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  1. wade deserves a kobe contract at some point, but not now. He's never been the highest paid player on the team, which is ridiculous given he's been the clear best player for at least 7 years. Let's see how we do in 2016 and if nobody wants to play here then he can get his 20 million or w/e.
  2. Lol if we traded everyone who committed stupid turnovers we'd have no backcourt. It's been three games. Give it a minute.
  3. Corner 3s are more open than long 2's from the same distance. Also Rio is the best at shooting open corner 3s. http://nyloncalculus.com/2014/11/01/geometry-distance-corner-3s/
  4. Kobe's not a good defender and he holds the all time record for field goal attempts missed. His clutch record is laughable and he contributed as much to his rings as Pippen did for the bulls, if not less. The media sucks his **** because he's a jerk. They do the same thing with jordan. Wade is basically Kobe's parallel universe twin. An actually good player who actually deserves his finals mvp but who inexplicably gets no respect.
  5. ^ Seems legit, but I wouldn't put Kobe in the top 10. He's basically a glorified JR Smith. Also I rate past-era superstars lower than most because players have gotten so much better with every generation, but there's no way to really tell so w/e.