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  1. 2017-18 NFL - NCAA Football Thread

    I lost the last bet — I doubt I lose again.
  2. 2017-18 NFL - NCAA Football Thread

    Although Clemson is getting better wins than Alabama they still sit at #2. Ha. Penn State continues to play boring teams. PSU plays Northwestern, #7 Michigan, and #10 Ohio State their next three games. Once PSU blows out Northwestern the real competition for them should start. Meanwhile #5 Georgia moves to the 5th spot after looking impressive in their blowout win against a sorry Tennessee team. #10 Ohio State sits in front of #11 Washington State after WSU beating a ranked #5 USC team. Ha. I wouldn't be surprised if Ohio State comes back into conversation. Michigan goes at it with rival Michigan State this week. Other than that there's no exciting games this week that'll have teams moving around in the polls.
  3. 2017-18 NFL - NCAA Football Thread

    Alabama and Clemson unsurprisingly stays the same in rankings. A lot of people expect Clemson to be the #1 team, but the people behind closed doors aren't thinking about moving Alabama out of the #1 spot regardless only if they lose. Both Clemson (at #12 Virginia Tech) and Alabama (v. Ole Miss) have tough matchups this week. USC did it again and some how won their game at Cal in which they stay in the #5 spot. #16 Washington State welcomes USC in a battle this week. TCU moves Oklahoma State to #15 after a great game from both teams. Oklahoma stays at #3 after beating a 0-3 Baylor team 49-41. Ha. They've got some tough games coming up. Lastly, Penn State stays at #4 with a last second win in Iowa. I still don't see any excitement with this Penn State team. When they play Michigan or Majestic's Ohio State hopefully they will excite me. The teams ranked #6 to #11 are still dangerous.
  4. 2017-18 NFL - NCAA Football Thread

    The top two will stay the same for a while. USC won't be in top five come next week. I don't feel confident with that thought. Ha. I can see PSU moving to #3 if they beat Iowa or stay at #4 once Oklahoma State beats #16 TCU. PSU is good, but they haven't beat anyone. So I wouldn't be surprised if they got pushed back or stayed at #4. If Oklahoma State keeps it up and beats #16 TCU than they definitely deserve to be in the top five. It's to early and these polls really don't don't matter, but Oklahoma will be pushed back as well. They only beat a trashy OSU team or maybe it was just to early in the season for them to play Oklahoma with that being their second game of the season. Someone has to make room for Oklahoma State. I might be pushing it if I put any thought into Washington. I'll wait.
  5. Heat Forums Member Awards 2017 - Final Round

    Shout out to these rare pair of names — the classic HEAT chat crew Coup, Donnie, Danny, and the noticeable Joe.
  6. 2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    Regards to the hurricane — I hope everyone is and will be safe during the time being. Expect and hope for a speedy recovery.
  7. 2016-2017 NBA Off-Season Thread

    Regards to the hurricane — I hope everyone is and will be safe during the time being. Expect and hope for a speedy recovery.