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  1. Hmmm, you guys are already in rare form. Ease up ladies and gentlemen, it's a long season ...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  2. Just keep developing these YOUNG GUNS, things will get better. Just win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  3. Give me WADE at any price, just saying...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  4. Play nice fellas, it's only preseason...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  5. Dayuum, did B.WEBB just try that? Still impressive...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  6. I'm not liking D.WILL's play, anyone else feeling this way? Just saying...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  7. I'm wondering will BABBIT be able to keep that type of shooting up? I damn sure hope so...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  8. what's up my fellow HEATians, just tuning in, how are the new look HEAT stacking up?...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  9. Glad to be back in the midst of basketball. What's up my fellow HEATians? I just want to see MIAMI being competitive, garnering chemistry, and most of all knocking down some threes at a high clip. Just win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  10. For me, it is to just be competitive at a high level on a nightly basis. I'd love to see chemistry develop between the YOUNG GUNS and DRAGON, as well as players developing their games. A dream season would be that Larry O'brien Trophy...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  11. I'm really excited about this upcoming season, plenty of unknowns and storylines. Make the most of this situation, and just win...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  12. I personally wish that BOSH was able to continue his career with MIAMI, but I've to side with MIAMI on this decision. I wish him the best of luck, but it's all about the MIAMI HEAT at this point. No more drama, let's get ready to make some noise with the YOUNG GUNS...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  13. I'm so ready for the season to tip off, but I'm also expecting the worst concerning CB1...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  14. Man I hope that JRICH has a helluva season in 2016-2017. I'm rooting for this guy...TEAM HEAT since '88!
  15. Beasley's collegiate stats were top pick worthy, but I was hoping that the HEAT would've selected Westbrook. Watching Russ in college, I just felt like his upside and high motor would've paired well with WADE at the time. Just my penny worth...TEAM HEAT since '88!