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  1. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Truth be told, they have exceeded expectations. The Heat's point differential on the year is 0(really). They also have a negative net rating, if I'm not mistaken. Even though they'll likely win 44-45 games, this Heat is more on par with a 40-41 team. They're stunningly mediocre.
  2. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    No you can't. And even the most optimistic of fans here, have come to this conclusion. Maybe you can draw a path for Bam, as he is only in his rookie season. Suggesting Winslow has a path to stardom at this point is laughable. Please take a look at his advanced stats over the last 3 years. After you do that, please find me a player with a similar profile, a player who posted TS% below 50% for three straight seasons, but went to become a star. Richardson is a nice young role player. But, I have the sneaky suspicion that you would not be speaking so highly of Richardson's ceiling if he played for the team. Richardson is not a subpar NBA player. Winslow objectively is. The bold is a strawman that I am quite frankly tired of addressing. Rebuilding being a low odds proposition is precisely why doing what Philly did was logical. Sixers fans at watch parties, sixers fans at games, and even forums suggest a completely different picture than the Sixers that you knew. I'll say it again. Selling a fanbase, especially a fanbase that has immense trust in the FO, like Heat fans do, on tanking is just not hard. And if the tanking route is not your cup of tea, that's fine, as I'm a big fan of Morey and the Rockets FO- another FO that I was told I was overrating in the summer by some posters. The Heat are destined to become what Mavs were from 2012-2016(but likely worse, Dallas was a 50 win in 2014). Fortunately, Cuban and company saw the light. Whether Riley will follow suit remains to be seen.
  3. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Winslow is not good. I'm sorry. Watching a guy shoot 54% from 0-3 feet at the rim is not fun. And I was high on the guy and backing him throughout his struggles last year, but can we please be honest now? Maybe he figures it out later, but he's a subpar NBA player right now. You're going to have misses, hence why what the Sixers did was intelligent. Sixers fan managed to have fun throughout the entire process(no pun intended). Fans are fickle Getting them to buy into a tank, especially when you're a team like Miami that has been successful over the last 10 years, is not hard. The same fans taking pride in Heat culture last year, were the same fans salivating over the thought of getting a top 5 pick when Miami was 11-30.
  4. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Ainge is phenomenal too. Hinkie was too cut throat, and he's admitted this himself. But considering how intelligent is and his apparent self awareness, I don't think he'd make the same mistakes in Philly. But, yea, the Celtics have pulled off an all time great rebuild.
  5. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    It was four years. They're fans got behind it, the franchise, and now have a really fun team to look forward to. I won't talk it about Riley anymore... I've let me thoughts be known on plenty of times already.'
  6. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Hinkie became GM in 2013. Why would I include the years before his tenure?
  7. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    They'd be hiring this man if it were to me. The Sixers are 31-25 with cap space to sign a major star in FA this year. A little bit of patience would not have hurt! The future of the franchise is looking bleak. They'll likely hover around .500 or slightly above for a few years. What is there to get excited about?
  8. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    First the time table was 2016 then 2017. Now it's 2020? This is becoming Laker-like. The team needs to be blown up from top to bottom. And is Riley can't stick long enough for that, he needs to go before he does more damage.
  9. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    I was high on Winslow as a prospect, still was fairly high on him last year despite his struggles, but at this point it's clear that he just doesn't have it. The shooting hasn't come along, and he's still a dreadful finisher. He's a good playmaker, but he's not good enough scorer to justify putting the ball in his 15-25 times a game as primary ballhandler He can still carve out a career as an effective role player, a Marcus Smart type player and still be valuable to the team.
  10. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Who said tanking guarantees anything? It's called playing the odds. The Heat are quite bad at it, as their top basketball executive is a dinosaur, so I'm not surprised Heat fans continue to misunderstand the concept.
  11. More Pork and Beans, Please!

    Klay Thompson was not progressing before Kerr arrived. He had stagnated in 2013-2014. OKC is a poor example to use, as you know, they had a great FO and a pretty solid coaching staff. You appear to be confusing a team's record with poor organizational structure. No one is suggesting that Pop deserves all the credit for Kawhi, but there's very very little chance that Leonard is a future HOF and a top 5 player if he's drafted by the Kings in 2011 and asked to be the savior. The Spurs let him grow gradually instead of immediately asking him to be the savior. In addition, I did mention that there are exceptional talents that will succeed irregardless of situations. The point is that 95% of players don't just get to determine if they want to be a Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. If Bam doesn't become Blake, I'm almost certain it won't be because he didn't desire to be great.
  12. More Pork and Beans, Please!

    Well we actually don't know if he can do both. And shooting threes in practice is a completely different ball game from shooting it in a real game. Dwight Howard nails threes in practices. I'm sure Winslow nails threes in practices as well!
  13. More Pork and Beans, Please!

    Yup. Winslow is certainly to blame for his struggles, as he is the player after all, but the Heat haven't utilized him in ways that maximize his skills as a passer and PNR ball handler. That isn't to say he'd become a star or high level player if he was used these situations, but they've completely botched it. The Heat's prioritization of "winning now" at all costs has hurt them in terms of their development of players, imo. It may end up being a different story for Bam, as he's completely different player. I doubt he'll ever be a Blake Griffin type and people probably do need to cool it down a bit. I think he can perhaps be a plus version of Capela-a version of Capela who can operate as a better passer out of traps and short rolls. That's a really good player and an excellent value pick at #14.
  14. More Pork and Beans, Please!

    You're completely underselling the impact of circumstances in making or breaking players. Stars don't just become stars because of hard work or mental make up. It depends on the team's situation- which may include things like coaching, trainers, and owners. Do you think Jimmy Butler becomes an all-nba level player if ends up on the Kings? Does Westbrook, who especially early on in his career had a penchant for erratic decisions, becomes a future HOF, if he ends up on the Kings? Is Tony Parker(or Kawhi) a HOF if he ends up on the Orlando Magic?There are obvious exceptions like the LeBron's and KD's of the world that will become exceptional irregardless of their circumstances, but the vast majority of stars are not just made by their work ethic or mental make up, but also by organizational structure. Sound organizations help to inculcate attitudes that help players succeed on and off the court. There will always be the all world talent that could have maximized his potential had he developed a better work ethic, but those individuals are so far in between in comparison to the players I'm mentioning. Just look at the Warriors, for instance. It's no coincidence that Klay Thompson took a HUGE leap upon Steve Kerr's arrival to the Bay Area. You need all three components, mostly in equal measure, to develop a star.
  15. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    They should have let the likes of James Johnson and others walk and banked on Heat "culture", being able to maximize the potential of young players on the roster plus veterans on short term deals. Dragic should have been traded at the deadline last year, and it's clear at this point Miami made a mistake doubling down on their anti tank agenda. The still had an opportunity to fix that; to put a competent roster, if they didn't want to go the rebuild route, without locking themselves into long term deals. Realistically, they have overachieved a bit. They had insane luck in "clutch" games during their run in late December to mid January.