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  1. Looking at the remaining schedule. No playoffs.
  2. Hindsight is 20/20 Not taking Winslow at 10 when he was hyped up to being a top 5 pick would've been incredibly risk on draft night. Kinda wish the Hornets would've taken Winslow instead of Kaminsky at 9 and I'm pretty sure we would've taken Booker at 10.
  3. I feel like Jared Dudley could be a good pick up for this team. If James Johnson is having a career year after cutting off weight, I'm sure he can too.
  4. Whiteside spent too much time in the pool rather than the gym. Dude is shooting bricks.
  5. Whiteside is trash at jumpers. Somebody needs to tell him to stop shooting it.
  6. Richardson needs to learn how to control his speed. Dude doesn't change speed at all; it's just full throttle the entire time.
  7. James Johnson needs to start for the Heat to have any chance to make the playoffs since missing Waiters. No playmaking except Dragic.
  8. Teams have started to figure it out. Involve Whiteside in the pick and roll = open jumpers for days.
  9. Whiteside's pick and roll defense last night was awful.