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  1. End of the Season grades

    This is basically a remix of @#1draftppick's midseason grade thread, but I thought it'd be fun to grade our team on the season. Before this place is flooded with hate and irrational criticism, I think it's important to remember that this Heat team was only projected to win 42 games this season and they exceeded that mark by 2 The idea here is to be as fair and objective as possible....something that won't be easy for a lot of us (myself included). Feel free to explain your reasoning behind each grade as well (that way you don't look like as much of a hater )
  2. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    You make good points about how the narrative will shift once the euphoria of him coming back wears off. I think if he really dedicates himself to a full Miami Heat offseason, that he could come back and be pretty effective, but at his age, who knows if he's willing to go that hard for a team that doesn't look like it'll be competing for titles anytime soon. Could boil down to how bad Miami wants him back.
  3. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread too, too. Hopefully he's working hard behind the scenes. We could've used some of that irrational confidence of his.
  4. Thank You

    Shout out to @Joe B., @Coup, and the OG, and anyone who's taken the time to voice their opinion on these forums. I FRICKEN LOVE THIS PLACE! VIVA LA INFERNO!
  5. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    All I know is that a healthy Dion would've made for a much more competitive series. Think about it - him playing in from his hometown with all of the hype, and the stage that was all of a sudden created....Dion was probably somewhere salivating over the idea of playing under those conditions. He was made for a series like the Philly series! There were guys who played well. Wade had games 2 and 4. Winslow proved he's a bada-s-s. Goran represented as best he could against the length of Philly, but Dion, even though undersized, would've put a ton of pressure on Philly in the mid range area where they would sag off into the paint. Plus his ability to create for others would've made life easier for everyone, seeing as how no one seemed to be able to get their own shot (other than Goran and Wade).
  6. 2018 NBA Playoffs

    For sure! I started a thread called "Down With The King" a few years ago and a there were definitely some folks who weren't exactly feeling me lol....but for me, I've been following LeBron ever since high school. Never has there been a player who's had to live up to as much hype before ever playing a single NBA game. 15 years later he's still doing his thing. Gotta appreciate that.
  7. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    A healthy version of this guy makes us a much better team....... Prove me wrong.
  8. 2018 NBA Playoffs

    I'm not surprised bro....I know there's still a soft spot in your heart for LeBron
  9. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

  10. 2018 NBA Playoffs

    Lol he sure did. Omen....?
  11. 2018 NBA Playoffs

    I saw it! How about the block before that on Oladipo? Wow!
  12. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    He could probably care less, but I'd like to see him have his world tour season a la' Kobe and Paul Pierce*. * Nobody gave a damn about Pierce's last season lol....
  13. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Lol...well then, in that case here's to TJ finally validating Mickey's confidence in him next season..........
  14. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    👀 Damn right!