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  1. That's not true at all. First, Waiters wasn't an "awful player." He has been a quick-scoring-spark type guy from day 1 in his career, albeit an inconsistent one. He's still that, with a bit of improvement in other areas. Statistically he didn't deviate far from his career numbers, even though it was in fact his best season. As for the Heat signing him, go dig through my old posts back in the offseason. I thought it was a great move. So did most Heat fans, because from the construction of the roster it seemed like we needed a scoring punch and we got Waiters at a low-risk $2M 1 year deal.
  2. I can see the flip side to it. But if an opportunity presents itself for someone who's at least semi-established, I would probably roll the dice. Also, if he regresses or stagnates next year his value is going to bottom out. For the while being, he still has some value.
  3. Clearly no reason to keep him around any longer. Not a coincidence that we started winning games when he got injured. Package him with McRoberts and get a player + pick(s) in return.
  4. This is a cool little effort but Chicago isn't losing to Brooklyn at home
  5. Yeah.. Don't think we're making the playoffs lol just look at our schedule
  6. It still sounds like insanity. 13-15 mil per year on a long-term deal for Dion Waiters is borderline crazy. Having a stretch in one season of his career where he exceeded expectations doesn't rule out his entire history. I know everybody's high on him right now, but his value is extremely inflated imo and the Heat would be wise to let him go if someone else throws money at him instead of tying themselves to such a high-risk player.
  7. Lol I'm not paying big money to Dion Waiters in the offseason. Just too risky. He'll eventually go cold again. Let some crap franchise throw money at him, it's not a Heat thing to throw max money at Dion Waiters of all guys. He's obviously had a great season but cmon now.
  8. I would have traded our whole roster for Cousins tbh. Riley should have pulled some strings.
  9. He said that because that's the only thing you could have said after the 13 game winning streak. When have you ever seen a team executive openly state that they're trying to tank? Stop making a big deal about it.
  10. Hopefully we lose another 10,15 in a row. Can still get a good draft pick. Make a trade at the deadline and let Goran go for some picks and assets.