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  1. 2017/2018 Heat Training Camp - Pre-Season Thread

    When I look around the league and the deals that lot's of other teams have with some guys.. how can't you like the situation we're in? While most are on 4 year deals now, the dollar amounts aren't high enough that they are untradeable assets if they don't play up to snuff. If these guys end up playing better (Richardson or Waiters have plenty of room for growth) then these are excellent contracts that turn in to assets.
  2. 2017 - 18 Regular Season Wins Prediction

    Not sure on the wins. I'm hoping in the 48 to 53 range. In terms of seeding I see us competing for that 3-5 seed positioning, with Washington Milwaukee and Toronto as the main competition there. Cleveland and Boston will be taking the top 2 spots again barring any serious injuries on those teams. Come playoff time however I think it's anyones game between those 3 to 6 seeds of Wizards/Bucks/Raptors and could be some upsets. But whoever ends up claiming the 7 or 8th spots will just end up getting slaughtered by Boston or Cleveland.
  3. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    It is, his wife is posting stuff from their trip to Mykonos as well. Man she is a babe. Wade's been in the league for a long time. I'd say that as long as he doesn't let his weight get away from him, then with training camp and conditioning in pre-season it wouldn't take long for him to be back to his normal form. If he plays bad this season (and I think he will) it'll be more old-age than it is him not taking the off-season super serious. If anything it's been remarkable how long he was able to be an effective slasher in this league and not developing a legitimate 3-point shot. It's just been overlooked because of a guy named Lebron James who seems to have re-written what it means to be athletic in this league.
  4. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Whenever I hear tanking as an option, I think of the 76ers. Tanking has generated them nothing. It's a cross sport thing as well. I'm a fan of the NFL and look at the Cleveland Browns. They've been tanking for what seems as long as I've been alive. All they do is draft busts, the few they do that are decent end up leaving/wanting to leave, and no on wants to sign and play there. It's not a good route to go down.
  5. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I'll play the hypothetical game of what if we tanked. There would be no guarantee we get a high pick due to the lottery. Most likely we wouldn't have Waiters/JJ on the team. They could of gotten more money elsewhere on a more winning team. Free agents wouldn't want to come here because we suck. Hayward most likely laughs at the thought of us signing him. Then there is no guarantee on who we pick with the higher draft choice ends up playing well for us. Lakers and 76ers have been sucking for years. And probably still do suck. Lakers have picked Ball, Ingram, Randle, Russell. Book is still out on Ingram. Randle and Russell look like busts. Ball could be the next big PG but still has yet to play any minutes. 76ers have picked Fultz, Simmons, Okafor, Embiid, Payton. Okafor looks like a bust, Embiid can't stay healthy, Payton was traded and not a guy you build a franchise around, Simmons hasn't played NBA minutes yet, same with Fultz. While tanking guarantees we'll pick higher in the draft... that's about all it carries with. Once you get yourself into that hole in the NBA, it's extremely hard to dig yourself out of it.
  6. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Don't think so. While Boston did some strong additions, they also did a lot of subtractions. How their season goes will really depend on their prospects in Tatum/Brown. They also appear to be weak on the defensive side of things... and very rarely do teams with weak defense go to the finals, and then the chances of them winning the championship are even less. Cleveland meanwhile now has a season to figure how IT/James/Love can all play together, and also added a strong perimeter guy in Crowder. They also have a Brooklyn 1st for next season which feels like a potential top 3 pick. They can package that in a trade and go even further all in now to try and power match Golden State, I think they will be big players come close to the trade deadline. Ultimately I don't think this trade impacts the Heat very much if at all. It's just a trading of power between two teams that would of finished ahead of us, and that we likely weren't beating in a playoff series if we met before or after the trade. At least, for this season, we'll see what it does down the road. Cleveland is old and who knows what Boston will look like if Tatum/Brown pan out.
  7. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Haha. James > Hayward Wade > Irving Bosh > Horford At the time of each of those big 3s. The biggest thing is Boston lacks defense. Ultimately I don't think this trade impacts us as the Heat much. Boston was already going to be a top team as was Cleveland. I see Cleveland as the big winners here. They have a more complete team now. And they have a very valuable first round pick. Enough to help swing another deal, or, something to help start a rebuild if James does leave.
  8. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    While we definitely have length to bully around the small ball lineups, I don't know if White would normally be a part of that. But that remains to be seen! The season can't get here soon enough
  9. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Well as it stands... McGruder and Whtie shouldn't be playing any real significant minutes, along with Mickey. They'll only see the court either by significant foul trouble or injuries. But injuries as we (especially us Heta fans after last season) know can quickly derail things. I'm pretty happy with having guys like McGruder and White filling in those back-up spots, as they still have room to grow their game and are hungry for their next contract, and have been tested in the NBA and don't look completely lost out there. Let's put it this way, we could do a lot worse at those spots.
  10. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    The heat don't need Winslow for a high seed.. but they do need him to play at a higher level if they want to make any noise in the playoffs or be considered contenders. Let's switch the thinking around a little bit. Pretty much all of our positions except small forward are locked in with good to great starters and a solid back up in place. Dragic/TJ at the point is up there in the NBA for a starter/backup PG. Waiters/Ellington is a really great combo. Then how they plan to use Whiteside/JJ/Olynyk/Adebayo at the 4 and 5 in terms of rotation/minutes is anyones guess at this point, but I feel confident in whoever they put there. But at the 3? Right now it's Winslow and Richardson. Whether it's Winslow or Richardson producing for us, we need that position to flat out play better if we want to make noise. Winslow just has the highest ceiling of the two.
  11. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Well, just because we have Washingtons number, doesn't change the fact that Wall is better than anyone we have lol. Let's put it this way, if the rumor was for us to trade for Wall instead of Irving, this place would be very busy and we'd probably be willing to give up the kitchen sink. That's cool for myself, yourself, etc to believe in. But I was responding to an article that doesn't give us respect. And why should they? We were a 41-41 team last season, didn't make the playoffs, and the only notable additions were Olynyk and Adebayo. The writers don't owe us any respect until this season when the team is on the court and proves it.
  12. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I can see the Wizards winning again easily. Wall is better than any single player on our team and is clearly a leader and enough to push them to the top again. But in the poll you can tell there are a lot of Hornet fans. They might make the playoffs, but it'll be a battle for them. But I don't see them as a better team than the Wizards. We're a wildcard and will have to prove the second half of last season was closer to the norm and not a fluke, otherwise no one will be taking us serious
  13. Name one Heat Player

    Yeah he does seem to draw the ire of everyone. If he is bad, but we are still winning regardless I think people will lighten up on him.
  14. Name one Heat Player

    My comment was for more of the season as a whole as opposed to just the start. Of the guys that will start off the slowest, you'd have to think it's him, Adebayo and Olynyk as they either find their game or gel with the team. Can't pull the plug on those guys early, but as you mentioned Winslow would need to show improvement throughout the season. If he finishes how he starts the season, that won't be a good sign for us lol.
  15. Name one Heat Player

    Definitely Winslow, how can't it be? To me it's either he comes in shows more consistent shooting and that along with his current drive/kick out and defensive game really pushes our team to the top... or he flops, we know what we have at this point in him as a player and adjust the minutes accordingly. Of all the players that we have on the team he is currently the biggest wild card. While every other position seems pretty set in the rotation, the 3 spot seems completely up for grabs. Richardson has been bulking up, McGruder manned it and did an ok job last season, JJ could play there in a pinch if really needed etc.