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  1. heatphin4lyfe

    Thank You

    Man, I appreciate the heck out of you HEATians. Ya'll keeps me entertained and in the know of all things HEAT. Let's keep this HEAT train rolling all the way into next season. Enjoyed the chats and I'm looking forward to continuing... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  2. heatphin4lyfe

    End of the Season grades

    Maybe I set the bar too high for this squad considering the they didn't have a true allstar on the team. With that being said, I'll give them a B-/C+ as a whole. They competed well at times but was way too inconsistent with their game. There were players that exceeded expectations, and then the was WHITESIDE. I do think that a revamping is needed in order for the HEAT to be mentioned with the next level teams. Work hard, be better, shock the league... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  3. In retrospect, the HEAT just wasn't ready to compete on this level. This series really highlighted their deficiencies, their ineptness. RILEY must make changes, huge changes, on all levels. Just saying... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  4. No Embid, no Simmons, no problem. MIAMI acts as if they're new to the game of basketball. Embarrassing... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  5. Philly is playing with such ease, they're just a level above the HEAT. There, I said it🤬... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  6. After seeing a sampling of this game, MIAMI is going to need a damn near flawless 24 minutes. Their defense will have to be on lockdown mode, getting stops and creating turnovers that lead to points. Their offense will need to be efficient on the Harlem Globetrotters' level, making crazy buckets. In other words, it's going to take a herculean effort, but I've faith. Just win... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  7. I'm just tuning in, and all I've seen was quick whistles on the HEAT. And how in the hell do JRICH has three fouls in less than two minutes of playing time?... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  8. I'm a WHITESIDE fan, the guy just seems to lack tenacity whenever he's challenged; I really hope he gets his act together and ball like he's trying to make the league, like he's playing for a contract. He has a lot of upside, he gotta want it though, gotta work extra hard for it. Do it for the team... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  9. I feel the same way Toots, ride until the wheels fall off... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  10. No one is trading for WHITESIDE after this series, his stock will surely take a hit. But yeah, MIAMI needs a bona fide star... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  11. Most definitely, I guess I was just wanting them to overachieve in a sense. In reality, this HEAT team just isn't talented enough to be a real threat in the playoffs. Tons of heart, limited talent... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  12. Wow, just wow. It's looking like it'll be a gentleman's sweep. The HEAT is just offensively inept. Anyways, go HEAT... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  13. How many missed free throws man?... TEAM HEAT since '88!
  14. WHITESIDE needs to make an impact to end this... TEAM HEAT since '88!