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  1. Man...The Cavs depth tho...
  2. Great name by the way!
  3. Good post. I like what you had to say about Beasley. Too often, I hear how the Heat "blew" that pick in 2008, and I smh every time. Beasley was an absolute beast coming out, nobody can blame Miami for taking him. According to the things you say Riles values most, would you say TJ Leaf falls into that category?
  4. ^ Holy crap! lol
  5. ...and I even read it twice. Better point guards in the draft (after pick 14) and in free agency? Stop it. And what does the fact that he was drafted in the 2nd round have to do with anything?
  6. Some highlight vids I hadn't seen before...Pay these men!
  7. Seriously does UD do anything besides workout?
  8. Bingo! Lets just have some fun with ALL of the possibilities until we actually know something definite.
  9. ^^^Shots fired! Lol
  10. Lol yeah he does strike me as the guy that when people see him coming they're like...
  11. That's a shame lol...It would be nice to have a little bit of insight. Pat and Co. have been playing this thing incredibly close to the vest.
  12. Lol good point. Someone made a good point the other day about Riley maybe being too "old school" to think about drafting a euro player...maybe so. It's starting to feel like less than 5% chance lol, but whoever we choose, I hope they can offer some of the things this kid can.
  13. For those who aren't familiar.... Love this video! Look at the handles! HE'S 7'0", PEOPLE! My only questions are regarding his work ethic and durability, plus he needs to get stronger, but that will come. I like his agility, and natural basketball instincts. I actually like that he's an emotional player. If he can harness that energy, it could serve him well. People wanna talk about taking the best player available, and the guy with the highest ceiling...How high could the ceiling be for a 7-footer, who can finish around the rim, handle the rock, shoot jumpers, make plays for others, and who plays with a chip on his shoulder? Oh yeah...and he's only 19