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  1. Trust me I hope more then anyone here that he improves his shooting and becomes a beast , I want to really like this kid bad. Now he plays this full season and we see much of the same.. what's ur take on it?
  2. Yea I know, he's lucky in that sense Idc if he's technically a 3rd year man, that would put him on notice, gotta get that shooting up.
  3. Id take it a step further and stick Winslow in summer league lol
  4. It seems the don was really being serious and straight forward this time with no backroom wink wink deals
  5. If that happens and pat doesn't give him a call the second the draft is over to at least stash him in the d-league imma be mad
  6. I'd go to Walmart right now and buy a whole pack, idk why Riley hasn't done anything at
  7. Can we trade a sneaker lace for a second rounder and draft hartenstein already?
  8. Our only hope left is that jj waiters and Hayward take a little less to stay here or we just keep the team intact, I think really what ends up happening is that we keep it in tact with nothin special
  9. Grab some garbage for the d league
  10. **** sac town, **** them 100 times over
  11. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for zach collins
  12. Thats what hat I mean he can space the floor with the 3, plays solid defense, shows that he has good foot work in the post and is 7 ft tall to go along with good lateral movement and agility. Perfect to pair him with whiteside especially if we can't get in to resign
  13. Heck we might have to get to 9 just to have a shot at zach Collins, not interested in markeen so much cause he can't play defense, zach Collins is the way to go
  14. Actually for spacing purposes that that would be perfect, unless he can't hit 3's then no thank u. Whiteside eats a lot of space down low and needs a lot of space
  15. I honestly feel that at 14 were right smack in the middle of no mans land, right next to crap creek. Everyone that would be actually intriguing to get is just outside of our finger tips and at the point where u say ok who's the least garbage out of this bunch left?