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  1. ESPN finally taking notice

    Stephen A and other commentators are finally paying attention. Look I know that we are not the sexiest team in the league when it comes to playing Style. But we're probably one of the most complete teams in the league. And now people are starting to take notice of what kind of team that we are. We don't get the television play that a lot of other teams get so therefore people in different states who do not have the NBA league pass or not exposed to the Miami Heats and really see what they're capable of doing, which is why we don't win popularity contest for All-Star voting.
  2. The one thing I will say is I love my Expendables. Great win for the squad. On a back-to-back. But I would like to remind everyone out there and ESPN World that there was a team that did not have in All Star roster and that was the Detroit Pistons that beat the Lakers. They were a group of guys who played really well together in beat you on different levels whether it was Tayshaun Prince or Billups or Ben Wallace or Hamilton. They were a team of guys who played defense who shared the ball and understood the concept of team basketball. Look at the thunder right now 3 all stars one MVP from last year and they are struggling. All stars and Superstars will win you moments but teams will win you championships. And if I was to be perfectly honest I think the Heat have a few players that are right on the cusp of being all stars.
  3. Mid-Season Progress Report

    Dragic - A- Richardson - A- Jones Jr (If you think its been enough time) - B Olynck - B Whiteside - B- T. Johnson - B J. Johnson - B- Adebayo - A+ Ellington - A+ Waiters - C Mickey - B Walton Jr - n/a Winslow - C+ Offense - B+ Defense - B- Coaching - A-
  4. Utah Jazz at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    Now this is something I will say Whiteside also has to understand that when you get injured as a player and you were initially a focal point of that team. The team must adapt to you not playing and if they find success playing in a different fashion than what they were initially playing. And they are able to optimize the talent of other players around you then you as a player have to adapt. and so that is the reason why he must now evolve his game in order to stay on par with what the Miami Heat is trying to do.
  5. Utah Jazz at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    This is my observation with Hassan Whiteside. But first let me say congratulations to the Miami Heat for a gutsy win. Hassan Whiteside is very talented but I think since he is not the focal point like he used to be with the Miami Heat he is feeling more and more like an outcast from the group. I am sure that he had ideas in his mind that he was going to be the foundation of the Miami Heat of the future and that he would eventually be a captain of the team. But he still lacks the maturity to understand that being a captain doesn't necessarily mean that you're the focal point of a team but you encourage others to rise above their full potential to achieve success as a team. But this is no different than when he first came to Miami and felt slighted that his NBA 2K rating wasn't high enough or that he should be in the All-Star Game, or that he should be on one of the NBA all-defensive teams. He has always played with a chip on his shoulder and has felt that he's been slighted by the NBA other coaches teams in so forth. He might have also just been mentally checked out during that game-winning basket and wanted to stay level-headed I don't know. But I do see that there are times when he is on the bench and he is celebrating with his teammates succeed so I wouldn't look at it as his days are numbered with the heat. I would look at it more of does he still want to be apart of the Heat. I feel that the Heat organization still views him as a valuable asset to the team but he has to show that he is willing to make the sacrifices for the better of the team.
  6. I think our new name for our Squad should be The Expendables a bunch of D Leagers and roll players who came together to form one great exciting team. Whether it's James Johnson who was just featured as a backup Defender, or Hassan Whiteside who was the YMCA pick up, or Tyler Johnson the toothless D League players, Dion 4th option on the Thunder, Olynyk the under-appreciated 7th man on Boston. Magruder the tenacious G League player. The mr. Fountain of Youth himself Wayne Ellington The Man with the Golden Arm.
  7. Also I wanted to say something about coach Spoelstra. I know that we have the Casual Miami Heat fan / basketball fan who really don't understand what it means to be a coach. And it is easy to criticize a process that you don't truly understand. Call Spoelstra when it comes to basketball intellect is probably one of the smartest coach in the league. You might not understand the process in the behind-the-scenes work that is being done to try to get the team on the same page but you see the results of his actions. You can tell by the different plane styles that he has been using since he's been a coach whether it's when you had the Big 3 figuring out a way for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to coexist period or to convince Chris Bosh to develop an outside game to free up the middle to allow LeBron James and Dwyane Wade more driving Lanes. to basically take a team that was expected to be a lottery team with not one Superstar on it last year and pretty much make them the hottest team in the league the second half of the season and basically in the playoffs is if it wasn't for one loss to the Bulls or even losing our hottest player Dion Waiters at the time. You are even starting to see other coaches in the league trying to run the same kind of action on the court that Spoelstra is doing with the top of the key handoffs between the bigs and point guard setting screens. so all I ask is for Heat fans to really give coach Spoelstra the respect that he deserves and not judge the man on one or two games because he can only draw up the plays he can't play the game himself.
