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  1. This is kind of related to the draft because it would affect who we draft.. but as i've been watching the nba this year (the Warriors in particular), ive been thinking. Why couldn't the Heat convert Winslow to the 4? He has almost the exact same body frame and weight as Draymond Green and has shown the ability to be a good passer and rebounder. I know Riley has said he wants to keep Winslow at his natural 3 but its just a thought. Then it would allow us to draft a guard and possibly a 3 like Tatum or Jackson.. Or even Richardson. Thoughts?
  2. Not sure why on earth you guys want Chalmers gone.. He is actually a pretty good backup point guard. At this point, id rather have him for a playoff run. You guys base your opinion on a couple boneheaded plays here and there but if you watch some of his highlights, he actually makes a lot of good plays.
  3. Also, im confused how the salary caps work.. So if Deng, Dragic, and Wade all opt out (together they combine to about 32 mil), why doesnt that give the Heat about 32 mil to spend on other players?
  4. why not take a look at Brandon Knight instead of Dragic? averaged more points, rebounds, and assists last year than Dragic.. is only 23.. and theres no way he'd command as much money as Dragic is considering Knight only made 3.5 mil last year...
  5. Is there any possible trade that the 6ers or Knicks would consider? I dont think we have enough trade pieces to move up that far, but D'Angelo Russell is gonna be a stud.
  6. what about RJ Hunter? I like the kid and think he could turn out to be a stud in the league with the right coaching. could honestly be a tossup between him and Booker as the best shooter in the draft and knowing that the Heat need shooting and Booker will most likely be gone... why not get Hunter?
  7. I wish there was a trade available for us to get the 3rd pick! i really like Russel as a player.
  8. because they need a veteran presence to help guide all their young players, plus joel embiid had a setback in his injury that could cause him to miss the entire 2015 season. not saying this would happen, just my wishes
  9. trade Bosh to Philly for the 3rd pick, draft D'angelo Russel, resign Wade, let Dragic Walk, Sign Lamarcus Aldridge
  10. i take it you dont like those ideas hahahha
  11. On ESPN,they say a writer from the Miami Herald believes we will sign Carlos Boozer and Lou Williams.. Do you guys like those moves? and would you rather have McRoberts or Boozer?