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  1. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    we're talking since he signed the contract, not the big3 years...when healthy 21/7 & 19/7.4...i said 'close' and those stats + mid range justifies the max contract IF he was healthy and doing it all year and in the po's...and only 29 when bosh signed. 1. He should take it. then come back here for his last run when nobody has a roster spot to offer him but us because we are loyal. 2. Decent? Toronto in the 2000's? Their next best players were Kapono, J O'neal, and Shawn Marion...Wade couldn't get out of the first round with them either. EDIT: but yes, i've never doubted Wade is worth the $20mill for what he did last year. I'd give him the entire $50 mill all this year if we could (we can't) 3. Absolutely there was an offer to Wade already..the one the media was misrepresenting as only being 10mil...but, true, Wade didn't like it. Again, for 2 years since his friend left him high and dry, Wade must have had his head in the sand if he didn't know Durant was the big fish target this year. If the Heats offer was too low, why did he wait for Durant to decline us rather then just say 5 days ago, I'm looking for a new team?? Actually, that might have helped the Heat since the 2 don't like each other (james harden top 10)...hmmmmmmmm 4 Truthfully, I would be fine with cutting McRoberts and pay Wade $25 million this year...it's that I don't want to be locked into paying Dwyane Wade $25 million next year. Nor do I want to be writing about him and his wife's tweets next year, since this is how they handle business. He's got the rest of his life to be a Miami Heat VP at a 5 million sign on bonus and however much a year (which the league can't dictate) for any money he thinks he is owed. Would rather see how this year goes if he stays.
  2. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    First off, Bosh didn't have to ask, Houston was giving him a max4 and the heat had literally hours to decide. I'd tell ya the whole story about Lebron just leaving and the Heat in a tuff spot if 2/3 big three had left the same year but you know all that, just leaving it out. And Bosh was around a 20/10 guy coming in for most of his Toronto career, and he was still close to that these past 2 years before he got sick, plus now a stretch which makes him more valuable in today's small ball market, even if you don't see it. So yea, hind sight (he is sick) is easy to build a point off of, but if he hadn't and the numbers where there, nobody would still be complaining about his contract. As far as 'what kind of gm doesn't know Wade's value'...it's not his value, it's 'who is he this year?' Is he the guy who is sacrificing for a title or the guy who wants money? Does he want one year or three years, or is he willing to work with the team and spread out over years..what??? Obviously the Heat must not have realized he was going to be 'Father Insecurity' about which position in line he was bargained with. Again, he was cool being #2 to his 'friend' because Wade obviously believes Lebron is better then him...so they might have thought he felt the same about Durant because he is also better then him (at this stage of his career)?? Again, did he speak up?? Rather then having his wife like comments (and since he's made this a public spectacle anyway) how about just tweet: "I told the Heat what I wanted last year or 2 years ago, they are re-negging." <Now THAT is a different story. But that's not the truth, Idb. Naw, he's tweeting vague crap about 'relationships'. And, get it, you're not a WS fan..you probably someone who calls his rebounds/blocks 'empty stats' right?? Except they are all in game, not points in garbage time, and they are all stops, so yea, @27yo darn right I want WS locked up for the next 5 years.
  3. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    It's not about McRoberts $5million...it's about the other $20 million PER YEAR and mainly NEXT YEAR that screws up the future. And why in the 2 years that everyone in the world knew the Heat had one objective, go after Durant, did Wade wait until after that plan failed to make it known (and publically at that!) he had a problem with it? In all that time did he ever go to Riley behind the scenes and say "Hey bud, before you go after Durant, you need to know something...I want $20+ million a year going forward!" Hell, Wade didn't think to mention it when he signed a 1yr contract last year. Give me a break!
  4. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    Yea, sorry dude, wasn't picking you out particularly, just saw your dirk comment while scrolling. Idk, man, mixed feelings about Dallas/Dirk...in once sense I agree with you Cuban puts together a competitive team...but they're not serious contenders. And there's a stigmata out there that, like Kobe, no major FA wants to play with Dirk. Wade already has that (since his 'friend' dumped him)..other top tier guys are not lining up to play with him. On top of that, you were correct in the $40 mill sense being the same..but Dirk doesn't throw hissy fits on social media and schedule meetings with other teams. Nor is he letting the contract details get public when they are negotiating. It's more the way DWade is going about things that are annoying some of us....whereas I might have had his side in this if I simply read in the paper one day: "Wade wants 50, heat offering 40".
  5. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    Sorry, for caps, not yelling...just easier to answer your point. BTW, agree to disagree...I do respect your opinion and everyone on Wade's side in this...I just got to roll with how I see it.
  6. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    And what company is going to want to keep an employee whos spouse (who doesn't even work for the company) is mouthing off in front of your other employees and potential employees (in essence, that's what social media is) about how unhappy you are with the company. Those are situations where that employee starts turning into a cancer. Not saying Wade's a cancer....yet. But if we have to do this every few years (now 2 in a row), no wonder the FA's are starting to go elsewhere. edit: oh yea...and saw somebody mention Dirk's deal....how the Mavs been doing in FA the past few years?
  7. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    What exactly was Wade PROMISED, if anything? The real problem here is nobody can talk about it because it's against NBA contract rules. And if everybody stuck to those rules and he was promised nothing, then that 2x$40 million is looking beyond fair from my perspective, considering the team needs to consider the future and those knees can go at any moment....plus they had a longer playoff run this past year, so less rest. Also, in regards to Jordan/Washington, he did that for 911 and donated his entire salary to charity.
  8. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    So you're spouse tweets sarcastic things in reference to your job when she knows your boss is reading it, as she should?
  9. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    And loyalty would be, when the TEAM you are being loyal to is off trying to get better and get you another ship on that resume, since your 'friend' screwed everyone, perhaps go to that meeting or, heck, just a supportive invitational tweet to the FA, rather then him and that wife of his pouting on social media about money after we lost the FA to rub it in...being the 'face of the franchise' and all.
  10. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    Of course not, if he wanted to play with his Bro again, they would have had this all planned out to make cap room up there. Lebron can control the Heat bettter with Wade here! "Yea, dawg..they need to respect you with that money for all you did for us...i mean them!" psssht
  11. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    I don't see what the debate is about. If the Heat made a behind the scenes verbal promise to give him a larger contract in his final years to make up for what he 'sacrificed' to play with his friend and add 2 more ships to his resume, then they should honor it and we'll just have to suffer like the Lakers for 2 more years. If no such thing was ever agreed upon, then Wade needs to jump all over that Denver deal. After that, when nobody is willing to pay him these huge numbers (that we can't afford) anymore, we'll have a nice loyal roster spot waiting for him in his last year of play probably for more then the vet minimum simply because it's Wade. He'll have a major $ VP job for the rest of his life, his number is getting raised here, it's going to be a huge party. If Wade goes for all that Denver cash, it sucks, but we should understand. In the meantime this year can be about strengthening the chemistry between Dragic and WS and improving WS, JRich, and Winslow. If Bosh is healthy, he needs to earn that contract and be the man like he was early last year. Then get ready for 2017. Wade will have an opportunity to come back to a contender and chase one last ring here off the bench. But, that wife of his is absolutely right, no player in this day and age should be expected to play for one team if that's not their priority....
  12. Riley vs Wade: The Reciprocity of Respect

