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  1. Xcitement

    The key to a game 7 win

    Rebounds baby! That was the key for the Chicago Bulls in the Michael Jordan/Dennis Rodman era. It was the key for many championship teams. It was the reason why Dallas beat Miami in the finals. It was a big reason why the Heat won game 6. Nothing beats having second chance opportunities. It's a wonderful cushion. Own the boards baby! Let's go Heat!
  2. Xcitement

    Thank you, Heat!

    Thank you, Heat, for the delectable basketball feast you have served up to all Heat fans and the rest of the basketball world. Watching quality ball is a treat indeed! Your commitment to winning, each and every game, is greatly appreciated. Your focus and tenacity is is an inspiration to all, who would have success in all areas of life. The entire organization seems to be making all the right moves! May you continue to grow from strength, to strength. Dominate! Show no mercy! Winning is a habit!
  3. Congratulations to Eric Spoeltra for qualifying as the eastern conference coach for the NBA All-star game & for his tireless and unrelenting efforts as the coach of the Miami Heat. Congrats also, to all the members of the Heat team, for their humility in supporting Spoeltra's system, their efforts in recent games, and their willingness in fulfilling their respective roles, on the team.