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  1. He should rig the lottery to give Miami a top 3 pick. Lets be honest we all know it is rigged. With Cleveland getting 3 #1 overalls in the 4 years after LeBron leaving, the Pelicans getting AD after Stern owed the owner, from Derrick Rose going to his home town with 1% odds and same with LeBron. These players sitting players for no reason is ruining the integrity of the game. I mean what excuse does Brooklyn have? At least Atlanta and Washington were resting for the playoffs. Brooklyn is doing it simply for tanking. The nba regular season is becoming a joke with all this tanking and resting players. Look no further than LeBron not giving a **** about what the standings are. Look no further than the 76ers tanking for like 4 years straight. Thats why despite missing the playoffs I cannot stress enough how proud of this team I am. They easily could have gave up and started tanking/ resting players like most of the NBA but they never stopped fighting. This Heat team had more heart than any of the big 3 teams combined just no where close to the talent. If Silver wants to prove a point then give a break to the team who had every reason to tank but didnt.
  2. Man I was just so wrong about Clinton being an awful candidate. /green Looks like half of America agreed. Its a shame the Democraps rigged it for her against Bernie and we in this country had to choose between these two turds. Cant say I blame people for their decision.
  3. Winslow chokes lol. This dude just doesn't have IT.
  4. This is where we will miss Wade the most. We have no closer and leader to settle these guys down.
  5. Duuuuude if Waiters made that. White side is such a beast on the boards.
  6. Then I just want to thank him for everything. According to Pat Riley Bosh will most likely never play for the Heat again. Its sad and extremely unfortunate for the Heat and Bosh that these blood clots has cut his career short. I can only imagine what Bosh is feeling. Bosh has been more passionate and been more dedicated to basketball than most people will be about anything in their entire life. To have it all cut short while still at the tail end of your prime is very sad. However, Riley and the Heat are doing whats best for not only the organization, but for the NBA and Bosh himself. If god forbid Bosh ever died on an NBA court it would be tragic for everyone involved and even if the chances of that happening are less than 1% its a chance that is not worth taking. I hope he does whats right for himself and his family and retires. I know its beside the point for Bosh, but he's done more than most players will ever do in their career. 11x NBA all star, 2 championship rings, and a ton of big moments and big games. Theres few things he hasn't accomplished. He will retire a HOF. You have nothing left to prove big fella. Enjoy your family and life after basketball. With all that said I wanted to make this thread so I and anyone else could post their favorite Bosh plays, moments, games, and whatever Bosh related things you wanted to post. Heres just some of mine.
  7. I like Bosh more as a person or at least what I've seen of him in public. Obviously from a basketball standpoint its LeBron cause he was still the best player in the NBA last year. I'll miss them all though. Wade, LeBron, and Bosh. It truly is an end of an era. What a ride it was.
  8. I'm a Clinton hater when I have already said Trump would be an even worse president then she would be? You're making so much sense in this thread. I presented facts on why I think Hilary would be a terrible president. The most you've done in this thread is post some obvious left wing videos of Trump instead of of backing up your assertion of why you think Hilary is our savior and Trump would be a terrible president.
  9. Yeah I guess you're just another person a part of the problem instead of the solution. And Trump would be the better candidate it you're all for boisterous behavior and no substance or idea what you're doing or talking about.
  10. Lol again nothing of substance. Oh well.
  11. Instead of calling it pathetic point out points you disagree with and actually provide facts to back up your assertion. Instead you just call it pathetic without any substance behind it making you look like somebody who has no idea what he's talking about. And I've already agreed with you that Trump is a pathetic candidate. Clintons probably the lesser of two evils between him and her, but that doesn't make Hilary any less a terrible candidate.
  12. Lol pretty pathetic response. And what would be the point of me even telling you my viewpoint on Trump? You already have a negative opinion of him anyway so we would just end up agreeing.
  13. I would ask you one thing Maj. Who are your top 3 best/fav presidents and then compare them to Hilary/ Trump and ask yourself how favorably they compare. Its laughable when you do so.
  14. Judging by your posts in this thread I'm not even going to bother getting into a political debate with you because it would be pointless but yes Hilary is a joke of a candidate and a vote for the status quo. She's a war criminal and what the Obama administration and her attempted to do in covering up her massive **** up in Benghazi is a perfect example of whats wrong with politics today. They rather do whats best for their political party than whats right by the American people. The amount of ethically corrupt things Hilary has tied to her name and the fact that she is a presidential candidate is astounding. And it would be one thing for Hilary to be just ethically reprehensible but even her political history is nothing to be impressed by. During her 8 years as senator she sponsored 3 bills, showed no ability to get Republicans to work with her as evidenced by here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LbD9X3m7a0Xq9KEjJwjZD_btEm7bBXZsE3iBjVaGYEI/edit, her time as secretary of state is marked with no real outstanding accomplishments(partly Obamas fault admittedly). I mean her greatest achievement is getting Iran sanctioned. I'm not even going to get into her healthcare plan and her history with healthcare. The sad part however is that despite her iffy political success she can at least say she has political experience unlike the other looney toon Trump. Thats how sad this election along with the state of our countries political system is.