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  1. You got to give the Raptors credit. They've battled through a ton of adversity throughout the playoffs during the past several seasons. They continue to prove the critics wrong, including myself. That being said, I don't see this series going any different than last year's. Lebron will lead all scorers, Kyrie will outplay Kyle, and the supporting cast of the Cavaliers will prove to be more effective than that of the Raptors. Derozan and Lowry are great players, but they are too inconsistent and the entire team relies too much on low percentage iso-plays for points when the defense begins to tighten up. The addition of Ibaka and PJ will surely help, but it won't be enough to put Toronto over the top, especially when you consider the fact that Cleveland got a bit stronger as well with the additions of Korver and Williams. Cavs in 6 is my prediction.
  2. Miami would very well deal a top 3 pick for Paul George or Jimmy Butler. If we can get one of those studs, and resign Waiters/Johnson while keeping Dragic, Whiteside, Richardson, Ellington, etc, then it would instantly put us into title contention in the east. There's no doubt in my mind Pat would try and pull the trigger. He wants to win now.
  3. Now that I think about it, it's actually pretty crazy how Lebron had one of his most statistical dominant seasons - in terms of points, rebounds and assists - in his 13th year in the league. And the guy is playing 38 minutes a game, which is even more impressive when you consider the fact that he has played over 125 playoff games the past 6 years at nearly 41 minutes per contest. It was a common belief that once Lebron reached his thirties he would begin the declination process, but so far that hasn't happened. His defensive has slipped, but when you average 26, 9 and 9, you can get away with it. Even so, I expect his defensive prowess to pick up as we get deeper into the playoffs. With all of the games he has played, and the amount of minutes he has put in, it's extraordinary how he has been able to avoid the injury bug (played in 70+ games each year besides the lockout season). It's kind of shocking to see his FT numbers so low though. I mean, 67% on the year from the line? Hassan shoots better than that lol.
  4. "You didn't want to see us, Kev" - Dion Waiters to Durant and the Warriors. Heck yeah. That's what I like to hear. F**k Durant. Waiters has the right mindset and he played with a chip on his shoulder against the very best teams in the league. He's the type of player who I'd want to build with going forward. He'll be paid what he's worth, and I hope he takes the offer and flourishes.
  5. So Lebron was watching a world series game while receiving a pitch from Riley? That's really unprofessional. Major kudos to Pat for not lashing out like the people over at the Cav's ownership. James is a great player, a legend, a hall of famer, a top 5 of all time and definitely in the GOAT discussion. However, his attitude and acknowledgement towards the Heat ever since he decided to leave has been questionable at best. It's like hes angry at Miami and wants to forget about his years with this organization. Hes been acting like he won all 3 of his rings with Cleveland. Ridiculous. Biggest diva in the league by far.
  6. Yeah I think so too that it's time to move on from the PG era. And throw in Larry Bird as well, and whoever else is in charge of managing the roster. Most of their decisions have been rather questionable. They shouldn't have let go of Vogel.
  7. Who's #1?
  8. Really? Because you said this, and I also remember you saying - Ainge made a mistake and should have traded for PG at the deadline - after the Celtics were on their way to losing game 2. Clearly means you changed your opinion after the first 2 games, but now reverted back.
  9. Yup, but you can't discredit Wade's decision after a poor game by the Bulls, considering the fact that they're missing their 3rd best player and perhaps the only point guard on the team.
  10. I think the same too, and the statistics back it up. They average nearly the same amount of points per game, rebounds per game and field goal percentage. However, when it comes to play making and the beloved PER, Butler is miles ahead. IIRC, Paul George had a player efficiency rating of 20 on the season, whereas Butler was in the upper echelon at over 25. The Pacers had quite a sad year. With the roster that they assembled, you would imagine they would be a top 4 seed in the east.
  11. Well in all fairness, Chicago is missing their starting point guard, whose style of play is tailor made for playoff success. The Bulls 3 point guards today combined for a total of 10 points and 3 assists. You simply can't win with that little production from the supporting cast. With Rondo in the picture, it may have been a different story, perhaps a story which has more resemblance to the first 2 games of this series.
  12. I agree, but it's not much worse than Miami trying to turn Winslow into a 3-and-D prototype. At least Turner shot it at a league average percentage of 35% on the year. If Justise ever gets it to that number it would be considered a huge accomplishment..
  13. It's good to have you back Dwarner. Whiteside has shown growth in his game this past year, especially during the final months of the season, and I don't think he has quite reached his peak yet. Offensively, he may never reach the level Griffin is at, and that's fine, but he has a lot more potential on the defensive end than Blake ever will. Dragic is expandable, but he's on a very good contract for somebody of his skill level. Not many guys average 20 and 6 in today's NBA while only earning about 16 million per year. Overall, Hassan and Gogo make a pretty good duo. Nothing amazing, but definitely nothing lacking either. Given Blake's health issues, I'm not ready to break up the Heat core to try and acquire him. We already have an all-star caliber big who hasn't played for the past 14 months and is taking up a big chuck of our cap space while sitting on the sidelines. I'm not sure if I'd want to risk a repeat of a situation similar to that, and that's exactly what we'll get with the signing of Griffin - a huge risk. Listening to Pat address the media, it really seems as if he's not too interested in any major off-season changes this summer. I think the goal is to bring everyone back and on top of that, try to add another impact player. It may be enough to challenge Cleveland in the east, it may not be, but when healthy I like the roster that we have. I'm not sure if you've watched a ton of Heat basketball this year, but with the emergence of James Johnson we already got ourselves a player who plays similar to Blake. Not quite on his level, but JJ fits in real well with the Heat culture. Throw in a healthy Dion Waiters, an improved Justise Winslow/Josh Richardson, and a top 14 draft pick, followed by the growth of Hassan Whiteside, and this Miami team will be in for a good year next season - if they can stay healthy. I don't believe adding a declining and injury-riddled Blake Griffin is worth it enough to break up all of the potential that is on this team, unless it's a sign and trade scenario in which we rid ourselves of Bosh, Mcroberts and TJ in exchange for Blake's services (which isn't going to happen lol).
  14. If I'm coach Fizdale, I don't change up too much on the defensive end. Put your best defender on Leonard and force him to beat you. The Spurs are at their absolute best when the ball is moving and everyone is contributing. It's basically Kawhi vs the Grizzlies right now, not many others are showing up for the Spurs, and it should stay that way. This is a winnable series for Memphis. Don't let anyone else get offensively engaged.
  15. .. don't forget about the word that comes after! Just kidding I'm not sure if you watch MMA, specifically the UFC, but it would be real nice if Mcrgregor actually took the time to defend one of his belts.