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  1. They've tanked before. It's strategy. There's nothing cowardly about playing odds. I don't know how many times I have to say this. There's not a single team in the league that is above it. If next year goes wrong and Miami finds themselves 10 games below .500 at the deadline, they'd likely consider tanking. They've done it before, to laughable degrees. The letter and comments form Riley are is just marketing... it's hogwash that fans will eat up. Remember the term "Heat Lifer." It's all marketing.
  2. If I were coaching a team, I'd have a different view. If I was playing, it would be different. I'm viewing it from a Front Office standpoint, those are the guys that do the tanking and usually have more of an eye towards the future than the coach or the players who couldn't care less about it.
  3. I agree. This is also why you obtain as many picks as possible whether high or low. It increases your odds of getting lucky in the draft, even if you're picking low.
  4. Nice post. Now find me the message where any of us said Miami will tank this season or in future years.
  5. lol, it objectively is. That's a fact. Unless the league gets rid of the draft or the lottery, this will be the way of life in the NBA.
  6. I think it's more of a discussion of the benefits/down falls of tanking than actually what Miami will do. It's unlikely they blow it up.
  7. A Heat rebuild might be inevitable. They might be able to push it back a few years if the team they bring back is good(and someone becomes a star on the roster) or if they get Hayward though.
  8. Mo Williams was an all star in 2010. He was the Cavs second best player and had success running the team Again, I've always said it increases your odds of getting the star. It's strategy. The goal is to build a contender, I could not careless the competitive spirit of the game. If the league isn't going to change the structure, I'm taking advantage of it.
  9. If I'm tanking, it means my team is garbage. Why in the world would I care if the players think they're good enough or not. Hint: they aren't.
  10. We don't have the young assets to get a star, but I wasn't trying to bring up this discussion again. I think they should tank if they can't get Hayward. They won't.
  11. http://thebiglead.com/2012/04/10/golden-states-tank-job-to-retain-its-lottery-pick-is-going-swimmingly/ This was under their new regime, mind you.
  12. And they dealt their starting PG, Mo Williams for a pick to get a washed Baron Davis, dude. That's tanking. A whole bunch of teams tank, some don't broadcast it like the Sixers did. Heck, Cuban admitted that the Mavs threw away the last 1/4 of the season. And they're a championship organization with a HOF coach. It's strategy, not cowardice.
  13. I'm telling you it's a strategy. It's the quickest/ easiest way to get a star in the league. Whether you want to call it tanking or if a team just flat out sucks, it produces the same result. Sucking for 2 years is how we got Wade and Caron Butler. And we all know how that story goes.
  14. That's how they ended up with Duncan. They intentionally held back David Robinson from coming back of his injury. The Warriors tanked in 2012, by the way. They had a top 7 protected pick, so they decided to throw away the lockout season to get that pick.
  15. Tanking is how they got Kyrie Irving, which is what attracted LeBron to go to Cleveland. It also got them the first pick in the draft, when they then flipped for Love. LeBron doesn't go to Cleveland without either of those on the roster. The Spurs threw away a season , and ended up with Tim Duncan, who then provided them 19 years of elite play.