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  1. And you're not going to talk about Winslow I assume... Meanwhile Booker dropping 34 points easily *sigh*
  2. Idk if I buy it. It was the same talk with Green last year and he had a great preseason. Only a matter of time before Waiters returns to his old tendencies. He'll bring some scoring off the bench hopefully (8-10 ppg) but you guys are delusional if you think he's going to do much more than that .
  3. We're playing against Sheldon McLellan and some random european dude
  4. Williams is gonna be a bum that everybody hates this season. I can already see it.
  5. Not to ruin the party here but it is preseason and the Wizards aren't even putting their main guys out there. Cool stuff from Winslow and Whiteside. Even Dion looked good. Now do it in the season.
  6. Guess that answers the question of who the starting 5 will be
  7. Still gonna shoot 38%
  8. I don't think we're bad enough for a top 5 pick. Probably will fall somewhere between the 5 to 10 range. 30 win team.
  9. False. The Heat has a whole department dedicated to analytics. Just because you don't know or hear about them doesn't mean they aren't impacting the franchise and providing stats and info for the front-office to consider when making decisions. Riley's job is to be an executive, not some mathematician crushing numbers. That's what you hire people for.
  10. So what's the starting 5 next season without Bosh?
  11. Damn really sad for the dude. He's clearly in denial about what's going on.