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  1. Kid Clutch

    The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    god, the hornet players just flail in mid air into Whitesides body, Big Al hooks him, it's damn irritating.
  2. Kid Clutch

    2015-2016 NBA season Thread

    I don't think the Spurs will beat Golden State in 7 either, but the Spurs played a very bad game offensively. Really, if the Spurs made the shots they usually make, Saturday would have been a blowout. And just on the virtue of it being a slow paced game, the likelihood of a blowout goes down as well. Sure, the warriors had injuries on Saturday, but the last two seasons Golden State has been insanely lucky injury wise anyway. I agree that everyone on the Spurs will have to ball out of control and Klay and Steph will have to have bad shooting nights for the Spurs to win, but this isn't impossible; note that Steph also struggled in the finals last year. And finally, too much credit is being taken away from just how well the Spurs played Steph defensively. Sure, he did struggle, and on nights when he is on he will score on anyone, but the Spurs can limit Steph's damage enough to at least give them a chance in a 7 game series, and that's more than 99% of the other teams can say. The playoff series will be epic, and people denying this fact are too caught up in the hype of this GS team and disrespecting this Spurs team
  3. Kid Clutch

    The Official Justise Winslow Thread

    even if he misses them, I like the majority of the shots he is taking.
  4. Kid Clutch

    The $85 Million Dollar Man

    Smartest post I've seen in awhile. Even if you don't make them, it's important you take the 3s. It's like the deep throw in football, it opens the defense up.
  5. Kid Clutch


    How many teams have clearly better backup point guards than us? Serious question. Maybe...GS with Livingston, Toronto with Mills (he's playing awesome for them) me out guys.
  6. Kid Clutch

    The $85 Million Dollar Man

    If dragic can play like he played against Cleveland and OKC on a consistent basis, without even making all the tough contested 3s he's been draining lately, if he can play with this confidence and rhythm and effort, he'll be worth every penny of the $85 million dollar contract. Think about it; in Phoenix (anywhere really lol), Dragic was used to playing at a much faster pace, and never had as many hungry mouths to feed offensively (Wade, Bosh, and Whiteside). It's an adjustment period, and shooting uncharacteristically poor from outside with **** spacing doesn't much help that transition. Who else on the Heat this season has looked adequate offensively btw? We haven't been an adequate offensive team. And no one mentions Dragic's much improved defensive ability. Our offense has looked the best when Dragic has looked his best. It's that simple. Now, if you want to argue signing Dragic to an $85 million contract hinders our ability to get better free agents in 2016, well, that's more complicated, but just looking at what he can mean to our team this one season, he's worth what we paid him. EDIT: Dragic should get as many minutes possible with the Bosh/McBob frontcourt. it's lovely to see.
  7. Kid Clutch

    The Official Justise Winslow Thread

    I think we're still figuring out our team's offensive identity as a whole, which is why Winslow isn't yet being properly utilized. I'd give our team more time to gain an identity before criticizing the development of individual pieces.
  8. Kid Clutch

