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  1. 2015 Free Agents Thread

    And what were you expecting exactly? Have them play 15-20 mins a game? U crazy?
  2. 2015 Free Agents Thread

    Hollins is not that bad as a 3rd stringer.. That guy has legit height and is athelethic.. Kinda like Gladness.. WOuldnt mind a filler like dat
  3. 2015 Free Agents Thread

    Dorell Wright Landry Fields Ryan Hollins Ekpe Udoh Tayshaun Prince Willie Green I wouldnt mind any of these players in the exact order...These guys are still available..
  4. Zoran Dragic Traded To Celtics

    How he gonna have playing time in Boston when they are so stacked at the guard position? LOL...They might as well use a guard as a center.. Just like Shabazz in Orlando, the PG spot there is so congested.
  5. Heat Roster: A NEW LOOK

    Is a Mike Miller comeback still possible?
  6. Shabazz Napier On His Way To Orlando

    I think LeBron gonna get him though ahahaha.. Shabazz is in a stacked PG in orlando and he will not see that much playing time there..
  7. Shabazz Napier On His Way To Orlando

    I think the reason why they let Shabazz go for me, he is not that type of PG that likes tempo.. He is good at halfcourt sets, he slows the pace of the game..What I like about him is he is steady and poised, very matured and you can trust him in situations when the game is on the line..Steady handles too..Its just that he needs the ball in his hands to dominate, create plays and get points..He is not a great spot up shooter, not a good 3 pt shooter as well.. Spo wants and uptempo game the way Goran carried the team when he came to the heat.. Now Chalmers is not that type of player either but if you would choose between tenurity and familiarization to the game vs potential and youth, I think thats why they opted to keep Rio, but $$$-wise, its not a good descision.. Shabazz is cheaper and younger..
  8. 2015 Free Agents Thread

    With Spo imposing a "defense first" approach and his love for small ball, do you think Boozer will even fit in? Boozer is the opposite of what type of a player the heat is looking at.. His offense is OK but its his defense that will make Miami think about that descision twice, hell even four or five times b4 they get the guy.. The heat already have Beasley and they barely played him, and that is considering that Beasley is more atheletic than Booz and thrives on a small ball scheme..There is a reason why Booz was not playing big minutes in LA..He is just a waste of spot.. Rather have Birch.. Boozer is like Amare, scorers but no defense.. DO you expect him to play Center in a small ball lineup? He cant block shots. DO you expect him to play together with Hassan? He will just clog the paint.. The heat is about spacing and pace and Boozer doesnt fit that category.. His range doesnt go beyond the 3pt line, he has no defense, slow in rotations and switches and he is none consistent in protecting the rim.. I also think that Rio has to go..Heat can also trade the Bird, though I love the guy but for 5mil for 34 something guy aint worth it anymore.. He has shown a big decline last season, he easily gets pushed around down low as well..
  9. 2015 Free Agents Thread

    Matt Barnes!!!

    @MiamiCannes: How may good game has Rio really had with the heat? If this guy TJ is gonna get more minutes, he's gonna get you numbers..He just had a nice game again, 20+ game against the Kings. Only reason why Rio is playing to be honest is because he is familiar with the Heat system but seriously, look at how horrible his fg% has been, some players has slumps but this guy seems to feel at home being in a slump.. For a guy playing a few years now with the heat, I still consider him mediocre at best... The longer you play and get familiar, the better you should be playing, but this guy has been consistently on the mediocre department his entire career.. I'm not hating on the guy, I am just saying he is not playing the way he should.. One guy here in TJ is out there proving that he can contribute, why not give him a few games and see how it goes? And I said specifically a few games, 5 at max.. I'm not saying play him and have him get rio's minutes till the end of the season.. SMH And yeah, what can you say about another 24 pts 6 rbs 6 ast from him? You still think hes not capable? The guy TJ has just barely played while we heat fans already know what Chalmers can do.. For him being a vet, don't you even think it would benefit him in the long run, have him fresh if the heat makes it to the playoffs? This is not even about just one player, this is about the heat winning and who can put solid contribution when called upon.. Guys like him and Walker and Beas at this point would go all out just to get a guaranteed future. These guys has a chip on their shoulder with something to prove..These types of players can give you double the effort that Rio gives a game

    Do you guys think Johnson should deserve more minutes? I think he should eat up Chalmers minutes.. The heat can give him a good 5 game stretch as Dragic's back up and see what happened.. I don't really see Rio getting any significant contribution aside from the consistent bone headed plays.. Last game he played 22 mins again, 22 useless minutes with 2 or 4 points, and one on each stats like ast, stl and rebound I guess, in 22 minutes.. Tyler can do a lot more in 22 minutes than that.. And yes, I meant starting him ahead of Shabazz.. Let's see if he get conisistent production.. Its a good way to rest Rio as well.. How can you trust players so much more in the playoffs if you wont play them in the regular season? That's what the Spurs blue print is all about so that when playoff comes, players who are called upon wont sheeet on the floor..

    hahaha.. He plays with pure heart, determination hussle and athleticsm..Sounds like a Patrick Beverly to me w/c the heat dumped but he is starting with the rockets and guess what? Heat says he cant shoot the 3 but man, was the Heat wrong.. Who knew?
  13. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Hassan is slowly showing more than just dunking now.. I know for a fact that he can hit that mid range and he can even ocassionally hit the 3 pt shot but I gotta admit, he has the slowest shimmy that I have seen in the game LOL

    Ennis seriously just needs a little more ballhandling and he should be an even more valuable asset. He also needs tips on how to time his cuts from Deng and wade
  15. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Brightside already started before the kings game and Napiers case is a no brainer w/o Wade.. I think it also has something to do with Cousins being a guy who dominates the ball.. If Brightside goes one on one with him, he is bound to get a lot of fouls..