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  1. Luke Kennard is my favorite pick right now. He has very good height for a SG at 6'6 and his shooting is very impressive. And although he's weak defensively, we have the pieces of JRich, TJ, Justise that are all capable of helping out on the perimeter. You can never have too many shooters, especially off the bench. Justin Jackson is another good option. He can defend, shoot 3's and has a soft touch around the hoop. He could be a very good 3 & D player in a couple years.. The only thing im worried about with him is his 3 point consistency. How dramatically he jumped from his 1st/2nd year to his 3rd in terms of jump shooting was substantial and it makes me, as well as many scouts wonder if this season was a fluke. My top 3 preferred picks would be: 1. Luke Kennard 2. Justin Jackson 3. Giles
  2. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    The potential is there tho. And while he is a sophomore, he's surrounded by veterans and an organization that gets the best out of it players. Im all for resigning JJ... Just only in the case that we can't get Hayward or any other star this summer.
  3. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    As much as i love James Johnson, i dont think we necessarily need to re-sign him if he commands more than 10 mil. We already have Justise and if he continues to improve this summer/next season, I see no reason to believe that he couldnt put up similar, if not better numbers than James did this year. Not to mention hes 10 years younger... JJ's 2016/2017 stats - 12.8 pts, 4.9 rebs, 3.6 ast JW's 2016/2017 stats - 10.9 pts, 5.2 rebs, 3.7 ast The extra cap would give us to the ability to give more money to Hayward, Dion, and/or the bench players (Reed, Ellington, etc.) While most of you guys see/hope to see Winslow developing into a Jimmy Butler, PG, Kawhi type player.. i see him more of a Draymond Green, which surprises me that no one has brought up the idea of Justise being our Draymond Green considering they VERY similar height and weight. He's a very good rebounder, has good movement off the ball, and has very intriguing court vision for someone who is 20 YEARS OLD. While Justise is a below average shooter, Draymond only hit 30% of his 3's last year so it's not like hes a lights out shooter.
  4. 2017 NBA Draft

    This is kind of related to the draft because it would affect who we draft.. but as i've been watching the nba this year (the Warriors in particular), ive been thinking. Why couldn't the Heat convert Winslow to the 4? He has almost the exact same body frame and weight as Draymond Green and has shown the ability to be a good passer and rebounder. I know Riley has said he wants to keep Winslow at his natural 3 but its just a thought. Then it would allow us to draft a guard and possibly a 3 like Tatum or Jackson.. Or even Richardson. Thoughts?