    The Official Justise Winslow Thread

    yay winslow
  9. Kid Clutch

    2015-2016 NBA season Thread

    Yeah, Curry had a bad shooting series. Sure, Kyrie and Delly played good defense, but when Steph is on, and he's on a lot, it really doesn't matter what defense you play on him.
  10. Yeah, foot injuries really are scary things, but if Durant's right, the Thunder will be marching 2 top 10 players in their starting lineup. Talent is supreme. Durant in his MVP season was the best player on the planet. Westbrook's game has gotten marginally better. Ibaka is as good as he's ever been in his career. Waiters could work in a 6th man role. Morrow is a talented shooter. Despite his horrible defense, Kanter makes OKC such an incredibly dominating offensive team. Adams is one of the better defensive bigs. Kyle Singler can shoot the ball. The talent's everywhere man. My thing with the Heat is, an incredible amount of things need to break for us in order for us to be the 2nd best team in the East. We'll have to overcome a lack of spacing, Hassan will have to take multiple leaps mentally, we have to PRAY Bosh didn't lose a step, there's Wade health, can Green play some defense, how will we utilize McBob, etc. There's no way we finish with the 2nd seed in the East, but by playoff time, I think we can be the second best team in the East, and still MULTIPLE steps below Cleveland.
  11. The only realistic title contenders in the league are (and in this order, imo) 1.) GSW 2.) Cleveland 3.) Spurs 4.) OKC 5.) Rockets 6.) Clippers It should be noted, I think any of the teams here can beat each other in a 7 game series, and the gap from the Clippers to the Warriors is not wide at all. It'll come down to matchups and injuries at the end of the day. Spurs would probably be favored against anyone except the Thunder in the West. Golden State has Houston's number. I like the Rockets matching up with the Clippers. But like I said, each team could beat each other realistically. Golden State should definitely still have the number one seed (still the deepest team). I could easily see the Rockets finishing with the 2nd seed; Harden god moded a worse team than the one he has this year. If Dwight is healthier than last year (No reason he wouldn't), with the addition of Lawson (which is HUGE, assuming he stops drinking and driving..), and another year of development for Acapela, one of the most exciting young players in the NBA? Sky's the limit. Clippers will probably be better than last year (although only marginally; while playoff PP looked a lot better than Barnes, I still don't think he's the SF that will put them over; and Josh Smith only played serviceable in the playoffs). Their core will keep them in every game and series, but honestly, the only way I see them getting over the hump they reached last year is for Lance Stephenson to go full 2013 Pacers mode, and for Josh Smith to play like he did in the playoffs. IF you guaranteed me OKC's health, I'd guarantee you a number 1 seed. This is by far the best team either Westbrook or Durant has had. I like the addition of Donovan; the Thunder peaked with Scott Brooks. A starting lineup of Westbrook/Morrow/Durant/Kanter/Ibaka is literal nightmares to guard. Seriously, what do you do? Let Kanter play one on one, and he's gonna win a majority of the time. You have shooters everywhere. God, this scary. And with the option of going highly offensive with Kanter/Ibaka or stout with Adams/Ibaka? And you can have Waiters come off the bench as a spark lug, with guys like Kyle Singler and Collison? Damn. But Durant's foot injury scares me. Spurs will likely coast in the regular season (which will still be enough for them to get a 3-5 seed in the uber competitive West). If Leonard stays healthy for most of the year, with LA? I still don't think people realize how much of a force Kawhi is. Tim Duncan doesn't age, he really doesn't. The frontcourt of Tim Duncan and LA will give teams nightmares. Honestly, Cleveland would have won the finals if either Love or Irving were playing. With their core healthy, they're probably the best team in the NBA (but Love and Irving have injury history). People talk about all Curry does for his team off the ball, just by his presence. Irving does nearly the same for the Cavs. And Love was doing his role for the Cavs. They still have the best player in the world (though Anthony Davis is knocking and Durant took that title in his MVP year...). They're just so talented. They got Varejao back, Mosgov is one of the more under rated bigs. Shumpert and Rugby player are fine role players in limited roles. This Heat time...I don't see us beating the Cavs, even if Irving AND Love are down. They're that good.
  12. Kid Clutch

    The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Whiteside and Bosh can be a solid defensive front court actually. A defense where we take some pressure off our perimeter guards and funnel ball handlers to Whiteside? We'll be better defensively with a full season and a mini camp to prepare our team.
  13. Kid Clutch

    The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    I have no doubt. His rebounding percentages were off the chart, if we run like I think we will (or definitely should...) he'll have plenty of opportunities in transition, and hopefully Goran will have the ball more, which will lead itself to more pick and rolls, and Hassan was a great roll man. I would think the more important question would be, will hassan's decision making improve, and can he anchor a defense? If he can't prove either of those two points, regardless of his gaudy stats, he won't join the truly elite bigs in the game.
  14. Kid Clutch

    The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Would that be a defense where we trap on Pick and Rolls?
  15. Kid Clutch

    The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Thoughts on Whiteside...he's a very interesting player with advanced statistics. I might have posted about it, but let me say, my ceiling for whiteside is a marginally better Deandre Jordan; in other words, a top 5 center, but not someone who can be the best player on a championship team. For all the talk of Whiteside being a defensive stalwart, the Heat were about 8 points better defensively with Whiteside off the court. It's not as if with whiteside on the court our pace increased either, accounting for more points; it stayed pretty much the same. Whiteside' DBPM was only 0.7 (for reference, Marc Gasol had 3.5, rudy gobet had 5.1, DeAndre was at 3.2), and his VORP was only 0.3 (DJ was at 4.3, DMC was at 3.4, Marc Gasol was at 4.6). Despite a phenomenal block % (9.2%), saving the 5th most points a game at the rim, being 14th at rim fg% (46.5%; for perspective, the top mark is 40%, by Gobet...), contesting the 2nd most amount of shots at the rim (59.7%), Hassan whiteside's +/- was -1.1. Fascinatingly enough, despite being an utter black hole offensively (his assist % was...1%. He averaged 0.1 assist a game. This is a bigger deal when you consider Whitesides USG rating), the Heat were 4 points better offensively with Hassan on the court. Hassan had a godly PER (26.2), 61% TS, was in the 97th percentile of roll men, was getting 3 offensive rebounds, and was in the 70th percentile with back to the basket scoring. Wrapping everything up; Hassan Whiteside made us a slightly worse team by statistics, even though I think we all, by the eye test, feel that Whiteside makes us a better team. Still, there are clear improvements Whiteside can make to his game; ball movement offensively being the glaring one. But it's a question that needs answering; why does whiteside make us a worse defensive team? Links!/1610612748/onoffcourt/advanced/?DateFrom=01%2F14%2F2015