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  1. lol...would have been brutal.
  2. Cavs win at least one game...they could even win 4. Those 73 TO's in 4 games against the Spurs were a bit alarming.
  3. I can see the Warriors having a slight edge in winning the series because of HCA, but we all know that can change in the blink of an eye. To me Cleveland is the defending champion so in my mind Golden State is the underdog trying to regain the championship. I'm hoping all players stay healthy and both teams play well and the series goes 7 games.
  4. Rare miss.
  5. Bring it on...gets underway next Thursday at Oracle Arena at 9:00 pm.
  6. A couple of these and he's good to go. Give a call to DR...he'll fill you in on the do's and don'ts of knee protection in the NBA:
  7. Maybe you can get one of these an iPhone
  8. Mailbag question to Tom D'Angelo -- May 26, 2017: The Miami Heat have a lot of decisions to make when free agency starts July 1. One of those is how much they will invest to try and bring back both James Johnson and Dion Waiters. The Heat and both players have expressed a desire to return. Then what? What kind of money will be available to added another player or two? From @OS_KeepinItReal: If the Heat re-sign James Johnson and Dion Waiters, what is left to sign another good player? Listening to Pat Riley when he addressed the media following the season, it is clear he would love bring back both players. On Johnson: “What James Johnson showed was another playmaker, a guy that could do a lot more than anybody ever thought he could do and he can get better.” On Waiters: “Dion can create off the dribble and create space and get to areas of the court where you can get up shots in late clock situations. He’s going to become a better finisher, higher percentage as a finisher because he goes to the rack all the time.” So let’s assume both return. The question then is at what price? The guess is both could come back for $25 to $30 million. I think $25 is a little low but $30 is the max the Heat want to spend on both. Considering Miami will have around $38 million of cap space (that is without bringing back Wayne Ellington at his $6 million number) that still leaves interesting possibilities. With $11-12 million remaining the Heat still could sign a very good rotational player and bring back Ellington on a new deal for say $12 million for three years. They probably would need another big man so possibly someone like Luc Mbah a Moute or Taj Gibson or Patrick Patterson. If they lose Ellington, perhaps they would pursue another guard. How good a story would it be if Tim Hardaway Jr. signed with the Heat? But even if the number is somewhere around $8 million, the Heat should add a nice rotational player.
  9. Work, work, work...get in better shape! #HeatCulture
  10. Non-stop fitness. Spo gotta give some PT to this guy next least so he can bang up against a few guys. lol