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  1. HEAT 91 - 76ers 104 Game 5 Recap

    TJ doesn't deserve to be cut, but 20m is impossible to get rid off...I ask, can they be cut and then re-hired?
  2. its been very fun and informational posting, thanks for sharing all your thoughts guys, going to miss EVERYONE and the heat season, more intermittent posting and reading the FO knows what they have in ALL the players 50 times more than us, they are with them almost every day and a person is comprised of many situations, not just the play on the court. I two am of the opinion that the hassan situation has a lot more to it, than what meets the eye... maybe a complete reversal goes on and the team changes philosophy next year to mostly feature only him. most probably gets traded though, maybe cut every plyer we have looks like a role guy at the most in a good team (even wislow who seems a future star... jrich, O, TJ. no superstardom I can foresee) bam is only a R and gets a pass
  3. before playoffs started I thought the plyers we had where a bit better than this, most of them suck
  4. I think spo is thinking of the future and he has conceeded
  5. heat has the same chance as they did in last 4 games... but the "home court advantage" is being felt
  6. reality usually bites... and the only real fact here is that heat plays a BB game vs. sixers tonight... we shall see what happens ... ...jajajajajaja
  7. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    to me hassan is a fifteen mil. player (just his body and if his happy he is a double - double machine) JJ give's a lot of confidence to your players because of his physical capability (nobody will mess with him he is a real black belt) they are both over payed but cap is going up TJ is fast and plays with anger, but he is to small...nineteen mill. is too much BUT THE TRUTH IS... SEASON AINT OVER GUYS
  8. 2018 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    when offseason comes and IF they want to get rid of players (I think not much will happen, unless someone great and young comes to us like a wiggins for example)... the only guy I think is a difficult trade is TJ (contract). otherwise I think every player on our team has an ok market value
  9. Charles B. completely wrote us off tonight... now I feel a win is more probable than what i felt sunday
  10. you are right, wade would get tired, specially if he has to guard a much bigger guy... but I just don't see that McGruder (not enough offense) is an option and jrich is not playing great plus now he is injured. TJ is too small also. I think the best option is too start wade and play him just 5 min each quarter + pray elli has it going
  11. what if goran guards Reddick... wade gets Covington... jrich, TJ bench... winslow- simmons... JJ and hassan
  12. McGruder is also there you are right, but I ask is TJ available? McGruder has a better defense but we need offense and TJ has a great game once in a while. Reddick is a nuisance no matter what this...cmmon heat one game at a time
  13. the heat hasn't given up believe me... I know guys like wade, JJ and goran don't even consider it... maybe elli neither