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  1. Two games away from 5th seed. Cant see whiteside not playing now. We not only could make the playoffs, but we could do it with 5th seed. Which would give us a shot at winning a series and would be great for the teams Future.
  2. have you looked at the schedule? apart from boston and Raptors, the schedule is very soft. We dont play anymore western contenders either. Mostly eastern teams, with wiz and cavs our last two so its possible we get two auto wins at seasons end. At this point, its playoffs or bust. for me.
  3. its too late TO3. if we wanted to tank, we should of been doing it from the beginning. Well , we did until the team started winning games and then everything changed. We started signing guys like Okaro, and actually making moves. Its not even possible to do if we wanted as the remaining schedule is against other bad teams like knicks x2 pistons ect.. cleveland will rest players against us, unless silver doesnt allow it anymore as he sent out a memo recently warning teams about resting players. lol
  4. if whiteside cant play, its good chance we will not make playoffs. we are alrdy down waiters. cant afford to lose more key guys. We had a big lead, whiteside did not have to be out there tbh. Reed would have done just fine. Smh spo. May have just yourself COY.
  5. freaking blazers. screwed us two times now.
  6. blazers take the lead with 3 mins to go!
  7. 5 point game going into the 4th. Lilliard with 23 so far.
  8. 7 point game, bucks just called timeout. i knew the blazers wont go down without a fight.
  9. welll the good news is. if he has to miss a game, this is the best time for that to happen as the raptors are shorthanded without Lowry + Ibaka. Best case scenario we atleast get him back for the road trip.
  10. on some good news though, we are back in 7th seed!
  11. not sure, but the raptors are a tough opponent. and this is a key home game because we have a long road trip ahead, so who knows how many wins we get out of the road trip. Need all the home games.
  12. he has to play through it. either that, or playoffs chance is over with. No way we are beating the raptors without him, shorthanded or not val and derozan will give us problems.
  13. thats our season if hassan is out. nooooooo
  14. Spo left him in there too long, smh.