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  1. There is no such a thing a 2 future stars in this team. Whiteside tapped out because he is too lazy to realize he can be even better So There Is no point in having hope. Waiter is a mess, way too inconsistent, winslow showing flashes at times so is bam bam. Dragic pass his prime and jrich maybe can come around and become a Paul pierce lite I wish lol. The rest I don't see more upside
  2. We'll that means the heat should get the 7 or worst in the lottery and we hold the pick. Same thing 10 or 7 we still would have a chance to hold on to our pick if we draft 1-7. The point is this team average with or without whiteside. There is no other way to look at it. Idk about 2019 concensus but this draft is also deep. Luka duncic or Trae would look great in a heat uniform as well as the other 2 bigd
  3. We have a pick if we drop to the first 10 in the selection so yes I know we have a pick. If heat select 11th or lower then we pick for phoenix. I was expecting ya'll knew this 😂. 1-10 the pick goes to heat. 11 and over then automatically goes to Phoenix
  4. We also made a mistake by resigning all this cast offs or keep trying to win this season to either miss playoffs ir get swept in first round. Before is too late
  5. Nah bro people claim loses because this team is not good. Heat are average at best.
  6. Every heat win is a must win 😂. We downright suck bro. When u win 2 game then lose 2 or 3 then u are beyond average
  7. If ellington is ur best player you know we should have tanked this season from game 5. Wanna field an average team for the next 4 years then welcome to miami
  8. Winslows Development

    He will be find. It's his 2 no season despite being in his 3rd and it's only 21. Instead of putting pressure on him I would let him make mistakes and have fun. The heat ain't winning crap this season anyways
  9. If we lose this game they should stay in mexico