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  1. Top 5 GOAT for me. Glad we got to have some battles in the Finals with him.
  2. Id settle for just the PNR defense, not to many big men posting up nowadays. The PNR D kills us sometimes though when he's going against those smaller guards.
  3. Coward.
  4. Ewwwww to the Gay Trade. I wouldn't trade a 2nd rounder for him.
  5. We made him move from Cleveland to Miami because his tongue is stuck to LeBrons balls like this And when he moved from Cleveland to Miami he went from being one of the better looking people there, to a ginormous beach whale that everyone laughs at here.
  6. Lol damn. Beat me to it.
  7. I'm still kind of in shock. Im sure it will hit me in our first game of the season next year and Wades not doing pull ups on the rim or leading our guys out there. Its sad because I really badly wanted Wade to retire only ever playing for us. I never even really thought there was ever a chance he didn't. I been watching Wade play since I was 10 years old man. I was hooked the moment I saw him play live for the first time in his rookie year during the playoffs. I knew after that game he was my favorite player and he was going to be special. He began my basketball fandom. I grew up watching him and shared special moments with family and friends cheering him and the team on. I watched all the ups and downs for him and our team. His Rookie playoff breakout, the Shaq trade, the sting of losing to Detroit in 05, the jubilation of 06, his injury years and the break up of the team, to his MV3 comeback, to the big 3 era and all its craziness, to the LeBron departure and the last 2 years, all of it. And him leaving is the end of an era, an era without Wade, and thats weird for me man cause thats all I've ever known as a basketball fan. And its weird because its amazing how time flies and how those moments don't seem that long ago. I think that might be because I'll always remember those moments. Im extremely grateful to have been able to experience them as a fan of this team. And without Wade none of them were possible. So thank you to my favorite player ever Dwyane Wade. You may be gone, but you'll always be a legend here.
  8. The only argument I could see for it is if Wade got really hurt and missed a **** ton of games or just declined really badly, which I guess is a possibility considering his age and injury history. But people are forgetting the benefits of signing Wade and being able to use the loyalty and family pitch. Whether people want to believe it or not the Heat and Rileys image just took a hit. Also there is sentimental value in retiring Wade here. Never in a million years would I have ever wanted or even imagine Wade not retiring with us. It sucks man, it really does.
  9. You can tell who has been a fan of this team for a long time and knows their history. Not winning a ring in the Michael Jordan era shouldn't be frowned upon. According to BigRob Stockton, Malone, Barkley, Ewing,etc were nothing but chokers either. The best team of that Heat era, the 1999-2000 Heat never even got to play because of Zo's kidney disease. There was a strong chance they get to the Finals that year if it never happened. Riley has been building great teams since he got here. We don't owe all our success to him, but he's been a big part of it. Like I said criticize him all you want for not prioritizing Wade and getting him back, but to put down all he's done here is just BS.
  10. Lol what a terrible post. You expect us to compete for a title every year? Sooner or later teams have to rebuild and considering we never even done a full blown tank since LeBron left and we have the assets we do, Riley has done a good job. Riley could have done nothing to keep LeBron, he was leaving no matter what. Now whether you believe the reports or not of Riley never even calling Wade, then you can make the case that he wanted to move on from Wade. I think thats a mistake because I don't think the 2 extra years of more cap space and picking up better picks is worth not being able to retire your GOAT franchise player here and then using that loyalty card later on in your pitch to future free agents. However, Riley if the reports are true, apparently did. Whether it pays off remains to be seen in the upcoming years, but up until this FA I don't think Riley has made many mistakes. He's gotten a top 10 center out of the D league, another player out of the D league who got offered 50M, drafted a player who looks like he could be a starter with the 40th pick, and drafted what looks to be a top 5 player in the 2015 draft with the 9th pick. He also got Dragic on a deal we can easily flip for more assets. This team is in good shape for the future, especially if Bosh retires. If you want to bash Riley for not making Wade a higher priority, be my guest because I have no problem with that. However, the people bashing Riley for *** he couldn't control and acting like he hasn't been one of the best GM's in the NBA since he's been here need to GTFO.
  11. I disagree. I don't think Riley is retiring until he at least puts this team in the right direction for his successor. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't retire until he wins another ring. I think he is that bitter over LeBron and wants to stick it to him that badly that he will keep trying until he just feels to old to do it. I'm pissed at Riley for this, but I'm not going to forget all he's done for this franchise and forget how he operates. He's the ultimate competitor and is willing to do anything to win, including cutting ties with our franchise GOAT. All I'm saying is it better pay off, or his last years since the LeBron departure are going to make his legacy dip.
  12. All I got to say is that if Riley doesn't build a contender in the next 3 years he's going to look bad for this. Letting Wade walk to move on with the new era is going to look like *** if we don't win anything. There was precious value to having Wade retire with us, and if he just sacrificed it for nothing his legacy in my eyes will diminish.
  13. Almost hard to believe this. Like I'm literally in shock waking up to this. All I have to say is if we could have traded McBob for 10M more then I'm pretty ***ing pissed off at Riley and at this point he should just retire cause he's just being bitter. ***ing McBob is not worth not seeing Wade retire in a Heat jersey. This guy is a Heat legend. He's the face of the franchise.The franchise GOAT. For 13 years all he has done here and you can't pay him just a little more? Its incredibly special to have a player play in one uniform his entire career because its so rare in todays sports. Im really depressed that we will not be able to say about our franchise GOAT that he was a heat player from his first day as a a rookie to his last day until he retires. Seeing Wade in a different uniform is just wrong. He should have retired with this team. And I find it hard Riley couldn't have found a suitor for McBob. Him not getting this done is something I just can't forgive him for. I'm sick man. Wade is one of the biggest reasons I got into the Heat. I grew up watching him since I was a kid. And not being able to say that we watched him play his whole career in one uniform, a Heat uniform is just sad for anyone who has been watching since he's been here.
  14. Plot Twist. Wade retires and replaces Strahan as talk show host.