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  1. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    we ran alley oops for 4 seasons while the big 3 was in miami heat uniform... never had any issues.... not going to get off-topic... just saying... the miami heat do it right.
  2. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    season starts tomorrow bro lol..
  3. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    cavs are really going to struggle without kyrie...
  4. Winslows Development

    hey buddy, hope all is well. I agree , it doesnt matter whether he starts or not, all i was implying is that competition within the team is a good thing. Go heat!
  5. Winslows Development

    "'initially""... does winslow plan on winning his starting spot back? going to be a tough task with how Jrich has developed... We welcome the competition though!
  6. HEAT 95 - 76ers 119 Game Recap

    Bam has a nice jumper... would like to see winslow be a bit more aggressive on defense... he was lettin him man go right by him... get up on him and get some steals. be aggressive.
  7. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Starting lineup will be Dragic-Dion-Jrich-KO-Whiteside Second unit - JJohnson - Johnson - Wayne - Okaro - Mickey 3rd Unit - Winslow - TJohnson - wayne - Okaro - Bam James runs the second unit, winslow runs 3rd unit. Bam will get a few mins, not much starting out i think.
  8. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    i think hes talkin about nba2k... seriously. embid is in for a surprise if he thinks his sixers is just going to roll over the nba because he got a max deal.
  9. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    im siding with hassan. look, embid game is nice but the dude talks alot of trash. so if hassan sticks up for himself, i dont see a problem with that when the guy runnin his mouth all night. plus, philly going to suck again anyway lol. screw them. #heatnation
  10. HEAT 95 - 76ers 119 Game Recap

    another double double for my boy mickey, why i picked him up in fantasy. dudes going to be a double double machine.
  11. Miami HEAT vs. Philadelphia 76ers Game Thread and Preview

    yo embid is nice but dude needs to chill a little. he acting like he a league MVP alrdy. Philly was benching him last season out of fear of injury because hes so injury prone, so im happy with whiteside. we got a durable 20/10 C we can count on, we got enough players on this team that can shoot threes. we need whiteside to focus on Defense, and dominating the paint forcing the other team to shot bricks from the outside cuz they too scared to drive in the paint.
  12. Miami HEAT vs. Philadelphia 76ers Game Thread and Preview

    a pro players development is done in real game time. meaning, actual in game minutes... what he does in practice only helps to prepare him for those important minutes. so, hes going to have his highs n lows this season since he missed his softmore year which is key to a players development, his time will come though i think.
  13. Miami HEAT vs. Philadelphia 76ers Game Thread and Preview

    'hes still really raw tbh... think the expectations is just a little high for winslow atm... missing all of his softmore year hurt his development and pushed it back... gotta give him atleast half the season to develop a little before higher expectations...
  14. Miami HEAT vs. Philadelphia 76ers Game Thread and Preview

    lol im juss joking around.. lighting the mood in here a little.. ;/