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  1. Hornets 100 - HEAT 105 Game Recap

    I love how Bam plays. His footwork is amazing. He has very good instincts and when the game slows down for him he will be a force to reckon with. Also I love the fact he stays within his own mind. Imagine if Whiteside who have be pushed and shoved like Bam was last night. A young Whiteside would have retaliated. Bam just smile and jogged down the court and got ready for the next play. Alot of maturity in this young man.
  2. Hornets 100 - HEAT 105 Game Recap

    Whiteside pouts but he still doesn' know how the flow with the offense. 1)demand the ball AFTER you seal your opponent. 2)once you get the ball survey the court. Make sure another teammate hasn' become open. 3) make an offensive move to the basket. If you can' get a good angle, kick the ball out and repost. Whitesides issue is that once he gets the ball he holds it too long and doenst makr a move until late in the clock and forces it. Also the pick and roll game he has to be more aggressive. Attack on the roll harder like Bam. Alot of times he rolls but stops running. Just my thoughts.