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  1. Tj Leaf, john Collins, Ivan Rabb would ALL become LOST players on the Heat. Besides, these type PF's ceilings aren't high anyway (Tyler hansborough types that tear up college but come to the league just to average 8 & 8 for their careers) & I'm pretty sure we're locking in JJ at our stretch 4 anyway. If we do select a 4, it's best if we go with TALENT & select Isaiah Hartenstein. He's a FREAK, in a good way with upside... with that being said.....WE NEED A WING. More than likely we're staying at 14 (depending on lottery of course) because the draft is deep & no one is looking to get out the lottery without receiving GREAT assets in return. So.....we should Take OG, or T. Ferguson. Granted, EACH guy has their flaws, but I do see something in each of them that we both need and could fit in the culture. Selecting at #14 we'll be drafting a player with weaknesses. But WE NEED WING HELP. ASSAAAAAP
  2. Heat-Or-Die

    Trade Winslow

    Exactly what I been saying! We need to focus on moving TJ!!! Not Winslow