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  1. Can't use the mid level if you use cap space
  2. I'll back you up with this one lol
  3. Only if he's willing to get back into shape, for the minimum, off the bench, and recruit free agents again lol (ok maybe not for the minimum)
  4. Chicago isn't going to be good for a while (then again it's the East so who knows), either way that trade isn't happening. They would never accept
  5. I hear the opposite, low motor
  6. Would have preferred him x1000
  7. I thought David West for a second but you're right absolutely no one lol
  8. This Whiteside alerts fella seems like he's just hedging his bets lol
  9. Larry Bird isn't with the Pacers anymore...
  10. I never understood why some people are fine with trading Whiteside simply because that's the way the league appears to be transitioning towards (not implying you). There's no way we can ever outplay a team like the Warriors by conforming to their style. I know he can be a knucklehead at times but I think we should play to our strengths and capitalize on his "dominance" over other centers while surrounding him with shooters and drivers. He's the only position on our team where we actually have an advantage over the elite teams.
  11. Wouldn't it be the other way around to make salaries match? On a side note I'm close to breaking 100 on community reputation nearly 9 years in lol
  12. Now's the time to trade him before the exponential increase in his salary. The likelihood that we find a taker after this year is going to diminish because it's not as reasonable to justify his back end of the contract.
  13. I don't think the talent is what we're disputing. It's the fact that allocating nearly one fifth of our salary payroll to a bench player seems ridiculous. I love TJ but he's definitely replaceable in my opinion, and that money can be better utilized to help us land star players or retain our better ones.
  14. Wrong choice of words lol they rejected the deal or pulled out of a deal. Pulled off means they accomplished it. I told my friends and immediately got laughed at haha