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  1. took a little break from these boards but...
  2. Yet the Chalmers thread lasted years
  3. Trading for Rudy Gay... idk. Sounds like a team that would be chasing the 8 seed all season only to come up short in the end. Now that WB is off the table for next year's Free agency might be better to just rebuild. Like I said before, I'm looking at the NBA right now and imo there's a lot of space for new stars in this league and for guys to make a name for themselves. The new wave of talent is gonna come from the development of guys that are already in the league and through the draft.
  4. If Tracy McGrady ... If Greg Oden... If Grant Hill... You could keep going forever.
  5. Klay was arguably the best player from GS in the playoffs so I can see where he's coming from
  6. I also think the league as a whole is waiting on an influx of talent to come in. The Lebron/Wade/Melo generation is fading while the KD/Curry/Westbrook generation is reaching its prime. Who are the young guys who are currently in the NBA who will take that "next step" and who will be drafted in the next few years that will change the landscape of the league?
  7. Broken by the great "Kevin Nesgoda"? Nah, Vertical hasn't said a peep about this yet. Won't think anything of it until they do.
  8. Wow, some great options right there ... lol
  9. "My heart was always in Chicago " = This was my only other option to leave the Heat besides Denver
  10. We're going to win like 35 games. Probably will get the 10th pick again.
  11. Bucks will be a top 4 seed in the East next year, Antetokounmpo's breakout year where he becomes a superstar
  12. Doesn't mean anything. Mike Miller has shined in the biggest stage. Is Mike Miller better than Carmelo Anthony?
  13. Bruh I'm not even going to get into this. Kyrie Irving is NOT better than Westbrook. Idc what argument anyone uses.
  14. Kyrie Irving is not better than Russell Westbrook... that's a ridiculous claim
  15. You might be arguing with yourself here. I'm not sure anyone thinks he's gonna be some sort of savior for this team.