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  1. MIAMI is doing everything except defending the three point line. Let's go HEAT...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  2. Come on MIAMI, sweep these dudes...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  3. Still gotta appreciate the thirteen game win steak, just saying...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  4. Still gotta appreciate the thirteen game win steak, just saying...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  5. Just win the fourth by at least one point...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  6. Gotta rebound, gotta defend, gotta hustle in the second half. Wake up MIAMI, and just win...TEAM HEATsince '88!
  7. Just win, simple as that...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  8. I'm a little apprehensive to get too pissed over this lack of effort from MIAMI due to the fact that the HEAT did provide us with the unexpected. Let's not be too hard on the guys, let's not forget the 13 so soon...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  9. MIAMI is looking very sloppy in the early going. They need to buckle down and refocus. Come on HEAT, get y'all mess cleaned up. And win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  10. Another trap game in which MIAMI needs to be mindful and cautious. I hope that their focus is intact, I hope that their hunger is still there. Let's go HEAT...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  11. Do Lopez always outplays WHITESIDE? Anyways, thank goodness for hunger and teamwork; the benchmob was outstanding. Great win, stay hungry, humbled, and focused...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  12. I'm so hoping that MIAMI hasn't gotten satisfied/complacent with their current success. Like it was mentioned above, this has trap game written all over it; don't fall victim, please don't. Maintain focus, stay hungry, just win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  13. Ya gotta love the way this team has turned things around with their hustle and grit. Their no quit attitude has been a joy to witness. I'm going to hope for huge strides for this unit, they are truly overachieving. Keep making the league take notice, keep winning...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  14. Win the fourth quarter, win the game. Keep dominating, no letdowns. Let's go HEAT, just win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  15. The second half defense will have to be one of few mistakes with a lockdown presence. MIAMI has to maintain momentum and focus. No letdowns, just win...TEAM HEAT since '88!