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  1. Still gonna shoot 38%
  2. I don't think we're bad enough for a top 5 pick. Probably will fall somewhere between the 5 to 10 range. 30 win team.
  3. False. The Heat has a whole department dedicated to analytics. Just because you don't know or hear about them doesn't mean they aren't impacting the franchise and providing stats and info for the front-office to consider when making decisions. Riley's job is to be an executive, not some mathematician crushing numbers. That's what you hire people for.
  4. So what's the starting 5 next season without Bosh?
  5. Damn really sad for the dude. He's clearly in denial about what's going on.
  6. Riley knew all along. Him letting Wade leave makes a lot more sense now.
  7. I really hope that for his own good Bosh doesn't go play in some foreign country with less regulations where he can be cleared. He needs to understand it's a life or death thing.
  8. #HeGone
  9. He's done. Bosh is going to keep fighting to come back but I don't see him returning to the court. Too much of a liability for the Heat and the NBA
  10. took a little break from these boards but...
  11. Yet the Chalmers thread lasted years
  12. Trading for Rudy Gay... idk. Sounds like a team that would be chasing the 8 seed all season only to come up short in the end. Now that WB is off the table for next year's Free agency might be better to just rebuild. Like I said before, I'm looking at the NBA right now and imo there's a lot of space for new stars in this league and for guys to make a name for themselves. The new wave of talent is gonna come from the development of guys that are already in the league and through the draft.
  13. If Tracy McGrady ... If Greg Oden... If Grant Hill... You could keep going forever.
  14. Klay was arguably the best player from GS in the playoffs so I can see where he's coming from