    Sorry, but you're misinformed. When Lebron went ring chasing, it was Riley's rings that were the proof. And sure, you can say Riley never won a ship with the Knicks/Heat before Wade, but that Jordan guy was the reason for that...nobody else won them either. The Knicks were actually a blown call away from going to the finals over the bulls when jordan played baseball. Riley turned this franchise around over night to a contender and the rebuilding years under him have been far less. Sorry to tell ya..the Heat would have won a ship without Wade and will win ships going forward regardless of who's on the roster and after Riley retires....it's called culture...Riley built it..not Wade. I want Wade to finish his career here..but if he's going to have his head up his ash, make sarcastic comments on twitter when the franchise is down (adding to the problem), all under his 'friends' guidance..then maybe some time away is needed.
  13. Riley vs Wade: The Reciprocity of Respect

    Wade will always be welcome back here to celebrate his terrific career for the rest of his life and perhaps even a final playing year or two...but I think, his friend Lebron is obviously spreading his own self-inflicted animosity to Wade and his wife behind the scenes and their own tweets prove it. We can give him $30million, Wade's still going to have doubt now and be complacent. The Heat need to cut ties for a while and rebuild. Durant plays pickup with Lebron..who's to say the Heat weren't likely being bad mouthed behind the scenes by these guys? Said it be4, Wade is DEF worth 20mil THIS YEAR based on what he did last year and what lesser players are getting paid...but we can't afford it and we definitely dont need this yearly drama.
  14. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    I think the problem is more that wife of his and the Hollywood crowd/influence she brings. If she wasn't famous and had to be somewhat reserved she'd be Ms.Grimes 2.0...a little too involved in her husband's affairs. Lebron is the one that dumped Wade and cost him a fortune...he needs to see that. As far as Westbrook, 2 years ago I would have said not interested, but he's proved a lot imo. It's not that we need a superstar, we need a high volume scorer.
  15. Miami HEAT Offseason - Talk

    I don't buy the reports that Durant is not considering the Heat. The Arisons, Riley, Zo, and Spo are intelligent men. If any one of them had some inclination that the meeting didn't go well, I don't think the heat would be giving the impression that they are sitting around waiting for Durant. In fact, this is EXACTLY the way it was in the time between the Heat's meeting with Lebron and when he did his tv show...everybody counted us out and the Heat wasn't saying a word...