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  1. Heat Forums Member Awards 2017 - Final Round

    I'm in North Carolina Max, and we were fortunate enough to not receive anything close to what other parts of the Southeast received.
  2. 2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    How do I feel after reading that, you ask? Lol...something like this. LETS GO HEAT!!!
  3. Heat Forums Member Awards 2017 - Final Round

    Get well, Max. Prayers on their way up as we speak my brother!
  4. 2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    It doesn't happen for me often, so when it happens I gotta remind y'all lol
  5. 2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    Who was that saying that UD would add a 3 ball to his game? Lol...that sound you hear is me tooting my own horn
  6. 2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    Other notable forwards from LA Tech, Karl Malone and Paul Millsap.
  7. HEAT Signs Erik McCree

    Not much video on the kid, but I did find this for those wondering what his game looks like...
  8. Dragić Wins MVP & The Gold

    Dragic was a top 10 PG in my opinion last season...this season he'll leave no doubt!
  9. Why not take a chance on....

    I've always liked his game, but I think we're straight at the PF position.
  10. 2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    He did make ESPN's top 100 tho.
  11. 2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    Is that photo shopped?!! GoGo lookin like a beast!!
  12. 2017 - 18 Regular Season Wins Prediction

    Still feeling very confident about this team, but can't believe I jumped out there with 54 wins lol! Now that my buzz from the season has worn off, I'm feeling like I may have been bugging just a bit lol but I'm sticking with 54 wins. I love that we brought the core back (whether it was plan A or B doesn't matter to me). I think the chemistry this team has will pay huge dividends. The Bam and KO will be pleasant surprises, and Dion, GoGo, Hassan, and JJ are all All-Star caliber players. Man, bring on the season already! LET'S GO HEAT!!!
  13. 2016-2017 NBA Off-Season Thread

    D-Wade left out of the top 100 players in the league "Wade can certainly relate to Howard when it comes to awkward homecomings. Wade threw a wrench in the Chicago Bulls' rebuilding plans when he exercised his player option for this season and was totally transparent about money being his motivation: "24 million reasons," he told TNT's David Aldridge, well aware that he wouldn't have commanded that kind of a salary on the open market this summer. So Wade and the Bulls are engaged in a staring contest, a buyout ultimately in the best interest of both parties, neither of which is willing to make it a financially painful transaction at this point. If and when Wade and the Bulls agree on a buyout, a question will be answered: How much can he still help a contender? Wade didn't help the Bulls much during a .500 campaign last season. They had a plus-2.1 net rating (points per 100 possessions) when he was off the floor and minus-2.4 when he played, the worst swing among Chicago starters. Wade's scoring average (18.3 points per game) was certainly respectable, but it was his lowest since his rookie year, which was the last time he wasn't an All-Star before last season. He had career lows in field goal percentage (43.4) and assists (3.8 per game) as his minutes declined for the fourth consecutive season."