, man.
  11. Here's the deal. It was horrible that we failed to make it to the playoffs. A few games before the final ones, we already had the idea that they might not make it because of the loss to the 76ers, Magic, and Knicks. If we had won one of those, we would have made it to the playoffs. They had enough to beat them, but they didn't. It's a bummer. But, at the end of the day, we had been expected to be a lottery team, but we were out there competing. We all know aside from Whiteside and Dragic, they were really a team of bench players. But what was Spo able to do? Spo got all those guys to buy in, and they worked their *** off to improve. All of them improved. Maybe not Haslem. The dude is there for cheering purposes. JJ, TJ, Dion, Goran, Hassan, Willie Reed, Luke Babbitt, McGruder. They had the best record in the East in the second half of the season. If we had Dion Waiters, there's no doubt in my mind, we would have beaten the Knicks, 76ers, and Magic easily. We could have beaten the Raptors too. If we had had Dion, we'd have been at least two-three games above .500. They weren't even supposed to be even in the discussion for playoff contenders. But they played very well, and for that, we give credit to Spo and the team. This season is both a success and a failure. Success because we know we have good players out there that we can sign back and all we need aside from health is another star to make us at least an ECF title contender. It was only a failure because we didn't make the playoffs. A healthy version of this team alone would make the playoffs next year. Add one more key piece, and we're a contender.
  12. I don't know about most of you, but I have always shown love for Spo here. I love our coach to a fault. In my mind, Spo is one of the best out there. There were times when I was like, I wish he was more assertive, or I hope he gives it to that dude or those dudes. But I wouldn't want a coach for the Heat other than our dear Spo.
  13. I see. I don't like that. Because of that, I'm off the PG bandwagon. The GH bandwagon seems to be the Growth Hormone the Heat needs. I think we need somebody whom we can just easily plug in to what we already have.
  14. Are you saying that Dion is better than Jimmy Butler? If so, dude, Jimmy Butler is already a 3x all star. Without Wade, Butler led, if not carried, the Bulls to the playoffs. He plays on both ends of the floor. We like Dion, but we're just high on his upside. But at this point in time, to say Dion is better than Butler is a stretch.
  15. What's the possibility of acquiring Paul George? We better hope he doesn't get onto any all-NBA team, because he's gonna be really, really expensive.