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  1. Haven't posted here in while but glad to have basketball back.
  2. 2017 Heat Summer league

    Collins was the PF I wanted us to pick at our draft selection. Gotta see how he holds up defensively but he's gonna be great offensively (athletic and can shoot). I'm sure Bam will get his poster some time during this season. He's too big and athletic not to. Hawks did definitely get a steal at #19 though; there must've been a red flag with him if he dropped that low.
  3. The Official Bam Adebayo Thread

    2:05 is what I would like to see more of lol I'm surprised at how well Bam has been at the FT line. He's shooting like ~75-80% from there. Pretty good.
  4. 2017 Heat Summer league

    Tatum, the guy I liked the most in the lottery, playing lights out in summer league. Sucks for him that Hayward will take majority of his minutes (if he decides to strictly play the 3). Bam played well. Some good and some bad. All in all, I'm pleased that he can score with how poorly our guards pass (aside from Perrantes). Auguste looked solid out there.
  5. 2017 Heat Summer league

    Also, can't forget how Kris Dunn had an amazing summer league then was awful during his rookie year too lol
  6. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Lonzo Ball was complete buttcheeks. Dude looked LOST out there. It's summer league but I don't know how a guy who can't create his own shot became a top 3 pick.
  7. 2017 Heat Summer league

    This summer league team is dreadful to watch. I swear I'm developing brain cancer watching these games.
  8. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    JJ was my favorite player last season so I'm glad we retained him.
  9. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I'm warming up to the Olynyk signing. I think he could be a good fit.
  10. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Yea you're probably right. Now that I think about it, he would be an okay fit next to Whiteside. Decent passer for a 7 footer who can stretch the floor. He'll replace McTrash and Babbit as our main go-to white guy probably.
  11. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Oh another note, I despise Olynyk as a player. Dude is a dirty player and his face looks extremely punchable. I hate that I gotta cheer him on now but it's whatever.
  12. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I don't mind the Olynyk signing because he'll be a solid back up PF. I just don't like the 4 years though.
  13. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Rudy Gay vs Justise Winslow
  14. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Nah man, you're being too nice. More like 6 ppg 38% FG and 28% from 3.