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  1. He's not Reed. He can play the 4 and 5. He can defend bigs and smalls. He can switch on guards and defend pick and roll. Willie Reed can't do that. Reed is just a 5. And on offense he has range. No comparison at all.
  2. Unless you see that a lot a guys won't get drafted that are just as good or really close to those 2nd round picks. Lots of good undrafted free agents.
  3. I think Bam starts at power forward and also will be Whiteside's backup, with James Johnson coming off the bench. Bam is an improvement over Luke Babbitt. He can do more. He's a big that can play both the 4 and 5, super athletic, can shoot from outside, can defend bigs and smalls, which is huge in today's NBA. He'll be ok on a switch against a smaller guy. Remember when Riley was going hard after Serge Ibaka? That's what this is.
  4. Porzingas/Carmelo for Whiteside/McBob match salaries.
  5. Agree 100%. I've been saying this but nobody agrees. Plus he has the most trade value of any of our players. You can probably offer him straight up, and maybe the draft pick for Paul George, and Indiana will seriously consider it. We would get George and free up enough cap space to also sign Hayword and bring back JJ and Dion.
  6. Another option. I think this is actually realistic. 1. Trade Dragic, Winslow, draft pick for Paul George 2. Don't exercise option on Ellington 3. Stretch McBob contract 4. Sign Gordon Hayward, James Johnson, & Waiters G JRich/TJ G DWait/McGruder F Hayward/Babbitt/White F George/JJ C Whiteside/McBob/UD or G JRich/TJ G/F Hayward/DWait G/F George/ F JJ C Whiteside/
  7. Possible Dragic replacement if we need to trade him for Paul George.
  8. Drooling G Dragic G/F Hayward G/F George F J.Johnson C Whiteside
  9. Yes or No? If we trade Whiteside, Winslow, & draft pick for Paul George and Myles Turner, we free up an extra 4 million in cap space. If we don't bring back Ellington, that frees up another 6 million. If we stretch out McBob's contract, we get another 2 million. Add that to our existing 37 million, and that gives us 49 million for this off season that we can use to add Gordon Hayward, and bring back James Johnson & Dion Waiters. Lineup could look like this: G Dragic / JRich G Waiters / Tyler Johnson F Hayword / McGruder / Babbitt F George / James Johnson / Okaro C Turner / Haslem / McBob