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    I haaaaate comparisons. Because they turn you into the fan that you aren't, because you have to belittle someones accolades in order to judge who's "better". Very sad.
  2. Do You Guys Think Riley's Time Is Up?

    Agreed^^ "Heat Culture" may be BS to some but truly, until I see otherwise, tanking and deliberately losing is not part of the make-up of this franchise. And that's one thing I'll always be prideful of. #HeatLifer. Edit* Btw I think everything Boston is going to have to give up for Gordon is ludicrous.
  3. Do You Guys Think Riley's Time Is Up?

    Is Ainge still running circles around him? Because to me it looks like Ainge made one of the worst possible decisions he could have made given the amount of assets he had.

    Jordan couldn't hit a 3 until they moved the line 2 feet closer lol Subract the 95/96/97 seasons where it was 2 feet closer? Jordan's career 3pt% is a blistering 24.6% from 3 = GOAT. Shrug game be damned, no wonder he couldn't believe he hit 6 that game. Fans say LeBron couldn't last in the 90's but think Jordan would "average 50" in today's era lol Yeah not with historic low FTA's and a 3-ball dominant league while you're shooting a whopping 25%, Demar Derozan.
  5. Do You Guys Think Riley's Time Is Up?

    Your points are absolutely valid of course, but I don't quite think they proves that Riley must go. I think out of that entire post of great viewpoints, the most telling is that OKC had 3 all stars, 2 future MVPs, one back to back runner up MVP, and the leading blocker all on the same team.... and went to ONE Finals and LOST. Nothing is certain even if you end up having 3 of the top 10 players in the league. So, is OKC a failure for that? Should their FO be blown up? GSW is 2 titles in 3 years, so was Miami. Now, they're set up for a longer run, but we'll see how that manifests.
  6. Do You Guys Think Riley's Time Is Up?

    Sounds like the proud Miami Heat franchise... should tank for 10 years and "trust the process". Cause that's the kind of Front Office I can get behind. One that... in another 10 years, MIGHT POTENTIALLY be worth a 2nd round or ECF contention. All those injuries though, that's looking good because by the time that team even SNIFFS contention those contracts will be up. Hell they already had to trade Noel. And what the fruck is the point of doing any of that... if everyone is going to end up in the same spot? Boston? Great core, plethora of picks... aaaaaand they're not getting past the Cavs. Great moves FO. Great stuff, scared to pull the trigger and ACTUALLY contend, because you might just fall on your face. Houston? Front Office willing to do whatever takes. Harden dropping 30/11/8, let's get CP3! Let's see if we can get Melo! Aaaaaand they're not getting past the Warriors. Bucks? Very fun, interesting product to watch grow, but they're not getting out of the East until LeBron is at least 36. And then again, contracts. T-Wolves? Very fun, interesting product to watch grow, but they're not getting anywhere near the WCF for years. So the entire NBA has a different plan, what route should we take that would be the right one in your eyes?
  7. Has Durant taken the Reigns as the #1?

    Of course he would still be the best player in the world. LeBron was the first player in NBA history to average a triple double in the Finals (33 points on that triple double, more rebs than KD/more assists than KD/better fg% than KD). LeBron in the regular season where he's always "coasting" > ppg/rebounds/assists/steals/fg%/win shares/box plus-minus/0-8 without him playing as opposed to KD's team winning 20 games without him. You can make the argument that you believe it's close between the two (because realistically how far away in pro basketball could the 2nd best player be to the 1st, is moreso splitting hairs) just like I suggest Kawhi is closer to being on KD's level than he is to being the best player in the game. We're looking at the same things and coming to 2 different conclusions, I think what I see represents a clear cut distinction EVEN at the age of 32. Whereas yours is KD caught or surpassed LBJ being 4 years his younger. Each his own, that's the fun of sports as long as there's actual conversation, not incoherent rambling. Cheers.

    Something that happened 6 years ago is the reason he "can't" be better than MJ. 5 years of absolutely record breaking performances later, "but 2011!!", sheesh. If beating the greatest regular season team of all time with the first ever unanimous MVP/back-to-back MVP defending NBA champions and being the first ever team to win a series after being down 3-1 and being the Finals MVP in that series doesn't make up for 2011... than nothing will, and that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard lol. I guess when LeBron lost as a 21 year old in the NBA Finals against the prime Big 4 Spurs in 2007 his mom should've told him, "You lost in the Finals, you'll never be the GOAT, not that you have 16 years left in this league, no matter what you do, Jordan never lost so you can't be the greatest". lol because that's the message we're sending with the 6-0 nonsense.
  9. Has Durant taken the Reigns as the #1?

