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  1. DWarner4 Ok. Yup. That 67-15 team does look scary though. But as the saying goes when you have a LeBron James on your team there's always a chance. And by the way after game 4 in the 2016 NBA FINALS did you think it was over? Did you turn off your TV not to watch game? And that inspite of Ty Lue and LeBron James trying to reassure people that it was not over yet and he had told his teammates if anyone of them thought they weren't winning he needs not get on the plane to Oakland, CA? Hahaha. I am just being curious. For me I had my TV off during games 5 and 7. I didn't want to witness.
  2. I do not think this was luck. The CAVS have hidden some tricks and lineups and schemes for the postseason that they do not want others in the LEAGUE to know. They have to pull out the right cards to close out and win games. Sometimes it will be ugly but they are more concerned about getting the WIN rather then STYLE. CHANNING FRYE here admits that they knew what was up. They were not shaken. They just needed to clamp down eventually and get away with a win.
  3. DWarner CAVS DEFENSE use to make me concerned and worried but after watching this post game interview of Coach TY LUE it made me convince that the CAVS have something up their sleeves but they did not want the LEAGUE and the MEDIA to know. Instead of TY LUE being somber and sad after the loss, he had on a smirk and was laughing. He was not really concerned. He knew what was up.
  4. It my honest opinion the CAVS are trying to give a false impression fool people and other NBA TEAMS that they cannot play defense. They have been doing this for three years now ever since LEBRON JAMES came back to CLEVELAND. And during that time they were not known for their DEFENSE until towards the end of the regular season when then they started stepping it up and tying loose ends of their DEFENSE. Then their DEFENSE starts to pick up as they pushed deeper and deeper into the PLAYOFFS. People forget 2016 NBA PLAYOFFS in the first round vs the DETROIT PISTONS the CAVS did not blow them out and often they gave up huge leads in the third and fourth quarter only to win by single digits. And the majority of the teams they played in the post season of 2015 and 2016 were mostly teams that beat them in the regular season apart from the ATLANTA HAWKS in 2016 and probably the BOSTON CELTICS 2015. They try to set up teams to think they are actually stronger than the CAVS only to come and hit a brick wall. The put the hammer on them I remember last year you were trying to convince people that the CAVS were actually a very strong DEFENSIVE team which was contrary to popular opinions at that time. You even posted the stats and articles to prove your point. And many people did not believe you. Can you remember? Please check your old post towards the end of the regular season and the beginning of the 2016 post season. Even I myself argued and got into it with one of the posters here called PIPPIN. She insinuated that the CAVS had not proven to be a great DEFENSIVE team consistently and would be knocked out in the second round or in the ECF due to their poor DEFENSE. The CAVS did not play great DEFENSE for the whole 48 mins of a game but rather in spurts. I tried to convince her that actually the CAVS played good defense but instead they chose not to play their hands so that other teams would not know the kind of DEFENSE they played. And that strategy has proven to be effective and working after the fact that they have won a championship. And let me inform you that miss PIPIN is a very knowledge able individual about BBALL. I think she played COLLEGE BBALL. And according to her the way the CAVS played in 2016 did not convince her that they played great defense that would get them to the FINALS let alone win a CHAMPIONSHIP. And she was not alone in holding that view. That is why I would assume you were on a mission to prove the contrary. please revisit your old posts describing the great DEFENSE cavs played. I disagree with you that the way CAVS played in the second half was just LUCK. I think it was was planned. But the CAVS are not showing their SCHEMES. They know what they are doing. But they have to continue to fool people. They must not show all their CARDS.
  5. That's my point. There's no way they can make LeBron James shoot 6 threes in a quarter. When was the last time LeBron shot 6 threes. That was why he was laughing..... Hahaha. And on the other end there was no way the refs could make PG go scoreless in the third quarter. There was no way. There was no way the whistles can bench KY and KLove. That whistle must be powerful to make CAVS shoot almost 20 threes. When was the last time a team won against a team shooting a barrage of threes?
  6. Oh wow. The REFS have such super natural powers to make LBJ shoot jumpers and make threes. I would like to have that power.
  7. Wow!!! Have the CAVS finally found the switch? The PACERS scored 37 points in the first quarter and then were held to 37 points the whole of 2nd half. Was this a set up by the CAVS ???
  8. Portland Blazers are putting up a fight. They are not scared of GSW.
  9. This GSW is starting to scare me man. LeBron James needs to get his fourth championship. But GSW......*scary*
  10. Oh boy. Oh boy. This GSW team is looking scarier and scarier. They are playing great DEFENSE and great OFFENSE. I am starting to be afraid for my CAVS and LeBron James. I hope they are watching and taking notes. They are heading to meet a Juggernaut in GSW. Lord God please help. 😨😨😨😨😨😨 😲😲😲😲😲😲
  11. Who shot that three dagger anyway?
  12. Dagger
  13. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. Rockets moving in for the kill.
  15. There's blood on the floor in Houston : OKC vs ROCKETS