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  1. Thanks for the insight fellas. For the record, I'm not advocating blowing up the team...I figured we'd have to come off of some contracts to free up the money for Klay (who I didn't realize would be 30 by then...thanks @carnageta), but I didn't think it would mean gutting the team. I don't know if we can rebuild around a 30 year old Klay Thompson - as good as he may be. As for Kawhi, I'm with Maj a little bit on this one. That injury is weird. Plus, the fact that he's basically refusing to play even though he's been cleared smells of "diva". I get being extra cautious and all that, but what's really going on? I'd try like heck to keep JRich. Can you imagine him and Kawhi locking people down ! Speaking of gambles, Boogie Cousins has one more year left on his deal... Any takers?
  2. 2017-2018 NBA Season

  3. So during this break, I've been doing a lot of thinking about our team. And even though I don't feel the season is lost, I have found myself thinking about coming seasons a lot more than I have in the past. Believe me, it's not as if I don't think about the Heat's future when I say things like "tanking is for losers" etc, but honestly I've always simply felt like it sent the wrong message to your current roster, as well as fans who pay their hard earned money...give me a team that is inconsistent and plays hard every night over a team full of players who don't know they a-s-s from their elbow any day. I trust our front office 100% to do their due diligence, and make the moves that keep us competitive. But if we're talking about title contention, and title contention only...I have a plan that I need someone smarter than me to help me out with lol... Ok, so my first idea centers around the idea that Klay Thompson's time might be running out in Golden State (at least that's the rumor). I doubt we have anything GS would want via trade, but Klay will be a free agent in just 2 years which gives us some time to get our money right (so to speak). That's a whale that definitely fits the "star" criteria that so many Heat fans seem to be experts at spotting (myself included lol). I'm not great at figuring the money part out, so that's where I'd need smarter fans to educate me on whether or not this is a pipe dream or not. The other thought that I had was for Miami to somehow, someway, create an opportunity where we have the #1 pick in 2020. I know, I know...that sounds like the definition of a pipe dream, but I believe the 2020 NBA Draft will feature a player by the name of Zion Williamson. Miami would be wise to at least try and position itself for an opportunity to draft this kid. Ok...let me have it!
  4. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    It was awesome having two guys who represent the Heat well in LA this passed weekend...get 'em next time, Weezy! Now let's get back to work! Go Heat!
  5. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    Goran Dragic leads the East to victory!!
  6. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    This is exciting! Great job NBA!
  7. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    GoGo with some 4th quarter minutes in the All-Star game... Whodathunkit?
  8. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    GoGo set to check back in at the next dead ball... Be nice to see him go coast to coast and give some one the iron shoulder!
  9. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

  10. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    This has been the most entertaining first half of an All-Star game that I've seen in a very long time.
  11. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    Damn Wayne needed that last one!
  12. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

  13. 2018 NBA All-Star Game Thread

    Let's go, Weezy!
  14. The Official Bam Adebayo Thread

    I'm not talking about playing time, OG...I'm talking about his development. I'm talking about setting him up to be the best version of himself possible. We've seen it with Winslow, who coming out of college had future star written all over him. Coming out, he displayed the same promise as a playmaker, yet here we are in year 3 of his NBA career, and we're still not seeing him be used in a capacity where that specific talent is maximized. I'm seeing the same stuff being done to Bam. Yeah he's getting the minutes, and being productive at doing what Spo asks him to do, but he's capable of more in my opinion. That's Spo's call. But I get the feeling that Bam is ready for whatever Spo wants to ask of him. I'm not trying to diminish what he's done so far in his rookie year, and I'm not taking any shots at's more about the coaching staff, and what they could/should be doing with a player like Bam. To say he's progressing faster than you personally though he would is nice and all, but with all due respect, I don't recall you being in favor of Bam being in the rotation early in the season...which tells me your expectations for him weren't very high (no shade) Maybe Bam is more comfortable playing in that DeAndre Jordan lane of being an energy guy/rebounding specialist. He's great at that so who could blame him. But I would like to see Spo expand his role and at least see if Bam is capable of handling it. I think he is.
  15. 2017-2018 NBA Season

    I like this!