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  1. 76ers 128 - HEAT 108 Game 3 Recap

    yeah.. as now he lost a lot of trade value with his huge contract
  2. 76ers 128 - HEAT 108 Game 3 Recap

    hassan has a huge ego attitude issue. I think also in his mind.. you only a good player if you score - that is NOT true. He could impact the game with Defense and Rebounds. But he gets so ***ing LAZY when he sees he dont get offensive touches. That makes me furious. And when he is so disengaged he is just another Roy Hibbert... problem is, a max contract player Roy Hibbert. He surely lost his trade value so far in this series. Besides that, Philly was simple better team last night and the end.. unfortunately. Cant expect Wade to have a game like in Game 2 every night anymore. Other have to step up. Glad to see Winslow having finally also offensive impact. His defense was outstanding. They just couldnt hit anything in the last quarter somehow.. Needless to say, that next game is do or die.. if we loose.. we go fishing the day after Game5 in Philly
  3. doubt that many Rebounds.. but still it will only happen if Embiid is playing.. if not, WS wont see much playing time in this one either IMO
  4. Tag him.. maybe he takes his tweet about being babied back and keeps his suit on for tonight
  5. I think we humbled them with the win at their building - but now we need to get them slowly into panic mode and win both home games
  6. 2018 NBA Playoffs

    Pacers really have shot getting Cavs out - I took Lebron 46 points to win by 3 at home... I hope Pacers in 6... what a media drama that would be
  7. oh Philly wants to play physical now? I think that would be just fine with us.. it will slow down the game.. and the heat members surely not afraid of being physical .. bring it !
  8. 2018 NBA Playoffs

    its funny how the bucks tanked to get boston.. just to find themselve now in that tough situation that Boston is even without their 2 biggest stars - freaking good team - AND smart might be back soon as well... Karma?
  9. HEAT 113 - 76ers 103 Game Recap

    gotta love Wades twitter responses lately
  10. HEAT 113 - 76ers 103 Game Recap

    .. as said.. you can call me a hater.. No issue with that.. and considering that he's on the team actually since 2015, makes it worse
  11. HEAT 113 - 76ers 103 Game Recap

    TJ is bad in this series.. I give you that. As much as I dislike Winslow's offensive game and you calling me a hater, its you who probably see more in this kid then there is in his 3rd year.
  12. HEAT 113 - 76ers 103 Game Recap

    na.. I know. It was more a throw towards Majestic... We need his defense.. and he did a good job on that. I just dont like seeing him as a PG and shooter. I cant wait for Thursday !!! Will see how Philly will react now to our home crowed and if those young guys can stay cool .. pressure is on them for sure now
  13. HEAT 113 - 76ers 103 Game Recap

    The whole team got mean!!! loved it !! That was working for the cocky sixers!!!! Put a body on them.. get them down on the floor from time ot time. Heat have a deep team so getting some foul troubles wasnt an issue as the other guys stepped up. I think that might be a great recipe that might work out. Now Im sure Embiid will be back for game 3 .. thats when Whiteside really has to shine .. that will be his chance to prove of now, I prefer him sitting on the bench tbh.. with Winslow next to him (that one for your Majestic )
  14. Heat vs Sixers First Round Series Thread

    He is absolutely unreliable when running the offense. I dont understand why Spo wants him to bring up the ball. Fast brakes with him leading them.. turn out to be a turnover or offensive foul 5 out of 6 times. When he takes a shot.. you can bet he will miss. Defense, yes.. he is doing a fantastic job.. and thats what he should stick with it.. No Point Guard please.. and shooting only when he is really wide open