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  1. Without Dragic the Heat atleast still had a shot to win at the end of the game on a back to back so can't feel all that bad about this loss against a rested Pacers team playing at home.
  2. I hope he does get considered as MIP.
  3. Anything is possible but I doubt he will all of a sudden become a superstar now that he is with the Heat but can he play at a superstar/allstar level on most nights and help us win I think he can.
  4. Not really the Heat have alot of young players already showing lots of promise this season and well making the playoffs is a good sign for the future with such a young team which will catch the interest of lots of FA's in the offseason which will be much better than tanking in hopes to get one unproven college player who will need a couple of seasons of development just to see if he is worth anything.
  5. Remember guys we play in the eastern conference.
  6. A successful Heat season realistically for me would be for the Heat team to make the playoffs and some of our younger players to develop much more and show alot of promise heading into the off season.
  7. At this point that the Heat are in a rebuilt situation hell yes I want Riley to stick around atleast for a few more seasons.
  8. He still mad cause he got kicked out of a playoff game in 2014
  9. What a nice houses both Tyler and Whiteside have.
  10. I understand what Pat Riley means about getting Shaq being bigger than getting the big 3 because before the Heat got Shaq the franchise never even made it to the NBA Finals and well with Shaq the Heat won their 1st NBA title which is what put the Miami Heat franchise on the map in order for the big 3 to happen and yeah I know that Shaq sucked in the 2006 NBA Finals but without him I don't see the Heat even making it to the NBA Finals.
  11. Im hoping we continue to see Richardson grow this year just like Justice Winslow.
  12. I think they will
  13. Just like Ellington another player who can shoot 3's, our days of being a real bad 3 point shooting team may end soon.
  14. Dragic numbers should go up this year for sure.