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  1. ThunderDAN

    "They dont acknowledge your work"

    they gotta stop the all star voting stuff, cause Love def deserves to be a starter for the west.
  2. Attack The Block (2011) You need to check out this flick. Its basically The Warriors, but british, and with aliens. Its really good, very well done. Its funny, and action packed. The chase scenes are nuts. And its got a great soundtrack. Its cool cause you never really see movies with british people in the hood. Check it out
  3. ThunderDAN


    great blog, aj..
  4. Hello. The first entry to the blog where i tell you what to watch is a movie called.. Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) This movie is crazy funny, and really original for a parody. I dont remember laughing so hard during a scene. normally i plan on putting the trailer on here, but this movie is way better if you dont know anything about it. so yea... check it out, its on instant. This concludes this edition of "Check This Out! says ThunderDAN"
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    this song is crazy good codebase=",0,0,0" height="390" width="480" > value="never" > value="transparent" > name="movie" /> /> /> allowScriptAccess="never" wmode="transparent" pluginspage="" height="390" width="480" src="" />