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  1. Ball is nothing but a hype train, but let's entertain the idea. The heat thrive in the drive and kick game with pnr's thrown in. And we thrive so well at it cause dion have a lightning quick first step and dragic is always down hill full speed ahead and crafty at getting in the lane and most importantly both players don't shy away from contact they bull themselves to the rim. Ball is slow, not crafty, doesn't take contact well as well as one of the two things he does well, he does it wrong. He shoots from the left side of his body making it easier to block the shot and avoid running into him with the body, and if u notice the shot is not particularly fast and also lower as he almost shoots it from his left shoulder, that will never translate in the NBA. He's a heck of a passer with excellent court vision but that is it, and I almost forgot, he doesn't play defense which is a must to be able to wear a heat uniform. Ok now I'm done roasting ball, as for the 1,2 and 3 if they heat get so lucky. I'd stay away from josh Jackson, small hands short arms, can't shoot, even though he's an excellent athlete that goes 200% from beginning to end. Id pick 1. Fultz (surest thing there is) 2.nitilkina 3. Malik monk 4 lauri markeenan i know I added a fourth but I think these would be a good fit with the heat even though we have a billion guards on the team already
  2. He he isn't lol
  3. The nets did what is called a poison pill contract offer to tj the first two are less per year but it's back loaded at the end to discourage a team from matching the offer so they can steal away a player, except the heat never flinched and matched it, not even tj thought the heat were gonna match that offer but to everyone's surprise they did. But yes at the end of the day tj has been improving for the past 3 years and can maybe be our lou Williams light in 2 more years. He's best suited as a super sub
  4. Is he Lebron James? Kevin Durant? Lenard? The second coming of a basketball playing Jesus messiah? No. But I believe that he's our guy for this team the way it is currently constructed. Do I personally believe he is worth max money? No. I only believe that there is 3 maybe 4 players in the league worth that kind of cap space in general, but stupid suck *** teams will float that type of money to a player to snag them and bring in more revenue to their arenas and but ***** in seats. On the business end I believe that it helps us that he had such a bad reputation before coming here, and that we basically got no national coverage, heck we had the longest winning streak of the season and I think maybe I saw a sentence mentionining " hey btw the heat have won 13 straight" right between lebron's and curry's nut sacks. People didn't se first hand how he along with goran made this team go, I don't think he'll really get floated a max contract, at least not by a good team with championship aspirations. At the end of the day business is business but I don't even think Dion will be looking for max dollars to stay with the heat, over here he has the opportunity to get what he's really been wanting all this time..... to be the man, the top dog, to have the ball in his hands, and to be that guy to hit the dagger at the end of a close game not unless it's a team going nowhere like the Brooklyn nets. I he's definitely opting out of this contract and getting a pay raise but not near max, I think him and jj are already talking with pat and arison about taking less to fit another impact player that is also willing to sacrifice to bring together an awesome team into contention, and if he can't then they might take a little more. If anything the odd man out is tj, and I love me some tj. The man can shoot and he hustles hard 200% of the game even with his limitations but the way the nets structured the contract in that offer sheet really messed it up for us, maybe he can do trade fodder for a team trying to reach the cap floor in exchange for some vet pieces to compliment the team at that price. Now as for ibaka, I'd stay far away from him. For sure he's gonna get floated either max or near max money and I don't think he's anywhere near worth it. But then again between griffin, Hayward, and ibaka; I go with Hayward. And to pay Hayward max I'd rather pay galo less than that and provide a similar skill set at 25% less of a price tag, no if he sacrifices along with dion and jj I'm all on board the Hayward band wagon. Out of the three u mentioned he screams heat player to me.
  5. Tj's contract does get bloated towards the end and while I like him I don't think it's worth the chunk of cap he takes up but he can prove me wrong he does give us high energy and a decent point production. As for needing double ot.... it was without waiters, with him not even gsw was able to stop us cause the duke of waiters island blew his load all over the them and the cavaliers. He gives us that guy to sink the daggers in close games, and with him 90% of the games were not even close. Dragon and Dwait really paired nicely and opened the court for everyone to hit those high percentage 3's as they force the defense to suck in or give up a easy layup/dunk or a lob to whiteside which commands at least a double team anytime he's near the basket. With out waiters we clearly saw how that all changed, especially in those close games that we couldn't get a score at the end
  6. What guarantees if we get anyone else that we will be a legit title contender? The lakers had pau, Nash, Howard, Kobe and still failed miserably. Everything is a risk. But from what I saw after this team jelled, this was something I'm willing to ride with heck jj even said it's more about loyalty and that it would out weight the money maybe him and dion sacrifice to bring in galo, maybe Hayward takes less to come here. I think next season as is team wise we're legit contenders. Nothing is ever for sure. Even if u had 5 lebrons on the team it still might not get u anywhere, I'd rather not mess with the continuity and the chemistry that took us half a season to develop
  7. And that's fine jj easily guard the sf, that's the beauty in that team everything is very interchangeable, they all would complement each other very nicely
  8. I really like what I hear. I think they'd sacrifice their bring in another high caliber player that is also willing to sacrifice with them to make this work
  9. The nuggets happened to him, hard to stay motivated on a team going nowhere, hopefully he'd be another one that buys into the system told extreme conditioning and hard nosed defense. All he needs to do really is limit opponents 3's we got whiteside if the first line of defense gets beat. Galo and jj are interchangeable at the sf/ pf position so we can roll with something like Dragic/JRich W305erz/ TJ/Jrich Galo/JRich/ McGruder/ Winslow JJ/Winslow/Babbit ( or draft pick) Whiteside/ Reed Atleast in my opinion this is a perfectly balanced team. No one with a huge ego that is going to hold the ball, all of them can make plays, all can shoot the 3, and they all are athletic and can play defense. I think the league would crap itself seeing this team.
  10. Keep the next year's prediction around 50-55 (provided we bring the same team with maybe galinari added) and I can ride with u 😂
  11. The he answer is galinari not melo. who knows maybe jj and dion sacrifice to bring him in. The man does everything we need with not even a quarter of the unwarranted ego and ISO of melo. Much younger too, that I can get behind, he screams heat player....... melo not at all
  12. I swear these melo people are worse than the arroyo and Beasley people 😭😭😭
  13. I'm shocked I'm about to say this........ but I agree with u tb i think we'd easily go for at least 3rd, that second half when dion was healthy there wasn't a single team in the NBA that was able to survive the unslaught of scoring
  14. His name just rolls off the tongue "Melo" and he's a popular dude so why not? *sarcasm*
  15. This is good, the season is over. And they are still chilling with arison, and arison is chilling with them showing them love, I'm sure they've already talked about numbers. And it might just be a formality, honestly if we get galinarri, it's a good off season for me, this team is already good, adding him I think gives us a good shot at being a contender. And he is the type of guy that fits right into the heat way