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  1. The Blame Poll

    Lack of Talent. Every team battles injuries over the course of the season... projecting 15+ games missed by a combination of star or key role players is always reasonable when making predictions. None of Miami's injuries so far have been out of the norm- as in missing two star players simultaneously. At some point this season, Dragic will likely miss a stretch of games, so if Miami is not good enough to adjust to injuries, then they're screwed. The Heat's second half last year was the best case scenario for the team. They were playing at PEAK form, and the mistake people made was to assume that the PEAK form would be the new norm, despite history suggesting that it almost never is (this here, even applies for the championship contenders). Coaching is always the convenient punching bag for fans. It happened during the big 3 era, the first year post LeBron. When expectations aren't met, it appears that coaches lie first on the victim list of fans , and more often than not it's inaccurate or misplaced criticism. Unless your team is headed by the worst coach in the league, I don't see any reason to conclude that even below average coaching is enough to swing a 50 win team on paper to a 40 win team. To be honest, even the worst coaches tend to not have not that kind of swing. I can still the Heat making the playoffs the a 7th or 8th seed, but barring any injuries to the top two teams, I don't see a playoff series win. You don't make massive investments into players because of a 26 hot game win streak. I said in the offseason that Miami's moves were reminiscent of the 2016 Blazers offseason- the Blazers managed to make the postseason that, so maybe Miami's fate will be similar.

    Really? Nick Wright is in the realm of a Skip Bayless. In fact, I'd say they're very similar in terms of the arguments and comments they make to stir clicks and ratings. Credit to him for becoming one of the first in the media to take on the role as LeBron "super fan", since the LeBron super hater has been long drawn out and used for so long now, but when you look at the comments he's made about the Warriors, which include statements such as the "Warriors are better without KD", "Iggy is the worst rotational player in the league", "the Cavs will "beat the Warriors in 5", Curry disparage, and much more, it's clear that his main objective is to serve as a troll. As for LeBron and his Free throws (or lack there of), he certainly does encounter his unfair fair of abuse from opposing players and refs, but we'd be dishonest to o not acknowledge that a player as physical as LeBron also plays a pivotal role in initiating contact.
  3. Who'll be the NBA Rookie of the Year?

    The Heat missed out on him by 1 pick... and I'm pretty sure they were taking him at 14. That's one that will hurt MIA for the coming years.
  4. Who'll be the NBA Rookie of the Year?

    Ben Simmons is having one of the GOAT rookie seasons so far, so I think he's the slam dunk winner. On another note, I don't like the labeling of 2nd year players, who were rehabbing from injury in their first years as rookies... they have access to NBA trainers, coaching staffs, and experience abroad that give them an advantage over "true rookies."
  5. Winslows Development

    One thing I'll add: if you look at his Assist % last year, potential assists, free throw assists, last year, etc. I believe it's much better and higher than the passing numbers he has put up this year. The passing numbers can be a result of schemes and role-last year he had the ball in his hands far more. In contrast, this year he has been relegated to his rookie season role, and that's been reflected in the numbers. As disconcerting and slim as it may to be some, Winslow is probably the Heat's only chance at a gem, all star level player because of his youth and relative inexperience to the rest of the roster. They should be expanding his role... the same for Adebayo. The odds are low he becomes that level player and only get lower as time passes, but when you have as few picks and young high upside players as the Heat do, you really have no chance but to invest in the few prospects you do have.
  6. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    What do they have to trade for Okafor? Miami does not even have any second round picks, I believe, they can trade. Okafor may not be a fit for the modern game, but the Heat really need as much young talent as they can possibly get... maybe they can turn him into Al Jefferson 2.0 and bring him as a weapon off the bench, but it is really damning that they don't even have the ability(I think) to trade for a guy of Okafor's caliber.
  7. Hindsight is 20/20. Missing out on Donovan Mitchell hurts. The team needs more picks.
  8. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    Which better deal was on the table? Getting a likely top 5 pick is just a ridiculous coup. Irving is a really good player players, but he's also not Anthony Davis. You're not getting 2 top 5 picks or a high upside young prospect + a top 5 pick for a guy like Irving who is a second tier Point Guard in the NBA.
  9. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    The Cavs got a great deal. A likely top 5 pick for an unhappy star player is a wonderful.
  10. Do You Guys Think Riley's Time Is Up?

    15 in a row. Tatum Looks like a stud Brown is awesome Traded a PG likely to decline in the next coming years with a bad hip for a 25-year-old all NBA caliber PG in Irving, who I'm not in love with, but considering IT's health it was a good trade. Have the Lakers/Kings pick, that could very well end up in Boston having another top 5 pick this year or next year, depending on the lottery. Ainge is >>>>> Riley in 2017. And it isn't even close anymore.
  11. Indiana Pacers at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    They are the definition of mediocrity. 41-41 2.0.
  12. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    Danny Ainge has been on a legendary run over these few years. I mean no joke when I say this: he belongs in the basketball hall of fame for this stretch. To get Tatum, Brown, a top 5 pick(they still have the Lakers pick/Kings depending on what happens in the lottery), and trading a banged up IT for Kyrie, while ALSO hiring one of the best coaches in the league, is nothing short of amazing.
  13. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    Wasn't the data similar to this early last year? Regardless, I see an era on the horizon, where the East is just as good as the West, if not better. With the likes of Embiid, Giannis, Ben Simmons, Porzingis , even the Mylers Turner's of the world, and surely more to come from this year's rookie class, the top talent in the East will be on par with the West sooner than later. Over the last 5 years, 12 of the 15 best players in the league or so, were from the West . The east's second best player after LeBron since 2012 has paled in comparison that of the West and that has likely been part of the reason as to why it's been the weaker conference and had less parity than say the West. Hopefully, the balance of power is restored and the early trends are signs of what is to come.
  14. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    The reporters that were in that lockeroom after he conclusion of the 2014 finals said that team was devoid of the devastated mood that you would expect from a finals loser.- they were actually content. That suggests burnout. Maybe that would have occurred even if the Heat had adopted a better approach, but they still should have toned it "back", especially since it was an old veteran squad. The Heat needed to rest LeBron more that season and take a Spurs-like approach-they did that with Wade but LeBron played the most minutes of his career and the franchise did nothing to alleviate the pressure on him in the regular season. They needed to do a better job. Ultimately the expectations for those teams when they first formed in 2010 was not just two titles, but three , 4 ,etc. As great as it was, it's hard not to look at those four years and think that there was a missed opportunity for those teams and that era of Heat basketball to be greater: an actual dynasty. Riley's response looking at those teams suggests the same sentiment I have here.
  15. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    Howard is a deserving first ball of Hall of Famer... the talk against that is foolish. He was a top 5 player during his prime, BUT we hear the second line of your post, every season. If the pattern continues,, I fully expect us to hear comments later in the season from Howard, demanding more post up touches. Ever since the back injury, especially, I think he's missed sight of what makes him effective. Unfortunately, he buys or listens to the talk of the Inside the NBA guys, who urge him to "dominate the post." The post game is valuable, but in the some exact way it used to be but Howard seems to not have realized this, imo. The quicker he realizes this, the better and perhaps he may find himself a permanent home as he enters the twilight years of his career.