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  1. Video Games Thread

    show me your stats or your nickname
  2. Happy new year heatians !

  3. Video Games Thread

    even if i didnt buy the last game, i like the Battlefield series but they lost me all the future things ! BF1942 was the best one, i still hope they will make a new one ! All players with the same stuffs, period and make it simple no help
  4. Video Games Thread

    Which games ?
  5. What Movie Did You Just Watch?

    Young Detective Dee - Rise of the Sea Dragon A great movie ! The first one : Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
  6. The D-Wade Highlight Vault

    Does that put you a smile on your face ? What a beautiful double screen made by Ray and nice finish by Wade !
  7. Wades homer gonna hate

  8. Video Games Thread

    "Linsanity***" receiving his PS4
  9. Rate what the Previous Poster's Listening To

    10/10 Guru is just dat $h!t ! TY Jules I know there are no lyrics but i just love that sound ! I hope someone will use it in a song. When i heard it, i stopped the the video to look for it in youtube !
  10. Rate what the Previous Poster's Listening To

  11. Video Games Thread
  12. Rate what the Previous Poster's Listening To

    0/10 You still dont understand that you have to rate the previous song after joining the board when LeBron took his talents to South beach
  13. Video Games Thread

    i reached my quota of "Like this" so i will do it later ! Great review bro, my PS4 is coming soon i hope lol i cant wait after reading your post ahahaha
  14. The D-Wade Highlight Vault

    i did it to hide the travel of course
  15. Video Games Thread