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  1. Boston Celtics at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    It was retribution for some pretty ugly foul calls that went against us, and some obvious missed travels the elected not to call against Boston haha
  2. Winslows Development

    Last I heard is that Winslow is playing at 215. He lost some body fat but kept the muscle over the summer, which is good. The bigger problem is that guys at 6'6 and 215 shouldn't be at the 4. They are playing him out of position, and then not even using the size advantage at all on offense. That's not on Winslow and all on coaching.
  3. Winslows Development

    Kellen Winslow Jr played for the Canes before his career was ruined with the Browns yeah. He was 6'4 and 255 lbs. Winslow at 6'6 and 215 would need to bulk up tons haha. Like lots. Jimmy Graham played for the Cane as well.. but goes 6'7 265
  4. Winslows Development

    6'6 guys don't play RB lol. They play TE, DE, or OT
  5. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    I'd like to see KO put in more of a Babbit role going forward. We ask him to play the 5 and he's not good enough from a defensive point of view for that. Even though he is 7'0, he plays more like a 6'8 guy unfortunately. But he is still pretty quick on his feet. I can't see him being a worse defender than Babbit was for us at the 4. His shooting isn't as good as Babbit, but he does have the ability to dribble, drive, and distribute. I'm probably preaching to the choir at this point, but going with starters of Dragic/Waiters/Winslow/KO/Whiteside then subs for their respective positions: TJ/Ellington/Richardson/JJ/Bam I think would be our best line up/set of line-ups moving forward.
  6. Winslows Development

    Dude, your screen name is literally LetGoOfWinslow and then you flat out attack the guy. Cool and everyone is subject to their own opinions of course, but if you're wondering why people are calling you a hater I'd start by looking in the mirror. On topic, the Winslow at the 4 position is clearly failing. He doesn't have the size in either body weight or height to be a 4... and then when we place him there we don't ask him to ball handle at the other end to take advantage of that mismatch. Baffling really and that's all on the coaches. He's shown improvements during his rookie season, but instead of the big jump we all hoped for, it's been slower than we'd like. Furthermore, if he's as horrible as everyone says or believes him to be, then he has no trade value lol. So we will have to ride him out for good or bad this season.
  7. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    You know, this seemed most likely to happen when you looked at the team additions and subtractions coming in. Winslow is a better defender, ball handler and slasher than McGruder. He was also good at cutting (he's seemed to stop that...) McGruder wasn't exactly a lights out shooter last season either. That should of been an upgrade. KO is a better defender, ball handler, slasher than Babbitt. His 3 point shoot is pretty good as well. Not as good as Babbitt but since he's able to do so much more on offense he is the better player there. Neither of them are good defensively. That should of been an upgrade. Then Bam for Reed. At this stage you'd have to say Reed is a better defender and better finisher. Bam is more athletic, but Reed had a few moves near the basket that Bam's raw game doesn't have. Reed was also a good defender. I think he's been the biggest loss for us, as all rim protection seems to disappear when Whiteside is out. Bam definitely offers more of this than KO. I know his offensive game is raw still, but he offers offensive rebounding, put backs and lobs. Not really that different than Reed. Like, we should be going to a formula that worked last season... This team has lost its identity.
  8. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    It could be worse for sure. We need a few changes to start getting better: Step 1: Don't turn the ball over so flippin much. Step 2: Don't turn the ball over so flippin much. Step 3: Don't turn the ball over so flippin much. Like, we're not an elite offensive team, we need all the possessions we can get. Instead we have guys trying to do too much (resulting in turnovers.) Then when this starts happening, guys like Waiters and Whiteside stop passing the ball... which ends up resulting in either more turnovers or poor shot selection. And then finally it leads to me being upset and mad
  9. Washington Wizards at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    Here is my small list of other things, outside of Winslow, that are reasons why we are struggling horrifically right now. The reason he isn't the issue, imo, is because we came in knowing that he'd struggle to shoot the ball. His play is nothing new. We want to see him score more and more efficiently of course, but if he struggles that's more the norm. - Richardson and the huge amount of turnovers. And his inability to be consistent at all with shooting. This was not an issue last season. - TJ and his inability to be consistent at all with shooting. This was not an issue last season. - JJ and his overall struggles. At least we used to get very solid defense out of him, and even that is faltering lately. His shot is off, finishing at the rim is off, and defense is off. This was not an issue last season. - KO being such a defensive liability for us that despite the good shooting he provides on the offensive end, it's un-done. This wasn't an issue last season as he wasn't with us. - Wayne Ellington's disappearance act. Maybe it was unreasonable for us to think he could hold that high three point shooting percentage, but right now he has disappeared. - In general, too many turnovers from everyone Pretty much only Dragic and Whiteside have come to play with relative consistency this season. Unfortunately, these guys aren't superstars and aren't good enough to carry a team by themselves... they need help from our supporting cast. Which includes Winslow. If we want to win, he needs to shoot better. But the other guys? They need to play like we've seen them play before. Jrich, TJ, JJ have all regressed. Waiters I think we're getting the same play out of, although the hope was that he'd play better.
  10. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Yeah this is exactly my thought process. There are simply no trades out there, for us, that can get us ahead. They would be side grades at best. It's more likely that if Riley doesn't like the direction the team is going to blow it up. Not having any draft picks to trade away doesn't help either. And yeah, realistically the only way this team can compete for more than a lower seed or winning in the playoffs is by having Winslow/Bam contribute and upgrade their play. I know everyone here hates on Winslow, minus yourself and probably myself lol, but really the key for this team turning it around is for him to improve. When you look at players like Butler, George, Leonard... guys which we hope Winslow can be, those guys didn't contribute in an all-star manner until their 3rd or 4th season. Winslow hasn't even played 2 complete seasons. I'd hate to give up on him too early knowing that similar defensive players took time to develop. I know that's not the opinion of most around here.
  11. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Well duh, of course we would do that trade. It'd be the most one sided trade in the history of the NBA and the Clippers would never do it... and the salaries don't even come close to matching so it'd never happen anyways lol. If Clippers are going in to tank mode they'll want Bam, Winslow, and something else to make the salaries work to get Griffin away from the team. I don't think by simply adding Griffin will this team be competitive enough either. This move would only be a slight upgrade at the cost of giving up the future. I think if this season really starts to go down the flusher we look at moving players for draft picks and begin a youth movement. That'd mean we give up on guys like Dragic/Whiteside etc.
  12. Miami HEAT at Detroit Pistons Game Thread and Preview

