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  1. I don't understand your hate for TJ. He's a very useful young player. It's time to start recognizing that he is as integral to the rebuild as Winslow, J-Rich, and Whiteside. Him and Waiters are the only guys the Heat have who can somewhat create their own shot.
  2. I would retire Lebron's number as well. Y'all can say whatever about him but 2 titles and 2 finals MVP's. You have to retire out of respect.
  3. Why pick up the foul? Let him get the basket
  4. Whiteside is a legit superstar. Should make the All-star game this year.
  5. Babbitt is like that random white dude who comes in during pickup games and shoots everytime he gets the ball but always misses
  6. Did somebody mention a slow paced offense?
  7. Can we start the draft thread?
  8. McBob is like comedy at this point
  9. Nobody on our team is money from the FT line