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  1. El Fuego

    2017-2018 NBA Season

    Boston's building a superteam on the low... Everybody was mocking Ainge for not being able to trade his picks, I think he's fine with Brown and Tatum right now
  2. I haven't been posting here as often, anyways here are my observations 13 games into the season: - We have way too much money tied up long-term to a mediocre team. I know some of you have an attachment to these players but I see them ALL, with no exceptions, as tradeable assets. - I do think the Heat can and will improve, but the ceiling is limited and I don't think it's realistic to say we will replicate the 30-11 stretch from last season. We will probably fall in the 35-45 win range, depending on health and other factors (barring any major trades). - The issue with Whiteside is he's still a "dinosaur" on the court in today's style of play. If I was the GM for the Heat I would trade him before the end of the deadline. - Winslow's improvement has been marginal at best and J-Rich seems to have taken a step backwards. Watching guys on other teams like the Celtics who have Jaylen Brown adapting well to a larger role and Jayson Tatum immediately contributing in a big way in his rookie season is disappointing. It brings into question the Heat's rebuilding and development strategy.
  3. I just wanted to login and say Winslow is trash
  4. That's how he's been his entire career. It's his 3rd year now. When will people realize he's just not that good?
  5. El Fuego

    Who Will Replace Tony?

    Tony's a punchline at this point. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all but he sucks as a commentator. Anybody who's half-competent would be better.
  6. El Fuego

    2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    Waiters should have gotten surgery. Unfortunately this doesn't sound too good, the risk of re-aggravating it during the course of a regular season is enormous.
  7. El Fuego

    2016-2017 NBA Off-Season Thread

    At least we know the narrative of Wade leaving the Heat because of "money" is completely false. He lost $8 million in the buyout, and even with this contract from the Cavs he would have made more money if he signed the deal that was on the table with Miami last year.
  8. El Fuego

    2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    Wade coming back never made any sense for both sides. Personally, I'm completely fine with it. When the Heat and Wade parted ways last year we already committed to going in a different direction.
  9. El Fuego

    2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Boston is literally going to be a completely different team compared to last season
  10. El Fuego

    2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Wait, Kyrie is still signed until 2020. Am I missing something here? The Cavs can just tell him to go **** himself and keep playing for them.
  11. El Fuego

    2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    You're crazy. Kyrie was like 20 5 years ago.
  12. El Fuego

    2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Damn, Boston could come in and swoop Kyrie. Riley should try. I would be willing to send anyone on the roster to land him.
  13. El Fuego

    Winslow Playing For His Financial Life

    I bet these guys would defend him until he's like 26 years old even if he was a bust lmao. Talking about "he's still a kid". 99% of the time you know what you have within the first 3 years. If this upcoming year is anything like the last 2, we'll know he's going probably be mediocre for the rest of his career and at best a role player.
  14. El Fuego

    2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    No disrespect to the franchise GOAT but Wade is kinda washed. Lebron is still the best player in the world. Big difference. Then again this is a stupid discussion to be had because Wade isn't getting bought out.