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  1. Miami HEAT at Orlando Magic Game Thread and Preview

    I kind of understand where you are coming from - he still lets his offensive drought effect him on the defensive end from time to time. In all honestly, he seemed to be pretty gassed out there tonight, especially as we got to the later parts of the 4th. However, he was easily our best player today, and if it wasn't for his onslaught during the beginning of the final quarter we probably don't make that run. Also, you mentioned that he doesn't block as many shots anymore. Part of that reason is because he has a much greater offensive load now. Another part is due to the fact that the entire NBA is now aware of his presence down low..
  2. Miami HEAT at Orlando Magic Game Thread and Preview

    Lol and so it begins. That ankle isn't lasting 82 games.
  3. Miami HEAT at Orlando Magic Game Thread and Preview

    Indiana on Saturday.. another team who plays us very, very well.
  4. Miami HEAT at Orlando Magic Game Thread and Preview

    Shooting 8-28 on threes isn't going to get it done.
  5. Miami HEAT at Orlando Magic Game Thread and Preview

    The drought is over! We are back! What a long 4 months! It's go time!
  6. 2017 - 18 Regular Season Wins Prediction

    I'll get the party started. Haven't had a chance to peak through the first 20, but I did have a good look at the first 10. If we manage to go 6-4 over our first 10 we should be quite ecstatic. I believe it's doable.
  7. 2017 - 18 Regular Season Wins Prediction

    3-5 wins, as little as it sounds, is actually quite substantial for a 40+ win team, TripleA. Continuity is a thing and internal growth does happen, but we really didn't upgrade any major components of our roster - other than adding KO, so I can understand why various reporters have us in the mid to low 40s. I personally have us between 44-48 wins. We were injured last season and there's really no reason why those injuries can't happen again. 82 games is a grind, both physically and mentally, and I would be surprised if we don't acquire any significant injuries (along with little nits and bruises). As unfortunate as it sounds, our guys are going to be sidelined at some point or another - the odds prove so. We are a deeper team and if everybody plays like expected then I believe we can win 45-ish games. If JRich, TJ and Winslow provide consistent production throughout the year along with everybody else doing their parts, I believe we can get to 47-48. The only way we crack 50 is if Whiteside truly takes the next step, both as a leader and as a offensive player.
  8. 2017 - 18 Regular Season Wins Prediction

    These are reasonably some very good predictions. Mid 40s is a safe estimate for Miami. I'd place us anywhere between 44-48. Detroit is a sleeper team. Avery Bradley is quite underrated in my opinion, and he will only help bolster their line-up. The east has gotten weaker but a lot of the top teams have either improved or remained virtually the same. We are capable, but we better come prepared.
  9. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Got some tough match-ups in our first 10 games. We'll see the Spurs, Celtics and Timberwolves at home, followed by the Nuggets, Clippers and Warriors on the road (which is a back-to-back). We better come prepared and play like a cohesive unit. Boston and Minnesota will still be figuring things out during the start of the season so we should be able to win those games. Same old story as always - if we can hit the 3, we can compete with anyone.
  10. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    ESPN is so biased. They showed all of the tweets by Embiid and didn't even show Whiteside's #EmbiidEclipse comeback.
  11. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    I take back what I said about Hassan. I just saw all of the tweets from last night. Embiid called Whiteside soft - which is quite ridiculous. Whiteside had a killer comeback! Just realizing it . That's my boy!
  12. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    The only foul that can't be argued is the 3rd one. Rest of them involved flopping.
  13. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    I like Hassan's fire and willingness to compete both on and off the court - it's what makes him unique. Just found it kind of funny how Whiteside had the gall to trash another players first few years in the league, considering he himself was basically a nobody who was in and out of the NBA until Miami picked him up at the grand age of 25. Team Hassan all the way, but when it comes to trash talking it may not be his strong suite.. Not saying I don't enjoy it though.
  14. The Official Hassan Whiteside Thread

    Come on Hassan, you weren't even in the league by the time your third year came around..