    I would have the same response, KD's team can obviously win without him, arguably the Western Conference. And LeBron's team obviously cannot make the playoffs without him, in the Eastern Conference. What if I told you LeBron nearly outscored Kevin Durant, did out-rebound him, did out-assist him, out-fg% him, out-stole him... and nearly had to play every minute of each game to make the series competitive because when LeBron was off the court that team was abysmal (and we were one shot away from the series going 6 games). If it's not insulting to LeBron to say that KD is just as good if not better, then the inverse is true as well. It's not insulting to KD to say that LBJ is just as good if not better than KD. It's just incredibly interesting (but not at all surprising given fan reaction to things) to see that KD's been the #2 best player in the NBA for years now he jumped to a 73-9 win team coming off of back to back Finals appearances and now that he won a championship in which they were the historically landslide favorite he's all of the sudden he best player in the world lol. Like, how knee-jerk reaction. What if I told you LBJ's advanced stats and defensive stats show that LBJ > MJ? Are you now saying KD is the GOAT?
  10. 2016-2017 NBA Off-Season Thread

    Melo in the Rose Garden?? That team would be a lot of fun to watch tbh.
  11. Winslow Playing For His Financial Life

    We do know what we have in him, barring an injury to his shooting hand and a torn labrum in his right shoulder he's a very good wing defender with a good deal of smarts and athleticism. He should be a solid player to have as he continues to develop his game. His 3rd year will be much more of a determining factor than his coming off the bench rookie season and his injury riddled 18 game shortened sophomore season.
  12. Do You Guys Think Riley's Time Is Up?

    Yeah cause pulling in the Tim Hardaways of the world is a better way to go about it. They're not moving Tim's contract probably ever, instead... we have some seriously team friendly deals in today's mega-contract era. Otto Porter 104 million, Gallinari 3 year 65 million, JJ Redick 1 year 23 million (half of Dion's 4 year contract lol). We have guys on friendly-er contracts than most, that produce so they're moveable if a good deal comes available, and are bought in. I'm very happy.

    Dear lord, you're one of those.
  14. Has Durant taken the Reigns as the #1?

    Lol I know it. I can't stand fans man. It's always something with them. "Players don't care about the regular season anymore" *73 wins* "don't mean a thing without the ring!". Frucking hypocrites. How are players supposed to care with that mentality from fans? Oh, and they still go out and get career highs in their 30's and average triple doubles and put up the most 30 point (or was it 50 point?) games ever seen in a single NBA season. But it's the players, they're the ones that don't care. Back on topic, no Kevin Durant is not the #1. As stated by others, fans are so quick to shake someone off the mountain top (funny because "fans" claim the NBA does that with marketing but they don't have to, because the fans do it way beforehand) like Curry, who's now basically forgotten about in terms of being the face of the league let alone the best player in the league. Durant's teammates and their system that he got plugged into allow him to do way less and make use of his skills way more. We can't just keep saying "this guy was in the Finals or won the championship is he the best?!". Also it's funny how it's always a "referees always blowing the whistle in the Cavs/LeBron's favor, rigged" when the 3 point-heavy Warriors shot more free throws than the Cavaliers and BOTH of the 23-foot Jumpshot Kings, KD35 and SC30, shot more free throws than LeBron this series lol but crickets right?
  15. Has Durant taken the Reigns as the #1?

    This. KD's team won over 20 games without him on the court this season. LeBron's was 0-8. And everything that I can find on the Cavaliers record over the last 3 years without LeBron is at 4-23. They literally cannot win without him on the court. Hell, that kind of a record means they don't make the East's playoffs. Instead they're in the Finals taking a game from the Warriors, nearly 2. And 73 wins and no ring... is still, absolutely, a big deal of an amazing accomplishment. Fans that say it's not, are the reason "players don't care about the regular season". No - fans are the ones that don't care if a team is striving to break the all-time regular season in history, and "it don't mean a thing". Or why reasons when LeBron, season 14, is getting career highs in assists in rebounds, and "players don't care about the regular season" and Russell Westbrook breaks off a damn triple double average for the entire season, and if he loses, "it don't mean a thing" but it's the players that supposedly "don't care". Smfh. I can't stand fans sometimes, sorry for the off-topic rant.