  8. tonight was a perfect example of what the heat is capable of doing even when some of the players arent hitting their shots like James Johnson. You must contribute in other ways meaning playing harder defense grabbing rebounds passing out assist whatever needs to be done for your team to win that is what he did tonight. The Miami Heat and my opinion has a very unique situation in which you have players who have never been featured on a team now taking the reins and being major contributors to a team. Ellington is having a career year, you have Richardson having a career, you're having Dragic it looking like the dragon of old. And considering that we have a major piece in Olynyk who had to find his way to be successful in the heat system shows promise. If you noticed the heat offense changed to feature Olynyk more at the top of the key to create his own shot as well as shots for others. Verses at the beginning of the Season it was more pick-and-roll offense which kind of tied his hands behind his back and just made him a jump shooter versus a facilitator. Even Whitesides game appears to be developing more in the flow of the offense such as hitting jump shots even giving two assists in multiple games. Which is why bam is having a little bit less success in the new system because they're not featuring The pick-and-roll as much as they did initially. But I do feel that the Miami Heat is finally finding their identity which they have been trying to find since last season. More consistent play even though the players themselves might have off games we are consistently having multiple players having double-digit games. I look forward to seeing what this team can truly achieve once we start getting other pieces coming back healthy and allowing our players to rest more during long stretches on back-to-backs and multiple games and multiple days.
  9. This is something that I was excited about last night. What's to see our Young Guns actually take over a game along with Ellington and Dragic. Whiteside did have a little bit of leg problems at the beginning of the game trying to get his rhythm but that's understandable for being out for as long as he has. But we did see a couple of flashes of white side. I like the white side and Olynyk combo. It allows Olynyk to be at the top of the key and be the playmaker that he is capable of being as well as giving him a little bit of shooting space. Josh Richardson is definitely going to be an All-Star in his League. As well as bam. Tyler Johnson is definitely living up to his contract and maybe even more. He is definitely better than Porter who has a much higher contract. I'm encouraged by what I saw. Wayne Ellington getting on fire at the right time the team looking for him I don't think they look for him as much at the beginning of the game but it was good to see them looking at it towards the end. I look at our roster and we really could go a legitimate 15 deep against teams. Let's not forget how dynamic Rodney McGruder is and white. I know a lot of people like to compare Richardson to Winslow but you can't. Richardson had four years of college before he came into the NBA so his game was a little bit more polished than Winslow's was. Richardson also took his rookie year very seriously and and worked on his shot which was considered to be his weakest point. Winslow was mainly focused on defense for his first and I would even say the second year. He's still growing into his body and trying to understand what he can and cannot do on the court against opposing players. But he is a good playmaker and he's learning to be a better playmaker for his teammates. Before he got hurt he was hitting more outside 3-point shots and being more aggressive going to the paint which is encouraging but mostly he was creating shots for teammates. Not everybody is going to have the same growth when it comes to their NBA game and the heat definitely made it a little bit difficult for Winslow because they had no position that they were playing him in for an extended period of time. But I do have faith that his offense of game as far as a scoring will definitely become better once he comes back from the injury.
  10. The thing that I enjoyed about this game and then I think gets overlooked. Is that before the big contracts our team was very versatile. Opponents couldn't figure out who was going to have a big night against them. And I feel that some of our highest paid players are trying to live up to the contract they signed rather than just playing the way that they were playing last year. Forgetting the fact that the reason why we went 30 and 11 is because we played team ball. And tonight is a prime example of how a team who could not win without sharing the ball could win. Now course the dynamic will change once the other players get back. But I hope that they learned what it looks like whenever you actually share the ball in play as a team. And I truly hope that Whiteside sees what the team needs from their big man to make them better. Because bam has been setting great screens playing great defense and rebounding the ball. And playing pick and roll defense the right way. Whiteside is definitely a force to be reckoned with but he has to understand what this team needs him to do. And that's give a hundred percent on every play on both offense and defense.
  11. Hornets 100 - HEAT 105 Game Recap

    I love how Bam plays. His footwork is amazing. He has very good instincts and when the game slows down for him he will be a force to reckon with. Also I love the fact he stays within his own mind. Imagine if Whiteside who have be pushed and shoved like Bam was last night. A young Whiteside would have retaliated. Bam just smile and jogged down the court and got ready for the next play. Alot of maturity in this young man.
  12. Hornets 100 - HEAT 105 Game Recap

    Whiteside pouts but he still doesn' know how the flow with the offense. 1)demand the ball AFTER you seal your opponent. 2)once you get the ball survey the court. Make sure another teammate hasn' become open. 3) make an offensive move to the basket. If you can' get a good angle, kick the ball out and repost. Whitesides issue is that once he gets the ball he holds it too long and doenst makr a move until late in the clock and forces it. Also the pick and roll game he has to be more aggressive. Attack on the roll harder like Bam. Alot of times he rolls but stops running. Just my thoughts.