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  1. Super Juice Mario looked great.
  2. SPO GOD reigns supreme.
  3. Say what you want about this dude, but in the big games... when the **** is ready to hit the fan, dude makes big buckets! Mario Mother F**ckin Chalmers!
  4. The two best players tonight. Maybe they'll keep it going against Atlanta like they did in that wild overtime classic.
  5. Rio ain't havin' it. He's determined to become a top 10 PG!
  6. And your writing competence is on par with Blake Griffin's 3-point shot efficiency.
  7. Totally! Spo's genius at work yet again! That game had a bunch of fluky plays that turned out bad for the Nets. I sorta felt bad for 'em.
  8. Perhaps. Though when I think of players that get a lot of hype by the media and such as being elite but aren't in my opinion, D-Will is at the forefront of that list for me.
  9. Oh yeah! That was hilarious. Bird man goes the distance and.... Lucky Chalmers rebounds the ball on his bum. Fun-ny game.
  10. I think d-will is the most overrated player in the NBA. The Nets look like a slightly different version of the Hawks. Neither team has much backbone and when adversity strikes they fold. Chalmers had a solid game. I like it when he plays scrappy on both ends without too many turnovers.
  11. Mario can't create his own shot. When he forces things, bad things happen. If the opposing team leaves him unguarded then yes he should be aggressive. But asking him to do more when you have Wade, James, and Bosh as options is counterproductive. Chalmers just needs to keep playing his game and take what the defense gives him.
  12. I believe D-Wade said it best......
  13. All that's left is for Norris Cole to get on this dude's case. Then the circuit will be complete.
  14. Respect Mario Chalmers. Mr. Big Balls.