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  1. Doesn't mean anything. Mike Miller has shined in the biggest stage. Is Mike Miller better than Carmelo Anthony?
  2. Bruh I'm not even going to get into this. Kyrie Irving is NOT better than Westbrook. Idc what argument anyone uses.
  3. Kyrie Irving is not better than Russell Westbrook... that's a ridiculous claim
  4. You might be arguing with yourself here. I'm not sure anyone thinks he's gonna be some sort of savior for this team.
  5. I just don't understand how anyone could be negative about signing Waiters for 2.9 million. Especially not in a market where Mozgov got 65 million. If it fails, it fails. If it doesn't , then that's really good news for us.
  6. France has a nice team: Parker, Batum, Diaw and Gobert plus some kid who got drafted. Would be stronger if Fournier was there.
  7. If Wade came back yeah. With this young gun squad I'd rather him not be here.
  8. 2008 squad would put up a good fight. 2016 is actually the weakest team since '04, but Argentina and Spain are weaker too so we're going to win gold again.
  9. Nah
  10. Ellington gonna have like 5 games in the year where he's gonna go off and the rest he's gonna be trash lol
  11. As far as the new guys on the team I'm most excited for Reed.
  12. Sounds an awful lot like Justise Winslow (assuming he even becomes "decent" at shooting)
  13. A lot of hard working role players out there too. Just cause a guy works hard doesn't mean he'll be a superstar. If hard work created superstars, Allen Iverson wouldn't have been one of the greatest point guards ever and UD would have been the new Jordan. I think Winslow will be better than a role player but I don't know if he'll be a superstar... there's only so many superstars in this league so that's not a knock on him. I just don't see it, but I'd love to be wrong.
  14. So many of you are going to be very disappointed when Winslow doesn't turn out to be the superstar you guys think he will be. Meanwhile Booker gonna be putting up 25, 5 and 5 in a couple years...
  15. 1 year later I still think we should have picked Devin Booker... Summer League just reinforced that opinion