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  1. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    And so it begins. lol
  2. Haven't you heard @SCIENTIST's over, we goin' home.
  3. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    And a bag of Doritos.
  4. 76ers 106 - HEAT 102 Game 4 Recap

    JFH has gone over to the dark side. lol Pessimism is his calling card now. I agree. Manso was right, the Heat had every opportunity to win the game, which they did. Mostly a lack of talent. Our guys play damn hard for the first 3 quarters and then come up short at the end. They just cannot sustain the level of play they exhibit early on. They sure came close today though. As for DWade, yes he's still got it. As for the younger players, his influence will accelerate their development. That's why I would like him to play another year.
  5. 76ers 106 - HEAT 102 Game 4 Recap

    You got the Debbie Downer MO down pat bro.
  6. 76ers 106 - HEAT 102 Game 4 Recap

    I think it might be prudent to bring McGruder out of moth balls. Give the Scavenger some burn in game 5. Nothing to lose at this point.
  7. We'll know more on Tuesday. Would love a Heat upset just to mix things up a bit. But Silver probably has other plans.
  8. Would be the greatest three game sweep in Heat history, that's for sure. I'm up for it. lol
  9. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Everybody is for sale most likely. Probably Bam and Winslow because of cheap contracts stay. If a star player shakes loose and Riley has a shot at him, you can bet he'll do whatever he can to make a deal. I don't think Riley will be saying the same thing he did last year at the end of the season. He's got to be contemplating changes imo.