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  1. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    maj this is not the place that entices to come and win now, I figure that the 3 most important points (when choosing where to play) for a superstar are... money, possibility of growth as a player and WEATHER ... Miami has tax advantages and is one of the best cities in the US for weather... ok, growth possibilities are slim right now because a champ. is out... but that will change, momentum is not on our side (it comes and goes)... cant be in the finals all the time...32 other teams man...the pendulum is swinging... jejeje
  2. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    wade will find a way...jejeje...he will make a big effort with hassan... he has too... doesn't want to go out like the "spoiler"
  3. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    you are right SG, we don't have perennial all stars... but common man, better than average is good enough for this group of gritty overachievers... they show a bit of talent man... specially knowing that most of the huge talent is in 4 or 5 other teams and they probably have a "lock" on the league for a few more years
  4. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    do you think spo is a HOF already? I say he is on the edge, but still a couple of years away... he has checked most of the "big" boxes, but I cant see it yet
  5. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    guys, maybe I'm a bit delusional but not a homer, believe me when I say that (you would know I'm not a homer if you knew me)... the thing Is, I am FAR from seeing a bleak picture... we have plenty "better than average" young talent, even a few assets that every team wants (dragic, ellie, hassan, jrich, KO, bam)...ok, wade is very tired, but still has some juice left... riley is the type of guy that cant let go and probably wont (until he "wins")... THE HEAT IS NOT A CONTENDER OBVIOUSLY, BUT NOT A SLOUCH EITHER...and they are sort of young, with a good coach, FO and play in a very "inviting" city ... it doesnt look that bad, does it?
  6. More Pork and Beans, Please!

    toots I don't mean mediocre in the sense that we are the worst, I mean it like we are in the middle and should be better, that is why I say bam doesn't need does pressures now. maj the thing is, I think hassan needs to figure out how to use himself first, then his teammates and then spo-teammates will learn how to use him. he doesn't play in 4th Q because he seems dislocated from the rest, hassan is just a productive machine that mostly work's alone. he has figured out how to use himself but not his team
  7. More Pork and Beans, Please!

    I am absolutely sure bam has the potential (he has a hunger about his ways that is unprecedented in this current heat team)... but he has to develop man, I mean a couple of summers... the pressures of starting lineups are too much for him right now, specially if you are in a mediocre team... you HAVE to be decent to good night after night
  8. More Pork and Beans, Please!

    ok... but our strength is not what translates to win's in today's nba...prk&bns is a great idea if we had harden or LeBron or curry... hassan and bam are not playmakers... we desperately need great BB IQ on the court every second... dragic, winslow, jrich is not enough... we need an O or JJ also... even with them we struggle
  9. More Pork and Beans, Please!

    I'm also down with it but in my opinion, the heat has a pretty good output on the frontcourt... ironically the problem is PG, SG, SF (even with the current roster)... consistency among them is the thing. if we had a couple of 6-8 fast, long and athletic guys who could handle and penetrate (even if they where not great shooters), our "troubles" would be helped. rotating C's and PF's like we do is an ok idea, adapts A LOT to the current nba. lets face it, run and gun works. 4-5 position is almost irrelevant (in "todays nba") compared to PG, SG, SF. how many teams are great based on C's and PF's???
  10. not over #d...still long way to go... no easy wins ril is right, heat has too play hard, make up for past losses
  11. HEAT 112 - Raptors 115 Game Recap

    the heat has a good chance of making playoffs then and momentum plus you say...agree...I think they took care of business when they had too and we didn't even notice ... maybe we are asking too much of this team... for real guys, these guys are giving us effort... some bad play here and there... some unfulfilled talent... but a good team lets not fall asleep (the danger of bringing in a past greatness and current teacher in wade) and we shall make a more than a few great teams uncomfortable... GSW own NBA for now
  12. HEAT 112 - Raptors 115 Game Recap

    raptors where just better
  13. HEAT 112 - Raptors 115 Game Recap

    like justFH20 just if we don't win tonight... trouble... Detroit is coming. good points toots, the wade thing killed me during the game. the thing with hassan SG-3 is his BB IQ and that wont get better, no matter how many 4 quarters he plays. its no secret riley made hasty decisions with current contracts, he had little choice and some players can still surprise us. spo can be better, agree, but how much more can he deliver with this level of individual inconsistency? not saying that spo has done an incredible job but he is pretty good... not on the pop wagon either, I don't think ANY coach is great... players are great EVERY player on this team is accountable for its up's and down's (even bam, UD)... and by the way, I still think they played a very good game last night
  14. Miami HEAT at Toronto Raptors Game Thread and Preview

    have to say I agree... but he can still surprise us maj
  15. Miami HEAT at Toronto Raptors Game Thread and Preview

    it seemed that most of the times jrich was defending derozan, he got to score... hey I like jrich a lot, but he still has a way to go and he may be playing very consistent BB, but goran is still the best player to me