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  1. Nicely said. Nurkic is a huge addition and they are playing well. Move on.
  2. You said Thomas was a Superstar, not having a superstar year. Nice try. You do understand basic stats right? I'm unsure. He is shooting 35.7% from three this year. The league average is 35.8. What part don't you understand. I said he shot over his head this game. He clearly did. If you don't understand that I'm sorry.
  3. He's nowhere near this good or he wouldn't be an average three point shooter.
  4. This basically what it takes to beat the Heat lately. It happens.
  5. James Johnson is absolutely incredible! I want to see him with another year of training. How good will he be?
  6. Not agreeing Toots. Guys are fighting and he's unconscious.
  7. It really hard to slow a guy like this down. They're going to have to trap on the PNR or something. He's hitting shoots from so deep and guys are fighting over screens pretty well. The funny thing is he's only shooting league average from three this year. This just one of those games.
  8. There is something to what you're saying in a way. I hate ratings like that though. Dragic is definitely playing as well as he ever has. And that's pretty good.
  9. Unfortunately, it may take that. This is their 6th game in 9 days
  10. Right, we essentially agree then. They will be able to get maybe a decent/nice piece. And if you a save a couple million on say two contracts, that player you can get is better. I thought you may have been saying they could still go shopping for big game.
  11. Like I said, there are two sides to the ball. You seem to have forgot that. Boston's record isn't that impressive to me. They look like they will win low 50's. Certainly good but not great. Get back to me when they finally win a playoff series. Here's one thing I will give you though. Thomas is a superstar compared to DeMarcus Cousins. Now there is a true fraud.
  12. Right, there is no doubt Griffin is a huge talent and eventually you could figure something out but it certainly wouldn't be plug and play. You would almost be starting over and I can't see Riley doing that at his age.