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  1. we match up better with Indi. I like Winslow and J Rich on PG and George Hill, no one on Indi can get Hassan in foul trouble like Big Al could. Toronto does have the choke factor going for them though...either way, we should beat whoever we go up against
  2. jesus zeller has been mobbing whiteside all series long
  3. some call him McBob... I think the proper name is McJesus
  4. If a game 7 isn't an emergency situation...
  5. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    god, the hornet players just flail in mid air into Whitesides body, Big Al hooks him, it's damn irritating.
  6. Post-Game 5 Rant

    looking back on things that already happened and bemoaning them are pointless exercises. Brandon Knight isn't better then Dragic. IT would have been really nice, and Dragic is definitely overpaid, which I'm not afraid to admit anymore, but it is what it is. McRoberts would have netted us nothing. Every team has roster flaws, and knock down shooters aren't particularly easy to sign, but it definitely is a priority and less excusable (damn near pathetic) if we go this offseason without signing a marksman. We couldn't have expected the front office to predict the blood clots, and outside of that, especially given the circumstances of the team, I support Bosh's contract.
  7. they made a ton of tough 3s going down the stretch of game 5, we executed horribly down the stretch, and we still were right there at the end. We can definitely win this without it being some logic defying moment in time. Hopefully their shots regress to the mean (not off of flat percentages but more off of difficult shots), we actually run plays that get players open shots, and Whiteside attacks the pick and roll more. Remember the game against Portland? Like, that level of aggressiveness. I think Dragic has something to prove as well; I look for him to be aggressive and hopefully put either Lin/Walker in foul trouble, which would be the best defense we could muster against them honestly. EDIT: By pick and roll, i mean defending them aggressively.
  8. Post-Game 5 Rant

    Not gonna lie, some of the fans here looking extremely spoiled/prisoner of the moment. We're the Nets now? Really? Jeeeesus... Look, every given season there's only 3-4 teams with a realistic chance at winning the finals. Maybe if some of those teams suffer injuries to superstars and a fringe contender plays out of their mind there's a chance for an outside team to win, but really, given 5 guesses any reasonably knowledgeable fan of basketball can pick the NBA final winner. But if the only reason you watch a season is for the expectation of a finals championship, you're literally going to leave almost every season bitterly disappointed. And guys, it's not like we're underperforming here. Do you remember how painfully average we were around the all star break? Bosh goes down, and after that our team overperforms with their talent, players evolve into new rolls, there's excitement. Did you really expect us to beat the Cavs in a playoff series without Bosh? Even with Bosh? Or any team that comes out the West? You can be disappointed with some of the developments of the series, the decisions made by the coaching staff, the front office, players. As a fan, it's our right, and there are legitimate things this team has done that is infuriating. But pump the breaks. Is our team likely to be a finals contender anytime soon? Probably not. Yet I can say the exact same for the majority of the NBA. What I can say is we have three promising young talented prospects that have room for growth, a potential 2nd team All-NBA calibre player entering his prime, and professional veterans, along with the best D League team in the NBA, one of the most appealing locations to play in the league, and a respected franchise, from top to bottom. Those count for something. What I do see is us being consistently competitive in the East, one of those fringe contender teams that need injuries to other superstars and hot streaks to make things truly interesting, but us being one of those teams is a blessing enough.
  9. Interested to see how we come out in game 3. We really struggled on the road this year, so hopefully we can buck that trend.
  10. Wow they fouled the hell out of Richardson on the shot clock violation possession. This is blatantly bad.
  11. oh yeah, idk if it was clear but I meant it like, go ahead courtney, keep talking. Scrubs disrespecting legends.
  12. Yes, trash talk Wade. Good idea there. Sure it won't hurt your team.