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  1. Kyrie and love are injury prone players. Cavs got incredibly lucky they were as healthy as they were until now. This is what you call "regression to the mean." The current cavs team is the one we all expected. It took a long time, but finally they are who we thought they were. 2-9.
  2. You're not seeing the big picture. What happens when Wade retires and our next franchise player comes along and we ask him to sacrifice for the team? He's going to remember how this franchise treated Wade one way or another. We don't have the biggest market, so Miami has to rely on intangibles to stay relevant. One of those ways they attract free agents is by preaching loyalty and a familial atmosphere. They've been true to that thus far. But if they let Wade walk, then other free agents aren't going to believe in that mantra, so they'll opt for more lucrative destinations like NY or LA.
  3. wade deserves a kobe contract at some point, but not now. He's never been the highest paid player on the team, which is ridiculous given he's been the clear best player for at least 7 years. Let's see how we do in 2016 and if nobody wants to play here then he can get his 20 million or w/e.
  4. Nobody will give us anything for him. Besides, we could prolly use him for 5 minutes a game since Whiteside's still not a 35 minute guy.
  5. I hope we get a new coach so I can hear y'all pine for Spo when the realization dawns on you that this season is not on him.
  6. I agree we should play Zoran instead of Bill Walker. We should also play Birdman instead of Chalmers and Napier instead of UD.
  7. lol Rockets fans crying because the human bowling ball didn't get his usual parade to the foul line for snapping his head back and throwing the ball into the stands.
  8. I think if the whistle goes fair they'll win the east. I've watched them play and the streak isn't a fluke. They just get a good shot every trip down the floor. But the league can always parade the Cavs to the ft line for ratings.
  9. I'd rather see Haslem in the rafters than Lebron. Retiring a players number is not just about the accomplishments. Lets also not forget about the cheers he got in the arena, the letter Mickey Arison wrote thanking him for his part in the team's success, and the tribute video. That's more than I would have done. But that's why I like Miami. We keep it classy down here. At this point I'd prolly want him to come play here again, but it's a tough call. I take pride in the values of the organization and having Lebron play here again flies in the face of those values.
  10. It's because we dont get any credit for having good fans, but we get hate for just about everything, including **** which is factually false. The responses on the forum are just pushback to that phenomenon.
  11. t-wolves in overtime. Bodes well for Miami tomorrow.
  12. First nets game ive seen this season. They look good. Deron, Lopez, and Johnson are all playing like above average starters, and their role players are making 3s and grabbing rebounds.
  13. Lol if we traded everyone who committed stupid turnovers we'd have no backcourt. It's been three games. Give it a minute.
  14. Corner 3s are more open than long 2's from the same distance. Also Rio is the best at shooting open corner 3s. http://nyloncalculus.com/2014/11/01/geometry-distance-corner-3s/
  15. Cavs fans are retarded confirmed.