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  1. Believe it or not...JRich lead the way.
  2. Dragic's oop to Reed goes in the
  3. JRich with the tenacious D...nice steal and finish at the basket. Leading all scorers with 7 points early. lol
  4. JRIch rattles in a three and then a layup too.
  5. Rodney getting good at that runner.
  6. Sorry man, my bad. Tbh, it's hard to figure what the Bulls will do. Hope they lose their next three games. It's possible they could win their last five games, but they've been so inconsistent, I doubt they'll pull that off. One time they're beating teams like Cleveland, GS, Utah, Detroit, Milwaukee, then lose to Philly, Orlando, Denver and the Knicks. If the Heat can win 5 more games that would get them to .500 at 41-41...that should be enough to make the playoffs.