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  1. Yall thought you could get rid of the GOAT??
  2. nice little game from the goat. 9 straight points
  3. 15 and 7 0 turnovers in 25 min GOAT
  4. 16 points.
  5. Rio and Cole outplaying preseason mvp rose
  6. if you like shaun you'll like it. its prob even funnier than hot fuzz and shaun
  7. Just saw The World's End. My favorite movie of the year. 10/10 if you like Edgar Wright's movies (Shaun of the dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim) you'll love it.
  8. rio's crossover gon be > AI
  9. ^the goat
  10. heat pick up team option on chalmers. duh.
  11. rio actually played doe...
  12. Rio got more rings than cp3, drose, dwill, Westbrook, and rondo combined. The goat