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  1. carnageta

    The Most Underrated Player in the League

    He's got nice length but even Jamal Crawford would have troubles when being guarded by guys who are 2 inches taller and stronger on average. We shouldn't be playing him at the 3 spot. Size matters. Look at Boston and how their height caused trouble for the Sixers. Jaylen Brown is bigger and taller than Justise Winslow and he's their 2 guard, while Winslow played the power forward for us.
  2. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Hassan was the best 3-point shooter in the league this past season in terms of %. FACTS.
  3. carnageta

    Top 5 Heat players of All-Time (non all-star)

    Josh Richardson Udonis Haslem Shabazz Napier Bam Adebayo Daquan Cook
  4. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Tell me something I don't know. I'm still confused though - this is what I said: Not sure how I was disregarding Wade's importance? All I said is that another team doesn't need a replica of Stephen Curry if they want to defeat Golden State - that's just silly. Just as another team didn't need a replica of Dwyane Wade to defeat Miami - as evident by the Spurs and Mavericks. Nowhere at all did I mention Lebron alone was the reason for our 2 rings.
  5. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    That is true, Curry is very good and makes it easier on his teammates. However, he isn't what makes them 'unbeatable'. You don't need a Steph Curry on your team to compete with GS, just like you didn't need a Dwyane Wade on your team to compete with Miami back during the big-3 era.
  6. carnageta


    Jordanism? Never thought about it like that. That is deep, bro. But it's funny because it's true.
  7. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    You don't need to find the next Steph Curry to compete with Golden State.. he's not even the one who puts them over the top - that's KD. Without Durant these Warriors would be down 2-1 in the series right now. Regardless of how good the Warriors are, there will still be teams who will put in everything they got right now and try and win it all.. it is just the nature of sports. Curry being Curry doesn't reduce Dragic's value.
  8. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

  9. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    He'd fit in perfectly at that 4 spot, and has more potential than any of our young players. Come on Riles, get this dude and get that Kevin Heuter guy and call it an off-season.
  10. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    6'6" tall shooting guard. If we get him I'm gonna be on the hype train big time. He's gonna be our Klay Thompson. Knowing Spo tho, we'll probably have him out there defending opposing small forwards..
  11. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

  12. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I'm not saying he's trash. I think he's a good player. Just saying that from what I witnessed this season, I would rather have the Capela's, Gobert's and Adam's of the world over Whiteside. I was asking for Hassan to be fed the ball more downlow ever since the start of the season. He needs touches to stay happy.
  13. carnageta

    2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    How often is Hassan 'engaged' though, that's the thing. Capela brings it every single night on the defensive end and with the rebounding and putbacks. He is the better player (and much younger too).
  14. carnageta

    2018 NBA Playoffs

    This Warriors team would dismantle those Chicago Bulls teams of the past. Way more depth. Way more offensive firepower. Much more athletic. The game has changed. Golden State would shoot the lights out against those Bulls, or against anyone from the 90s for that matter. People forget that 2 years ago - when Durant was still in OKC - there were debates about who the best team in league history was, and many of the conclusions drew Golden State (afterall, they did win 73). Now they added the second best player in the NBA, who will go down as a top 10 player, maybe even top 5 all time - regardless of what people say now - and it really isn't close anymore. The game evolved. Happens in every sport. Royce Gracie was one the best fighters in the 90s, however in today's day and age he would have struggled to be in the top 10 at whichever weight class he chose to fight at in the UFC.
  15. carnageta

    The Official Bam Adebayo Thread

    The mid range game, finishing around the basket, and free throws - with a stroke like his there is no reason why he can't be 80%+ at the line. I love Haslem.. I love Juwan.. But I really hope we can get an all-star that was once a force to be reckoned with to train Bam in those areas this summer. *ChrisBosh*