    I'd say guys like Goran, JJ, Waiters are at, or near their ceiling. Same with Olynyk. Don't think we will magically see these guys play any better than they already have. Whiteside has shown an improved jumper and even a 3-ball this season, along with better free throw shooting. He could, or needs, to be a guy we need to play better to get past being mediocre.. but at 28 I'm not sure how much better he can get. J-Rich and TJ have been disappointing this season. The one thing they both needed to work on was play making and ball handling. They haven't. I'm wondering if they have reached their ceiling. The book is still out on Winslow. An improved shot will go a long way with him of course. I just don't get why he doesn't try to attack more often which he is good at. It seems like more of a coaching thing asking him not to do it/confidence. Hopefully that changes throughout this season. Bam is our most interesting prospect. At a minimum,he has shown he will give us wicked defense... he's strong enough to hold his own in the paint, and athletic enough to not be a liability at the perimeter. He has been good at rebounding. He looks to have a good stroke, but I think he has yet to score on anything that's not a dunk yet. It really boggles me that we don't see more of him after he got some minutes during the stretch Whiteside was injured.
  13. HEAT 103 - Pistons 112 Game Recap

    Exactly. I don't know who needs to drill it into his head, but my stomach churns a bit every time I see him try and force it through a double team. Unless he is right underneath the basket/inside the circle, where with his length he can realistically dunk if he can get the ball up, his first thought should be to pass
  14. HEAT 103 - Pistons 112 Game Recap

    He's gotta get better at this... or teams will continue to double team him when he does get it on the block... Almost every attempt it seems as soon as he drives towards the middle of the paint that help comes over. Whiteside has to realize this. Spo does too... and needs to emphasize it in terms of passing. While Whiteside looks clunky, I do feel he'd win his 1v1 matchups more often than not... but he has to make teams pay with a good pass if he wants to see those matchups. Right now they just crowd him in the paint and it ends up being an ugly shot or a turnover. It seems counter intuitive, but if he continues to show he passes properly out of the double teams, he'll get the ball on the block more often.