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  1. Yes he is. Somewhere, my good buddy Majestic is like this.....
  2. Yes indeed it is. Way to shut me up, JRich! Keep it going!
  3. Yeah, JJ was really upset with himself on that last one.
  4. Switching over to the Miami broadcast...Listening to Hubie Brown for extended periods of time can't be good for your health.
  5. Playing down to the level of competition tonight.
  6. Now, just so I don't sound like a hater (because I'm not lol) I wanna point out that JRich did have a productive night (sorta) with 9 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds, a steal and a block...but the fact of the matter is, he's been asked to do more with Dion being out. If you're on a job, and a co worker goes on vacation, and your butthole of a boss comes to you and says, "I'm gonna need you to step it up while Steve's on vacation", then you're gonna need to do just that (or most likely you'll be in search of a new job). It's no different for JRich here. I know he's been injured this season, but the guy looks fine in my opinion. In fact he's looked great physically. He's playing major minutes, and hasn't looked gimpy not even once. I initially thought that JRich could be a playmaking guard for this team. Spo obviously feels the same way, because JRich has had the ball in his hands a lot since Dion went down, with Dragic playing some of the ball (not so much tonight). He gave JRich the job with able bodies like Ellington and TJ available. But JRich has shown himself to be probably most effective as a 3 and D guy. I mean if we're being completely honest, the defense hasn't even been that good...and when your offense has been as bad as JRich's has, then the defense had better be great! I sounds like I'm hating now, but I'm not. I love the passion and energy JRich plays with. It's infectious. But so was Norris Cole. This thread will hopefully live long enough for some real dialogue to be started about what could be the issue, and most importantly what can be done to get JRich back to being the player we fell in love with last season.
  7. Yeah, but they've been so up and down. Honestly, can you pick 4 games out of their remaining schedule and say, "They definitely win this game". I can't. I can see them losing to any team on that list, to be honest. That's why they play the games tho.
  8. I think the homie SG mentioned that Waiters may be back as soon as the second matchup against NY. If this is true, he'll be a sight for sore eyes. Tonight's win was one we'll all remember for the beautiful way it ended, but the truth is, that this game was ugly. GoGo did all he could do with a great bounce back game. Hassan and JJ were exceptional. But our guard play was suspect to say the least. McGruder excluded, our guard play was not good. We all know what we miss from Dion offensively, but I think defensively we miss him too. He brings a toughness with him defensively at the guard spot unmatched by TJ and JRich. Don't get me wrong, they are both scrappy and play very hard, but tough isn't the best way to describe either of them, in my opinion. Ish Smith and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope were a combined 16 of 35 for 44 points...Meanwhile, TJ and JRich shot 4 of 19 (1-7 from 3) for just 11 points in get this, 58 MINUTES OF FLOOR TIME. Dion provides much more than I think many of us realize, and his defense is something that this team is missing as much as anything else.
  9. You got it lol...This win feels like it secured us a playoff spot. I know that's not the case, but I just don't see Chicago doing enough to surpass us. I think it's time to start talking about a rematch from last year's Eastern Conference Semi-Finals...
  10. Only 5700 more until I catch you, Kareem.
  11. Wow... From being on the brink of the 9th seed, to being 1 game out of 7th place...Crazy.
  12. My new official nickname for JJ is THE UNDERTAKER! The competition will...Rest in peace.
  13. Love JRich's reaction lol...Good stuff.
  14. Great win! On to the next...GO HEAT!
  15. Great bounce back game from Goran Dragic... You're top 10 again, bro.