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  1. 2015-2016 NBA season Thread

  2. 2015-2016 NBA season Thread

    No it actually wasn't. Didn't matter if Jazz won that game or not they couldn't get the 8th seed
  3. Head Coach

    So you're saying that if we had the Warriors coaches we would have 73 wins this season?
  4. Head Coach

    What a stupid statement you just made lol
  5. 2015-2016 NBA season Thread

    Nobody cares now days cuz it's not about Curry...
  6. Head Coach

    That's all you guys say about the big three era lol "Well he had Lebron James" blah blah blah Then you give all the credit in the world to the Warriors coaches...
  7. Will the Warriors Break the Bulls Record

    Nothing Doc Rivers said is untrue tho... And how many of their wins were they lucky on and had the refs on their side?? They could have easily had another 10 loses...
  8. Head Coach

    Doesn't fit well enough with Wade tho like JJ does Plus the two rooks and Whitedsire off the bench seems to be working right now
  9. Yeah hopefully Winslow can develope more of an offensive game in the next couple years cuz remember he only played one year in college whereas J Rich played four
  10. Trades & Signings

    I was just thinking this. The defense would be great and all those guys would be able to gamble because the have Hassan back there to rim protect.
  11. So is Richardson Rook 1 now lol?
  12. Pistons 89 - HEAT 107 Game Recap

    They've done that all year, nothing new