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  1. Well done. Cole's head is going to be huge after this season is over.
  2. Mario is overrated? That's nuts. When you say he has only one shot, do you mean his layup, his reverse layup, his floater or his three-point shot (all of which he displayed in Game 2)?
  3. No doubt the MVP. National media always pushing a new guy every week. Yesterday it was Chris Paul, today it's Kevin Love and tomorrrow it will be some odd combination of Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose. Eventually they will all have to recognize...
  4. UD is the truth. That dude has sacraficed every bit as much for the cause as Bosh, James and Wade. He probably came back too early and was not in prime condition for the run last year. But he looks great right now. Continued blessings U.
  5. That was tight. I like Mike's confidence this year. He has no fear in shooting the ball. I think Joel and Haslem have improved in this area as well, except that Udonis needs to actually hit one of his shots.