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  1. Waiters has been up and down all season, and Dragic is looking more and more worn out after a solid start to the year. I believe they'll be able to turn it out eventually too, but I would explore a Dragic trade.
  2. But he's 6 years younger and doesn't have much trade value lol. At least with Dragic you might be able to pull a fast one.
  3. He sure is distancing himself from the Iman Shumpert comparisons . Love it when our young guys lead us to victories.
  4. Dragic got outplayed by a 30 year old rookie.. he has been struggling over the past several weeks. I'd look to move him if possible and shift Waiters to the pg position full-time.
  5. I doubt it bro. We'll be lucky to see Bam get consistent minutes upon Whiteside's return. It sounds crazy but that's just Spo's way.
  6. I agree. He's a great defensive minded specimen, but offensively he could use some critique.
  7. The problem is that Irving and Lillard are legit superstars, whereas Dion Waiters is hardly better than your average starting shooting guard.
  8. I don't expect our team to be any better in the crunch. Besides the missed free throws, this is what happens when you don't have a star level talent on your team. The best we can do in late game situations is run pick and role actions and get something going to the rim, where we can either get a shot close to the basket or a dish out to the open man. Even then, without a star the results will be rather inconsistent.
  9. Winslows Development

    He needs to jump higher on his lay-up attempts and go to the hoop with authority, instead of trying a finger role every single time.
  10. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    After their horrid starts, JRich and TJ are both beginning to turn the corner. They have shot it well over the past 10 games or so, and have increased their percentages for the year. Consistency is key, so I hope they can keep this up. I still hold out hope that JRich can become our version of Danny Green.
  11. Probably upset that he missed 2 point blank layups tonight. Nothing new there though, amirite?
  12. Bruh, this is Spo. UD would need to foul out first