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  1. It shouldn't be a big deal though because Indiana did developed Paul George to become that player,he is.The Heat haven't done much with Justise Winslow and have had same problem with Michael Beasley as well with our first round picks.
  2. Alright lets keep in mind we traded our first picks to get this guy and since the Dwyane Wade was left for Chi-Town what has The Dragon done for our team lately without Dwayne Wade since we had Dion Waiters this year.Yeah we had like a 30 win streak going on,but what happen during the All Star break.Health issues and no one couldn't carry this team without Dion Waiters on our roster.
  3. Thats B.S.I know they're better Point Guards in draft and in free agency.So I don't see the problem with this trade.Also I hope you guys realize the Dragic is a 2nd pick round point guard and not a first round pick.Look him on wikipedia it says it and to be honest we havent had a first round point guard.We only had 2nd round pick point guards in Mario Chalmers and we traded our first round picks for a 2nd round pick point guard who is hardly not a playmaker but a scoring and transitional pg.Let ask you guys something I think we shouldn't trade our first picks like candy on halloween but we need anyway.So now we don't have no picks until like 2022
  4. Hold up .Say what he Do you guys want to beat Cavs and Golden State Warriors ,win championship,or not.We have to take risk.We done this in 2011.Why not do it again?Am not waiting for this team for like 5 years to get the playoffs.Waste of my time.This team is about winning.So if they want Dragic all well because he is not best PG in the world.But you guys act like he is and am sick of it.Only CP3 or Westbrook are best pg by far.Dragic is scoring pg.He is not a playmaker.Tell me guys can Dragic make 12.0 assists a per game no and he is a good defensive player.I seriously doubt it.Look am a die hard heat fan by heart and you guys can doubt me about Dragic being the top 10 point guard.But what I think its hopeless Dragic hasn't carried this heat team and also he been getting too many minor injuries.I rather get a point guard in draft then wait for The Dragon to try to stay healthy every game.
  5. Oh boy.Here we go again
  6. Nope it was while ago and I didn't not know either myself.When I called my dad on the phone.I was like seriously.But yeah.
  7. We got a shot at him.
  8. Oh did you know Melo wife was a talk show host in Miami.My dad told am not lying so Melo could ,but it depends if he really wants to be traded even though he has no trade clause.
  9. Oh and we have another problem Cleveland working out with him though.
  10. Okay if we get Larry Saunders that will be great for us.If we can get rid Chris Bosh contract in March and we need to go hard at him.
  11. Ahh now see this trade should go down and it needs to hopefully in the summer of free agency or the draft.Am all for this trade.Because we can always have Fetus Ezeli be the next though that probably won't happen,but I do know he'll better post player and defensive rebound center for us.Although he is going to have lose some weight coming down here.Other than that I think he'll be fine.As far as Terrence Jones we defnitely need a power foward badly.Since JJ might get a raise and McBob getting hurt.
  12. I like it at least he will attract free agents coming down here.I never thought of this.Hmmm.
  13. Ha Ha but your not listening on what am trying to say nobody is not going to see Goran Dragic or Whiteside in the American Airlines Arena.How we be doing watching them on TV and thats it and next thing is fire our President of Operations.Our management needs to do something by at least in free agency or draft. If not that might happen.Plus why you so high Dragic anyway,he still turnover prone and can't play defense.Thats couple of cons things about him.As far as people roasting on these forums been there before .The question is that helping there self esteem because am not on forums all the time.Anyways enough with this conversation like I said just face the facts our team franchise could get screwed.
  14. Ahhhh.Think about that.
  15. Let me ask you something did Goran Dragic help us win championships in 2016.Nope.Where was Dragic in the playoffs against the Toronto Raptors last year?Yeah I understand he did better against Charlotte Hornets but still.