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    @MiamiCannes: How may good game has Rio really had with the heat? If this guy TJ is gonna get more minutes, he's gonna get you numbers..He just had a nice game again, 20+ game against the Kings. Only reason why Rio is playing to be honest is because he is familiar with the Heat system but seriously, look at how horrible his fg% has been, some players has slumps but this guy seems to feel at home being in a slump.. For a guy playing a few years now with the heat, I still consider him mediocre at best... The longer you play and get familiar, the better you should be playing, but this guy has been consistently on the mediocre department his entire career.. I'm not hating on the guy, I am just saying he is not playing the way he should.. One guy here in TJ is out there proving that he can contribute, why not give him a few games and see how it goes? And I said specifically a few games, 5 at max.. I'm not saying play him and have him get rio's minutes till the end of the season.. SMH And yeah, what can you say about another 24 pts 6 rbs 6 ast from him? You still think hes not capable? The guy TJ has just barely played while we heat fans already know what Chalmers can do.. For him being a vet, don't you even think it would benefit him in the long run, have him fresh if the heat makes it to the playoffs? This is not even about just one player, this is about the heat winning and who can put solid contribution when called upon.. Guys like him and Walker and Beas at this point would go all out just to get a guaranteed future. These guys has a chip on their shoulder with something to prove..These types of players can give you double the effort that Rio gives a game

    Do you guys think Johnson should deserve more minutes? I think he should eat up Chalmers minutes.. The heat can give him a good 5 game stretch as Dragic's back up and see what happened.. I don't really see Rio getting any significant contribution aside from the consistent bone headed plays.. Last game he played 22 mins again, 22 useless minutes with 2 or 4 points, and one on each stats like ast, stl and rebound I guess, in 22 minutes.. Tyler can do a lot more in 22 minutes than that.. And yes, I meant starting him ahead of Shabazz.. Let's see if he get conisistent production.. Its a good way to rest Rio as well.. How can you trust players so much more in the playoffs if you wont play them in the regular season? That's what the Spurs blue print is all about so that when playoff comes, players who are called upon wont sheeet on the floor..

    hahaha.. He plays with pure heart, determination hussle and athleticsm..Sounds like a Patrick Beverly to me w/c the heat dumped but he is starting with the rockets and guess what? Heat says he cant shoot the 3 but man, was the Heat wrong.. Who knew?
  4. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Hassan is slowly showing more than just dunking now.. I know for a fact that he can hit that mid range and he can even ocassionally hit the 3 pt shot but I gotta admit, he has the slowest shimmy that I have seen in the game LOL
  5. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Brightside already started before the kings game and Napiers case is a no brainer w/o Wade.. I think it also has something to do with Cousins being a guy who dominates the ball.. If Brightside goes one on one with him, he is bound to get a lot of fouls..
  6. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    The guy better get his upper body strength up.. He needs that to bang down low. Not that he hasn't yet but he has clearly shown a Bright Side making an impact defensively.. If he can steadily improve and make this big impact, he may just be our starting center candidate.. Young, defensive minded, corals rebounds and dirt cheap with big Upside..it would probably be next season when we can see his full potential, and if he is going to be the heat's starting Center. He needs more playing time with Dwade for him to get familiar with the PnR and lobs.. His standing dunk is already impressive but his ability to throw it down with contact should come after improving his upper body strength.. Once he has that DeAndre physique, it would only get better from there.. One thing I can say is I don't want to hype the guy up that much like how we usually do with any player the heat acquires.. I'll lower my expectations for him for now.. It depends on him now if he can be our JaVale or Tyson Chandler Its nice to have Hassan and Justin on the team.. Two 7 foot guys with diferent skillsets..It would come in handy
  7. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    I hope this big fella make this much of an impact this season the way Bird did when he first joined Miami.. So far so good.. I would love to see Bird come off the bench and start Hassan.. He is still young so he still have much in the tank.. I don't really like seeing Bird get worked that much.. 15 minutes tops should be enough for the Bird.. Give the rest to Whiteside and get him some burn.. Pros are obvious.. Shot blocking, rebounding and his length alone impacts a lot and makes those usually easy penetrations from opponents change their mind.. I have seen Hassan affect Neyo's shots as well as Joe Johnson..He got good hands as well for a big.. Cons should be his upper body strength and footwork.. He needs to separate himself a bit after rolling, once he gets better balance and footwork, he should be able to get those dwade alleys with ease..This of course together with his upper body strength.. So far so good Hassan..Performing and impacting the game in limited minutes.. I was hoping he could be at least 5ppg and 8rpg a block or two a game but I may just have to raise the bar for him and make it a double2x expectation..
  8. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Hassan Obama
  9. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Don't count on it.. Remember Shabazz was playing early on and closing games playing 20 or more minutes and look at him right now.. He steps inside the court and Spo sees it as a violation, (out of bounds).. It's good to see whiteside getting burn but as always.. Spo gonna Spo indeed.. This retard of a coach is clueless.. And if the media asks him, his gonna throw his familiar "its a process" "were getting there" "its a tough grind" and so on.. Maybe the heat team should get training shirts with "Its a process / We cant breath" printed on it..
  10. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    He probably didn't have his nails done, had half an inch of it grown.. Put his socks on in a hurry, trembling in excitement to play alongside DWade and in the process, toenails almost came off.. Played through it and made it worst..YIKES
  11. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    LOL, he played against the Wiz, he had 6 points and 7 or 8 rebs and a block in 16 something minutes.. I doubt that Spo planned to play him though, it was until Bird suffered a minor tweak on his ankle and Jham getting abused by Nene.. He is really long and just grabs rebounds with ease.. That rebound over Gooden was incredible. And Gooden has the position on that one.. Had a nice dunk as well from DWade.. He did change the momentum of the game once he got in.. Wall was already hesitant to penetrate, that made all Wiz player think twice about slashing.. He had some lapses on D just like missed assignments and miscommunication but that can be addressed with more exposure.. Here's to more playing time for Whiteside...
  12. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    BTW, any clips of whitesides limited time on the court the past few games? I just wanna see how he is moving on the floor,
  13. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    regardless if Whiteside played 5-10 minutes and scored 40, if that's the minutes Spo scribbled on his little notes at hand for the game, you wont get anything more.. It's sad.. LeBron did bail Spo's A for 4 seasons and it is slowly showing.. When did you see Spo bench any star player in the closing minutes of a game even when they are clearly playing bad and role players were getting more in rhythm than the other.. Ive seen wade commit a lot of turnovers and defensive mistakes countless times in critical situation under the 2 minute mark regardless if we are winning or not and spo wont bench him.. If you look at POP, you can see him bench parker in critical minutes and in the playoffs, I mean if needed, a coach has to have the guts to bench someone if they are not playing well, regardless if your a superstar or not, and use a player whi is clearly in a rhythm.. I have seen Ennis get good starts but spo refuses to use him again till the game ends.. its mind boggling
  14. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Z, Dampier, Magloire, Pittman, Varnado, Gladness, Harrelson, Anthony, Curry, Oden, Turiaf, Berch, Whiteside.. Keep them coming.. And inspite the gaping hole on the C position, I always see a lot of SF on training camp invites, so called players that plays multiple position.. WTH??? Only good thing that happened was BIRD...
  15. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Are there any pics or clips of this guy with the heat lately?