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  1. Actually pissed that we won this game lol
  2. 34%
  3. Dat FG% tho
  4. Don't think so. More like a role player to me.
  5. Lol I was semi-trolling with the bust thing. But I certainly don't think he's gonna be as good as people expect.
  6. You would think we were be talking about Draymond Green the way you guys describe Winslow. Stop overrating him . He is an average playmaker and decent defender . None of that makes up for his complete apathy on the offensive end. As if these things cancel themselves out lol
  7. The argument isnt on how good Booker is, it's whether Winslow is better or not. And Winslow isn't better so... That's that.
  8. Lol Winslow went from the next Heat superstar to the intangibles guy real quick