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  1. Buy out candidates

    Don't really need anyone from the buy out market... it'll just confuse our already confused rotations even more, with talent that is pretty much equal with what we have. This team is in a weird spot right now, it needs to rebuild with young talent and give them playing time, but is also trying to compete with veterans that are signed long-term, and we don't have draft picks either. Also McGruder is coming back.. he's a guy who looked like he improved his game a ton from year 1 by being more of a knockdown 3 pointer shooter. Hopefully the injury hasn't de-railed him too much. Adding a guy would be taking away from his minutes when he returns.
  2. W3LCOM3 HOM3 WAD3 !!!

    I'm in different on the move. On one hand... love Wade and he was/is one of my favourite players of all time. I also think he can contribute to this team as we desperately need scoring and someone who can create his own shot... and (sadly) and old and aging Wade is still way better than what we have. On the other hand.. he is old and aging lol. It's not a move that puts us in to any sort of contention, but if it helps us make the playoffs to gain more experience for our young guys then good.
  3. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    Big time. I'll eat crow on that, I was on here saying to not take him because of his injury. Whoops!
  4. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    I don't disagree at all. I just don't think there is a deal out there at the trade deadline to do exactly that, unfortunately. We're screwed
  5. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    A major move is going to be needed to get us out of mediocrity... either dumping us to the bottom to kick start a rebuild or to the top. That being said, let's not trade for the sake of trading. There will probably be way more options available to make a trade in the off-season at this point, and the rest of the season can be used to evaluate who we deem as long term guys or not.
  6. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    I'm not opposed to trading Winslow, but that deal just didn't make any sense. It was what I consider a backwards move that doesn't even shed that much salary. I highly doubt we make any moves until after the regular season when it comes to trades. Maybe near draft time there is a pick we really like and consider it then. But for now I think you'll see this team stay the course.
  7. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    I'll add to this. Carroll is due 15.4 million next season. TJ is due 18.8 million next season. Winslow is due 3.4 million next season. So we save about 6.8 million next season. We'll save a ton the following season after that, but I don't think Riley is thinking 2 seasons down the road either. 6.8 million won't be enough to go after a free agent really. Maybe re-sign Ellington. Other contracts will have to be moved if we want to be players in free agency next off-season. I think keeping Winslow to develop is the smarter play here if Carroll is the return.
  8. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    Oh for sure. I am just of the opinion that if we're packaging Winslow with TJ that we can do better than Carroll is all. Or maybe not, i'm not on the phone trying to make deals lol. My opinion of course. I don't think Carroll offers enough financial flexibility to pull that trigger, and this also makes the team worse in the short run.
  9. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    I hope that's not the case with Carroll. It'll also be interesting to see what happens with Tyreke as well. That might need to be the first domino to fall. Lots around here dislike Winslow, but the guy is still super young and showing signs of improvement and developing his game. We need to get a better return than Carroll, who is what he is at this stage of his career. If his contract was expiring and coming off the books next season it might be a different story as we could be a player in free agency again. But that's not the case. I do think we remain without a deal.. but I see Whiteside as the only guy we consider moving. He has the most value.. and Spo doesn't seem to value him much on the team as evidenced by his lack of 4th quarter playing.
  10. Will the HEAT make the PLAYOFFS?

    Magic were more injured than us, a bad team, and we were home. Was a bad loss. It feels even worse when you say it like that But I do think we make the playoffs. I still think we win over 41 games. But the key will be this team has to learn to play and win at home. What should be an advantage as we have way more home games remaining in the schedule... doesn't seem like much of one.
  11. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    I have a real hard time believing that rumor. If the direction is to shed salary fine, but we can do a better job than getting Carroll lol. His contract isn't even expiring and he has no upside. If we're combining TJ and Winslow I'm positive there are better deals to be had.
  12. Will the Heat make a move at the deadline?

    This team is in a bad position for trades currently without any trade-able draft picks. Teams that have draft picks won't be parting with them for the guys that we have. I do think Hassan might be on the block, but not sure there is return that we like for him. TJ is another guy I'm sure they are hoping to move, but not sure he is worth much either. I do think we'll stay pat. And moving forward... I'm hoping/thinking you'll see more minutes for Richardson/Winslow/Bam/TJ as these guys will be the future. Or rather... they have to be the future, as we have no other real way to get better lol.
  13. Orlando Magic at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    Totally my current thought process. It almost feels like they are saving him for a trade low-key.. yet I also don't see one materializing.
  14. Orlando Magic at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    Another option would be getting a PG who is a much better distributor and playmaker. Dragic is good in getting his own shot, but doesn't have the vision nor ability to create for others. Not sure there is one out there but it's something we haven't had since Dwade/James were on the team.
  15. The Official Bam Adebayo Thread

    Bams been huge for us. Definitely untradeable and likely the future of this team and who we build around. It's nice to see his game evolve. Once he's able to start hitting those mid range J's (or starts to take them) I don't think it'll be too long for him to become our next perennial all-star.