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  1. I would have traded our whole roster for Cousins tbh. Riley should have pulled some strings.
  2. He said that because that's the only thing you could have said after the 13 game winning streak. When have you ever seen a team executive openly state that they're trying to tank? Stop making a big deal about it.
  3. Hopefully we lose another 10,15 in a row. Can still get a good draft pick. Make a trade at the deadline and let Goran go for some picks and assets.
  4. You sell high and buy low. Right now Dragic is at his high point in value and I think he's going to decrease since he's entering his 30s and we are looking to build for the future. Winning streak aside, this trade deadline would be perfect to move him for picks or young assets.
  5. No sh** , dude's a straight diva these days. While Wade can definitely be a good mentor at times, he hasn't been the greatest leader towards the end of his career, as evidenced by his missed practices and games this season which resonated negatively with the rest of the Bulls squad. If he had stayed in Miami the situation might have resembled that of Kobe in his last days as a Laker. Instead of genuinely helping the younger players progress, he would have hindered their development.
  6. Well it goes both ways. The Spurs also tanked for one season, drafted Tim Duncan, and have basically won 50 games every season since then.
  7. He's being a full on diva this season. It's kind of embarrassing for him tbh
  8. Thank god we let go of Wade in the offseason. I said it.
  9. Hate to be the pessimist but this little win streak might cost us for years...
  10. Smh... we're gonna be stuck in no man's land if this keeps up
  11. We back! Losing to the Nets, that's what I like to see