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  1. Raptors are without a doubt a much better team then indiana and indy was in every game against the cavs. and they now have the playoff experience to go with it, especially now that they traded for Ibaka who has played in a finals alrdy against bron. I still pick Cavs to win, but i do think the raps can win a few games. Beating the bucks was tough, that should make them even better. They really had to dig deep there at the end and find a way to win.
  2. Lauri Markinen would be a great pick for the heat. Add some shooting, length, depth at the 4.... but most mocks dont have him making it out of the top 10... who knows though, anything can happen.
  3. Wizards in 7. Wall > IT
  4. boston looking strong again.
  5. wade is 1-7, 0-2 for 2 points in the 1st half. doesnt look like chicago has been the best fit for wade.
  6. i thought the heat could not trade there 2017 pick? but ya i agree, if you can get a star its the right move considering dragic and whiteside ages, you absolutely have to win now.
  7. its very unlikely, but if it did, i think riley would get the situation under control. He'd bring in the lavar family and talk to them about heat culture, lavar would buy in and it be smooth sailing from there.
  8. heat cant trade that pick. against the CBA.
  9. that was a good read, very emotional, and deep.. I feel like at this point, Dion waiters is just the good luck charm the heat have been waiting for ever since the big 3 broke up. Re-sign waiters, re-sign james johnson, and fix winslows shot and i think this new Miami Heat will be a good team that fans will enjoy a long time. For generations now, the face of the miami Heat was D-wade. but now things are changing. Heat have moved on.. Looking like Waiters-Winslow-Whiteside is now our future and im starting to feel the heat are headed in the right direction. Maybe we dont contend right away, but the future is bright if we can re-sign these dudes and hit on this draft pick. Hope riley is rdy for this offseason. this is a huge opportunity he cant miss.
  10. Cousins value was at all time low though, his reputation took a hit from all the stuff coaches were saying about him and all the technicals, suspensions ect. You cant even compare the two. Butler stock is sky-high. in his prime, all-star level caliber player, good teammate, works hard ect... if the bulls wanted to trade him that badly, he'd be in boston right about now as there offer was alot better then anything the heat can offer, even with the #14 pick. Now, as for the heats offer. TJ, Good player with some inconsitencies, and a huge contract to go with it. a good weapon to have on the team, but hes no all star either and the cap hit he will have on any team in the future is insane for his skillset he brings. Winslow - Cant shoot a jump shot, cant shoot threes, has shown very little whether or not he can take the next step to being an all-star caliber player. Has some good defensive qualities, but offensively hes a liabity on any team. his stock? - Rather Low imo. Mcbob, is just a cap move nothing more. That offer, without a pick wont even be considered imo. For a player of butlers caliber. PG13 >> butler any day for me. its a matter of opinion though. neither are wrong.
  11. i counted near 5 max contracts on that roster. lol. where would we get the cap space for all that?
  12. bulls were asking for the brooklyn pick and Crowder/bradley for Butler. There asking price is alot higher then just TJ and Winslow. Yes you would have to add the #14, for them to even consider it. tbh im not sure im all that interested in butler. Just dont feel like hes on the level of a PG 13, or bron and those players. I would make that offer instead for PG13. Who is clearly exhausted from losing, and needs a change to a winning enviroment.
  13. you have to sell him on winning titles. Hayward since said he wants to be in a finals just once, to have a chance at it. Utah isnt even gettin past the spurs, much less GSW. Sell him on winning titles by joining up, thats really only sales pitch. If money is a factor and more important for him, then he isnt leaving utah anyways. His decision. true, but im predicting waiters walks for a 80/4 deal somewhere else which leaves some cap room open after they clear contracts from exeptions. Arisons/Riley offer will be in the 13-15 mil range, so 4/52 ....I cant see us overpaying waiters when we know that is not going to be enough to get us over the hump for now and the future. Realistically. We will like to keep him, but at a decent price. So we still have some cap room to sign some other pieces to help us contend. I think JJ sticks around, i get the feeling the JJ is the one who will take less to stay but waiters walks. i hope im wrong, but thats just the feeling i got so far.
  14. 3 sweeps. hopefully next round is better. lol