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  1. Official

    show me your stats or your nickname
  2. Happy new year heatians !

  3. Official

    even if i didnt buy the last game, i like the Battlefield series but they lost me all the future things ! BF1942 was the best one, i still hope they will make a new one ! All players with the same stuffs, period and make it simple no help
  4. Official

    Which games ?
  5. Damn even if he is no more active on this board, DP managed to hack wikipedia
  6. Hopefully he will not ashamed the Miami Heat Orga as he is at one flagrant foul to be suspended
  7. ThunderDan is not around anymore, you dont have to do this Bro... though i like your effort to convince yourself
  8. This is the same guy who said Rio is an all star before Rose got injuried
  9. Mario Chalmers My Hometown Anchorage,Alaska
  10. Young Detective Dee - Rise of the Sea Dragon A great movie ! The first one : Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
  11. Does that put you a smile on your face ? What a beautiful double screen made by Ray and nice finish by Wade !
  13. Wades homer gonna hate