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  1. The Official Mario "The GOAT" Chalmers Thread

    I guess that's all the pent up rage from the miss @Portland. Good on Chalmers though...kick *** stuff.
  2. The Official Mario "The GOAT" Chalmers Thread

    I haven't looked through the entire thread, too lazy, so idk if I am going to reiterate anything. My two cents on Rio is that he has improved significantly every year, and that I can still see him getting better. I like that he is a shooter, and while he has been off, he is still a shooter. Also, I think he is somewhat pigeonholed into only being able to do certain things, which we all know so I won't get into, and that he could also develop even more if he was involved in other aspects selectively and judiciously. For the sake of example, last game against the Magic, he had two great knock down shots in the very first few possesions. Both of these possessions were him screening and then popping; once for Lebron, and once for Wade. (One was a downscreen, and the other more of a backscreen - I'd need to look at the game again to really dissect the second; but I can't because it was a network game) Anyhow, on both possesions he ended up with a very uncontested, right elbow jumper. Result: yak yak and yak yak! I want to see more of this, because teams are so, and I mean so, weary of Bron and Wade that Rio's man hedged much extra on them while Rio literally walk to his spot. I'm going to say it - at least wide open, I believe Rio is a better knock down in the midrange, and three for that matter, than Bron and Wade. Why can't they run this stuff in the final quarter as well? Especially because that's when people would expect the ball to go to certain somebodies. Also, whenever he and Bosh run the screen-roll, good things happen. Sure, Rio isn't going to attack the rim with even moderate success, but good things happen with our wing guys backcutting or running the baseline, weak-side, etc, because you still have to stop the ball at the rim. On the whole "RIo vs. Cole" thing, I wouldn't even want to go there. They are like apples and oranges, and I think they compliment each others weaknesses well enough so that I don't care to compare them. Without naming explicitly, one shoots better, one is more athletic and fast, one defends better in certain situations, the other defends better in others...just saying.