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  1. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    OK, thanks. I was afraid of that.
  2. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Because it's true. Take the time to do some research and you'll see. You think stats predict things. They don't. People do. I use stats but I really use everything. Do you want to understand better? Do you want to learn? I said basically everything that would happen this year if you go bother to look. Team performance, player value, trade deadline activity, even coaching failures. About 80% here thought Derrick Williams would start. I said he was awful. Like, worst player in the league. Go check the records. Many thought Luke would be waived. I said he would be important. Go check the records. There's so much more. Laugh if you want. Everyone else does. I couldn't care less.
  3. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    "I'm not young enough to know everything".
  4. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    No, the Heat are fine. The NBA isn't a video game.
  5. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Rudy Gay. lol.
  6. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    lol, trading Gogi to sign Lowry to an foolish contract.
  7. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I always wondered about this. Larry Bird absolutely loves Goran Dragic. This could be an opening for dreamers.
  8. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    And the salary they don't. wow.
  9. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Quoting that guy is like quoting a dart in mid flight.
  10. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Yes, you used math. So did I but you ignored it. Why is your math analysis and my math is opinion? Is more math better than less? Seems to me the best math works. Paul George is the only player to challenge LeBron in the East in the last 7 years. In that sense my math works. Yours is just numbers no matter how much you believe in them You never used plus minus. NBA teams use this and it's generally considered the "best stat" (or some variant). Why didn't you use it? Is it no good in your opinion? Yes, I've admitted my analysis is a statement of opinion. I know that. And as I said before, you don't realize yours is as well. "There are no facts, only opinion." You would be better served to think about what I'm saying than loling. I love to discuss things deeply with open minded people. Crazy, off the wall ideas are often best but you have to step outside of the box. There's a reason why my predictions are so accurate.
  11. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Riley is a genius. And you know what else he said. His priority this offseason was in retaining the players they have. Riley isn't that hard to read. If he can get a great deal he'll take it but he's not going to be overpaying. Remember, in that same press conference he called these new contracts absurd. That was a huge clue.
  12. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Jokic transformed Denver's offense into second best in the league (behind maybe the greatest team ever) after starting last year. And the knock on him is he can't play defense either. Here's the funny thing though. You know who ran Serbia's offense in the Olympics? There's a reason why it wasn't Jokic. Teo is that much better. Luckily Riley understands the big picture. Not a likely get, but if it happens, the Heat will beat the Cavs. He's that good offensively.
  13. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    So you don't actually have any "mathematics" to prove your point. All you have done is pick and choose random statistics that you believe are relevant. Did some god provide that list of relevant statistics to decide who is best? I'd assume not. All that happened was that you decided what stats were important. How is that nothing more than an opinion? This is so obvious. BTW,. I'm also using numbers to analyze PG but you said they were meaningless, even actually said they never occurred. Again, nothing but an opinion.
  14. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I did, and I'm quite happy with that prediction. Thanks for asking. Yes, I was off a bit but any prediction can't assume all the injuries the Heat had, at least for the age players that occurred. Still, I made some mistakes. I undervalued Josh's injury and I failed to realize how long it would take to put the team together. Still, I think I did OK. I had most player estimates correct but more importantly, as things changed during the year, I adjusted for changes. We will see what happens next year. I expect Riley to do as expected. The Heat should win 53-58 games and likely win the East. Throw your money in the ring now boys.
  15. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Show your math then. I want to see "mathematically" that PG is number 15. BTW, I'm really, really good at math so don't try to cheat. While you're at it, why don't you show all your work. You could get hired.