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  1. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I think contracts come in to play with this trade. Irving is on a very good contract for a couple years. Thomas has his expiring. By obtaining Irving they can remain flexible. Otherwise next off-season their only play is to extend Thomas really, and cripple their cap space. But I agree, this isn't really a good trade for the Celtics... sounds like a trade for the sake of trading with no real end-game for either team. They need to move for an actual big as you said. Or Cleveland needs to get a young asset instead of Crowder, or more 1st round draft picks which the Celtics have.
  2. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I'm very much a Kyrie hater and I've made no secret about it, but the guy is a good player, and a damn good player at that. My concern isn't that he is better than Dragic. He is and would make us a better team, this season, for sure. My concern is that he isn't THAT much better than Dragic, in that he isn't the missing piece where we go from playoff contender to finals contender. In my personal opinion, if this team is going to be a finals contender in the future it will be because of guys like Winslow and Bam. Involving them in a trade for Irving is a one step forward one step backwards type of deal... I feel it gets us no closer to our end goal.
  3. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Well theoretically we could trade Dragic + Waiters if Cleveland wanted that, then we have guys like Richardson, Winslow, McGruder who seem more like fits at the 2 before we made them play the 3. But realistically I don't think there is a single deal we can make with Cleveland that we upgrade our team by acquiring Irving. We will have to give up too much and I don't see him as the game breaking upgrade we need.
  4. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Hard pass from me on trading Dragic and Whiteside. I think we'd be getting horribly fleeced in a deal like that! Especially when you consider Irving is requesting a trade, we should be fleecing them not the other way around. We'd have to probably absorb someone like Thompson as well. It'd be an upgrade to our PG and youth for a MAJOR downgrade at the center position. We have yet to see Bam play NBA minutes.
  5. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I agree completely. I admitted to being a Kyrie hater, but I can objectively say he is better than Dragic. But adding him isn't going to upgrade our team. I wasn't even considering the angle you pointed out of chemistry of Dragic/Waiters as opposed to Irving/Waiters (which has already failed)... which makes the idea of this trade even worse.
  6. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Here's how I see it... Subtract Dragic, now add Irving. Is that move going to improve our team? Definitely, 100%. Will it make us a championship caliber team? Questionable. We'll still need our prospects to start stepping up and playing better. Guys like Winslow, Adebayo, Waiters needs to elevate his game, TJ, Richardson etc. Now if we make the trade, it would be Dragic + 2 of the guys above. Or maybe a guy like Dragic + JJ + a propsect. Tough to say, but not having a draft pick to trade makes us strapped. I don't think a trade like that upgrades our team in a way to help the end goal of a championship, IMO.
  7. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Hey now, I did say the list wasn't in order Call me a Kyrie hater (I am) but I think if we were to land him it'd be a kings ransom. Guard is fine on this team.. what we need are more wing scorers.
  8. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    I'd go (no order) Curry Westbrook Wall Paul Thomas Lilliard Then I think Irving falls in here at 7. If you consider Harden a PG (I don't anymore, and kind of barely did before Paul went to the Rockets) then I'd put him ahead of Irving as well.
  9. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Ok ok, I retract garbage. He is a good player and has made plays for sure, garbage is a bit harsh. But I am not a huge fan of his game. I just don't know if he'd pay off what we trade for him, and I don't see him as a top 5 PG in the league either. Could we change him if he comes here to pass more/play better defense? Probably
  10. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    lol. Don't want. Call me a Kyrie hater, but I think the guy is garbage. He is a wicked 1 on 1 player, great slasher, sick handled, good shooter don't get me wrong. But he is not a floor general and does NOT elevate the play of others around him. He needs a Lebron James type guy who can create for others for him to succeed. From a career perspective I think this is a bad move for him.
  11. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Walker went 23.2 points 5.5 assists 3.9 boards, shot 0.399% from 3, 0.444 FG%, and more importantly, was the main focal point for his team. Waiters for comparison did 15.8 points 4.3 assists and 3.3 boards, shot 0.395% from 3 and 0.424% FG% Dragic did 20.3 points 5.8 assists 3.8 boards 0.405% from 3 and 0.475% FG%. I'm not saying he is a lock, but to not think he is in the conversation for returning to the all-star game is a stretch. There's nothing Waiters did to deserve a spot over him last season. Dragic arguably had a better season statistic wise, but at the time of voting pretty sure Charlotte was ahead of the Heat.
  12. Winslow Playing For His Financial Life

    Justise Winslow Q&A with SI Interesting takes, hopefully his work pays dividends. Sounds like he's been doing a lot of shooting practice. The question the reporter had for him about recruiting free agents seemed dumb, but was interesting that Hayward got in contact with him for a couple questions.
  13. K.Os Ceiling with the Heat?

    Well using last years team rotations as a template, subtract Babbit Reed, but add Olynyk Adebayo and Winslow. I think the addition (if you can call it that) of Winslow is what makes the rotations tougher to figure out. If you subtract Winslow, then you'd figure Olynyk would of taken all of Babbit's starter minutes and White's minutes from last season, with Adebayo taking up the minutes Reed had. Babbit averaged 15~ minutes with White averaging 13~ minutes. That'd put him at around 28 minutes which is a nice bump from the 20 he's averaged so far in his career. With that in mind, I expect him to post career highs across the board. If there's one thing he's been, it's consistent. I think we'll see a bump with him playing more minutes.
  14. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Last years starters were: Irving, Derozan (BC) James, Antetokounmpo, Butler(gone) (FC) Reserves: Wall, Thomas, Lowry, Walker (BC) George(gone), Love, Millsap(gone) (FC) Slide in Hayward for Butler as a starter. I also think Wall will be a starter over Irving, but Irving will still make it in as a reserve. Whiteside will take one of the spots as a FC player. That leaves one vacant spot. I think that spot would probably go to Beal with Love remaining in the lineup due to a lack of front court players. So for Dragic or Waiters to get in, they'd be competing against the other back court guys. Not sure if either will make it in... since not only would they be competing against some really good guards, they'd also be competing against themselves. And as much as I like our back court duo, the Raptors and Wizards are just better in that regard.
  15. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    This concerns me as well, but I thought I've already read and heard reports that he's already been doing lot's of shooting and lot's of working out. Just that we haven't seen videos of it as proof as we tend to see with like... everyone else. Kind of worrisome. Regardless, if those reports are true, then I'm fine with him taking it slowly in that sense prior to returning to full contact. He seems like a smart guy and must know at this point he will be on a short leash, whether that's fair for him or not. This will be a key off-season for him and his career