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  1. Official Josh McRoberts Thread

    We need to give every new guy a nickname... I like McBob. It's a play on his name but it reminds me of McChickens and let's face it, that's 98% of my fat ***.
  2. This is me...

    I am not trying to be anything I am not nor do I really think its necessary to defend my stance… Yes, before I was a fan of any specific team, I loved Shaq. I am from Missouri, there is no basketball team here so I was a Shaq fan and when he came to Miami, not only did I find myself rooting for the Big Fella, I found myself loving this Heat team, more so than I ever loved another team. Believe it or not, that is the case. Bridges were burned, I left when Shaq left. I will freely admit that. But it was for my disdain for Pat Riley not trying to put the pieces around Shaq and D. Wade to continue the success. I felt this team was not put in the position to thrive and that hurt. I hopped along with Shaq to the Suns and then the Cavaliers, where I discovered just how TRULY AMAZING LeBron is. I knew the Cavaliers and Shaq were at an end and I wanted to root for a team as opposed to 1 guy like I did with the Heat from 2004-2008. I loved every one of those players. I then followed LBJ to Miami. Sure, I thought the Heat couldn’t win with just Wade and Bosh, they needed more. Everyone felt that and sure I was trying to twitter recruit (lol) some guys to Cleveland but we all know how that turned out. I do not deny why I came back nor do I truly care what most of you think. I come here to talk Heat basketball and I enjoy doing that. As many of you will disbelieve, I love the TEAM not just LBJ and that will be evident when the run is over and they are all gone from the game. Just watch. End of discussion. Never bringing this up again.
  3. ??

    I was wondering if anyone believes there will be an asterisk in many people's minds after the eventual champion is crowned this summer? Most people will say no but saying and thinking are entirely different. Let's say the Heat win it all, will people make the excuse that sure its a championship but its less impressive in a shortened season?