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  1. Bittersweet! Watching the HEAT make a historical transformation was quite the thrill ride. There will be a lot of "what ifs" and other questions, but what's unquestionable is that this HEAT team competed. Disappointed sure, but man, what a second half. They fought to the end, so therefore, I'm proud of them for that. HEATians, keep ya heads up...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  2. The HEAT gives up two four point plays in overtime, not acceptable...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  3. Gotta focus, gotta be great, gotta win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  4. Game-time, time to get that victory; especially with the Cavs resting a certain player, or two. Don't squander this all important game, just win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  5. Imagine if the HEAT was capable of making free throws; the post season would be locked already. Just saying...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  6. Free throw shooting, enough said...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  7. Heck of a win; gonna need a similar output against the Raps. Just win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  8. Thanks for the memo Joe, gonna head right over...TEAM since. '88!
  9. Man, they can't let this slip away, really needs this win. Nervous as hell...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  10. 7 missed free throws, 25 missed three pointers, no defense, ballgame...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  11. Bad loss, MIAMI have to learn how to handle their business. This is upsetting, now I've to be a Hawks fan tomorrow. BAD LOSS...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  12. Can't defend, bad shot selection, no win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  13. No defense, no win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  14. MIAMI must do a much better job defensively if they're expecting to win this game. Piss poor effort thus far ...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  15. What a difference that third quarter made, otherwise MIAMI played well enough to win. They should've won...TEAM HEAT since '88!