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  1. If he was capable of playing it will haunt him not only mentally but $ wise because you better believe teams will point that out.
  2. Honestly guys without Bosh and possibly without Whiteside or a banged up Whiteside the Heat would not have a realistic chance to upset the Cavs, this Heat team made it as far as possible with this group of rookies,players and with key injuries to two starters. Cavs will mostly likely beat the Raptors in 4 to 5 games.
  3. Wade has atleast 2 years left of giving us decent numbers, Whiteside will most likely return, rookie players like Winslow and Josh Johnson got major playoff experience. Bosh will most likely return and still play solid but his health condition will always remain a question. Pat Riley will likely get rid of Josh McRoberts for sure and will get a big name player or a good quality one which will make us a much better team.
  4. I'm not even mad, without Whiteside or Bosh to make it this far is amazing and the future looks very bright for the Heat. Also who really wants to face the Cavs in the ECF with a Heat team this handicap ?
  5. They wont risk a Whiteside return
  6. Heat keep passing on open shots on offense which is a big no no.
  7. Jonas V being out the series is good news for us because we have no idea when or if Whiteside will be back in this series and we have no one who could guard him other than Whiteside.
  8. Whiteside needs to take more shots especially when on offense we are struggling like last night game.
  9. Offensively the Heat played bad as a team
  10. Winslow needs to improve his shooting.
  11. Honestly 2 straight seasons of him having a blood clot has really been a major issue and I can easily see it happening again next year as well. So yeah he needs to retire already which would be the best decision for his life and the Heat team future.
  12. Folks this Toronto team is in trouble, let them celebrate a ugly game 2 win.
  13. Those early afternoon games are a horrible idea by the NBA.